Honestly, This Story Will Break Your Heart

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. I am in South Punjab in a village called JAL Awali. You see behind me here, you see a river flowing. Last week. 112 homes existed where this river is flowing. Today. Those families of those 112 people are roaming around they have nowhere to stay. But I really want to focus on one family. There was a man here called Shahnawaz, his home was washed away.

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His mother as a consequence fell ill they took it to hospital. And then they got the news that the mother is suffering from cancer.

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Shahnawaz goes to the shop to buy some food. And the girder falls on his neck, injuring his spine. Shahnawaz is currently in hospital, he's paralyzed waist down. He can't even move his home hands. And on Monday, they're gonna do his operation. These three young children are the children of Shahnawaz he has three other daughters. Shahnawaz wife has been rushed to hospital today to deliver their seventh child. So imagine within a week

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the father is paralyzed, your hospital mother's got cancer and the mode and the wife is giving birth. And then you have these six children who are homeless, totally, utterly homeless.

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Subhan Allah, you know, Allah says, In nama I'll also use

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indeed after difficulty comes ease. I'm hoping that you and I, you and I can be that.

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That helps and alleviate the suffering of these young children and their families. dockable la halen brothers and sisters and Mr.

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