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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of obtaining a Hajj or Umokee on behalf of a relative or friend. They explain that HUD can be done in a different journey, meaning that one can do it for one year and then do it for someone else. The speaker also discusses the process of obtaining multiple cameras and being allowed to do so on their behalf.
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So is it permissible to do Hajj or Umrah on behalf of a friend of a relative or a relative?

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The answer it depends. First of all, the person who needs to make Hajj on behalf of anybody needs to have done Hajj for themselves first, they cannot do Hajj on anyone's behalf unless they have done HUD for themselves first. And this needs to be done in a different different journey, meaning you cannot do multiple HUD in one occasion, or one journey. So you have to come on one year for HUD for yourself. And then maybe the following year or after that you come for somebody else that's when it comes to Hajj, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he one day he was on he was on the hundreds of artifacts that he heard somebody saying the bake Allahu Manchu Brahma, like say Allah I make my

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intention for this Hajj on behalf of sugar Rama. So the prophet SAW Sam said and who should promote, he goes my brother also Allah for Casa de la center. The Prophet asked him Did you do Hajj for yourself? He said, No, not yet. He goes okay, then you do Hajj herself first. And then you need to hunt for sugar Maha Jana Mahajan Sharma, like again, you need to do Hajj herself first. That also applies to the first oma ever if you haven't done Omer for yourself, you need to do more of yourself first, and then you could do for somebody else. So lots of houses and decor and Tim will have a monetary law that you fulfill the Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah so you're obliged to do it

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once in your lifetime shout out to Baraka Donna now making up Omer for other people the same thing to if you would like to do it, it's better that you do these cameras in different journeys like different trips basically. However, some other mothers say because of how it actually allowed her and how she when she went to Hajj with the prophets of Allah Salaam. She was unable to do Amara firstly due to her period. So when they were done and they were about to leave, she refused to leave without doing ombre like everybody else. So the prophet SAW some asked her brother to take her all the way out of the harem territory of Mecca and she made her near her intention and then she came

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around and she left back again with them from that people they say it's okay then to have multiple cameras in one journey.

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I'm honestly not a big fan of in favor of that opinion. I prefer but again it's a fickle opinion handle as respected as well for those who follow the subpoena. That's fine. I'd rather actually go what what instruction of the latter and to make a special journey for every genre. If people would like to do camera, multiple cameras and the same on the same journey for different people, then yes, they can do a shout out there first for themselves, and then they do multiple cameras, but they need to live all the way outside of the harem territory, some of them or they prefer that you do a full journey outside not just a harem area not an own Mecca, outside the Makati area which means go as

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far as Medina for example outside even further, so in this case, you can make multiple honors for example, they come straight from from the US to Mecca. So they do Amara and then the plan is to go to Medina so they go to Medina and it's been few days and on the way back to Mecca again. They can make another ama inshallah it can be for somebody else when the later barakaatuh Okay, what about making Hajj or Umrah on behalf of somebody who's still alive? That's a question also people ask, well, you're only allowed to do it on their behalf if they're unable to do it for themselves, because of health condition or maybe age and so on. So they cannot travel because of their health

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because of their age. In this case you are allowed to do so. lady she asked the prophets Allah said about her. A family member her father who is now obliged to do Hajj but is unable to stay to stay on the back of the camera. And he was asked if it's permissible to do Hajj on their behalf and the professor says yes, you can. Again it's because of their condition but if they can, but they're too busy, or they think I should wait longer, you cannot do hydrometer on behalf of somebody who has the luxury of coming but they refuse to come you know for themselves and Allah subhanho wa Taala accept your hygiene O'Meara and guide us all to do that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala

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