Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call Juz 23 – What Should We Do In Times Of Hardship?

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The history and character of Islam are discussed, including the origin of the term "naive" and its use in English. The importance of actions and intentions in protecting against evil behavior is emphasized, along with the need to recognize and call out actions and qualities when faced with difficult situations. Jesus's La Ilaha in French language refers to a showerhead or a lion's head, and the transcript references a person named Jesus who called out actions and qualities when faced with difficult situations.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah II over the cats who made the Peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon you all. We reached the 23rd Jews of the Koran, want to talk about the chapter of soft fat, which is chapter 37, verse number 143, speaking about prophet Jonah Prophet, Yunus, as termed as the noon and the noon is the Sahaba of the whale, or the Sahaba of the big fish. Why is this mentioned in the Quran, it's primarily because of the good deeds that an individual may do the good deeds that they have done in times of ease to where in times of hardship it will benefit them or it is saying the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and acknowledging your faults and calling out to him

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in that time of hardship. Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he speaks about this, he speaks about the story of Jonah in the chapter of software. It's a beautiful story, where Allah subhanaw taala goes on when he says when he mentions the Prophet Yunus. And

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prophet Yunus in another chapter in the Koran, where last month Allah talks about in the chapter of MBA, where he was angry with the people that he was calling them to, he was calling them to toe hidden the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. But they denied him and he got angry, and he left off, he went off and fled or didn't flee, but went off to leave them move, Audubon, but they're known as they have been more demand for one for one ln Napa de la. So the noon is Jonah. Is his album have already been when he left angrily with one alumna Cody Riley and he thought that we not we wouldn't be able to approach him or to take care of his situation or to overpower him and have the ability to

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affect him personally. Allah subhanaw taala continues on for now Daffy of Lima little Matt and we'll get back to this verse, this verses in the chapter of an MBA, but what I want to capitalize on is where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the chapter sulfat when he left

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and he went to a ship and it was a full kill mushroom is it full of kill a full kill mushroom when last one says it ever and then Arabic is termed as a runaway slave. But here is like he fled when he wasn't supposed to it wasn't with the permission or order of a lot to leave his people that he was angry with because they weren't following the message a lot with us I said it ever lol full kinema shown and the full machine I mean, it was at an a full crowded ship. So when he got to this ship, it was crowded and he was on it for saham if i can i mean animal the Halloween for Sahaba Yanni they did a quarter because the ship is some scholars say it was good, it was too heavy. So they had to

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cast lots and to find out who from amongst these lots that were casting, you know, sometimes they do put a stick and then whoever put you know heads or tails, you know, something like this, to where whoever gets the short end of the stick as they say when they pull the stick out. It's all the same height but if you pull out whoever gets the shortest one, then they have to jump in the seat. Mobile how they he was from the unfortunate ones that had to go on the seat

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for the Tacoma Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Moline. There are lots of front Allah says then a haute a fish a big fish swallowed him wahoo emmalin and he is blameworthy. Why? Because he left Mojave been as as mentioned in the chapter on me, he left angrily he left angry he left his people a lot metallicities blameworthy for that fanad if you follow Matt or last $1 says here that when he was the individuals that are mouline felter, como hotu humulene will follow Allah Allah Who can I mean and most have been levita de Botton e la yamu, bathrooms, Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says here and this is the I that I really wanted to capitalize on, he says, For Lola, and who can I mean and Musa behing if he was not from the people that glorified God, while he was in the mouth of the whale, levees that he bought and he he would surely have been left in the the bottom in the in the in the in the stomach of the whale, until he would be called back up until resurrected meaning that if he did not praise Allah and glorify Allah, he would have stayed in the mouth of the whale or the balton of the whale, the stomach of the whale, until he would be basically die and be called back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why is this important as some scholars mentioned,

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the test be or the cannibalism mean and Muslim behavior if he was not from those that glorify the law, glorify the law in the times of ease, meaning that when you in when you are in times of ease, it's important to do actions of him

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Because in times of hardship that could serve as your means for being saved, that could serve as an expiation for evil deeds that could serve as that which when you call it a law because of that good deed, he will save you or relinquish you from that hardship. The other understanding is that he glorified the loss of Panama while he was in the whale. And that's the showerhead, or the highlighted portion in the chapter of NBA. And we mentioned earlier when he went angrily or one lenok earlier and he thought we would not be able to approach him for now. If you follow Matt, he called out a La Ilaha. illa Anta super Hannukah in the country in a volley mean, he called out for

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the little mat and the little mats here, some scholars say is the whale when he was in the mouth of the whale, or the belly of the whale, he called up that Illa Illa. And there is no god except you. Glory to you.

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In the quantum in a volume in verily I was of the oppresses first the debonair, who when a j now who may not alum magnetic energy mumineen. So we answered his call, and if so, Allah soprano with Dallas, capitalize on capitalizing here for all of us, in times of hardship, don't remember to call out, remember to call out on Allah. Don't forget to call out on a lawsuit kind of data, do not be engulfed in the hardship and let that hardship affect you, to where you're anguished to where you're mad, or you're sad, or you're blaming someone else other than yourself, call us on a lot to forgive you. And most importantly, admit your faults, as you listed here, as Jonah did here, in the

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consuming of oil. I mean, they're very early, I was at the oppressive ones oppressing who oppressing myself. So let's remember this, that when we are in times of hardship, and we think there's no way out, and we may be in the belly of the beast, remember to call out on Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because when you understand His qualities, you understand his capabilities. That is when you call a call out to Him and call up on him every single time in every single situation. Because you know, he's always there for you may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that call out to Him in times of hardship, and they do good deeds and call out to Him in times of ease For verily that it's a

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means of being the successful ones. So now more they come into alignment with a Catholic. Thank you

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