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ex Muslim or Muslim leaves Islam big businessman and got lots of money. You pretty much left Islam. Yeah, you became an ex Muslim. By this time, I'd studied

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Christianity and studied Judaism and studied Buddhism and looked at the religion literally means to religion eyes, or swearing allegiance to a an ethos or a cult. So the Bible itself doesn't say anywhere call yourself a Christian. God died for my sins right? To God died for my sins, you're so important that God would send His Son football is a religion. Watching Telly is a religion. You know, Facebook is has become a religion. Okay, so when he died on the crucified did he did he actually die when he got crucified? Yes, he did. He died on the cross. Right so if he died in the class who was running the world says Look what I've heard those stories you know, the born again

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Christian or someone who has a dream and says Jesus came to them and all of a sudden it's emotional. So you had it's more subjective this was for you. You couldn't answer the question. So hang on, can you first of all, can you explain the Trinity from the Bible? No, the clear. If a person is looking for escape or to get out the back door, they want to go to the clubs they want to party. She's like, oh, the person's question was burning question. I'd like you to answer it, as I did with the Mathieson, the molars and the moms etc. If there was a if there was a system or if there was a religion that was set by God Almighty, Surely it's got to be universal. Right? So you're going

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through them I'm you're doing a smart thing. You're going through one by one. Yeah. Okay. I'm a bad person, but I don't pray. That was my take. I used to say.

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So now you're blaming the book. You're blaming the pilot. Exactly. Blaming the

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Salaam Alaikum. Guys, I'm with brother Nasim here. We're an Oldham. Yeah, Manchester, very, very, incredibly sharing a story with us. And I thought, this will definitely resonate with many people who either they haven't established the prayer. They taken the the Shahada, they made that declaration of faith that is nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth. And Mohammed is like Moses, Jesus, Abraham. He's the last and final messenger that we want to proceed him, you know how it goes, but then gotta implement what comes next the Salah. How many Muslims out there going through the rituals? They forgotten about it? Maybe they waned off and then

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they thought, you know what? It's not working. And you have an incredible story. You stopped praying. And then because what happened? You saw Muslims and what was it? Yeah. And I couldn't find the practitioners of the deen.

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So, so first, you were practicing Islam. So I was studying Islam I was practicing is the right hall or you? I was I mean, ever since I was a young young kid. Your parents brought you a seven, eight years old? Yeah, absolutely. Like just like everybody else. I was praying when I was told to pray. I was sometimes shouted out. I used to go to all the massages and go to all the verses and I used to be quite an active member of some youth circles as well. Yeah. It was great when we were doing street cleanups and exhibitions and showing people Islam.

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But then when I became an adult, and I saw in the society that hang on these guys, man, they got long beards and white forbs. And really beautifully well maintained. But they're coming out of bookies. And they go what what's it What's a Booky? Booky a book? He is a betting office betting offers okay. Yeah. So, so are gambling. Gambling? Yeah. Maybe of pubs? Yes. Clubs. And I'm seeing all this and I'm thinking well, hang on. How is it? That the manual of life to crockery? Yeah, this is the instruction manual revelation from God Almighty, unchanged. unadulterated. They're reading this same manual of life. But yet, the result is that they're becoming this. You guys understand the

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point he's making? Exactly. So the it's completely nonsensical. So for me as an IT person, if you put in the right chord, the right result comes out. Yeah. So if they're really these books, but they The result is really bad. And I couldn't find a single practicing Muslim who was honest, who was loyal, who knew the answers and the answer to the questions I had.

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I couldn't find a single person. But hold on when Muslims came into Indonesia. Now with guns, swords, tanks, it's because of their honesty, their virtue, their integrity. Its prejudice, Islam spread. Exactly. So what are you talking about? Exactly, but that was 1300 years ago.

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Now, I couldn't find a single so now you're blaming the book you're blaming, exactly blaming the book that if the result is this of this book, it must be something in the teaching, right? So without saying that out loud, I left now I'm sure there's a lot of people out there you're from Pakistan or parents or from parents or from packs or you're born in Britain.

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Yeah well I was born in Pakistan but my parents are old My dad was already a my grandfather's already so technically yes i was i was effectively speak British British you dream British? Yeah British. Yeah, I'm British through and through. Both my grandparents fought in the British before the British Army. So I'm more British and British normal. There's a lot of people from that part of the world Britain from India from Pakistan and just you know, Muslims in general like that probably can relate to that and then they go ahead and point the finger outward instead of looking inward. And now they like did what you did what happened next, some holla Well, up until for quite some

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time. I was always blaming either the book

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the religion, etc

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I was a businessman I've always been a businessman I was businessman at the age of nine businessman making big money big money big money, bro. money wasn't so maybe you came a little bit also self that you felt like he was fishing narcissistic yet and you're like, I don't need this stuff. I'm putting my head on the ground fight out as well.

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Possibly, possibly. So

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the business was doing really well. Yeah, is doing really well. I remember I was in one of my offices was in Islamabad in Pakistan. And I had an office here, one in Karachi, etc. All of the show how to do that I was in Islam.

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And I'd done some research and I'd been looking and learning about the Quran again and learning Islam again, looking at but by this time, I'd studied

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Christianity. I studied Judaism. I studied Buddhism, and looked at Sikhism and Hinduism, etc. And I concluded that you can't become a Jew. You can't convert to Judaism so that because that's not a religion, it's a more you got to be for your mom, your mother, it has to be. That's why a lot of Allah subhanaw taala says, Call me out. And the Christianity, the Christianity, or you can convert to Christianity, however, there's so many denominations, and there's all this Trinity, etc, etc. So that really baffled me. So you're going through him, you're doing a smart thing. You're going through one by one. Yeah. Okay. And I didn't I didn't look at Islam, because I thought I knew

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everything about Islam. Yeah.

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So how ignorant

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I was later to learn. So I'd gone through all emotions got all gone through over because I thought this, if there was a if there was a system, or if there was a religion that was set by God Almighty, surely is going to be universal, right? Yeah, it can't be just for the white folk or the black folk, we should folk or the Indian folk. So I went through all that.

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I went into Christianity, thinking I'm going to find this is the biggest in the world. Yeah. So you're still at this time? did you abandon prayer? Yes, yes. Okay. But you're still searching. You're still searching? This was around 2005 2006. It was all after 911. Yeah. So this was me sort of looking for God, if you like, or searching that tankless. 2007.

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I remember clearly, I was uneasy. I was really anxious. Describe that feeling. Okay. So he's feeling uneasy. And so now but you looked at you looked at you're looking at Christianity, what happened there did not have you proceed forward with so so the complication there was that hang on was God. When when Jesus died on the, on the cross, was was God, he was got reincarnated as man. He was God on earth. He passed away. So So I went to the representatives of the of the religion or into the priests and the reverence and the ministers, etc. And I said, Did you went that far? Yeah. Well, I've got this question. I was burning question. I'd like you to answer it. And as I did with the

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mathies, in the molars, and the moms, etc. They couldn't answer the question. So hang on, can you first of all, can you explain the Trinity from the Bible? No, they couldn't. Okay, all right. So God is the father or the father is God, which one is it? Who is what was Jesus his role? A lot of people said, No, he is God. He's not God's physical because he is God. But he is transformed himself into a man. And he's come onto this earth.

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Okay, so when he died on the crucified, did he did he actually die when he got crucified? Yes, he did. He died on the cross. Right? So if he died on the cross, who was running the world? What's going on now? The universe? questions you're asking. So and then then the second question was that, do you really feel are you because I don't forget, I'm a big businessman, and got lots of money.

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And I felt I was very, very powerful, very big, etc. So I felt I could ask this question. I'm a member of the community I have the right to know this question. So do you feel it's that that you're so important so God died for my sins right? To God died for my sins, you're so important that God would send His Son or come down, reincarnated in flesh himself to this earth and die for you because you're so important. Do you read

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feel that you're that important? They couldn't answer that question. Yes or No, they can't give me any tangible

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answer or a response to that. So I left that as well, but I don't think, I think and then on top of that the Bible itself, the Bible itself, doesn't say anywhere, call yourself a Christian,

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East al Islam or a submarine. Jesus himself was not Christian. If he was Christian himself and said, I am Christian. I'd like you to be Christian, then fine.

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But Christian, the term Christian was a dogmatism demonizing term used by the Romans, against the people who followed Christ. You guys get to a very important point. Yeah. That wasn't a term that was given to by to the companions of Jesus, by Jesus himself. He never said that. He said, I am a believer. I am one who have simple who has submitted to God Almighty. That's what he says, have a look at it because I went through all this panela I went through it and I was still uneasy, very edgy, agitated. So you went through all these religions? You went through this one we just talked about, and now you're still you pretty much left Islam. Yeah. You You became an ex Muslim? Yes. Yes.

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You're officially an ex Muslim. Officially. I didn't you left Islam so we can put title ex Muslim or Muslim leaves. Islam becomes ex Islam. Okay.

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Yeah, so I hadn't.

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I hadn't actually officiated anything like that, but because I was too scared to do that. For my mother's sake, my mother used to always say to me, no, you're not doing it for them. You're doing it for yourself. You're doing for yourself, you need to say, I used to ask the same question to my mother. Now my mother was the only one who actually represented any glimmer of Islam with a mother. This is deep Yeah, really deep guys pay attention here because how many people are out there going through a similar situation like our brothers so many so many makes a little money gets a little power becomes a little arrogant, maybe some questions on answered to become very uneasy.

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And then I was I was agitated. I had a lot of questions for the Muslim Imams, mathies etc. I used to ask them the question. I said, so if I was to accept Islam, if I was to accept that, what you're saying is correct. Then which denomination would I be? Would I be Sunni would that be Wahhabi will not be drilled Braille v. Deobandi Naqshbandi, Sufi

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doubly he la Hadees

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Okay, yeah, they could answer that question. So then I said to them, okay, can you give me what is the most profound element? I know, Shahada is the number one pillar, the second pillar is Salah. Can you tell me the purpose of Salah? Can you tell me the purpose of Shahada, Allah subhanaw taala, the creator of the world, the universe, he has sent you, the elements to do the rituals or the or the tasks to carry out. But they also have a purpose. Oh, he told me this. I asked him the question. They said no, you just believe in you do. Because we obey a lot and we pay obey the messenger helaas. We're not to ask any questions. But hang on a minute, I'd read this Quran and the Quran

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saying, ask the questions. Are you not the ones who ponder? Are you not the ones who quiz? Are you not the ones who do this? Are you not the one to do this? especially in today's day and age? I mean, this is what you're talking to schools, you asked to be slightly skeptical. You're asking what you want to know, you want to get down to the bottom of things. That's not sufficient. That doesn't ease now, what your mind your heart when someone just says just believe? Yep, that's right. This is actually what I found was that this was the Christian concept. Yeah. And that that you you, just to believe you can't question. This was a Christian concept. This is alien to me. And with my it

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background, everything had to fit our programmer. If the if the software has been programmed correctly, the software, the software will correct properly that the system the program would run. If the program has not been programmed correctly, when the software is not running, or the program is not running. You look at the cord.

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Right? We look at the cord and say the cords got an error. We don't say that, oh, it's my fault. Or it's his fault. It's his fault. Who's the hardware that's not accepting it? We don't say that, Louis. We all we don't blame the Creator. We're the Creator. We don't blame ourselves return on let's look at the code real quick. Maybe miss something. Or the developers mix missed something we never let ourselves be the blame. However, he went further.

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I was asking the questions like the purpose of the five pillars, the purpose of anything that we do purpose of Zakat, for instance, the god every time Allah says in the Quran hakima Salah will Athletica establish your prayer and pray pay years ago. I want you to know what is this circuit

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All right is 2.5% of the eight categories fine? Was the Pepsi

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when Allah, Allah says in NCR, we talked about fasting in Ramadan, he said La La Quinta taco so that you may have become

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God conscious.

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Similarly, I was asking the same question about Salah.

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Gonna tell me, no answer, no answers.

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Up until 2007 2007. I was in Islam but in my office.

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And you can imagine this now I'm in my office, and we've got the window open. The window was like this behind us in my office is here, the windows open, it's got this tiny little aluminium frame.

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If you can think

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that my colleagues, they're my friend, we've grown up together.

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And he said to me, said,

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Brother, it's almost time for Margaret. I'm gonna go down and pray Come on.

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And like everybody else at that time.

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I'd said to him, I said, No, no, you go on, I'll pray for me. Pray for me, like we generally do. Right? Pray for me or say a prayer for me. Or people say ridiculous things. You know, I'll pray when a law calls me to pray or like me a special like, he sent a book to everybody, right? When we send me a special certified mail I'll come or when he sends his son to come and die for me.

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I said, go and pray.

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Pray for me, etc. And he went

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out the window was open. And I heard this alarm. The call to prayer.

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As soon as I heard that, I stopped.

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I swear by Allah, my heart, Mr. Good.

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missed a beat a few beats. I was absolutely stoked.

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I couldn't believe by the time the brother had finished salah and he said

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his voice echoed through the whole building, it shook my world.

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I was crying, I was in tears.

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That was the cold.

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And I ran downstairs, did my boo boo and pray for the very first time, a long time.

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Something happened and I stayed there for two or three hours. In fact, I prayed a shot. I didn't move. My friend was really shocked. And he said to me, he said, first you don't come from

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now you don't want to leave the mat tomorrow with you. So the the anxiety, the uneasiness all those feelings that you were telling about that you described, were they still there during that prayer during that motive salah and Sha one as well. And during the time of sat there, everything had gone. It's gone. I mean all gone. You know there there are there are people there are probably I know in the states over over 30% of people are on painkillers anxiety pills. antidepressant antidepressants here probably the same staggering numbers 65 million antidepressants were were prescribed last year alone 65 million. Look at that. And that's due to those feelings, those feelings you can't get rid

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of and people are going to psychiatry psychologists and they're not getting rid of that feeling. But you went you prostrate, remember, in Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. When you pray you pray directly to God to the Creator, not to any intermediary, not anyone in the middle, no one just to the one who created you. That's all you did. You didn't do something strange when worshipping a cow or calf stick a stone a man a woman or just the Creator. You did that to one guy, you prostrate it to the one who created you and all of creation and net suddenly that all those negative feelings

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all that my heart felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Now

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whilst the brother was leading the prayer, the same brother who did the other

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and I'm crying there, I'm in the back and tears are running down my cheek. And I can feel my legs are trembling.

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And I'm thinking hang on what is going on here?

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That connection with the Almighty, that direct connection, that bond and never ever felt loved in my life, and then prayed before I prayed behind any mom before I prayed on my own before when I was a young kid I was forced to do so perhaps maybe types, maybe many types. Oh, you should do it is good. Nobody could tell me the purpose as to why.

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Anyway, as I was praying enough

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This tremendous weight being lifted. Look, I've got all the money in the world. I've got offices in different parts of the world. I've got a wife of a beautiful children. I've got a house that people dream of, I've got cars that people would think 80 90,000 pounds of cars, 100,000 pounds, maybe 150,000 pounds worth of cars. Who wouldn't want that? I was young, I was only in 2007 I'm looking 30 ish 3334 that kind of age. Come on. How many people have that kind of, you know, money or success or whatever their dream is success. And that's the only thing that we could talk about hanging out Allah salah and your little fella come towards success. Anyway, I needed to know the purpose. By

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this time by Isha had finished. And this weight had been lifted. I now needed to know what the purpose of Salah was, because no longer Am I going to wait. And I'd asked all of these as the Imams and more liners etc. scholars and they all said to me it is to attend who should.

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And I'm a linguistic because I'm an IT guy. And it has to be literal. And I'm sorry, but that vocabulary is all wrong because

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it's that is the result horseshoe or attaining tranquility is the result, not the purpose of Salah the purpose is something else.

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Anyway, I started researching within a couple of hours of receipt when Allah guides who can misguided and when a love doesn't guide who can guide Subhan Allah I have searched this question in and out I open the Quran and I started researching and researching it. And Allah subhanaw taala come across this verse in the Quran in the Quran, verbatim word of the creator of the Quran. Now you find the answer, I find the answer. And he says and establish you. In fact, we could probably google it now and find it and establish your prayer in order to remember me.

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So now of course that simple. It sounds very simple. establish your prayer in order to remember me. Why is Allah saying, remember me?

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Because he calls us what's the opposite of remember? Forget we're good. And he calls us the creature that forgets insanity. Yeah, insomnia, you are so insane. He calls us the creature that forget. So by nature by default, we forget. And this Salah is so that we remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now this connects back to when you connect this what you're saying to when you seek out to know the purpose of life to know why you been created. Why are you here, this connects also with this what you're searching. Exactly. So purpose of life. Purpose of so you've got the purpose of life, purpose of life, we're here to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, that purpose of life fine, we our our objective is to attain gender.

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Or the result of that should be to attention. But then Allah has given us a few rules, a few pillars to abide by any law, any any system of life. Any system has rules, right? You can't go through the red lights, you have to go around the roundabout this way. You can't You can't turn left, unless you indicate you got to do this, you got to do that. Those are rules that you have to do to follow the system. You can't say I'm a good British citizen, but you go through all the red lights, you never paid your parking ticket, you never pay your bills, never pay your gas bill, you're rude to your community, you're rude to your parents, your neighbors, you can't say you're a good citizen of UK or

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Britain. I'm a good British citizen. Well Hang on, who gave you the definition of good British citizen? citizen? That's what we'd be asking, right? Similarly, I was, I needed to know the purpose. If you're going to be Muslim verb, Muslim submitted to the system of Islam, then you need to know what the purpose is, or the purpose of the pillars are those set of rules that God Almighty sent to you. Remember, I'm, I'm very detailed because of the programming or the it background, perhaps perhaps, you know, maybe it's too much. But

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the, the fact of the matter is, we need to know all these things. And that's when I started to learn. And then I went through the five pillars purpose of this and I'm thinking Hang on, this is the manual of life.

00:24:39--> 00:24:41

I'm already I've submitted

00:24:42--> 00:24:56

whether he accepts my submitted or not, I don't I've I've submitted. Now I've submitted to the Almighty, if this is the manual of life, and I've accepted that this is the verbatim word of Allah subhanho our Creator.

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Then verily everything else is in there.

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it's been defined in there. And then after that the best practitioner look at the life of the sort of laser.

00:25:10--> 00:25:24

This is what my journey, how my journey began, I went through all that, I started looking at the purpose of God, the purpose of Shahada, the purpose of

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CRM, the purpose of Hajj, you know, the purpose of Shahada Subhana Allah, look at this, the Sahaba, the Sahaba went into a piece of land, like you mentioned earlier, Indonesia, within six months a year. These are the people who had Shahada in their hearts. There was not a single household that was left that Islam had not touched within 68 months a year, Max, the way they dealt with people the way they spoke to people, the way they treated people, the way they explained things to people in detail, the way they traded. There was not a single household left in their region.

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The Islamic state that you think back at that time, it used to take them two to three months to travel from one country to another.

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Yet, Islam spread from the south of France to Indonesia within 50 to 60 years.

00:26:25--> 00:26:43

Because of the people who carry the Shahada in their hearts, they knew the purpose of Shahada. They knew the purpose of Salah, they knew the purpose of zakat. They knew the purpose of Hajj, they knew the purpose of all these things, before they did it. They didn't just do it verbatim.

00:26:44--> 00:27:33

Like you are told at the Allah theatre. So we have a lot of bathers who absolutely we do that. But it's not blind faith. You must look at it with a critical mind and go through it in detail. Somehow a lot. When I look back, and I think about Britain, and I think the mass migration started in the 50s. But the Muslims have been here for over 100 years. And we've only touched for 4% 5% or maybe 6%. In the whole of these 100 years, we've only touched 6% of the public. We're doing something wrong. We don't know what the purpose of these things is. We define words wrong Islam, Islam is not a religion. Islam I in fact, it's a dishonor. It's a disgrace that we can call Islam a religion.

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And Arabic the word read Dean, Dean Dean, venal Islam, Allah subhanaw taala never calls it mother. madhhab means religion, or opinion or school of thought, because religion literally means to religion, eyes, or swearing allegiance to a an ethos or a cult to be more tribal way of life. Exactly. So, religion is a set of

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a set of rituals that is adhered by that's what football is a religion, watching Telly is a religion, you know, Facebook has become a religion.

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This is very, very demonizing to call Islam, a religion, Islam is a system is a set of rules sent by the Creator, to the creation, in order to find peace and tranquility in this life and the next. It is a way of life. It's a complete way of life. And that's how we need to understand it. The day that we as Muslims, the majority, 2 billion of us around the world, accept that Islam is not a religion, it's a way of life and start practicing it. And Muslim is a verb and is not a noun. So we're not we can't wear the T shirt without, he's got the T shirt. We're Muslim, we're gonna go to Jenna. The day we accept that everything will change. So we have life that gives you freedom, freedom, real

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freedom, right, from the shackles of the

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dunya dunia to the vastness of what's waiting for you in genda. For those people that are out there, concluding now the gems that we can take from this is you didn't have mental laziness, you researched something? I mean, if someone says look, well, I've heard those stories. You know, the born again Christian or someone who has a dream as soon as Jesus came to them, and all of a sudden it's emotional. So you had it's more subjective this was for you. You haven't experienced I can't feel that. What do you say to them? Well, if they can't feel that Subhanallah What can I say?

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Have they ever heard the Quran being recited properly? And and I'm not and I'm not talking about 100 layer of lovin or a molecule at the people who recite it 110 miles an hour and think that they're doing justice to the Quran. Do they have they ever heard the Quran being recited, number one, number two,

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take the words of Allah, Allah. And listen to what Allah sake read the translation we can all be masters of Arabic fine. Read the translation. What is the crazy

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Gator, your Creator, don't forget is not it's not just my career is your Creator, what is your Creator saying to you? In the revelation? Imagine that the revelation that is coming is coming directly to you as an instruction. Treat the manual of life as an instruction manual, something goes wrong in your house, refer to a law refer to the manual of life. Look in there. Look at the way that the verse was translated in practice by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If we want, ultimately we want success in this life, we want success in the hereafter. If we want that, then the manual of life has been sent to you, the practitioner of this manual has been sent to you study them

00:30:42--> 00:31:19

in detail, study them in detail, you will find the answers Yeah, being sincere I found that when people are genuine and sincere, if a person is looking for escape or to get out the back door they want to go to the clubs they want to party she's like, oh, the person is like recently there was a famous celebrity he was celebrity was someone who's on some of the social media. And now if you're not fueling yourself with this Dean with this way of life daily, you're not you're not implement you just going through those rituals, but they're not helping you to become a better human being. You're not internalizing rituals or just rituals, that but these rituals if you put the proper fuel in and

00:31:19--> 00:32:00

you put your heart mind, body and soul these are they're supposed to produce an outcome they have a purpose. So it's not if you're not taking the medicine, you cannot blame the doctor. So you need to take what Allah has given us to take implement it, but you have a lot of people like I was saying that someone if you are you follow some of these people out there. And now recently some some well known sister, she took off her job, right. So now you end up copycatting her, you you end up following her? Because that was your teacher now you had the wrong teacher you just focused on on YouTube all day on many of the music out there you know, you haven't empowered yourself with this

00:32:00--> 00:32:05

deem and then you just you fall over like a sack of potatoes. You know you just

00:32:06--> 00:32:42

that because that's that's invested. you invested your time in the wrong things. But what you did was there's answers to these questions. You got the answers. You investigated you you internalize this Deen and under law, you're here with us today you came went from being an ex Muslim, to coming back into Islam. Yeah, it took some effort. So concluding, you were sincere. You were genuine. And you did your homework, but you weren't working looking for that backdoor. Because if you're looking you're playing tricks, Allah knows what's in the heart of call. So if you're looking to take that back door, and escape will let you go, he don't need you. I mean, don't get me wrong. I did. I did

00:32:42--> 00:32:52

used to ask rhetorical questions. So the moms and the priest etc. In order to belittle them a little bit as well, I hold my hands up to that. That was very early on.

00:32:53--> 00:33:40

But I genuinely wanted to know that is there a creator? What is my purpose? I wanted to know if he has sent me some some some instructions to follow. So I can give you examples like, good What? Allah subhanaw taala called the higher in the Quran. So what is the definition of good? So the definition of good for a human being is fluid. If we're going to write our own definitions, it's it's fluid definition. So 40 odd years ago, they used to 50 years ago, they used to throw women, old women into the River Thames in Britain. If they floated, they were witches. If they sank, it was too late for them the dead anyway. But they were real. Right? They were real people. Yeah, that's how they used

00:33:40--> 00:33:45

to do the witch hunt. Right? That was a good practice in the old days.

00:33:47--> 00:34:00

But that's not the definition of good in the Quran. The definition of God in the Quran is always consistent. And its definition of righteousness. The definition of Salah the definition of gas is not changing. It's not changing.

00:34:01--> 00:34:46

And it's universal. So my point is that if there is a word that Allah Subhana Allah, God Almighty has given to you a word like Salah, a word lines, a cat, a word like righteous a word like anything else, then the only place to look for that definition is the manual itself. God has used that word, not anywhere else to define good Well, I'm a good person, but I don't pray. That was my take. I used to say there are a lot of that. Yeah, I'm a good person. I but I don't pray. And then we'll, we'll say, well, hang on you. Are you good person? How do you know what the definition of good is? So they'll say well, a good person is I look after my family, I feed them and I put the bins out I take

00:34:46--> 00:34:47

my kids to school.

00:34:48--> 00:34:50

Nothing definition of good.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

That's not the definition of good. The definition of good is you need to enjoin the good and forbid the wrong. There are two elements of being good

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

I could go on and live. Yeah, but you get the gist. The the element is that you need to refer back to the Creator. The manual of life is very important. So hopefully from this story, it can resonate with many people who are struggling with a lot of the same issues. And I'll take from the jumps from here and hopefully incorporate and do what he did and show a lot they can get some people back we've kind of drifted off and those people who were also seeking to know purpose, how did they get here? Why are they here, where they're going, you can also find it and it's beautiful your life like your father's brother, thank you very much for sharing that with us. Thank you guys also Salaam Alaikum