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Religion you learn what he did you learn what he didn't do. You learn what he advised and you learn what he told you to keep away from, and you implement it in your life. We all try and striving for that. But some people will lie they stopped caring about it. To be honest with you, I'm being honest, any they stopped caring about it. They're like, look, you know, my chef is gonna tell me more about the Sunnah and me.

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While I just follow what I've been told, what either Kyla who? What either appeared at a homotopy Roma Anzahl Allah Carlo Bella Teddy Roma and fina La Habana when it said to them follow what Allah revealed. They say we follow what we found our father's doing. Oh, well kind of

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clean on a che and what are you doing even if their fathers didn't understand anything and we're not guided?

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My dear brothers and sisters, if the Sunnah is something all of us should be striving to get. We should be striving to implement it in every aspect of our life. Every time you turn away from the sooner you put yourself at risk of Alphington will either based on this either failure, or delay the net failure hydrophone and Emery and to see that home Pfitzner I will you'll see the humara Durbin Elene they will get a trial or a severe punishment because they turned away from the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now want to make something clear, because some people might misunderstand me. And they might say Mohammed, Tim, because they love misquoting me. Today I'm

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getting misquoted in a lot of things.

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They say Mohammed, Tim, you're telling the people not to follow the URL AMA. And you're telling the people not to follow them or die and not to follow the rules of fic. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that your madhhab and your fifth and your chef should be a way to reach the Kitab and the Sunnah. It should not be your end goal. My end goal should not be the end of my goal. And my aspiration should not be that I just want to do what my shifts because your shift is not a profit. And your shift is not Masoom protected from making mistakes, not your shift, and not even the greatest Imams of Islam

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were not protected from making mistakes. So if you are learning from a teacher with a vision of reaching the Kitab and the Sunnah, then this is excellent. If you are taking your faith and your rules with the goal of reaching the Quran and the Sunnah, this is excellent. But if it became that you're shaken your rules, they became your goal for this is really in a very dangerous dangerous situation. A very dangerous situation.

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And remember chef very Rahimullah to either narrated Now bear in mind the shelter he met the students of Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah right. He met

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he met. We also have Mohammed Al Hasan, he met from the students of Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah. He said all of the scholars had consensus that when the Sunnah of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam becomes clear to them, it is not permissible for you to leave it for any one speech whoever they are. He brought that consensus from Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah and from Malik who he took a water from Chef a token water from Imam Malik and he was from the companions of ama they want to handle and he is saying all of the Imams reach consensus when the Sunnah becomes clear to you. It is haram for you to leave it for anyone else's speech. But those great scholars, the likes

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of Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah Imam Malik and Imam share very an Imam Muhammad. The purpose of them is to help you to reach the Quran and the Sunnah to assist you and to use their knowledge and their wisdom to help you to reach the Quran and the Sunnah. So I just want to it's a mentality. It's not about faith. It's not about how you pray. I'm not talking about where you put your hands or I'm not talking about whether you eat prawns or you don't eat prawns is nothing like this. I'm talking about the mentality of you. Am I is my attachment is my heart attached to the Quran and the Sunnah? Or is my heart attached to some book that was written 200 years ago.

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Make your heart attached to the Quran and the Sunnah, and use those scholars and those books to help you to reach the Quran and the Sunnah. This is what all of the Imams were upon. And this is what the early generation of Muslims were upon. And until today, this is what the people should be upon.

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So I see this because some people lost the concept. Like for them you talk about the Sunnah, it's like dangerous. You know, I know people who lock Suhail Bukhari in the cupboard. Don't open it, you might get misguide.

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way hack you're gonna get misguided by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam way hack Walter you that you believe the prophets I send them spiritual misguide?

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How can you be Be careful Don't Don't, don't read what the Prophet said, Don't read a book of Tafseer you might actually realize what your religion is about. But be careful about this. Keep your attachment to the Quran and the Sunnah, and use your great scholars, imams, and so on to reach the Quran and the Sunnah.

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In Rukia and Gene issues, it's even worse people are doing things Wallah. Not even their shake told them to do it.

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Things Mercer marinara we heard that in a wedding. We never heard anyone in the history of anything do them. We see people doing things from Hinduism. We see people putting chili on the doorsteps and hammering nails in the walls. And we see people drawing all kinds of symbols on things and things that never came from any imam or any shape or any method ever.

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Why because they're desperate a brother made a very beautiful comment to me earlier. He said, You know what the people because they were desperate. They didn't want to do something wrong. But they were just desperate. And I totally agree with Allah. He what he said is 100% true, that people they didn't want to do something wrong. But the problem was that they were desperate. So they started to go even to the witch doctors actually forget about going to the shakes and the rocky. They went to the witch doctors here. The people who don't believe in any religion that we recognize. And he they are pagans, they believe in paganism, and they even went to them because they were desperate. So

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let's go back to the Kitab and the Sunnah. And back to the concept of iman as a major means of protection. The third one I'm going to mention is a tuck we're

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going to mention a Taqwa with regard to Salah to Lhasa whiny, we are going to pause at the correct time for us and inshallah we're going to join between the river here we're going to give the gift both times Inshallah, but we're gonna give a break for you to pray to pray us and inshallah when the time comes a bit nearer. A Taqwa.

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telkwa What did we say was we mentioned it already. We said it is to act in obedience to Allah upon a light of guidance from Allah, hoping for Allah's reward and to leave disobedience to Allah upon a light of guidance from Allah fearing Allah's punishment

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What did Allah say about Taqwa? While may yet tequila ha ha I love who? Maharajah while you're Zukerman, Hazel.

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Whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah will make him away out of every difficulty. And Allah will provide from where he could never imagine. Allahu Akbar.

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You if you have Taqwa Allah is going to make your way out of every problem. Gene problems, magic problems, evil eye problems, problems in every aspect of your life. Allah is going to make you a way out we need the camera one more time sha Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal is going to make for you a way out of it.

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So you see the solutions I'm giving Have you noticed the difference between the solutions that I'm suggesting? And the solutions that you know, like some of the people like the people who

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they are, like, you know, giving out towers and things like that? You notice that my solutions are a bit difficult, right? It needs a bit of effort. You have to pray and you have to turn to Allah and you have to believe in Allah properly and you have to try to stick to the Sunnah and you have to try to obey Allah as much as you can. That's another problem. People want a quick fix. See, I don't want to follow the Sunnah I don't want this Oh, prayers and do us just write something for me and stick it around my neck and then I can go home. That's what people want. That's reality will lie. I'm not telling you something that I haven't seen with my own eyes. That's what people want. Just write

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something for me and get me get it over and done with it. Don't send me come and pray Fudger every day, I'm gonna come for every federal every day is hard. It's cold and I have to get up early in the morning. Just write something for me and tie around my neck and I'll be done. But that's not what Allah azza wa jal made for us. Allah subhana wa Tada decreed from the greatest causes of protection is a Taqwa. From the greatest causes of protection is God in what Allah commanded you to God. The hadith of Abdullah Ibis for the La Jolla thought

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if you got what Allah commanded you to God, Allah is going to keep you safe. We call this AlJazeera Imogen, Ceylon and that your rewards are from the same category as your ID

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The deeds you did

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it for the love

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of God what Allah commanded you to God and Allah is gonna keep you safe. God was Allah commanded you to God and Allah is gonna keep you safe.

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What did Allah command you to God? However you do it Allah Salatu was Salam, O Star War como de la he carnitine

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God, your prayers especially the middle prayer, the answer prayer and stand before Allah in obedience.

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Allah commanded you to God your chastity

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Allah spoke about Al Houthi Lena foto Jehovah

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those men will have without and those women who protect their chastity. This is something that Allah told you to God. Allah told you to guard your tongue and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you to guard your tongue when he said in the hadith of my eyes, and he took hold of his tongue sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said Kufa Attica hada keep this under control.

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If you got this, Allah will guide you.

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And the Prophet sighs me said whoever promises or whoever guarantees me What is between these two legs in between his two jaws I guarantee for him paradise.

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And her person looks after the the issue of as we said chastity and keeping away from immorality. And the person looks after what they say that person is guaranteed paradise Allah will keep you safe for the lie Father. God, what Allah commanded you to God, and Allah is gonna God

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Toba and seeking forgiveness. The quote I have here is not a hadith. Be careful, don't quote it's not a hadith. But what it is is it is a famous statement of many of the Imams of Islam. Man so let's musi Bhutan in lebih them when a roofie art in that be tilba No calamity was ever sent down except because of sin, and it was never taken away except because of repentance. Can we bring an eye or to support what these great Imam said yes, we can. For example, we can bring the statement of Allah azza wa jal Mahal for Sal to feel better you will

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be America 78 In NUS

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corruption has appeared on land and at sea because of what the hands of men earned in your own hands it

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and the statement of Allah azza wa jal Whelan, who the Canada hoomin and others will either do nothing other than Akbar, Allah, Allah, God, we will make them taste something from the lesser punishment instead of the greater punishment so that they may return to us in repentance. And we already mentioned the IRA in them and tab our arm and our army the Amazon site solid

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No calamity was ever sent down except because of sin and it was never taken away except because of repentance.

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Now, we talked about general things these are all general right. They are not specific to any particular means of protection but they are just a general way to be protected inshallah. Now we want to talk about specific means of protection.

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First of all, seeking refuge with Allah from the shaper

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first started biller

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why my hands are gonna Kameena shape on Inez one First there is the biller.

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If there comes to you an evil suggestion from the Shavon seek refuge with Allah. You remember the Hadith of the man, his face became red and macabre were true. His face became red, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about him, I know something that if this man said it, all of this would go away from him. I will be La Mina shaytani R rajim. I seek refuge with Allah from Shaytaan the rejected

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likewise, the statement of Allah azza wa jal in Medina Tahoe EDA Messer home ta if Amina che pa Anita that cow fader Homebox zero.

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Those people have Taqwa when they feel an impulse from the shaytaan they remember ALLAH and they remember that it's from the shaytaan and then they can see clearly

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seeking refuge with ALLAH for others like your children. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to seek refuge for Al Hassan and Al per se

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What did he used to say? Were evil Kuma be Kelly ma Tila he

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mean Cooley shapen in wahama Wyoming COOLEY I in in love. Now the Arabic grammar because this word Kuma it means you too. So the easiest way to teach if you don't speak Arabic is just to make it or either come and then you will cover everybody. So to say through a vocal, be Kelly Mattila he

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mean Cooley shaytaan in wahama warming Cooley it Lamba

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I seek refuge with Allah on your behalf.

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From every shape on an every beast, and every envious I used to say that for Al Hassan Al Hussein, or the Allahu Anhu mama, so you can take your kids say are easy to complicate Eva Tila hit

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mean khalifate on in wahama warming coolly iron in lamb for your kids to be protected from what would harm them.

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The remembrance of Allah We mentioned the idea in Alladhina taco either Mr. Hunter if Amina che pani to that Kuru, for either Han mobile seehorn Indeed, those people who have Taqwa

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when they are touched by an impulse from the shaytaan they remember what do they remember? They remember Allah and they remember that this is from the Shavon Wallah. Here are my brothers and sisters. I believe this idea here

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is actually the best way of repelling which was was was

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whispering from the shaper. The best way to prevent whispering from the shaytaan is this is in the leadin telco. First of all, if you want us to keep the whispering away, be a person of Taqwa.

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Second of all, if you want to keep the whispering away, remember Allah

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thirdly, if you want to keep the whispering away, remember that this is from the shape on the whispering. So let's say somebody has whispering in the issue of wool

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and the shaytaan is confusing them about their will do. What do we say first of all, obey Allah that means you don't wash four times because the Prophet sighs and didn't allow you to wash four times you do it no more than three times for the washing no more than once for the wiping.

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That's it.

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You don't waste the water by turning the tap on full and you're just letting the water spill while you're thinking did I wash my hands or I didn't wash my hands so you Don't disobey Allah. The second thing is you remember Allah so before you would only say Bismillah before you enter the bathroom you say Allahumma inni. I also becoming a hopelessly well Kaaba is

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if you feel yourself getting confused and you're outside of the bathroom, you can also say out the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

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And you remember that this was wasa is from che pan. So you started or did I wash my hands? Of course I wash my hands I'm just it's just Chez Panisse whispering this to me. And if you feel like having someone to watch you this is good also like someone to watch you and say no, no, you did wash your hands. Okay, carry on.

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This is the best way of getting rid of fossils. In the lead iannetta Cow either Messer home pa a four minute shape on that cow who for either Hamamatsu

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remembering Allah in the morning and the evening.

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Yeah, you have levena Manos LA has the current Kathy era. Or you believe remember Allah with much remembrance

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was a beautiful book rotten, WA sila and remember him in

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and exalt His praises was happy he'll be handy. exalt the praises of Allah azza wa jal

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in the morning and in the evening.

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exalt the praises of Allah

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in the morning and evening time.

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When it comes to morning and evening ADKAR I personally would recommend the book fortress of the Muslim you might have some other books here I'm not sure but I would recommend the book has no Muslim fortress of the Muslim. I can just go through the morning and evening I call it like that.

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You just go through the morning and

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the morning and the evening as car from has no Muslim. You go through them

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Morning and evening at car from his no Muslim. If you don't have a copy you can download a copy PDF or you can get it as an app for your phone as well

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we said be hoo hoo boo Kurata masiva

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yeah you Hala Nina hermanos guru Allah the Quran cathedra was said Bihu book rotten. While sila remember him in the morning and the evening?

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What time do you remember Allah in the morning? The best time is after fajr before sunrise.

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And what time do you remember Allah in the evening I personally prefer in Del Maghrib around the time of Margaret, but if you do after us up, many of the scholars allowed it but I personally prefer it to be in Del Mar from or Kobe Al Maghrib just before Maghrib in the time of the evening weather just before the Margaret time, I think this is the best time for you to do it before the time of Inti shower or Sheltie, because the shape and spreads out at the time of Maghrib in nearly shape and T shirt on mahatva. The shaytaan spreads out and snatches people at that time.

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remembering Allah before sleep, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us whoever reads it couldn't see before they go to sleep, they will not cease to have a half from Allah and the shaytaan will not come near to them.

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So before you go to sleep, you read it. Is that the only thing to read? No there are many if you take has no Muslim, there are so many things read

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surah Al Mulk you read surah Sajida you read it to cool see you read the more with that cool who Allah who I had to pull out the rug that fell out put out a bit of bitterness and you blow in your hands

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like that.

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And then you read them into your hands and you wipe over your body. You read SubhanAllah 33 times And Alhamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times these are all from the things that you do before you go to sleep. But just I chose one is who could see. And yes, somebody can say if I if I feel it's difficult to do all of them. Can I just do one? We answered it already from the court of eminent cranium, right? The more you do the more you'll be protected. But inshallah if you do want at least you have some protection in sha Allah hooter, Anna

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remembering Allah A times of vulnerability, we mentioned this already. We said when going in the bathroom when leaving the house, saying, Bismillah when you enter the house saying Bismillah when you eat before intimacy, we mentioned the different situations which might be times of vulnerability. Reading Surah Al Baqarah in the house, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Indeed the shaytaan flees from a house in which social Bukhara is right

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shaytaan runs away from the house in which Surah Al Baqarah is read what about things which might remove protection

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number one acting in opposition to what is being said

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Yeah, Johanna Deena man will limit

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or you who believe why is it that you say what you don't do?

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Tempura McCartan and ally and Taku relative How great is the sin in the sight of Allah that you say that which you don't do? So don't be a person who says Ya Allah protect me Ya Allah protect me. And then you go out and do a haram job all day. You sell haram or you buy haram or you cheat the people and all the time you're cheating the people and buying haram and selling haram ya allah Fortney Oh Allah protect me.

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The problem is, you're asking Allah for something with your tongue, but your hands are not following. And dhikr of Allah should be with the heart, and the tongue and the limbs

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as vicar and easy Corolla. Yeah, Kunal Bill kalbi were Billy Sani obituary,

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your heart and your tongue and your limbs. Your heart should be engaged really thinking about it? Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah really your heart is thinking about it, and your tongue should be saying it. And when you go and live your life during the day, you should be giving truth to what you said you should be implementing what you asked Allah for and sticking to what you said. Didn't you say Allah Houma Antara de la ilaha illa Anta locked anywhere and Abdul Allah Tikka Tikka may start.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

O Allah, You are my Lord. There is no god worthy of worship, but you I am your slave and I am trying to

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fulfill your promise and your covenant as much as I can. But are you? Are you really trying to follow that covenant as much as what you can and you're doing as much as you can?

00:25:11--> 00:25:20

So you have to give truth to what you say you can't say, Oh Allah, please forgive me. I'm trying to do my best when you're not really trying to do your best. So it's important

00:25:21--> 00:25:27

from the worst of the things that removes the protection of Allah are al Qaeda.

00:25:29--> 00:25:55

And leadin ag TENIDO UNA cabeza Yrel. If Newell Fela Aisha in the lemon, those who keep away from the major sins under our hash fascia means immorality, like really immoral, filthy, dirty actions. The person keeps away from Kabah rule is me well, power hash. They keep away from major sins and immorality.

00:25:57--> 00:26:05

There are many major sins you should know them yet. Even the Ibis Radi Allahu Anhu might he said the number is closer to 70 than seven

00:26:06--> 00:26:13

because you know sometimes people say there are seven major sins right the Prophet size and said there are seven destructive since each 10 He was several mobile cards.

00:26:14--> 00:26:22

But there are not limited to seven major sins that's from Christianity right that there are only seven, seven major sins.

00:26:24--> 00:26:27

If any adverse said the number is closer to 70

00:26:28--> 00:26:34

of the major sins from them is lying and backbiting and

00:26:35--> 00:27:19

spreading rumors and from them is for example, a riba interest and from them is Xena fornication and from them is of course making a partner with Allah azza wa jal, which is the worst of them speaking about Allah without knowledge, we're in Turku Allah Allah Hema Allah tanomo Speaking about Allah without knowledge, some of the scholars they said it is Akbar Al Qaeda, the biggest of the major sins, is speaking about Allah without knowledge or spreading something in your religion without knowledge. Many many of these sins, take a book on the major sins and study it, go through it and ask yourself, Am I going into any of these, because they've completely removed the protection of

00:27:19--> 00:27:23

Allah from a purse in the lemon, the small sins,

00:27:25--> 00:27:33

it's very important that you don't make a habit of them. Because if you ever make a habit of the small sins, they become major.

00:27:35--> 00:27:41

It's a principle in Islam. Anytime you make a habit of a small sin, it becomes a major sin.

00:27:42--> 00:27:50

So for example, let's say a small sin, like let's say for example, bad language, or let's say like, for example, a small sin, any that someone does,

00:27:52--> 00:28:05

but they keep on doing it again and again and again and again and again, and they don't stop doing it. This becomes a major sin in the sight of Allah, not the sin itself, but the habit of doing it all the time.

00:28:07--> 00:28:16

putting yourself at risk. We already heard the Iowa unknown candidate gentlemen an NCR Otonabee rejected him in Elgin visa to hombre haka

00:28:18--> 00:28:37

putting yourself at risk by seeking help from the jinn, by going to the places where the jinn go, you know, people say like, we go into the middle of the, you know, the caves and the middle of the forests and things like that. And we sit for a long time, and we light our candles, and we ask for the jinn to come. And this is putting yourself at risk.

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I had this case once of some boys, they visited a haunted house, I mean, the house not a haunted house, I'm not talking about a tourist attraction, I mean, a real haunted house. And the house was sealed by the government. And there was a security guard. But somehow they managed to get past the security guard or whatever, they convinced them more they paid him more maybe he was not they snuck past him whatever happened. They got past the security guard. And they went to this house which is known to be a haunted house.

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And they said yeah, but it's just fun. You know, we're not going for the gin. We just want to see what's going on and wallah, one of them became possessed from it, and came back and he they the parents came and they said, Okay, it's their chance for you to do rakia, or I don't if they asked me or they asked me I think they asked a friend of mine that will you ask Muhammad Tim? Can you do rakia? Wallah? I was I was very tempted to say I'm sorry, but you know, you put yourself at risk. Like how how would you go to a place like that? I wouldn't go to a place like that. Don't put yourself at risk.

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Now quick question on rakia we haven't got to rakia yet is Rukia a means of protection. There might be some overlap, like blowing the coals over yourself before you sleep and things like that. But generally when we talk about rocking

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Are we talking about rakia as a treatment not as a protection,

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protection we speak about separately and treatment we speak about, we speak about separate inshallah. So protection, we speak about it separately, and treatment, we speak about it separately,

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be in the light. And

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that concludes my discussion on protection. It's very summarized, there's a lot more to say. But it's also very important that you don't seek protection from something in which Allah has forbidden. And I mentioned that many times, but I want to hammer that point home. Don't seek protection for some in some ways that Allah has forbidden. Don't seek protection in ways that come from other religions don't seek protection for ways that were not done by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions, because this is not going to bring you protection. As we know in the hadith of Aisha Radi Allahu anhu, Hutchinson, Bukhari and Muslim. The wording of Muslim is an amulet

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I'm gonna lay silently for whoever, whoever does an action that's not in accordance with our sunnah. It will be rejected. So any protection that you're trying to seek to gain that doesn't come from Islam, and doesn't come from the authentic sunnah and the action of the early generations. Ultimately, it's not going to protect you, it's just going to be a reason for you to feel any distraught and distressed about

00:31:30--> 00:31:50

I thought it might be nice on the topic of protection to take some questions. But I'm seeing that we put paper here for questions because it's easier, you know, with paper questions. The problem with raising the hands and stuff is it can sometimes go off topic easily. So what I might do is we might take a little break I think we might be a little early for us or

00:31:52--> 00:31:56

for everyone to pray ourselves. But we could probably take a little break and sha Allah

00:31:58--> 00:32:01

the later time for us out here What time is it not?

00:32:02--> 00:32:02

The later time

00:32:04--> 00:32:05

20 past

00:32:07--> 00:32:30

Okay, and the earlier time has started right? Okay, then that it's perfect time to take a break. So we'll take a break. The earlier time for Assad has already started the later time for those who pray at a later time of Assad is going to be around about 20 past inshallah. So we can take a break until around about half past something like that. People can write their questions on the papers inshallah.

00:32:32--> 00:33:07

Because this will be better for us. Now bear in mind we haven't talked about Rukia yet so don't worry about writing questions on rakia. We haven't talked about Tara we've yet talked about Tara we've yet so don't worry about writing questions about tie with but if you have questions about what we spoke about the world of the jinn and protection, you could write those now the other ones let's leave it a while to see if it comes up in the topic if it comes up Alhamdulillah if it doesn't come up, then inshallah I will try my best to answer your questions insha Allah Who to either so I'm looking at time now we have around about say 20 minute break something like that inshallah. Time for

00:33:07--> 00:33:29

people to pray and also inshallah to Allah time for people to write some questions. That's what Allah made easy for me to mention in this section. And Allah azza wa jal knows best for again for the live stream. We're just going to put a pause screen on there for you, and inshallah hooter, either you'll be able to watch where we start again.

01:03:18--> 01:03:19


01:03:21--> 01:04:03

Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Abdullah who are solely Nabina Muhammad who an early he was happy he H mine, Amma died. My dear brothers and sisters, there are two sort of administrative type of things we have to deal with. So the first thing is when will we finish tonight if I'm being honest the entire course it's very likely that we will not be able to finish by Margaret because we are going to miss too many important things. So probably we will continue after maghrib however, I am willing to move things around a little bit to bring the topic of Rukia now

01:04:04--> 01:04:44

as in how to perform Rukia we will talk about it now. Because this is the most important thing everyone is asking like how do I perform Rokia? How do I know if I'm afflicted? How this I think we will talk about it right now in sha Allah so that everyone can get maximum benefit. And then in sha Allah Who to Allah after maghrib if Allah wills that we still have some content to cover like the Thai weeds and stuff like that, we will cover it perhaps after my for a bit short, long time. I feel like that makes the most sense. I feel like we should cover the topic of Rukia itself now so that people have a good knowledge of it and inshallah who to add it after that. We can talk about other

01:04:44--> 01:04:44


01:04:46--> 01:04:51

The first thing I'm going to talk about is I'm going to talk about diagnosis.

01:04:53--> 01:04:56

And I'm gonna say something I think it's controversial.

01:04:57--> 01:04:59

I don't see many things that are controversial, you know, but I

01:05:00--> 01:05:02

I personally think this is controversial.

01:05:03--> 01:05:16

I personally believe that people spend way too much time worrying about diagnosis. I really do. I believe they spend way too much time worrying about diagnosis.

01:05:18--> 01:05:55

I honestly feel if you have some symptoms in your life, which you do not feel is normal, or you feel that there is some thing unusual or you're not sure, then I think you should proceed as though there is a problem. Why not? rokeya itself is a gentle treatment. It's a blessing from Allah. It's reading the Quran, it's reading the two R's of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I don't see why we should have a threshold where we say like, you need to have it confirmed. Otherwise you should not start.

01:05:56--> 01:06:37

Someone came to me and said, You know I have some symptoms. This is going on in my life. I don't feel like it's right. Okay, start Rokia. Insha Allah why not? Why? Why are we wasting time to find out? Is it this is it that how many Jin What type of seizure is in medical? The first principle I want you to take from here is that rakia is beneficial for all kinds of sickness, including medical problems, including psychological problems, including physical illnesses, including Jinn possession, including magic, including the evil eye.

01:06:40--> 01:06:49

If you look at the hadith of Rukia now in my Rukia course I went through that hadith we won't have too much time now. But I went through all of the hadith of Rukia or many of them.

01:06:51--> 01:07:36

Most of the times the Sahaba did rock Yes, Radi Allahu Anhu they didn't do it for things that we would call sicknesses of the unseen, you know, paranormal sicknesses. They did it for snake bites, they did it for scorpions, things they did it for people who behaved had like strange behaviors, maybe some kind of like, sort of psychological or psychiatric disorders. They did it for things like this. Apple cider country did it for the man of the the tribe, the head of the tribe, who was stung by a scorpion. In another Hadith, they did it for a man who they said we have a man who is in restraints, and he's shaking around and he's, he's moving around. And he's like, he's not with

01:07:36--> 01:07:43

himself. He's not he has some kind of illness. And this is something some kind of like, psychiatric or psychological problem

01:07:44--> 01:07:45

and still needed Rokia.

01:07:47--> 01:08:26

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did Rukia for fever, and he for a flu for fever. So there is no need for you to stress yourself too much about whether I have gin, nausea, hair or whatever. But if you wanted to know what is the best method to know, Wallah here you're going to hear Mohamed Tim do something different to some people that you might have heard before. Some people they have all kinds of ideas, read the water with Nia and then taste the one water for Sahara and one water for gin and one water for sickness and then drink the water and see which one tastes funny. I'm not into any of this stuff.

01:08:28--> 01:08:32

Read the I have read one I have gin possession read one I have

01:08:33--> 01:08:38

of iron and see which one the person just I'm not into any of this.

01:08:39--> 01:08:46

Tell the person to close their eyes and imagine and if they see magic and if they see agenda and I'm not into any of this

01:08:47--> 01:09:01

Wallah he the best method. Wallah Hila de la ilaha illa who I swear by Allah the one there is no God worthy of worship except him that the best method of diagnosis is not any of them at all.

01:09:03--> 01:09:04

As according to what I know.

01:09:05--> 01:09:26

The best method of diagnosis is to build up the clues over time. Treat it like a mystery. What's wrong with Abdullah? It's a mystery right? So let's have a look at his history. Abdullah was a young, healthy, good looking guy mashallah Tabata cola.

01:09:27--> 01:10:00

And suddenly things start to go wrong for him. His health went downhill. He started to have all kinds of sicknesses and problems that didn't seem to go away. His family relationship broke down. He's having issues between him and his wife. I'm not saying gin I'm not saying magic. I'm just saying listen to the history and start to pick out from your knowledge. So I said that Abdullah mashallah Tabata cola is a good looking guys it's a healthy fit guy could

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

be evil i right. Could it not be this people could be jealous of him? I mean, is FITNESS HEALTHY? So young guy, good looking guy and he could be somebody could have given him the evil eye that could be possible. We said the marriage broke down which I did we hear about marriage breaking down in the ayat have set up the idea of the eye that talks about magic. So it could be we have a possibility for magic here. We mentioned that his health when rapidly downhill. Okay. Did you try the doctor? Yeah. Did Did any of the treatments work? Well, I a little bit, but it just seems like every time the doctor does a treatment, another con comes along. Okay. Do you find that unusual? Or does the

01:10:38--> 01:11:17

doctor say it's kind of normal? Well, the doctor said it's kind of normal, okay, so that might not be something too strange. Or he comes and says Wallah, the doctor nearly fell off his chair. He said, I've never seen this before in my life. So that could be something again. So in each time, we are looking at possibilities, and we're building up clues. Now we've taken some history. So now we recite, and we're watching for clues. It could be certain ayat, it could be, you know, the general feeling, it could be the reaction, there could be no reaction, we store that among our clues. Again, we try a different treatment, and we watch what happens. We give him a long term rookie or program.

01:11:17--> 01:11:31

Maybe he's doing rookie every day for 234 or five months. And we observe how is this situation changing? How is his illness responding? Every time we're building up a bank of clues and information, which is getting us closer?

01:11:32--> 01:12:09

And then we're making dua to Allah to show us what is wrong and to show us what to do. And over time, you will get a very accurate diagnosis in sha Allah Who to Allah, will Allah you will get a very, very accurate diagnosis be it nila, but where you will not get an accurate diagnosis is these like, little tricks that people do, you know, read this ayah and if he jumps two feet in the air, this is wrong with him, you know, let read on this water and if it tastes the wrong taste, and you know, this is all it could work sometimes I'm not saying it never works. It could work sometimes, but it's not reliable.

01:12:10--> 01:12:22

What is reliable is you take a case history, you tell him to keep a diary, you really look at what is going on and you try to find parallels in the Quran and the Sunnah, for what is wrong with him.

01:12:24--> 01:12:40

And then you try some treatments starting with the basic treatments and moving forwards with treatments. As time goes on. You start with the basic treatments and then you try to you know, adapt the treatment, improve the treatment, tweak the treatment, and every time you're watching what is the results

01:12:41--> 01:13:23

until you see insha Allah Allahu taala, that you got something and it looks like this, okay, now pursuing it, I'm keeping an open mind. But I'm going to follow this because this looks to be what is wrong. And then you know, the jinn speaks and you you find out what is the matter in sha Allah to Allah. So I just feel like, treat it like a mystery. Take a case history, keep a diary of what is going on. Many times people keep a diary and things jump out at you. You never saw it before. Like, for example, the person says, Well, I feel fine. But you saw a diary. Every time that Maghrib comes, they start going crazy. Their sickness gets worse or something at Maghrib time. Okay, now, I didn't

01:13:23--> 01:13:48

know this until you showed me the diary. Because in the diary, I saw that every day and Margaret, this is happening. What happens at Margaret in Nelly shape and into Siobhan Mohawk for the shaytaan spreads out. So this is telling me this could be generated because the shaytaan spreads at Margaret, and he's getting sick out at Margaret. So I'm asking him, are you closing your windows and doors with Bismillah? Are you keeping yourself

01:13:49--> 01:14:32

in the home with your ADKAR? Are you have you tried some simple rakia for yourself? And we're learning like this Subhanallah I know it sounds like a little complicated or it sounds a little convoluted or a little long. But Subhanallah I have tried this method so many times. And so many times I found other people doing rookie making mistakes. Recently I had a brother come to me. He said Mohamed, will you do rock here for me? I said I've got some time actually come on. We do rock here together. We did Rukia for him and there was no big reaction just a little bit. He was a little bit unsettled. So I said, Okay, you know, let's put you on a self Rokia program for a few days and

01:14:32--> 01:14:59

let's see how you go. He said, you know, Muhammad, Tim, he phoned me. He said there's this imam from London. He's famous, famous, a very knowledgeable. I said, Okay, he said, I'm going to bring him he's going to do rock here for me. I said, Okay, Tim, I'm very good. Great. Imam famous chef is going to come and do Rukia on yella, he's upon sunnah, right? He's not going to do nothing crazy. He's not going to sacrifice animals in the bathroom or something like that. Say No, he doesn't give that away.

01:15:00--> 01:15:01

Not okay yella bringing

01:15:02--> 01:15:17

Imam comes and reads on him for like 15 minutes max. And he reads like very short you know Kisara sorry Fatiha and with that, and he looks at him and says, there's nothing wrong with you

01:15:18--> 01:15:25

the wrong seat. It's just psychological. Just, you know, you need to get more sleep at night you need to eat better. That's it. And he goes,

01:15:26--> 01:15:44

so I said, Rahim, Allah who had the share, may Allah have mercy on that ship. I don't feel like he really, you know, took his time on the case. So I said, actually to come with me again. I'm going to read on you again. Second time, first time, no symptoms, nothing. He's a little uncomfortable, but nothing huge.

01:15:45--> 01:15:56

And I read on him again, and wallah, I saw Agia if he started to shake like crazy, and his temperature just went up and he was telling me about gin and Shelton coming to him.

01:15:57--> 01:16:36

My point is, what did the chef do wrong? Marsha chef came and read Quran, Allah Mubarak, he didn't give anything wrong. He didn't give any, you know, should key to anything like that. He came and he read the Quran. But he didn't take his time. He was waiting for the instant answer. You know, I read on you 15 minutes Colossians I'm gonna see the problem. Whereas I maybe took it was maybe a week before I knew what was wrong with a brother. Maybe a week, maybe more. And that's with experience of many, you know, hundreds or 1000s of cases. And it took me more than a week to figure out what's wrong with him. But in the end, Alhamdulillah and he became very clear what was wrong. And it became

01:16:36--> 01:16:44

very clear that the shear had made a big mistake when he said that there's nothing wrong with him. But it's just because people don't take their time

01:16:46--> 01:17:08

Holman like the prophets i Some said, Well, I can call them on test as you know, you are people who rush you just go to quick. Take your time. If you think something is wrong, start your treatment. Take your time, consult the people of knowledge, continue your treatment. What do I do when I don't see any effect from a person?

01:17:09--> 01:17:53

I read on you and you are fine. No twitching, no jumping, no temperature, no visions just you're like Aki Mohammed, I am Morita I am relaxed, and feeling good. I feel fine. I say to them, okay. You still have symptoms? Yeah, this medical problem is still there. What do you think I should tell them? Should I say to them, it's medical. Don't read the Quran anymore. Halas go home and just take your medicine and that's it. That's the wrong approach. Instead, what I will say to them is actually I didn't see anything this time. But it might be that something is going to come later. I didn't see anything at the moment. So why don't you go home, take your medicine, do your Rukia by yourself at

01:17:53--> 01:18:30

home, read your Quran, do your altcar every single day seek the means of protection. And let's see you again in a week's time and see if things are getting any better. week's time comes read on them still I feel great. I feel fine. Okay, go back again. Maybe let's take it a month. This time do your work here for yourself and take your medicines The doctor has given you and put your trust in Allah make to make Toba. All of those things keep going. Let's see how it is. A month later, you might see them and the gene is talking like nothing else. He's telling you stories about his whole life. It happens like that sometimes, so don't rush. But at the same time, don't make yourself busy with

01:18:30--> 01:19:09

something that is not obvious any like if there's no symptoms, okay, so I'm gonna say go home, do Rukia for yourself make dua if things start to change, come back again. Isn't that what your doctor does? If you go to the hospital and the doctor doesn't see anything wrong with you? He'll say okay, go home. If anything changes, come back and see is not normally what happens in the hospital. And he will say do go home. But if anything changes, come back and see me. I say the same thing. Go treat yourself, do your Rukia do your to add everything. If you see something is changing, or it's different, or you start to get worried or concerned, come back and see me again. Because this is

01:19:09--> 01:19:20

unseen, it's vague, I don't have knowledge of it. I can't see like I can't look inside of you and say there is four jinn and one of them is from here and one is from from here. It's not possible.

01:19:22--> 01:19:59

Yes, people do it, but those people are not the right kind of people to go to and either they have gene possession themselves which is causing them to see these things or either they are seeking the help of the jinn, which we said is forbidden. And he or either they are magicians and so not everyone who sees the jinn is a magician but some of them are afflicted. In any case, there is no benefit to going to someone who sees the jinn. Instead, I mean me I can't see the jinn. So I don't know I'm just gonna give you the best that I know. But I'm not going to stop rockier or treatment for you until you don't have any more symptoms at all. That's my

01:20:00--> 01:20:20

Hi my principal I go with I'm not going to stop Rukia for you until your problem has gone maybe it doesn't go it's in the hands of Allah but I'm not going to stop asking Allah as cure and seeking Allah's help and making dua Hector until I see this problem has insha Allah Who to Allah gone away for good?

01:20:21--> 01:20:27

That being said, Now what can we say in sha Allah about rakia itself?

01:20:28--> 01:20:33

Now the way I like to think about Rukia is I like to call it a dish

01:20:34--> 01:20:40

bill, Quranic carry seeking Allah's cure through the Quran, Cree.

01:20:42--> 01:20:46

It's nothing complicated. It's not like a complicated science and it's sometimes

01:20:48--> 01:21:13

you know, I don't see it in this community, but I saw it in other places. There are some people who like try to hide you know that Rukia behind a wall. They don't want people to know about it because they make it seem like it's really complicated. If they want it to be like this, you know, you have to be you have to have finished your island course and you have to finish your rakia course and you have to have qualifications and ijazah

01:21:14--> 01:21:38

Can you read Surah Fatiha if you can read surah Al Fatiha you can do it Okay, inshallah Can you read cool who Allahu Ahad you can do it Okay, inshallah I'm not saying you're going to be the same as that Chef I'm not I'm not saying that that shade has got more knowledge he's going to have more ability inshallah. But I'm seeing that you can start reading on yourself as long as you can recall who Allah who I had you can read on yourself

01:21:41--> 01:22:00

even if you have to read from the must have no problem who Allah who I had, I had read that Muslims that day couple of days after they became Muslim they started doing rocker on themselves. Just reading they listen cool who Allah who I heard and then they start calling who Allah who had the reading on themselves. Allah if you can do that

01:22:02--> 01:22:23

you can do okay inshallah. So Rukia is Allah is Tisha or Bill Quran, Kareem. I'm asking Allah for Shiva from reading the Quran 100 Zero mineral Quran Hema Hua she felt Warahmatullah mini while I see the body Mina Illa cassava. We sat down from the Quran, that which is

01:22:27--> 01:23:21

a cure and a mercy for the believers. And it doesn't increase the wrongdoers in anything except loss. In my Rukia course, I talked about 10 different ways the Prophet sighs and did rakia 10 different ways. But here today, I'm just gonna make a summary for you. And I'm going to just give you a few basic ways. The first is reciting the Quran by itself. What I mean is no blowing, no wiping no water, just reciting the Quran by itself. So a person sits, they make an intention that Oh Allah, I am seeking a cure from this Quran from reciting this Quran, and from reciting some of the do as the prophets I seldom used to say, and I sit and I start, what should I read? You can read

01:23:21--> 01:23:30

anything from the Quran, or from Allah has names and attributes. Anything from the two as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to read?

01:23:32--> 01:23:34

It has to be clear, there is none of this.

01:23:35--> 01:23:39

Like nothing like that. Yeah, you cannot have that. Don't go to someone who reads like this.

01:23:41--> 01:23:53

Like that? No. It has to be clear from those who mentioned the MMR on this and now we have a hijack call the area any group of them mentioned consensus on this issue,

01:23:54--> 01:24:11

that you cannot any there is consensus, no difference of opinion, that Rokia it has to be with clear Arabic or what is clearly understood with the Quran, the names and attributes of Allah dua,

01:24:12--> 01:24:18

and in these kinds of things, and it should be clearly understood.

01:24:19--> 01:24:27

And the person should believe that it is Allah who brings the cure, not Ducati, who brings the cure. This is roughly the points that they made.

01:24:29--> 01:24:34

And they mentioned each mark on this dimension, there is no difference of opinion and the scholars are fickle on this matter in any method.

01:24:35--> 01:24:37

That this is how Rukia has to be.

01:24:39--> 01:24:59

So you can recite anything, but I prefer you to start with what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started with because what he started with his better. So if we look at all of that hadith of Rukia we see the Prophet so I said Allah mentioned for Rukia Surah 230 in the Hadith barbicide were Modica and her Okay.

01:25:00--> 01:25:02

And how did you know that it was a rakia?

01:25:04--> 01:25:05

Surah 230

01:25:06--> 01:25:08

The second is Surah Al Baqarah.

01:25:10--> 01:25:14

In Africa Baraka Tanaka has surah Allah is still to hell Batara

01:25:16--> 01:25:39

reading it is a blessing and leaving it as a loss and the magician's cannot do anything against it. Does that mean the whole Surah it means the whole Surah but if you want to just select the most important parts of the surah what's the most important part of salted Baqarah by consensus the most important part of circle Bukhara is AYATUL kursi Allah hula Isla ilaha illa who will Heyoka you

01:25:45--> 01:26:24

may be to read and Rasool will be my own Zi La La Hema rugby he will not be known for example, but I personally like to read the whole surah if I can, especially in difficult cases where I've really struggled. I really tried to increase in the reading of psalter, Bukhara. And my share habit of Allah Allah He used to say to me, tell them to read salts or Bacara three times a day. I said *hole like I feel she has too much walleye. SOTL Gohara three times a day. He said to you Martin twice a day. I said well like a deer. It's hard for people to read salted Bacara twice a day every day, soaking once a day.

01:26:25--> 01:26:38

So anyways, inshallah you try to read it as much as you can, because it brings you Baraka, the shaytaan runs away from it. And magicians cannot do any single thing against it. There is no magic that can stand against sorcery.

01:26:40--> 01:26:51

If you can't read the whole Surah break it into pieces, read a little bit one day a little bit the next day read AYATUL kursi and Rasool maybe read the first few if according to what is easy for you.

01:26:53--> 01:27:38

The next thing the Prophet says I'm used to read is the last three Surah of the Quran. And in one narration Surah Al Kafeel rune as well. So the more with that call who Allah who I had called Robin setup up and cool out of Europe in us. In fact, did you know that some of the Sahaba they thought that cool out of Europe in falak and cool out of Europe in us we're not from the Quran, but they were just Rokia they were a rakia that was revealed to the Prophet sighs that's not correct Of course they are from the Quran we know that. But in that time, it was so connected to Rukia that they actually considered it to be a rakia sent down from the sky, sent down from Allah, a Rukia from

01:27:38--> 01:28:03

Allah cool all the way Robin fell up cool out of your openness and the prophets I seldom read them when he was as we said, when the libidinal out some tried to perform magic upon him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was read upon him or he read called out of Europe will fella call out their openness some narrations mentioned rokkaku Jibreel Jibreel performed Rukia on him.

01:28:05--> 01:28:21

And we mentioned that there is a draft for that IP bill that's our openness issue anti Shafi lash she felt like she felt like she found it hard to do either Gibreel read was Bismillah AR t mean Cooley che in unique

01:28:22--> 01:28:52

Oh Cooley island where Cooley Island has it in Allah who used to be close to that word. That was something very close to that is what is narrated for Gibreel read upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bismillah he alkek mean cliche in usic. So these are you choose any of the ayat but I like to focus upon al Fatiha Al Baqarah and the last three sorrows of the Quran and sometimes sorts of calf Iran because it's mentioned in some of the rewired that he read surah cafiero.

01:28:55--> 01:29:37

If you do that in sha Allah, someone might ask how many times so I don't like you to give a number to something that Prophet size didn't give a number to. But we know that Ambleside read it seven times. And we know that in some narrations in a different situation he read three times in the morning and three times in the evening. So I see there's no harm in reading seven times. And there is no harm in reading three times there is no harm in reading once and there is no harm in reading and reading and reading without any specific number. But when someone starts to give you these modal acts fabricated Heidi's read it 707 times or read it 999 times or 20,000 times a day.

01:29:39--> 01:29:58

Manzella will be having so time, Allah never give any authority for it. So don't give a number to something that Allah didn't give a number to know that the profit sighs I'm given number two, but you can read whatever you like if you read 20,000 times Russia, Allah Tabata Cola, but don't tell people the Sunnah is to do this

01:29:59--> 01:30:00

because you can't

01:30:00--> 01:30:19

Can't make a lie against the Prophet sighs over mencoba Ali and what I made and for Leah turbo were Mikado, women and now whoever lies against me deliberately let him take his seat in hell. So you can't say that Islam is to read it 20,000 times or 10,000 times or 500 times, but you can just read it as much as you like and see where you end up in short, long time.

01:30:23--> 01:30:52

You may then after you finish your wills, your set amount that you're reading Fatiha, and I to corsi and all that stuff, you I would then recommend any after you finish those sorts, that after that you read from the Quran, whatever you feel, you could read something which is connected to the topic, the i x the talk about Syria, which solos have is to talk about magic. For example, source of Bukhara has, which are the Surah Surah, Wrath has

01:30:53--> 01:30:59

Surah Yunus has also sought a TA has sought

01:31:01--> 01:31:42

Shuara from not mistaken also has sort of falak so you can read something that has a connection to the topic, if you wish, I'm not saying it's so now because the Prophet size and didn't do it. But if you wish to do it, there is nothing wrong because Allah made Rukia general the Prophet size and said added value Rikako show me the words you recite for rakia, and he gave permission for whatever did not contain making a partner with Allah. So you can read it. According to the HMR the consensus you can read it, if you wish, because you have a surah which really touches your heart. You know, every time I read the surah I just feel close to Allah and I feel like it's really helping me to

01:31:42--> 01:32:11

understand you can read it too. Or you have a surah you want to read it because you want to scare the Djinn like sort of soft fat. Scary, right? The beginning of sorts of stuff that is very scary. Allah talks about his punishment and ALLAH talks about Jahannam but Allah talks about destroying the shayateen it's not a sunnah the prophets I said didn't read it. But if you want to read it, you have a you know, a reason for it. You say, Well, yeah, I want to read it because

01:32:12--> 01:32:17

I want to read it. Because I want to

01:32:19--> 01:32:38

use it for that purpose. And I want to make this journey fear Allah. So I read something from you know, the idea of either or you want to give dower to the genie and you want them to understand about Islam. So you read the end of sort of off, or you read sort of Elgin is not the Sunnah I'm just saying as you know something which will

01:32:40--> 01:32:53

something which will serve a purpose. So you want there is a genie and you wanted them to learn about Islam. So you read the end of sorts Rakoff about those Jain who accepted Islam and you wrote in calling the jinn to accept Islam.

01:32:55--> 01:33:04

So this is all from the things you can read, but don't stop reading what is sunnah al Fatiha Al Baqarah and the last resource of the Quran was sorta cafiero

01:33:08--> 01:33:12

Okay, we need to enable the where's my where's my team God

01:33:14--> 01:33:15

Allah Akhmetov

01:33:18--> 01:33:19

we need to make it look again

01:33:26--> 01:33:30

let's see. Yeah, very good. Came back again. Hamdulillah.

01:33:32--> 01:34:19

So you the first instance we said you are reading you're not blowing, you're not wiping you're just reading and asking Allah for a cure. You read in Quran and you read in the DUA, which is authentically reported from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now a person may say can I not read my own dua? Of course you can. But I prefer that you try to stick to the Sunnah as much as you can. So for example, as heavy bass or badness ish we will enter Shafi la Shiva in Shiva, Shiva and live audio Zakouma Tsereteli Bukhari and Muslim or Allah, Lord of mankind, make the pain go away. Cure a new or the cure. There is no cure except to cure a cure that leaves no sickness. Someone

01:34:19--> 01:34:31

asked me where can I find the two hours of rakia? Like for example, Bismillahi r ke coalition UVic where can I find it? You know, I mentioned fortress of the Muslim earlier on histol Muslim, the same author

01:34:32--> 01:34:48

Dr. Sangeeta Kearney. He has another book called Rukia supplications actually originally has no Muslim was written to be a rookie a book, but later the people said why don't you separate the vicar in one and the rakia in the other so he made it into two parts.

01:34:49--> 01:34:57

So you can find it's called rakia supplications something like that. Rukia supplications by Dr. Syed while catani

01:34:59--> 01:34:59


01:35:00--> 01:35:15

Are you good otherwise you can find it in the books of Hadith. You can find it. People summarize it for you people write it down for you make booklets and things, but I'm just saying about what I mean like what is easy, you know, you can have like a little Rukia book, it's a good book, mashallah, he did a good job.

01:35:18--> 01:35:40

The next stage is that better than just reading is to read and blow. And it doesn't matter whether you're reading on yourself, or you're reading on someone else. So for example, you read and you blow, so someone reads Al Hamdulillah, he'll be lemme and

01:35:41--> 01:36:09

they blow. How often do you need to blow, you can blow as much or as little as you like, you can grow every eye, every page every surah. According to what is easy for you, there is no specific amount of blowing. But this was the most common rakia the Prophet sighs I loved it was the reading of blowing, reading and blowing, reading and blowing. And you can blow with like moisture or without. So with moisture, it's more like,

01:36:11--> 01:36:14

like you get some some spit are coming out. Or you can blow air

01:36:16--> 01:36:27

both of them and aerated. What you can also do is to target the area of the body where the patient is showing the reaction or where you're feeling the pain. If it's you know, maybe your hand is going like this.

01:36:30--> 01:36:38

You can blow on that place. Or you feel the pain in your shoulder could be just a regular injury. But why not use rakia, no harm.

01:36:41--> 01:37:20

Blow on that pot. You can also blow into your hands and use your hands to wipe or use your hands to give some gentle pressure. You know, if you feel like the hand is going a bit like sometimes people's hands start going a bit like shaky, just take your hand gently. I don't advise hitting. I don't advise electrocution and all the things that you will hear as people do that it is true. I don't advise any of that stuff. It's just too dangerous, it's too likely you make a mistake. And if you make a mistake, you're gonna cause serious harm to the person. So my advice is don't go more than a gentle massage. That's it.

01:37:21--> 01:37:26

You can grab hold of something, if it's shaking, or sometimes the fingers go like this, you can get hold of it.

01:37:28--> 01:37:32

And blow and read our raw manual Rohi

01:37:34--> 01:38:03

you can read as is easy for you. There is no set shedule according but if you do see the gin moving around the body, you should actually put pressure on them. I mean, don't don't give it freedom. You know, give it some pressure. Give it some you know, chase it a little bit like you feel it's in your head. Put your hand on your head, blown your hand, put your hand on your head, then you feel it's going into your shoulder, put your hand on your shoe and make it hard. Don't make it easy for them and keep the pressure up.

01:38:05--> 01:38:51

It's always good though. If you do see the gin, you start to see them moving and you start to see what looks like the gin. Remember what I said in the beginning of the lesson about ordering good and forbidding evil, actually tell them say all servant of Allah or slave of Allah. Listen to me. I am not here to hurt you. But I am here to implement what Allah told me to implement. And I am here to stop oppression from happening. And what you're doing is oppression. So fear Allah and leave, accept Islam and go towards the Muslim Jinn who will help you and support you to practice your religion and fear Allah and then carry on reading. Because now you gave them a warning. What did Allah say? Well

01:38:51--> 01:39:34

my Hakuna more IBV in a hat, another Isola sola, we don't punish a person until we send them a messenger. So as soon as you see the jinn is there there is a genie they're moving around. Now you actually have to talk to it, you actually have to say look, fear Allah and leave. I didn't come here because of you. I came because of the oppression you're doing. If you don't do oppression and you accept Islam and leave, I will not harm you in anything. So just fear Allah accept Islam and leave but I don't advise prolonged discussions with the gym because Wallahi it just leads to such a waste of time. I'll tell you where the magic is. Plus, by the time I finished social Bukhara Inshallah,

01:39:34--> 01:39:48

you will tell me where the magic is. And I won't need to wait around and ask for it. So I just I don't wait. I'm like, if you want to tell me tell me otherwise. I'm reading and I just keep reading. No, no, no, no, wait one minute, one minute, one minute, or I forgot.

01:39:49--> 01:39:59

This kind of stuff happens. And they just like want to just I want to tell you something. I want to I want to tell you something you know about that event that happened last year. Do you know

01:40:00--> 01:40:08

As the agenda, don't waste my time online, I'm gonna read, I will leave, I will leave but you have to tell it tell me how to leave

01:40:09--> 01:40:50

it, you came in the door, you came in, you leave, I will say leave in a way that doesn't hurt the patient. Some of the scholars said leave through the fingers and but I'm just gonna say, look, leave in a way that doesn't hurt the patient. That's it. I can't leave. Are you Bismillah start reading Quran I'm not gonna get entertained this long conversation about No, no, because you know, the reason is I'm scared because the the magician is going to do this to me. And it's unlike I'm trapped and just keep on reading. Don't let them just keep reminding them except Islam fear Allah and leave. That's it. It's like a, you know, the same message again and again it tequila fear Allah, accept

01:40:50--> 01:41:04

Islam and leave. And I will do nothing to you, I want no harm for you. If you accept Islam, and you feel Allah, you leave this person, I'm not at you nothing, I'm not here to make any trouble for you.

01:41:06--> 01:41:26

So they know. And then later on when the Rukia goes further than they will leave in sha Allah. I mean, every case I had where the Djinn left, they usually told me beforehand, I cannot leave, I'm stuck, it can't happen and they left it's just a matter of motivation is the more Quran that is read on them then the more likely it is that they will leave in short long term.

01:41:30--> 01:42:19

We said from the methods is reading into your palm reading, blowing onto the place of pain and you know putting pressure but I want to make it clear, there is no good in a cure or a treatment that involves something Hara. And we know from among the major sins is to touch a woman that you are not her Mahara. The Prophet slicin said it's better for you to have an iron nail driven through your head than for you to touch a woman that you are not and it's not hard for you to touch. Someone says okay, but the sister came to me says I have a rakia problem. I have you can blow on her. You can read Quran, but you don't need to be all touchy feely. And I'll be honest with you, I say to my

01:42:19--> 01:42:41

Sisters in Islam, if you have a Iraqi who is not your Muslim and that rocky insists upon touching you tell him or her crotch go er can keep away from me I don't want anything to do. Even if that person is good and sincere and you know Famous and you can

01:42:42--> 01:42:45

there is no cure in something Allah made Hara

01:42:46--> 01:43:33

yes, some of them are shy if they say it's not haram because it's torula. Here it's necessity. But this doesn't stand up to principles. Why? Because delora means there is no other alternative treatment. But we just said the prophets I some sometimes read Quran without touching. And sometimes he read them blue. And sometimes he read on spot and sometimes he read and wipe the hand and sometimes he read in someone else's hand or not him but I Isha used to read in his hand. So why can I not as Iraqi say to the sisters maharam husband or brother, come here, give me your hand. I can give me your hand. I'll blow in his hand. Now put your hand on your sister's head. Why not? So how

01:43:33--> 01:43:44

can we say Tao Rula it's a necessity. When there is an alternative. I will say to the Muharram come here, as you come here, and you put your hand on her head and I'll blow on your hand.

01:43:46--> 01:43:52

Someone said Muhammad Tim, do you have evidence? Yes, I have evidence the hadith of Aisha Radi Allahu anha. The Hadith

01:43:53--> 01:44:24

that I shared, she used to blow into the hands. When the profits are somewhat sick. She used to blow them away that into his hands and then use his own hands to wipe over his body because his hands had more Baraka. But that shows you that it's permissible to blow into someone else's hands. So I don't need to touch your head. Somebody will say put gloves on. You don't need to do any of that. Why are you putting yourself in danger? Already? Shaytan is there already there is a problem with shape on why you making the help for shaytaan

01:44:26--> 01:44:56

I never ever do rakia upon a woman alone. Why? What did the Prophet sighs LM say no man is together alone with a woman. And he not heard of Muhammad and your man is alone with a woman. Except that the shaytaan is the third of them. Are he I'm trying to get rid of the Sheltie. I'm not wanting to bring some more of them into the GAC comes into consideration. I'm trying to get rid of them, not bring them so I'm not going to be alone. Ideally, I want the Mahara

01:44:57--> 01:44:59

if the Muharram is not available since the summer

01:45:00--> 01:45:40

Neither I don't have maharam No problem. Bring me an older reliable system. Don't bring me you know, any effort economical. malaba Don't bring me a, you know, young girl who's going to sit with you? This is just more of a problem. You bring me one of the Auntie's that you know who is reliable and staunch and if I step out of line and he's going to slap me with something and a slip or something like that. And he bring me someone who is going to keep me in line not someone who's going to let me step out of line maybe you know two brothers go together one you know elderly someone from the Imams goes and you read on the system and there's somebody there to not make Chapin any the third one who

01:45:40--> 01:45:41

is with you.

01:45:43--> 01:46:13

For very me I take it very seriously. Don't read on a sister by herself unless it's Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha ROM for her you can read you can blow you can put your hand on ahead you can that's that's your choice. But it's very important. And when the Muslim comes I tell him Aki, if you leave, I leave. So don't go running away because you saw shaytan calm or Jin calm and you got scared you ran off. Okay, if you leave I'm with you are going behind you.

01:46:15--> 01:46:29

So they learn like that. And, and Hamdulillah. Sometimes it could be done or it could be like sometimes, for example, I had a situation where I wasn't very careful about the Rukia situation. And maybe the sister jumped and took a knife

01:46:31--> 01:46:33

here in South Africa, maybe she could jump the ticker gun.

01:46:35--> 01:47:16

Wallah this masiva now now I'm going to take off I'm not gonna I can't just say to assist, I can't touch you. Please don't stop me. Like now I have to just take off. But that's a rare situation. And when when did that happen? It happened because the rocky messed up. The rocky wasn't prepared. He didn't look at the room and say, Okay, let's keep this situation control. For example, if the patient fell over and hit their head on a heavy object, I'm gonna blame the rocky for it. I'm gonna say actually, you did not check the room first. You know, we had cases of people jumping out of balconies, people smashing themselves on coffee tables and things like that. Be careful. Yeah, I

01:47:16--> 01:47:44

mean, I mean, like, make the person comfortable. Be merciful to the patient. One of the worst things we see is we see people, for example, making life hard for the patient. Or this is so big Wallah. I don't I don't think anything can break this and I can make life hard for them. And he makes it easy for them. Allah bless you, Allah give you a cure make to ask for them, keep them always properly covered.

01:47:45--> 01:48:27

You know, it does happen in Rukia that you might have in Keisha for our, like, someone's our might become, you know, for example, maybe somebody took the like, the lady, maybe she her hijab, she was, you know, making a hands go and a hijab came off, straightaway, you behave with honor, with honor, turn around, let the whoever else is in the room, just fix it for her and we will come back if it's a brother you know, as maybe Subhanallah something from his our became exposed or whatever, cover him up and keep the person's honor. And it's not just about covering our covering up the secrets as well. Sometimes when you do rookie upon people, things come out, you know, like people start telling

01:48:27--> 01:48:48

about, you know, things they did, which was wrong. And we tell them don't tell but sometimes just from this situation of the shaper and and things like that. Don't say I saw this guy and he was jumping up and down and I saw him on the ceiling. That's why you can google my name until insha. Allah the day that I die, you will not see a video of me doing Rukia on a proper patient ever.

01:48:49--> 01:49:34

You will not? Yes, you might see practice videos where I'm doing Rukia on a like a brother just to show people how to do it. But you will not see a real Rukia video. Because I do not want to expose that person's private life that that person has to walk in the street tomorrow has to go to the masjid tomorrow. How can I expose like, Oh, I saw you doing this. I made a YouTube video of you and you are like talking rubbish and moving your hands around and like don't don't expose the person's private offense. That's why even when I talk about cases, I don't tell them. I never tell you enough details to know what the person said. I give you very vague, like cases but I don't tell you this

01:49:34--> 01:50:00

man. He was this aid from this city. And this was his because maybe somebody knows him and maybe he feel embarrassed about it. So I just make it vague. There was a brother this happened. I keep it generic. I don't tell people about the cases that I had in terms of personal details like a doctor. At the end of the day you have a patient confidentiality, and like a doctor and I'm sorry for keeping going on about something but it is important. Like a doctor. You have

01:50:00--> 01:50:06

have a certain amount of responsibility towards your patient, particularly with regard to sticking to the limits of Allah.

01:50:07--> 01:50:29

We don't expect, you know, doctors to marry their patients and we don't expect them to be in relationships with their patients and so on. This isn't a code of ethics, right? The same thing we don't expect from the rocky, too many brothers doing rocky next thing, you know, yeah, I did. Rukia. And then you know, like, yeah, there's some kind of relationship going on. And then you guys next week, actually, walleye and

01:50:30--> 01:51:09

lion Berry is not defeating. Even if you didn't do haram. Even if I say to you, out of Earth, or ill timeously, archaic, you know, looking for the other for your brother. And I say you didn't do haram. You put doubt on yourself. You put doubt into somebody's mind. You made people think that maybe you did something haram. Why are you making that doubt on that system on yourself? If you want to marry someone, you marry the person you want to marry? I agree with the willie make the Nikka BarakAllahu lick. But don't make Rukia the means for Nika and what have you. The next thing I'm going to say is don't make it a means for money.

01:51:11--> 01:51:51

There is no harm in person charging for Rukia to an extent the profit sighs I'm said in that have come out of hot tamale Hill, agile Kitab Allah, there is nothing more deserving you take a reward for them the Book of Allah, but I really, really, really dislike large amounts of money, unnecessary charging of money. Yes, maybe there is someone this is what all they do all day and night, they don't have a choice and you have to pay the bills at the end of the day. But make it something that is easy for the people and make it sincere. I prefer nobody charged for rakia, personally, I don't charge for it. And I don't like people who charge for it. But if someone says, Look, you know, what

01:51:51--> 01:52:21

I would normally bring in my work is this much money and I divide my hours up in the day, and I try my best to get as much rockier as I can. And I really try to be sincere for the patient. And I don't try to just you know, charge large amounts of money, but I just you know what is necessary, then I say Inshallah, you didn't fall into haram, in sha Allah, you didn't fall into haram, but I don't prefer it, I don't like it, I prefer the person has a good job of their own, and let them just give some time to doing Rukia feasibility.

01:52:22--> 01:53:01

And what we took to doing is now when people try to give money and stuff like that, we just say look, give it for sadaqa give it sadaqa to the poor, the needy, give it for $1 project to give it for you know something good Inshallah, that the person will get she far from it Insha Allah, because the Prophet size and said Tao will monitor outcome, this sadaqa treat your sick people with charity, but we don't tell them give it to me for my own self. But you know, go and give it to build a well or go build help to build a masjid or go and give it to some poor people who need it. But don't any don't don't give it to the rocky, but if the rock is in need, and if the Rocky is sensible about

01:53:01--> 01:53:04

what they charge then I don't It's not haram for them. To do that.

01:53:06--> 01:53:19

I want to give you an alternative to Rokia that I described and this alternative is a combination between Rukia and prophetic medicine. And the reason I'm giving it to you is it's very very easy to do.

01:53:20--> 01:53:44

Now I'm going to require a bit of imagination from you right here because I actually didn't bring any honey with me but I'm going to just use this it could be honey nearly I'm going to use this as imaginary honey. Okay, what you're going to need is you're going to need water I would recommend a decent amount you know maybe a couple liters at least. And you're going to need honey

01:53:45--> 01:54:27

I would recommend you get good honey raw pure honey not this supermarket honey that is just like you know mixed with sugars and stuff like that but you know something reasonable what you can afford what is easy for you to get if you have some some water it's even better if you don't have some water no problem. Use whatever water you have. And if you can get some of the black seeds sometimes we call it habit as we call it habit so that the black seed we call it habitable baraka and some of them call it kalonji, the black cumin seeds. So these ones if you can get some of them as well for the preparation and the nice thing about this program is you don't need to do it live and you can

01:54:27--> 01:54:36

prepare separately and you can do the rakia separately. Does that make sense? Like you don't need to do it while the patient is that you can but you don't need to

01:54:37--> 01:55:00

cut my water and I've got some olive oil as well. So I got three things I got water, olive oil, honey, sorry four things and Blackseed four things water, olive oil, honey flaxseed. Same thing with olive oil, tried to get some decent quality olive oil. Try not to get like this, you know like one that looks like it's it looks like vegetable oil.

01:55:00--> 01:55:02

Let stuff like get some that really looks like it came from an olive.

01:55:04--> 01:55:07

What you're going to do is you're going to open up your

01:55:09--> 01:55:58

and open up your water and your olive oil and your honey if you want and you're going to recite the Quran exactly as I described in Rukia over the water, the oil and the honey, the honey you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it's okay. So you're going to recite over the water and the oil for example. Roubini he mean shame on your way Raji Bismillah your man your Rashi Kulu lawful Had Allah Sarmad LEM nearly two one and lead while Aamir Khan

01:55:59--> 01:56:01

hopeful and had

01:56:03--> 01:56:54

and you're gonna blow you blow as much as you want as little as you want. Again the same sore as I said before you could try doing it over the oil if this was olive oil for example, if we pretend was olive oil Bismillah your manual Rafi and hamdulillah here have been let me in Allah manual Rafi Rahi. Maliki will meet D in the kana Bordeaux in the canister Irene if Dino slid off on stealthy sail all kind of learning and playing or hearing

01:56:55--> 01:57:04

the irony you run out on me

01:57:05--> 01:57:40

and you blow up the olive oil and you can mix it like you can be like reading like this between the two. For example you could read Bismillah your manual Rahim could have been salah or mele shell Rima on our one shot Shangri La simply either work or the wanting showering fast that TV Laurel garden wanting shrubbery has seeding either has said

01:57:41--> 01:58:22

you can read on both. So I guess that was my pretend olive oil. And you could do the same with the honey if you wanted to. As for the black seeds, what you're going to do is now use the treatment. So now we've got water read on we read 30 How we read Al Baqarah we read Fatiha maybe seven times we read our dakara once we read it so Chrissy, maybe seven times we read Armineh Raso we read Cole who Allah who had to pull out the Euro bill for Archelaus Europe in the US maybe three times seven times. We read it on the water and oil. Now we're ready to use it. How do we use it? So what I would recommend is to use the oil when you go to sleep. So I can't really deal with this stuff. But if we

01:58:22--> 01:58:42

had olive oil, what you will do is you will just pour a bit of it onto your hand and then what you're going to do is use it like a moisturizer. What's the evidence Mohammed team you need evidence daily in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the olive oil is from a blessed tree. So anoint yourself with it. Can you rub it into your skin?

01:58:44--> 01:59:10

You CARDONE share Java T Mobile or Katherine's a tuna from a blessed tree that is the olive tree, rub it into your skin, rub it on your face, rub it all over your body as much as what you can and go to sleep in the morning probably you're going to want to take a shower it's not critical but more likely than not you're going to want to take a shower. So you shower off the oil and then you take a little bit of the water and you pour it over your head

01:59:11--> 01:59:31

inshallah the water is going anyways into the the clean drain. Some of the scholars prefer that you shouldn't let the water go in the plug and you should keep it in the like you should throw it in the garden or something up to you I don't mind going down the plug if the plug is like the clean water it's not like where the toilet goes and stuff and then I don't mind inshallah.

01:59:32--> 02:00:00

Then during the day, maybe three times a day drink a glass of water mixed in with the honey. Why is it mixed in with the honey the Prophet SAW Allah He mentioned that the Shiva is in three things. And one of them he said Shabbat to Assam. I'll come back while drinking honey. So you put the honey into the water and you stir and stir and stir until the water becomes like honey. And then you put some of the black seeds in. If you count seven it's good if

02:00:00--> 02:00:31

If you don't count seven and you just put a punch in no problem, and then you drink the water three times a day, for example, doesn't have to be three times. If you want to leave something out like you're diabetic and you don't want to have honey, you can leave the honey out because it's just prophetic medicine. I'm not telling you it's a sunnah like that, you know, the prophets like some said, you have to take the honey in the water. No, it's a prophetic medicine. Use it as you can, according to what's easy for you, if you don't want to use honey, just the water and the olive oil would be fine. If you get an allergic reaction from olive oil and you want to use something

02:00:31--> 02:00:33

different, you can inshallah

02:00:34--> 02:00:45

try and do it for seven days. Each night you put the olive oil on, each day you wash the oil off, and you put a bit of water on from the Rukia water and you drink it

02:00:47--> 02:01:28

three times a day with the honey and the black seeds inside of it. In sha Allah Huhtala you will see a big, big difference. Usually day two, day three, you feel really rough. And you feel like your whole body is just somebody beat you up, you know, you feel like like all bruised and battered and just rough. And often by the fourth fifth day, you start to feel much better. You say hamdulillah I'm feeling better than I was feeling before. Some people don't start to feel better. They're like look, I'm still feeling bad. I would say if you're still feeling bad, try another week. If it's still bad, I would recommend you go for a full Rokia program at least an hour of Rukia every day

02:01:28--> 02:01:56

because probably the problem is a little bit bigger than just for the oil and the water but for a lot of people who are asking me look you know I've got some problems in my life I don't know whether it's a problem or not read on the water read on the oil get yourself the honey and black seeds try it for a week and see first of all if things improve or even see if you had any reaction at all if you started to feel unwell or you started to think started to you know kind of heat up so you can tell a little bit from that inshallah long time.

02:01:58--> 02:02:11

Like I said, if it doesn't work for you, maybe try another week. Even then if it's not working for you, I would go on to a full Rukia program and maybe I will do this olive oil of water once a month as a you know just to keep on top of it inshallah

02:02:12--> 02:02:48

some people might ask and and it's a genuine question, I really accept it. Well I do. Is this Mohammed Tim what you told us? Is this permissible? Or is this something which is introduced newly into the religion, Wallah, you we believe it to be permissible for three reasons. The first is what I'm telling you to do is prophetic medicine. I'm not telling you about rakia I mean proof from a point of view of prophetic medicine. Rubbing olive oil into your skin is mentioned in the Hadees. Drinking water for sickness is mentioned in the Hadith. The black seed is a cure for everything except that is mentioned in the Hadith. So I'm not telling you something which is outside of the

02:02:48--> 02:03:14

Hadith. The second thing is I'm not telling you that it's a sunnah I'm telling you it's a medicine, like a doctor prescribes a medicine. And I personally believe that the gem hoard of the relevant the majority of them allowed Rukia on water. Yes, the Hadith about rakia on water has a weakness in it. It's true, the Hadith, the prophet size and the rakia upon water filled off, it has a weakness in it, but the majority Gemma here or

02:03:15--> 02:03:32

the majority of the scholars, they allow the reading on water. So I personally don't see that to be a problem in sha Allah, and I see it to be a type of permissible, a per type of permissible Rukia so we need this Cameron's clicking on again

02:03:45--> 02:04:25

so as I said, I believe it to be a permissible form of rakia and a kind of medicine. And I think it comes under a temple. It doesn't come under the issue of the ID Alibaba, which is tau p fi n is something which you can only do the way the prophets I send them did it but rather it comes under the topic of medicine. And that was the fatawa or the fatwa of many of our Musharraf. Rahima Mala Huhtala if a person doesn't like it and says I don't agree with you Mohammed Tim, what you said here should not be done then no problem you can stick to the regular rakia and it is just fine inshallah you can do the regular rakia it's absolutely it's absolutely fine inshallah time.

02:04:28--> 02:04:59

What kind of reactions might a person have and how might they deal with them? So here we distinguish between self Rokia and between Rukia and someone else because self Rukia generally, you will find it much easier to manage the reactions. The reason why is it's you. You can feel what's going on. You know when to push when to stop. You know what part of the body is causing you the problem, maybe even start to see things that are going on in your you know, in your mind, so it's a lot easier with self Rokia.

02:05:00--> 02:05:23

and it's very rare in self Rokia that somebody passes out or starts to fit. Mostly in self Rokia, it's like you you caught you have a degree of control. But when other people do rock you're on you, it is common, that sometimes the patient might have a fit. Sometimes the patient might, the gym might start to speak, we spoke about that, sometimes the person might lash out a little bit at you.

02:05:25--> 02:05:30

In general, my basic rules are, the first concern is the safety of the patient.

02:05:31--> 02:06:10

Don't do something to put your patient safety at risk. Really, I'm serious, it's not worth it. Leave it for another day, go and ask your chef don't do something to put them at risk. If they're having a fit, and you need to see a doctor, if you don't know how to deal with it, and you're not comfortable with it, you need to see a doctor then, because you can't and you have to treat the patient's life as being sacred. And it's something which is some of that hadith mentioned, the life of a Muslim is more sacred to Allah than the Kaaba. And there are a hadith with this meaning that for the kava to be removed from its foundations is less in the sight of Allah than the death of a, of a Muslim. So a

02:06:10--> 02:06:46

person really, this the Muslims, life is genuinely sacred. A person really should take serious care for the patient. Genuinely, they'd be fine as long as you make sure they're comfortable. So when they're rolling around, they're not hitting the head of the wall, they're not picking up something dangerous, like a glass and hitting on their head. Just keep them in a comfortable place, maybe lying on the bed, maybe lying on the sofa, just in a place which is comfortable and safe. If they start to hit themselves, just stop them from it. You don't need to do anything crazy, just you know, just stop themselves from hurting themselves. See, sometimes when you read on someone, they'll start

02:06:46--> 02:06:52

hitting their head of the wall this like hitting their head from the wall. So all we do is just put a cushion behind their head

02:06:54--> 02:06:57

and just keep reading on them. And then that's fine. It just goes after a while.

02:06:58--> 02:07:09

We sit we spoke about what to do with the gin speak. Okay, what about how do we bring this to a conclusion? And how do we take this issue until its final conclusion.

02:07:10--> 02:07:56

Again, I feel this is something people worry about more than they should. And actually, it's something which is not as difficult as you think. In general, just keep on going. The most important thing in rookie is continuity consistence being consistent and consistency and continuity. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I have been madly in Allah, I dwell more however, in the most beloved deeds to Allah are the regular ones, even if they're small. Don't try reading sorted Bakara three times a day and then the next day you don't read anything. Just keep a regular consistent form of Rokia. Keep on putting pressure on the problem. Keep on treating with prophetic

02:07:56--> 02:08:24

medicine, keep on making dua Tober, insofar as car keep on going in sha Allah insha Allah Who to Allah, they will get a point where if there is a genie inside of the person, that genie will leave, as I said, you should come command them to do good forbidden from evil. Tell them not to leave in a way that hurts the patient, but they will live in Sharla how will you know they left? I don't think there's a test for it. Like I don't think there's like

02:08:25--> 02:08:37

a test. But generally what will happen is it will build up to a climax there will be like a lot, you know, screaming and shaking and stuff like that. And then the person will just become completely normal. Like,

02:08:38--> 02:08:42

what happened? Oh, I feel really light and good.

02:08:43--> 02:09:18

Yeah, I feel good. Now. Does that mean that the gene has gone for good, it doesn't mean many times it can come back again or many times. It could be there is more of a problem underneath. Remember some people Allah who was dying, they went to a magician then to get it cured. They went to another magician. Then they went and got some kind of amulets and charms. And then on top of that they got Rukia from someone who was actually a witch doctor, and then sometimes people have Messiah, it'd be any calamities upon them, but they feel better. Keep the Rukia going for at least you know, a week couple of weeks, see how they're going. If they're completely back to normal hamdulillah it's gone.

02:09:18--> 02:09:54

If they're not completely back to normal, then just keep going. Don't feel despair, see hamdulillah one of them went the next one will go as well Inshallah, just like that inshallah. Tada. Is there more to it? Probably yes, there is more to it. Because this is only a summarized lecture, but I'm trying to make it simple for you. I'm trying to keep it easy for you to start with. And then we build up later into specific situations. Someone will call and say, Look, this happened. I don't have any idea how to deal with it. The person started vomiting objects. Yes, it happened. The person started vomiting objects. I'm not talking about vomiting. They started vomiting objects, economic

02:09:54--> 02:10:00

Ebola, like pieces of paper and like little booklets and like amulet

02:10:00--> 02:10:23

It says all sorts of stuff started coming out, or the person's toenails went completely black, or you know, these type of things happen. Yes, we can give you specific advice when the time comes. But for now, let's just keep it super simple and make it easy for people to do. Do I believe that most of you are going to be doing Rukia for gin possession and magic? I hope that Allah did not test you with that.

02:10:24--> 02:11:05

And I wish that Allah gave you an idea. But I would hope you'd be using Rukia for every illness any I would hope you'd be using Rukia for fever and real clear for bad throats and you know rakia for any kind of issues you're having, or even any kind of like depression and sadness, or even any kind of like marital problems and stuff like that. Why not? When on a zero mineral Qurani man who has she felt what actually what we need? It's a she found a mercy, use it as much as you can. Does that mean I'm saying don't go to the doctor? No, I think that Allah gave the doctor a certain knowledge. And Allah azza wa jal gave us a certain knowledge to rakia. So you're looking for a cure from Allah

02:11:05--> 02:11:19

either through one way or through the other or through both together. And an imam we're going to cover and allow to Allah used to prefer the two together, because Allah has given some cure through the medical route and other cures he has given through

02:11:20--> 02:11:30

other routes. So at the end of the day, you should be concentrate on that. Now I just want to spend, maybe until more or less than that, maybe five minutes or even 10 minutes,

02:11:32--> 02:11:45

I want to talk about the characteristics that we would expect to see in the Iraqi and in the patient. And I do have a presentation, but I'm not sure I'm gonna even have time for it. I'm just gonna like go really quickly

02:11:54--> 02:12:03

let me just bring up because I have it quicker in Arabic. So I'm just going to bring it right up here. And I'm going to bring the characteristics of the rockin the patience

02:12:11--> 02:12:39

and I'm going to bring some of the macro rocks as well, maybe some of the things that we would not like to see. Okay, super quick. I went into this in detail in my course. So I brought evidences for each one and I'm just going to go through it really quickly. The first one is that the person's belief is correct. No point going to someone who has crazy beliefs and deviant beliefs or somebody who has, you know, especially shaky at things where they're making partners with Allah and all of that type of stuff for sure.

02:12:40--> 02:12:42

We want someone who is following the Quran and the sun

02:12:44--> 02:12:45

the second thing

02:12:52--> 02:12:56

we want the rocky to be sincere. Miraculously, Allah

02:12:59--> 02:13:07

we want the person who want reward from Allah. We don't want the one who wants money. As I said, I'm not talking about for living. I mean the one who wants to get rich from it.

02:13:09--> 02:13:27

And we don't want the one who is seeking fame. We want the one who is sincere for Allah in Allah hallelujah. Caballo Minella Amelie Illa cannula who heard this law was totally happy he was from Allah doesn't want any action unless it is sincerely for his face.

02:13:30--> 02:14:05

And the Prophet sighs him said minister for I'm in communion. So hopefully if whoever of you is able to benefit your brother let him do so. The third thing we want from our Rocky is we want is the karma. We want them to be generally righteous people. Now we're not saying about to be perfect. We're not seeing from the Olia of Allah azza wa jal, but we say for someone to be righteous and someone to be a good practicing Muslim prays five times a day, you're somebody who fears Allah. As for the rocky who comes and he's not practicing Islam, or the rocky who is doing major sins and stealing from people and cheating people and lying to people. We don't want this person to do Rokia.

02:14:06--> 02:14:07

We don't want them to do it for us.

02:14:09--> 02:14:21

The fourth is them to be far away from sins, because sins are a reason for every evil. As Allah said, ma saga commit mercy but in Febi bancaire sebut, a deacon where for

02:14:22--> 02:14:53

whatever has touched you have a calamity, it's because of your own hands, pipe. If you go to someone who is very sinful. They bring in you more calamities because they own hands are causing more calamities. What about someone says but I'm sinful, okay? But self rock is different and you're reading on yourself. This is a way for you to leave your sins and get near to Allah. But what I'm not saying is you go out and look for a rocky who is not even Mr. Cain is not even practicing Islam properly. Fifth fifthly the person has a strong connection to Allah.

02:14:54--> 02:14:59

That they really trust Allah subhanaw taala and they put their trust on him that they do

02:15:00--> 02:15:43

lot of dhikr that they keep to their to us and as car that they are asking Allah to protect. Because we don't want somebody who when the first problem comes, they're gonna run out of the room who wants somebody who is asking ALLAH to keep them safe. We want the person to be someone who believes firmly that the Quran is a cure for every sickness. We want the person to be someone who has enough shatter a knowledge to not allow them not allowed in. Okay, now hamdullah the course has given you enough to read on yourself. With a bit more practice, you will learn some of the rulings for reading on other people. Because the thing is if a person doesn't know what's haram, so they come and they give you a

02:15:43--> 02:15:59

Thai weed or something. I've had Imams you know Imams from massage, and they give Thai with, I came to the chef as a chef I opened your Thai with and it contains names of shaytaan in it, Chef it's got Chopin's names in it. He said Wallah. I didn't know.

02:16:00--> 02:16:16

So I'm sorry, but that person does not have enough M Cherie to do that job. You do not write something you don't know what it means. Don't give things to people you don't know what it means. Don't say my chef told me or I read it in a book somewhere. You have to have enough knowledge to know what's right and wrong.

02:16:17--> 02:16:18


02:16:20--> 02:16:21

that the person

02:16:25--> 02:16:34

is someone who calls to good and forbids evil. For example, you know somebody comes in let's say for example a brother comes in to see you

02:16:35--> 02:17:09

and the brother's got some things that are obviously wrong you know Islamically in his appearance, his behavior his job, are you going to be sincere to that brother and say to him actually Wallah you look I'm gonna do rock here for you but you know heavy the you need to change some things, your dress, you know, maybe your appearance, your you know, the way you carry your clothing, maybe your job, maybe you and I can see that you are you came in and you had some bad language. You have to try to help the person to do good and stop evil. You can't just be someone who says okay, Allah, if you're going to pay me come, I'm going to read on you, I'm not going to ask you about anything. You

02:17:09--> 02:17:10

have to be sincere towards them.

02:17:12--> 02:17:35

You also have to be someone who reads with the book of Allah, the dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and only that we don't want any weird and wonderful forms of rocket. We're not trying to catch the genie in a bottle and we're not trying to visualize an army of gin that we killed with a sword and we're not all of this stuff. We just want someone to do rakia with the Quran and the Sunnah.

02:17:37--> 02:18:20

The 10th is that the person conceals the secrets of the sick person the 11th is that the person really tries to make the sick person feel positive. I never ever go and say this car I think you're gonna die from it you're never gonna get out along Stein This is to have Alim and I do not know I don't think there is any human being on the earth today that can give Rookie of high go and say actually insha Allah it will be fine make dua let's try inshallah Bismillah will be okay. You give them some hope. There is a Hadith it's not authentic, but it's useful to mention it's a principle of learning, either the ultimate ll ll mareel Fener fistula who fill agile in the valley Kela you wrote

02:18:20--> 02:18:34

to shape. Oahu, Utah, you won't have submarines. If you go to a sick person, make them feel like they're going to live for a long time. This doesn't change Allah's kata, but it makes the person feel better, make them feel good about themselves.

02:18:37--> 02:18:56

As for what we want to see from the patients again, right belief in Allah, standing firm upon Islam having sincerity being far away from sins, having a strong connection to Allah, believing the Quran is Shiva and believing that the Iraqi is not the one who benefits them but it is Allah who benefits them

02:18:57--> 02:19:28

and not rushing to seek a cure. Wallah. We see for some people Allah dislike, you know, I've tried to be I've tried to care for a whole week and in seven days, why am I not to it? Okay, slow down. Mahala and Mahala goes slowly Don't Don't rush. Everything happens for a reason everything has its time. Keep on trying don't go to haram because Well, I tried to hide out for three days didn't work. So then I went to a magician. Oh this is not how we want to see people behaving.

02:19:31--> 02:19:59

We also want to see patients expectation of reward thinking good of Allah, personal one biller and an end of one the IDB and as my slave thinks of me as the prophet sighs and said that Allah said, I am as my slave thinks of me how you think of Allah, Allah will treat you as you believe Allah to be if you believe that Allah is going to give you a cure and be merciful to you and it's a forgiveness and it's a means to raise your reward. Inshallah you will find Allah will

02:20:00--> 02:20:21

will treat you as you had believed and as you had thought of him, but if you think badly of Allah, Allah is punishing me. Allah doesn't love me, Allah wants me to suffer, then this is only going to bring you about the thing that you think and as you think of Allah that's what you're gonna find that Allah treats you in that way.

02:20:22--> 02:20:34

The 11th is really having determination, rockier really does require supper Azima a really does require, you know,

02:20:35--> 02:21:17

cool what with Iran that really, you know, I'm dedicated to this, I'm going to keep on going, even if I have problems, even if it's not working, even if I'm struggling, even if I went to the wrong person, I'm going to pick myself up and keep on going in sha Allah and not going and this is the last one not going to anyone unless you trust them utterly and completely, and you know them to be a person of the correct belief, to be a person of sincerity to be a person of st karma and so on. And Allah knows them better haka then accept Allah who has Ebola and was a key Allah Haida we're not going to claim anyone is pure in the sight of Allah but as we know of them that's what we know. As

02:21:17--> 02:21:48

we're going to someone will lie didn't know about them. Yeah, but any you can't go to someone you don't know about. You have to know the person and you have to have a trust in that person's beliefs, practices, religious nature, you know the nearness to Allah and so on. And that is you know, we can't be sure about it but you do your best Charla too many people just go to people they don't even know who they are. Sometimes they go even to non Muslims. I've had patients who came and said just before you I went to a Hindu priest

02:21:49--> 02:22:26

Wallah i don't know i don't know what to say any I don't have a word to say for it. Like why why why would you do that? Well, I just I got you know, I got desperate and you know, someone said they really good cannot go to the sort of people and you cannot go to someone there is a doubt over them. Even if they are good, maybe they're good. I'm not saying they're bad, but don't go to someone there is a doubt over them. You know, the person is giving out kinds of strange things and doing strange actions. Just leave it be you know, Inshallah, if they want good and they're doing a good thing, Allah will reward them for it, but don't go to someone you have a doubt over that person.

02:22:27--> 02:22:56

I think this is a very good place for us to pause. And inshallah Tada I have one more section that I want to talk to you about. I want to talk to you about a timer, with Tao with I want to talk to you about timer, amulets and towers, and insha Allah to Allah, we're gonna talk about some of the evidences in the Quran and Sunnah. And we're going to talk about sort of what people do or what the reality of it is, but I wanted to cover the rakia first because I wanted everybody to leave knowing how to do rakia for themselves in their family in short, long time.

02:22:57--> 02:23:33

Lasting some people might say, Is it dangerous to do rakia? Wallah? Yeah, I would be I don't want to lie to you. I don't want to say to you, there's no danger arcades, like you know, drinking water. It's the easiest thing in the world. No, I mean, there might be some difficulty, but with the help of Allah and by doing it according to the Sunnah in sha, Allah Huhtala, you'll be absolutely fine. We do a lot of things that have some risks in them. Yeah, for sure. I mean, driving down the road has a risk, right? There are risks in in many things that we do, but Inshallah, if you learn Rukia properly, it's a managed risk. It's a risk that you can cope with, you can handle it and you can

02:23:33--> 02:24:08

manage it a short, long time. So that's what Allah azza wa jal made easy for me to mention in this section. I believe it is about time for Maghrib we will pray Maghrib together in sha Allah to Allah, give it another 15 minutes or so inshallah and we will resume again with our last part of the program. And definitely q&a, please, by now. You can start writing your q&a down and bringing them to the front, maybe you get the system if you can send some of the kids to put it on the table. The brothers can just come up, put it on the table Inshallah, for the livestream again, I'm just going to pause you. I'm going to give you a pause, and we're going to resume in about 15 minutes in sha

02:24:08--> 02:24:09

Allah Who to Allah

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See if it's gonna flicker we might need to change it. Yeah

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because it's if it flickers it's going to be a problem

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one is enough probably works automatically it's okay

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get off his face

02:48:08--> 02:48:17

Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Abdullah he was a Saudi Nabina Muhammad Ali he will be h Murray

02:48:19--> 02:48:23

Amma bye bad. So insha Allah to Allah we want to talk a little bit about

02:48:27--> 02:48:29

a tema and Tao with

02:48:31--> 02:48:39

now, I'm just going to show you a few slides from the presentation that was given by Chicago.

02:48:43--> 02:48:45

Just getting enough, let's see.

02:48:47--> 02:48:48

Let's see if I can get it

02:48:57--> 02:48:57

think notes

02:49:04--> 02:49:14

I just want to show you a few things. I'm not dead. This is quite old. I've shown it a few times. But I just wanted to show like some of the what I think are the most important points.

02:49:15--> 02:49:19

So slowly, I'm going to talk you through it in Sharla. There's some slides I'm just going to skip over.

02:49:21--> 02:49:43

I wanted to kind of talk briefly about the origins of magic. The chef talks about it here. He talks about Babylon, he talks about ancient Egypt. But these I mentioned in my course in a lot of detail, so we don't really have that much time for it Persia as well. But one thing I will mention about magic in Persia is something that is called Raya to Kisara.

02:49:45--> 02:50:00

It's called the banner of cause row and the banner of course row is a 10 by 10 grid, that is a grid that is 10 by 10 with letters and numbers written inside of it, the letters and numbers with

02:50:00--> 02:50:06

In incitement, that banner was destroyed by the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu in the Battle of Al qadisiya.

02:50:08--> 02:50:16

And it's a very famous banner 10 by 10. What was the purpose of those squares? And what was the purpose of

02:50:17--> 02:51:02

what was the purpose of those squares? And what was the purpose of writing those letters inside of it? This is what they call some of them call Carter, Asahi. They call it the magician seal. And the jinn command them certain letters to write and they worship the stars. There is a Hadith It's an effort for Abdullah Abbas. It has some weakness in it, but it's a true fact. It says Coleman Young Verona if you know June, way back to buena Abba Jad Malama Allah home and fairly him her them in Harlock au Comicon. Some people, they look at the stars and then they write object any they write the letter individual broken letters and they write these numbers and symbols. I do not believe they

02:51:02--> 02:51:04

have any share in the Hereafter.

02:51:05--> 02:51:34

And this is what we call Grier to Kisara or we call czar cash. Kellyanne, that's what they call it as well. zencash Kawhia. As for magic in the time of Islam, the chef defines it as proof on What are common watada Same Goro Mo's fella Kia, you're going to see letters, you're going to see numbers, you're going to see symbols and you're going to see representations of the stars.

02:51:35--> 02:51:42

And you're going to see something inquiry, please take this very important. You are going to see the Quran,

02:51:44--> 02:51:57

cave, how you're going to see names of shape on and you're going to see letters and symbols, and you're going to see the Quran for two reasons. Number one, you're going to see it,

02:51:58--> 02:52:31

you're going to see it as you're going to see it as something which is done to disgrace the Quran by writing the Quran next to the names of the CHE time. But more than that it's done to fool the Muslims to make people think this is a tie with with the Quran. This is an amulet with the Quran. This is here to help us and to give us protection by Allah's permission. And when you decode the numbers and the letters will like IBLEES shape on but due to all of these names are shaytaan are written on it.

02:52:33--> 02:52:41

And the person is told, I have to KUSI I'm going to show you some examples that the chef gave here. We can't show on the live stream, but it doesn't matter.

02:52:45--> 02:52:47

So here is an example.

02:52:48--> 02:53:26

You This is very common. This is one of the some of them. They call it hartham Asahi. And you can see that there is a grid of three by three. Where did this grid come from originally? Which country did it come from? Originally? It came from Persia, right? It came from right to Kisara. But it's a reduced grid. Each grid has a letter, each letter resolves to a number. And each number adds up to 15. All the way across, up and down. And the names that are written here are names of che LP Yes, it is true that some of the misguided people they said these are the hidden Names of Allah

02:53:27--> 02:53:35

type if it's the hidden Name of Allah, I have two questions. Where is this hidden Name of Allah in the Quran and the Sunnah?

02:53:37--> 02:54:17

Where is this hidden Name of Allah in the Quran? And the Sunnah? That's my first question. My second is who from the early Muslims mentioned this hidden Name of Allah? And my third question is why do I keep finding it written next to the name of the bliss? If it's the name of Allah? Why do I find the a bliss? Yeah, bliss, yeah, bliss and then Baltazar Hodge, and all these names like Purdue and all of these things they write and they say it's Allah secretly Wallahi Nila oxen Billahi. Now he is not Allah, His greatest name, the names of shayateen and they're well known you can I mean, in the books of magicians, they actually met the magicians tell the truth. Subhanallah sada caca Hua Zhu P told

02:54:17--> 02:54:38

you the truth even though he's a very great liar. In the books of the magicians, they say these are the names of che thought. And you find some of these people telling you this is Allah's secret name and nobody knows it. Except that oh Leah and all of this stuff Wallahi even if even if I give them benefit of the doubt it's Allah secret name. Nobody knows it except the only time I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

02:54:39--> 02:54:43

How can I keep something around my neck? I don't understand what it is.

02:54:45--> 02:54:55

How can I seek nearness to Allah with something I have doubt in Dallmeier ebook ala Mela, your ebook leave that which you doubt for that which you don't doubt. So these names convert from

02:54:57--> 02:54:59

into numbers and symbols. So you might see it written like

02:55:00--> 02:55:04

This and you might see it written with 276 and different things like that.

02:55:07--> 02:55:09

I'm going to show you another example.

02:55:12--> 02:55:13

You can see the symbols here.

02:55:15--> 02:55:59

These symbols, each of them represents the name of che pot. And each of them represents a star that is worshipped besides Allah. And his names like haha, Thiele, Tata title and some really weird names you cannot pronounce them these names here. Each of them is a star that was worshipped in ancient Persia. This one is easy to prove. Because if someone says This is Allah's name, I'm gonna say it I can prove to you in the history museums that the Persians used to worship these symbols. It's present in their works from the oldest times. These are the symbols they used to worship for protection. The random Star Three lines with a squiggle over the top like the hash, a backwards

02:55:59--> 02:56:05

comma four lines, something that looks a bit like a heart with a tail on it, something that looks a bit like a well, they're called

02:56:08--> 02:56:25

Kilwa cube or al Maratea, etc, the seven constellations and they are told that each one of them has a row, Haniya. Each one of them has an angel, if you sacrifice to that star, the angel will come and help you. Quite nice America. It's not an angel.

02:56:27--> 02:56:29

It's not an angel. The lion's share pot

02:56:30--> 02:56:42

is a shape on this Rohani you own data come from the stars and they're going to help you but all you have to do is just take the chicken into the bathroom at midnight and slaughter it spread the blood on the walls and then the angels are going to come and help you

02:56:44--> 02:56:56

one Wallahi Is there any how you're listening to me and nobody believes this morning all of you say no way this is an angel coming sacrifice a chicken in the bathroom at midnight and spread the blood on the walls and then the angels come

02:56:58--> 02:57:16

quani this or just is just worship a they're there to shape on is just worship of the shape on nothing else? Is it true that some of our Imams might write this and not know what it means? Yes I agree with you some not everybody who writes it is a sad sometimes people write it they say Oh look I found it in this book

02:57:18--> 02:57:39

or that formula can be here and don't speak what you don't have knowledge about Don't get yourself involved in something you don't have knowledge about writing symbols because somebody told me this is Allah the other one means something else and someone told me that this is you know, you cannot base your religion on this it has to be based upon certain knowledge give you some more examples inshallah to have a look at

02:57:42--> 02:57:42

let's see

02:57:43--> 02:57:45

some of the things people do

02:57:48--> 02:57:53

we have a lot of them so I don't want to go through all of them. But maybe I can just show you some of them

02:58:01--> 02:58:08

we'll do is just skip past this part of the presentation and go back down because what some examples we can show

02:58:10--> 02:58:10


02:58:11--> 02:58:14

I want to show you an example right here

02:58:16--> 02:58:49

okay, what can you see here you can see some things that are written Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim agreed even if it's not big don't worry about it. We'll we can give you later copies. You can say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Then what you see some random words that we cannot understand. I'll tell you Tata, Tata, Tata, taco taco, written after Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Then what do you say? Ha the herder. It depends sometimes like an extra word is added to the ayah.

02:58:53--> 02:59:06

is called ina Isla Musa amor and then sometimes a word is added in between that doesn't come from it. And then what do you see at the bottom? Hieroglyphics came like from ancient Egypt, like hieroglyphic writing. It's called, it's called.

02:59:08--> 02:59:24

It's called something like a column or Rowhani, something like that the the words or symbols, the symbols that bring you from the spirits, spirit writing, and that hahahahahahaha and then Sahaba tea and some other random stuff that I can't even read.

02:59:25--> 02:59:45

What is the Bismillah Therefore, first of all, it's there to disgrace the name of Allah azza wa jal. The second thing that it's there for is to fool you into thinking that this is the person doesn't know Quran, they take it hanging their house, they keep it around their neck, they say this is Quran Harder, harder for Tasha Masatoshi, but they think it's Quran they don't know. They think it's Quran

02:59:47--> 02:59:52

very, very serious Wallah. Look at this one. This is very common. We see this all the time.

02:59:53--> 02:59:59

They call it pulse samyama Juba. They call it the tower with or something like that for

03:00:00--> 03:00:17

Jomar now I want to highlight some points on it. I've got it in high resolution, but there's some random numbers in boxes around the random numbers in boxes Subhan Allah will hamdulillah wala ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar whether hola hola Quwata illa Billah Al Ali arousing.

03:00:21--> 03:00:40

Kra dua elements core, something Fiama Jomar read this to our on your module man. One vote fi Illa have a person and look at this look at this tag with the symbol that has been made. Then on the site. You've got some really weird stuff Yara him Yeah, Israel

03:00:41--> 03:00:47

or Israel I feel or something like that. Yeah, I saw him calling upon the angels and he making dua to the angels instead of Allah.

03:00:49--> 03:01:23

So it's written Yahweh dude. And then somewhere else recently, yeah, Gibreel. And then around here, it's got some property, random words in it. And then in the middle, broken letters that don't mean anything. And then at the top, I don't know if it's Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem. Or if it's just LM LM, and I'm written again and again and again. So you can see how they mix Quran. And they mix vicar with shaytani words and random phrases. So this is also this is actually from the Shia,

03:01:24--> 03:01:25

which is not surprising.

03:01:26--> 03:01:28

We bring this one as well.

03:01:34--> 03:01:37

This is another one. And you can see

03:01:38--> 03:01:54

Paul is in Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. And then around the side is written La Ilaha in De La Ilaha illa Allah al Malik, Al Haq, el Moby. And then some other random names and the names of Shavon. And it's just a mix of everything.

03:01:57--> 03:02:00

We'll have a look. And we'll bring some more examples for you.

03:02:04--> 03:02:14

And if we're talking about something really horrible, and I really, I don't really want to show you but I just I just bring an example. This is also common to find

03:02:15--> 03:02:33

it's really horrible. They took the name of the they took the Quran call who Allahu Ahad and they smeared it with blood, and they Smear it with the worst kind of blood as well. Allah and they wrote it like that to disgrace the Ayat of Allah azza wa jal and to me to be able to any

03:02:35--> 03:02:55

show their hatred for the religion of Islam. I show you some other examples that you might find. You might find it wrapped, you might find it wrapped in hair like this. You might find the car wrapped in hair like this. You might find it written on things like shoes or trapped in hair like this also.

03:02:56--> 03:03:14

You can see here some of these polos and can you see this? This one on the with the writing in the middle, you've got the same bucket, the hatch work the three names of shaytaan then around it says Gibreel and mica in an Astra eel, any Salafi,

03:03:15--> 03:03:22

then it says Allah, Mohammed, then it says Ali, Omar, now our yield, or Ceman

03:03:24--> 03:03:54

then it says Bassett, and then it writes the name of the stock. And then it says we're dude and then the name of another stock. Then it says pass it and then it writes the name of a stock. Then it says we're dude and he writes another star, these people are just playing with you and they're writing the names of Chopin and next to the writing the name of Allah and then around that is written something else and around that you can see why our and then Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem written without the letters being connected and all of this kind of stuff.

03:03:56--> 03:04:35

Wallahi really honestly, anyone who sees any kind of Tawi Tamim or anything like that that is written anything like this well i My sincere advice is you dispose of it right away. We're not going to I'm not here to talk about the person who wrote it and either the person doesn't know what they're doing or either the person is a magician but it's not my I'm not here to talk about them I'm here to talk about you and your families wearing these things around your neck you open it up all names of shape and inside I opened one up it said yeah a bliss yeah a bliss yeah bliss he said my share my movie Give it to me so I will give this to you say my share can domestic Give it to me I

03:04:35--> 03:04:41

said I hear it says yeah a bliss yeah a bliss yeah bliss, a bliss and No, no. He says this is against the bliss.

03:04:44--> 03:04:53

Well, I don't know is this Jan, or this is her I don't know, is the Sahara. Oh, he's just so just so like lacking knowledge.

03:04:55--> 03:04:57

One time something very funny happened to me.

03:04:58--> 03:05:00

I used to have

03:05:00--> 03:05:12

have an agreement because my dear brothers and sisters I'm sure you've heard people say that the Sahaba used to wear a tie with so most people heard it said right they heard Abdullah bin Abdullah asked us to give it to his children and Aisha allowed it and blah blah blah.

03:05:14--> 03:05:38

Aslan Yanni. This is not in my view authentic but even if it was authentic, even if it was authentic, Abdullah bin amor even allows us to write the Quran on a board and hang it on his children's neck for them to read and for them to learn Quran like a whiteboard to read Quran from. But anyway, let's just say to Tao with no problem, it's always it's written pure pure Quran.

03:05:39--> 03:05:45

I don't believe it was attacked with I think he was teaching his children to read Quran but anyway, it was pure pure Quran.

03:05:46--> 03:06:26

It was not symbols. It was not letters. It was not Cockatiel and Yaffa Taylor Natalina but daughter could do hand butter or hand all of these weird names that people wrote. It was clear words of the Quran. So I used to have, by the way, Abdullah bin Massoud, he said It is haram to have a weed from the Quran or from anything else. That's the opinion of Abdullah venomous route. But no problem. I respect the difference of opinion between people no problem. I said to them, give me your time when I open it up. If it is Quran Wallahi I give it back to you. I believe it's haram but fair enough. You Your chef told you it's okay. If it is Quran argument actually.

03:06:28--> 03:06:36

I think I opened nearly 1000 And I think I gave back less than seven. So that tells you how many of the Imams are writing crap.

03:06:38--> 03:06:50

I'm not talking about any Quran, like I'm talking about Barbata magna carta de la la la Fatah all these really weird names and letters and symbols. Since this Quran. He said it's Kron but only the only I can read it.

03:06:51--> 03:06:52


03:06:54--> 03:06:55

What shall we say from that?

03:06:56--> 03:07:13

It's like those people when you talk to them about Islam. They say it but how do I know I exist? How do you know you and me are not in the imagination of a giant who is sleeping. Yeah, you cannot argue with that person. You just have to say, what is the heart of our human journey in order Carlos Aleikum, guests go away.

03:07:14--> 03:07:26

This is the language of the Alia Kafta Tila fulfilled but Rohan Macatawa all these strange things and worshipping the Persian stars. That's the language of the earlier Allah in Olia. Hola Hola. Hola. Hola.

03:07:27--> 03:07:50

Hola, Dina. Manuel. What can we attack on the owl Leah are the people who have Eman and Taqwa they're not the people who worship the shape on and the starts. They're not the Olia. Anyway, I used to see I gave it back to something funny happened to me. I said, I'm gonna give it back to you. If it's Quran. I'm gonna respect your chef and you're actually laugh and everything. I'm gonna give it back to you.

03:07:51--> 03:08:07

So one time, one brother said, you know, you said this, here's my tweet. So I opened up the towers. And it's Quran. I mean, it's printed Quran like I'm not even talking about it's not even handwritten. Yeah, and it's like printed copy of the Quran like that in printed from press print.

03:08:08--> 03:08:33

I said all it's printed Quran so you know according to our agreement, you can have it back he says printed Quran Wallah. I said what Allah has printed Quran he said the guy cheated. Why he was expecting the guy to write the names of shaytaan and he in reality, he knew what his shake was doing. And he knew what he wanted to shift to do. He knew he was going to write the names of shaytaan and when he printed Quran it's like this guy cheated me took so much money for printed Quran

03:08:35--> 03:08:50

quani if we're talking about printed Quran, why does someone not just print the Quran? Press print, I don't believe I believe it's haram Abdullah and Mr. Road said It is haram from the Quran and from others in the Quran. That's what I believe. But I'm not going to force my belief upon you.

03:08:51--> 03:09:32

But I don't understand any this pressing print, go to those people. Those people who write the tattoos say to him shake you know what it is I realized there's no point in you. So what I'm going to do is print the Quran and fold it up and put it around my neck because that okay Wallahi look what he will say. He will say it will never work. You don't have the secrets you don't know the secret sauce. You don't know how to write the Quran with the special ways of us share Hi memorized Akela to a tribal Casa it I memorize the poetry of how to write the Quran. I memorize Achilles I travel CARSIDE I can write the most half shaved like perfectly well.

03:09:33--> 03:09:37

This is never going to work for you. You don't know the secret sauce. You're not a wedding.

03:09:38--> 03:09:51

You're not a secret. Well, you don't know the secrets of the Olia. You don't know how to write it. Share. Are you saying to me that if I write good $200 And all of these things, it's gonna work but if I just print the Quran, you don't believe it's gonna work

03:09:53--> 03:09:59

Subhan Allah and he I don't like these people. I don't even need to speak they are a Hoja against themselves.

03:10:00--> 03:10:44

They are her dragons themselves. And sometimes I go to them and I say, Look, you know, Imam, you are imam of Masjid. You mashallah you did your head you did your course you are a person of knowledge. Why are you writing this? I get one of two answers either he says to me what Allah He I swear by Allah they said this to me he said to me Aki Muhammad wala you're right, it is the names of Shavon but we have to do this because this is our service and our URL and I gave us a fatwa it's permissible to break magic with magic, type. Share, Hassan Allahu earache. Do me a favor and advertise that on your website. See, I am a magician who breaks magic with magic because the

03:10:44--> 03:10:51

Earlimart said it's permissible. Tell the people don't tell it's Quran. Allah tech live Allah Allah to Allah against Allah don't say to the people, it's Quran.

03:10:53--> 03:11:14

Let active Allah Allah to Allah against Allah say to the people aniseh Hell, I'm a magician, and I'm writing the names of shaytaan because my other man said it's permissible and then let people choose if they want to go to they don't want to go to the other ones is actually Muhammad wala he I don't even know I wrote Salah Hi found it in some of the books and I just Yeah.

03:11:15--> 03:11:17

We just wrote what we saw.

03:11:19--> 03:11:27

I never really had any of them actually come to me and say, Actually, Mohammed, this is Quran and you just don't know what the Quran is.

03:11:28--> 03:12:07

But Afghani the Quran is not really hidden, right? The Quran is something that is known since the time of the prophets I send them we have copies of the most half we have poetry, how to write the Quran, we have people who have memorized with Senate, I'm sorry, the Quran is not something hidden. I don't know who believes that there is a secret Quran of the Olia or something this is not like I never knew this from anybody. This is just another excuse for taking money from the people robbing the people cheating the people and performing magic with another name. Here you can see the Seven Stars written on a piece of wood and that's one of the things sometimes they're tied up in these

03:12:07--> 03:12:17

hijaab these leather pouches and sometimes metal pouches sometimes even on key rings and sometimes people believe it protects them from the evil eye. Sometimes you find them buried in the ground.

03:12:19--> 03:12:23

You find them buried in the ground and sometimes you find them

03:12:24--> 03:12:34

with animal parts like bones of animals and things like that. Sometimes you can see these pieces of paper they give you them to put into the water and drink

03:12:35--> 03:13:11

personally will lie don't never trust anybody will allow you to put something in the water and then you're going to drink it out if somebody really if somebody came to you like that and just give you an open bottle of water and said okay, this water I put something special in it will you drink it? Well Allah and most of you will say I will not drink it. I'm sorry I have my own bottle of water. I have my own bottle of water. Read your own Quran on the water no problem. Get it Get one of your Imams carry, you know to read on the water get one of the little kids I love the little kids in the Quran class in the Taffy class, say to him while you're learning Surah Baqarah Have you just read on

03:13:11--> 03:13:23

this water for me no problem are going to these Imams and stuff and getting these bits of paper you don't know what's written on it. And then you open it up and it's full of the same. The same things. Here is an example of one that was given.

03:13:24--> 03:13:38

You can maybe see that this paper was given to burn I think and written on it is the person's name side and written on it is Bahasa Bahasa which were the names of Shavon written on top of that is

03:13:39--> 03:13:43

some Quran and then some random words that you can't really read.

03:13:46--> 03:14:10

I quite some of the I can't read some of it is Quran. Sometimes they scribble it and they say it's Quran. But honestly is that respect for the most half to scribble the Quran? Like would you take it if somebody gave you in your Quran class to read the Quran that was just scribbles. You would say okay, it's not respectful to the most half right you have to write the most half with a nice calligraphy and nice clear writing. So again, I don't accept the excuse that this is Quran and I just scribbled

03:14:11--> 03:14:18

it says a lady janela calm Mina shedule Akbari Nowra so this is from the end of Surah Yasin

03:14:19--> 03:14:23

and then it's written the names of Chopin and then it's written the person's name sack.

03:14:29--> 03:14:59

Sometimes they give you incense to burn, or paper to them. My advice don't burn incense. Don't burn incense to keep the shaitan away or to bring the shape on before incense anything like that. Don't burn it to bring the shape on or to keep the shape hanaway Make the borehole to make your house smell nice make the beholder as a perfume. But don't bring the beholder with a connection to shape on because this is like the magician's to mentorship the hubby Coleman for whom in home

03:15:00--> 03:15:02

Whoever resembles a people is one of them.

03:15:03--> 03:15:08

Sometimes they're very long, sometimes they're wrapped up in things a lot we have sometimes they put in the water like this

03:15:09--> 03:15:40

can see the bottle of water and inside of it, there is some papers for you to drink. And again, the papers net written is all kinds of scribbles and all kinds of strange names and things like that. Sometimes it's not a, it's not Sahara, it's not entire width, it's just a belief. You see this black cloth tied around the car. The black cloth tied around the car is not safe. It's not magic. The black cloth tied around the car is just a add to cart like somebody believes it protects their car and that's something which is you know, it's not acceptable.

03:15:42--> 03:15:44

And you just to flick that one again

03:15:49--> 03:15:50

Yeah, it's good.

03:15:52--> 03:15:58

So people do things to protect evil eye Have you seen this hand of let me see if I can find the hand of Fatima

03:15:59--> 03:16:02

have any sometimes people give it on clothing

03:16:04--> 03:16:04

on eBay.

03:16:06--> 03:16:17

Sometimes even on padlocks, this is modern day say they don't tie women shattered enough for 30 for the rocket. The Evil of the people who blow on the knots they don't blow on the night they blow on the padlocks and it's modern day see her right.

03:16:20--> 03:16:31

Sometimes written on eggs, you can see they even wrote something about Allah. And then they wrote some names of shape on on the egg as well. Sometimes on rings, I want to find your example of the some of the things that people believe

03:16:33--> 03:16:36

this is tied to the arm of a bird I want to find you.

03:16:42--> 03:16:50

Sometimes they use these any sometimes things they use in Fortune Telling us like the magicians use these different kinds of candles.

03:16:54--> 03:17:05

For different reasons, things like that, as part of how magic takes place, I've given an explanation of all of it. I just wanted to find something I wanted to find from the motorcar that people have

03:17:07--> 03:17:30

strange beliefs people have. I mean, inshallah you've seen it anyway, you've seen like what they call 140, by like the hand with has like few fingers, and it has an eye in the middle and they believe it protects you from the evil eye. So all of this is mentorship, it's all types of shake, and all types of things which take you far far away from Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, the magician, I wanted to show you something briefly.

03:17:33--> 03:17:36

Just to show you how the magician actually performs this magic.

03:17:38--> 03:17:39

You can see this,

03:17:40--> 03:17:47

a circle here with the star signs in it, Pisces, and I don't know what you call them in Arabic. It's written here, a coastal club,

03:17:49--> 03:18:27

Amazon, Pisces, and Sagittarius and Scorpio and these different star signs. And what they do is they take your name and your mother's name, because Allah commanded us to be called by our father's name. So they take your name and your mother's name. And what they do is they calculate it into a star sign. They don't use star sign by birth. They don't say like you're born in June. So your Gemini No, they don't they don't do that. They do it by your name and your mother's name, they calculate it into a number. So they add your name and mother's name with the object alphabet, and they convert your name and mother's name into a number, then they continuously divided by 12 until they reach a

03:18:27--> 03:18:55

number between one and 12. And they assign it to a star sign. So they say for example, you are in our view alacra you are Scorpio. And then each of them has an element connected with it, like fire, water, and Earth. And that's what they do with the towers. So for example, they take if they say for example that you are that you are Gemini, for example.

03:18:57--> 03:19:36

If they say that you are Gemini or let's say they say you're a Scorpio if they say your Scorpio they say that you are a water person and your name and mother's name became Scorpio that means you are a water person. So what they will do is they will put the magic in the water like in the river in the sea, in the system of the toilet, any somewhere like that, or they declare you to be an air person. So they tie it to a tree or they put it on a balloon and fly into the sky on the leg of a bird. Or they declare your earth person so they bury it in a grave or they bury it in the sand or in the earth somewhere or they declare that you're a fire person. So they burn it and they make the record

03:19:36--> 03:19:42

with it and they make it into the into the air. People can also be given it to eat and stuff like that as well. It's also possible

03:19:44--> 03:19:59

here's the ones I was talking about the hands and things like that the beliefs that they have. This hand protects you and things like that. So the point is I've gone into a lot of detail in other episodes so I don't kind of want to go into too much detail, but just I want you to really consider

03:20:00--> 03:20:27

really consider what I said about the towers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man atman Allah, Tammy Melton socket Ashok, whoever hangs a Tamim and to me that is an amulet by which you aim to complete a purpose. That's why it's called Tamina from the word Tenma an amulet a, like a piece of paper that you write something to complete a purpose and this is for my health this is to protect me.

03:20:28--> 03:21:08

Men Allah Khatami meta infocus Ashok, whoever hands attend Mima has committed check, the prophet sighs I'm sent some of the Sahaba had even Abi Talib, and others to cut the wheat from the necks of the camels. And they'll take the camels that had the Tamina on it to cut the Timmy. Um, I'm not any I'm telling you. Honestly, there are some people who allowed it from the Quran, I'm not going to deny that there were some people who allowed it from the Quran. But what I see is that it's a very, in a shake, it's just making people fall into shape. Because people these days don't know what the Quran is. They think it's Quran. And it's got all kinds of names of shaytaan in it. So please be so

03:21:08--> 03:21:49

so careful. Get rid of your taweez get rid of the Tamina get rid of the bracelet that you keep for luck or for protection, get rid of the thing that you hang in your car that I hand the Fatima or the AI that protects your car, get rid of all of it. Some of it is some of it is not some of it is there to destroy your beliefs in Allah and to make you make a partner with him. But please, please, please don't keep any of this stuff. As for how to destroy it. That's our last topic before we go to q&a. Very, very simple. I'm going to give you a super simple guide on how to destroy the tie with I actually haven't have it on my website. But I'm gonna give you a very, very simple guide to how to

03:21:49--> 03:22:28

destroy anything like this. So the very first thing is, don't be scared, be brave, put your trust in Allah. Keep reciting Quran while you're doing it. What I want you to do is I want you to make sure you don't lose anything so collected on a tray, collected on a tray so that you don't lose you know, you don't you don't lose stuff. Like for example, you have something which is toxic and you drop it on the floor. No, you want to keep it all together. What you want to do is open it up and break it apart. Cut the leather, break the metal apart with the pliers, wear gloves, if you can wear something for your eyes as well. Keep safe, open it all up. Take it all out. If you find any knots,

03:22:28--> 03:22:46

you're going to cut the knots. Why you're going to cut the knots what mean shattering fit for the rocket, the people who tie the knots and they blow. Do you know what they blow with the knots, the same names that were written there, you find that we call it they've been caught and he caught on camera. And they are like they get caught and they get arrested and you find that they are going

03:22:49--> 03:23:04

they name the same names and they blow over they're not the same things that are written in those types of ways. They say the same things, they blow over the knots, cut the knots open read the Quran, riddle fella, Nurse over it cut the nuts open. Usually with a little razor blade or a craft knife is good.

03:23:06--> 03:23:18

Everything is now broken. Now you have two decisions to make. If it was given to burn, don't burn it. Don't burn it. If it was given to drink, don't put it in water.

03:23:19--> 03:23:26

Is that okay? If it was given to burn, don't burn it. If it was given for you to drink or bathe with, don't put it in water.

03:23:27--> 03:23:48

Don't put it in water. Otherwise, what you can do is one of two things, if it's just a generic thing to where you can just burn it outside away from where the people go. I mean, don't burn it in your living room. Burn it somewhere, you know, not somewhere where the children play and you know, things like that just away from people read sorts of falak sorts of NAS just burn it.

03:23:49--> 03:24:32

If it's something that you don't want to burn, because it was given to you not to burn, then I would suggest the best thing you can do is to read rockier water, make your local water and put it in the Rocky of water and then just throw it in the clean earth and bury it or throw it in a river or in the sea and just just get rid of it like break it apart. Get rid of it and break it down. I also don't like to put in water. The soluble ink you know sometimes written in that soluble kind of like yellowy Pinky ink, I think burn it. Yeah. But generally speaking, you got the rakia water, you've got the burning, but the key thing is, make sure you fully break it apart. Make sure you read over

03:24:32--> 03:24:34

it and make sure that you

03:24:36--> 03:24:58

get rid of it outside of your house and outside of where the people go find some corner of the ground where nobody goes and just stick it inside or something. But don't put it where people go. Because when the Prophet saw him spoke about the Tawi that was done for him. The sale that was done for him or the 10, Ema or whatever it was called. It's not meant to mean that it's like it's like a magical contract that was done against him.

03:24:59--> 03:25:00

The Prophet Salah

03:25:00--> 03:25:01

Allahu Allahu wa sallam.

03:25:02--> 03:25:30

He didn't want the people to come to harm because of it. He said it was harmful to the people. So he didn't in some of veneration say he took it out of the well. And some of them said that he didn't take it out of the well. But the most important thing is that he didn't want it to be a fitna for the people. So don't make it around people and keep it in your house. I remember one time my brother gave me one. And I just walked into the house and just walking into the house with it all my kids woke up simultaneously screaming,

03:25:31--> 03:25:52

not one, any three of them woke up or maybe I don't know, two of them. They both walk up certainly like screaming. Like they were not together in in the same place. And I really I realized Subhanallah I've got this with me, I carried it inside the house. So it does they are they are harmful like they are they've got shell teeny names and stuff like that.

03:25:53--> 03:26:12

There are some other situations, but we mentioned them in the course in much more detail like how to break it down what to do if you find certain things we mentioned already. So with regard to the course, before we go to q&a, as we said today was just a very, very brief brief summary of what is already in the Rockler course.

03:26:14--> 03:26:50

If you are in the room with me today, I can't really do it for the live stream. It's not an easy way to do it. But I if you're in the room with me today and you have registered or you want to register your number with the organizers, we will send you a free link to be able to access the full rokeya course and Insha Allah, Allah Allah, you can access it, you can go through more details, you can see the videos and everything is shout out to Adam. So it'd be more beneficial for you in sha Allah, today was a little bit of a summary. And I think that Hamdulillah we covered some very, very important topics in sha Allah. And I'm pleased about that, of course, for sure.

03:26:53--> 03:27:32

Anyone who speaks everyone who speaks sometimes gets things right and sometimes gets things wrong. Whatever I said, that was correct. That is a grace from Allah and His blessings. And whatever I said that was incorrect, then that is my own fault. And Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are free from that. We are going to take some questions, I just want to remind everyone before you do disappear today, that we do have a program in this wall tomorrow, it's completely free. You can come you're more than welcome. It would be good. If you could register, it would be better. If you didn't register, and you come anyway, it's still okay. Insha Allah to Allah. We're

03:27:32--> 03:28:06

going to be taking two topics tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken, I believe we're going to be talking about problems that the US face. Is that Is that correct? And is that the first one? And what time is that 111 o'clock. And then after that, we're going to be talking about the saved sect. And I've been getting in some trouble for this topic of the saved sect, as some of you may know, I seem to have caused a little bit of a storm. And maybe it's a storm in a teacup about it. But in sha Allah to Allah, you know how your brother Mohammed Tim is not you know, here to

03:28:08--> 03:28:46

cause trouble. Just to insha Allah to Allah to talk about ayat and Hadith to talk about what the early Imams of Islam said about what we believe and how to strengthen our Eman and about how to be safe in a time where there is a lot of at last, because I believe we're going through that time today not just in fiqh, in belief in many things that so many differences of opinion, people are going through, I don't know which is right. And I'm not you know, like I'm not here to promote myself, I'm not here to tell you to follow me, but only just to share with you i art and a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and some of the quotes of the early Imams about what

03:28:46--> 03:29:28

it means to be safe in your belief and to keep your belief safe in a time where people are losing theirs. And in a time where people are differing over many things. With that being said, insha Allah, it will be live streamed on my YouTube channel tomorrow in sha Allah Allah. And I'm going to take some of these questions in sha Allah. As best I can. Forgive me if the answers might be brief. I do also have a proper q&a system on the rakia course. So there is a proper form. And just recently, I answered like Sokolova just recently, I answered like an extra, I don't know, like 80 something or whatever. I don't know how many it was 50 or 80 questions. I answered them

03:29:29--> 03:29:39

on the rakia course and it's getting updated. It's just it's taking me a little bit of time because I'm traveling and stuff it's a bit hard to upload but I've got them done so we're doing quite a lot of stuff.

03:29:42--> 03:29:51

Yeah, no permission. Okay, whatever we don't answer today we can answer in the Rocky Of course, in short, but I'm going to quick fire I'm gonna go on Allahu Akbar. Allah what?

03:29:52--> 03:29:59

You said there's quite a lot. There's quite a lot. Is it permissible to derive numbers from the ayat of the Quran? No, isn't that

03:30:00--> 03:30:40

From the similar things to what the magicians do, I'm not saying the person who does is always a magician, but mentorship I have your comin for let me know if you resemble a people you're one of them. Can you be protected from jinn by bathing with Quranic water, oil and essence, I don't like the essence, I don't mind the Quranic water. And I don't mind the oil, but you do it yourself. You don't take it from somebody you don't know. But I don't like this burning of the hoard for the gin, Kennedy and talk to a person they can but what is the prophets i Some say about the shaytaan sadaqa who can do he told you the truth, but he's a great liar. So you can't trust what they say

03:30:41--> 03:30:47

can sell it leaves cleanse the body. Yes, sedatives are a good way of they're, they're a

03:30:48--> 03:31:25

laxative. So they make you go to the toilet. I mean, there's nothing any amazing about it, they're a laxative, they make you go to the toilet. And sometimes people combine it with a mild emetic that makes you throw up, which is not nice at all, like you get to throw up and have really bad stomach in the bathroom all day. But in some cases, for some people it can, it can provide a means of cleansing. But I would be very careful about using it like I mean, would you go and take a bunch of laxatives and just knock them back you know, like be a little careful about it, like think carefully about when you use it and how you use it. But it is it is it's kind of prophetic medicine.

03:31:26--> 03:31:30

Can a genie randomly possess a person?

03:31:32--> 03:32:14

Yes, it is possible, but usually there should be a reason for it right the person is not protected, not doing the outcome or the person is the person is doing something to put themselves at risk. For example, they went out between marketed the children are playing between Maghrib and Isha. The Prophet says he said keep your children home or keep your children inside between motivation. So those kinds of things did show a man have a ring or a staff to control the gym. Wallah as I know of it. This is all from the Israeli yet it's not from the durations of Islam it's from the Jews and Christians which in reality any I see the thing that people have today any people wearing a ring

03:32:14--> 03:32:24

this is the ring of Zulema and I control the gin Wallah. I want I want to mention so I'm going to bring you the IR reference I'm not I'm not even going to mention to you I'm going to bring you the IR reference because it's so important

03:32:37--> 03:33:05

suicide in Iowa number 35 Carla Bill Finley what happened? He moved Catala Yeah, Youngberg really AHA didn't mean birdie in NACA, Antigua. So a man said My Lord forgive me and give me a kingdom nobody is allowed to after me. That's why the Prophet size him himself. He said if it was not for this two hours today man I would have tied a shape on against the pillar of the message for the children to any play with him in the morning and your children to

03:33:07--> 03:33:08

fight with him in the morning.

03:33:10--> 03:33:29

This to stop the prophets why Selim our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from tying the jinn in the masjid so how about the person who wears a ring and says this is the ring of Solomon? Rob be heavily robbed PHIL You are happily will can lie about he hadn't been bad. Nobody after Solomon is allowed to control the chain.

03:33:30--> 03:33:34

Is it important to know the difference in magic gin and evil I?

03:33:36--> 03:33:58

It's not important to know it right at the beginning. As you progress, it can help because for the evil eye, you could take the world of water the Fossil water you could make. You could give someone a treatment from that. Even from magic. You could focus more upon source of Bukhara because the prophets Isom said, Well I started or how about Allah, the magicians can't do anything against it. But in the first instance, it's not as important as people think.

03:34:00--> 03:34:42

I already answered that one. What happens if you were given a tab with over 30 years ago but don't know how you got rid of it? Just make to add to Allah? Because the prophets I said, Am I funny Allah will come upon, he said, As for me, Allah has cured me from this type of this. See her? To see her that was not. So if you had see her and you didn't know where it was from or where it's gone. Just continue with rakia make dua to Allah azza wa jal, I already answered that. It's not always necessary to find it. That's what I met. Can the sins of someone else within your home invite evil into your home? Yes, I believe it can. Absolutely. So it absolutely can. Absolutely. But here you're

03:34:42--> 03:35:00

not blameworthy in the sense that you're not going to get sin for it because you're trying to reduce that evil, but you are sometimes suffer the consequences. So let me give you an example. Can a child suffer because of the sins of his parent? Didn't Allah say, Well, I guess it was your autumn withdrawal? No.

03:35:00--> 03:35:40

Nobody will carry the burden of another man. But at the same time, a burden sin is one thing but consequences. Yes. Consequences have proven in the Quran what about the people, the two young the two orphan boys were can abou who my father, their father was a righteous man, the consequences of the righteousness or wickedness of your parents. Yes, you can have consequences but you can't have sin. You can't be sinful for what your dad did. But you can have consequences and you suffer because of it or you have some difficulties because of it, and Allah will reward you for your patience in it, how to deal with it. The rules have an admirable motto for nahi and Mancha, commanding good

03:35:40--> 03:35:55

forbidding evil, and with gentle preaching and gentle advice to people and encouraging them and trying to remove the evil and reduce it. Again, it's a bit of a long topic. We did cover it slightly more detail yesterday. I'm going to come to that later, but still a bit long.

03:35:57--> 03:36:23

Some people claim to see the gym, can they see them? Or are they afflicted? I don't believe anyone can see the gym unless they are afflicted or have been afflicted in the past. That's my conclusion. Because Allah said in that we are welcome whoever copied a woman hates Tirana home, you can't see them. But the people who do see them, in my experience are people who have been afflicted or who are afflicted.

03:36:24--> 03:37:08

What affects the lunar days have on a person? Well, I heard some of the scholars say, regarding the statement of Allah azza wa jal, women shatter the glass, you can either work out from the evil of the darkness when it spreads. Some of them said that the darkness when it spreads is the type of mockery. And some of them said the darkness when it spreads, is the time when there is no moon, and is a time when there is no moon. So in any case, there are times of the month where the magicians gather and do things, they worship the sun, they worship the moon. But ultimately, for us in sha Allah to Allah, our only concern with the 13th 14th and 15th is to fast. That's our, that's our work

03:37:08--> 03:37:09

consists of

03:37:11--> 03:37:42

reading it out on a piece of paper written with saffron and putting it water and drinking it, some of the scholars allowed it, some of the early generations allowed it and others didn't. But I prefer not to. For the reason that I feel that it says that we are in a ship, I feel like it can lead people to a big hurdle. Because people are writing it out with the sun. They don't know what they're writing. And sometimes they are writing things which are very evil, and they don't know. So I discourage people from writing and drinking the water, but some of the early generations allowed it

03:37:44--> 03:38:19

is it possible we could come to you for more okay, a session will lie, please forgive me? Well, I would, I would wish that I could do rakia for everybody who wanted it. The problem that I have is we have a very, very intensive program that is literally I just go home and sleep and get up and come to do the program. It's like that. And the other thing is that I have a lot of people who asked me before and I just feel it would be so unfair to them that they've been waiting for six months, seven months a year and then I'm giving it to somebody who asked me yesterday, but I would honestly just advise you in short along to either to just follow the instructions that I gave and I will do my

03:38:19--> 03:38:29

best to support you through questions and answers inshallah. And if Allah gives me an opportunity to do Rokia Allah I'm I'm, I'm all for it any whenever Allah gives me an opportunity for it BarakAllahu

03:38:31--> 03:38:41

Could you please warn against the evil eye symbol being used as source of protection? We we did that I believe with regard to jewelry, I did show it on the presentation in sha Allah.

03:38:43--> 03:38:49

If you suddenly begin to have strange questions about the religion, like regarding the concept of freewill

03:38:51--> 03:39:33

striving to remain away from seeing the remains that have been so Allah, how do you differentiate when these thoughts are due to sin, or due to a test? Or whether they're from the shaper? So first of all, I think the first thing is the cure to doubts which are Shobu hearts, like being confused about the religion is to get proper Islamic knowledge. That's the first thing if that proper Islamic knowledge is not helping you because you just keep asking the same questions like somebody said, Okay, I have a problem musculature sharp, I have a problem. Why is there evil in the world? So you got the answer? And I have the answer on some YouTube videos as well inshallah. So we gave the

03:39:33--> 03:39:42

answer about mushkil. SHA, Allah does not create evil for evils sake. Everything has a wisdom in it. This is a place of tests and trials and I give a full detailed answer. And you said,

03:39:44--> 03:39:59

Yeah, but I just feel like I don't I don't feel like there's any point. Okay, so I'd say it again. Yeah, but I was thinking about something and you feel it's just keeps on going around and around. This is closer to being with us. But sometimes you just need a good answer. And sometimes not everybody you asked it gives you the answer.

03:40:00--> 03:40:31

So that is it makes sense to you. I mean, there is one answer, but I mean, sometimes people put it in a way you can understand. And sometimes you might ask one of the machines and gives you an answer. It's just like a two minute answer. Like, don't trouble yourself with it. This is from the secrets of Carter. You know, only Allah knows. And then you're like, but I still I still don't feel right about it. So I would say ask, get the knowledge, learn it, understand it, keep on asking. But if you feel it's just going around and around your head, it's quite likely to be from the shaytaan. And getting rid of sins is helpful anyway, in every situation.

03:40:33--> 03:40:39

If a child gets ill every few weeks, and holiday, but it's fine when return.

03:40:41--> 03:41:03

On holidays fine. And when it turns back to school, it gets ill. Yeah, I would treat it with rookie, I really would as well as medicine, I would look at, obviously, it could be allergy, something like that. Of course, I'm not someone who says everything is a Rokia problem. But I do believe everything can be tricky treated by rakia. So I will do some rookie if perhaps worrying about the evil eye, maybe just seven day program with the oil and the water.

03:41:04--> 03:41:33

And then probably what I would do is look at whether there could be any allergies or any, any other things like that. And this is a kind of a trick that I always use is that I honestly always always for myself, I always if I if it's a possibility to be medical or not medical it both. Like I will go to the doctor to ask about medical options, could it be an allergy, I will also do Rokia at the same time. So inshallah you're going to get the best of everything. Charlo time.

03:41:35--> 03:41:49

Someone says when they go into bed, they always feel sick. And when they wake up from sleep, I would honestly say to do as car properly when you go to sleep morning and evening as well. I would also you know have a look at

03:41:51--> 03:42:30

whether maybe drinking rockier water helps to settle your stomach at night. My daughter got a gin problem for a long time she's suffering from blurriness and not conceiving, and again, she's feeling sick at night, you see how the clues stack up. So if your daughter has a gym problem, and she feels sick at night, and you feel sick at night, that says to me that it's quite possible that this issue is a judge. I'm not guaranteeing it for you. But you see how the clue stack up when you said I feel sick? And I'm thinking well maybe you just have that kind of you know, metabolism or something or maybe you ate too late. But when you tell me my daughter has a gin problem, and she feels sick and I

03:42:30--> 03:42:40

also feel sick. That says to me that it's very likely that problem is affecting both of you. And Allah azza wa jal knows best. I know it's getting close to Asia. I'm going to just finish the question I'm going to stop for Aisha Charla

03:42:42--> 03:42:44

Why is it after you read Quran you feel very tired and weak?

03:42:46--> 03:43:22

Yeah, I feel that that's from the effects of shape it doesn't necessarily mean you're possessed. But the shape part doesn't want you to read Quran right? So what I do is I stand up and read, like when I get it in rakia I've read in Rockland someone and I just thought dozy, so I just stand right up and I just pace up and down reading Quran. Can you explain about one spouse being afflicted by specific and the other one trying to be supportive? How can they both be protected? So all the means of protection? We spoke about a good Rukia program, and helping the spouse to do rakia. So self Rukia is great, but also rocky with the family and I used to read for the prophets I send them who

03:43:22--> 03:43:41

was better prophets I send for sure, right. But I should still use to read Quran for him Rukia for him when he got sick, so you can read rocky for your spouse as well. I gave longer answers to that question. In the course I give some proper long answers about it. But he is just a bit quickfire questions? How do you use a locust and Hindi?

03:43:43--> 03:43:43


03:43:45--> 03:44:25

habit to milk seeds? I'm not sure about what that is. I know about habits and Baraka. But how do you use locust and Hindi? So that's a question of prophetic medicine. And there are a couple of ways I've seen it used one way, I'm not an expert on herbal medicine. But one way I've seen is for the powder to be put into oil, and the oil Rukia oil and the rocky oil to be dripped into the nostrils and just brought through. So you put some of the powder into the rookie oil and you stir and you drip it in. But I will try to ask someone about more information about it. And I've tried to include it in the course in Sharla.

03:44:27--> 03:45:00

Tangerine take the form of a deceased family relative yes, you could. The gym can take the form of people. And sometimes the gym can come to you in a way that you think it's somebody but it's not. Could it be gym possession if you're lazy to do fall to a bar and losing interest in general life matters. I mean, it could be but it doesn't have to be. So what's my methodology when I said it could be sin? It could be gin possession, it could be depression, it could be a sickness. So what are we going to do? Treat all

03:45:00--> 03:45:20

All of them. If it's a sin, let's start making Tober. If it's gin possession, let's go for rakia. If it's depression, let's go for reciting the Quran to relieve our sickness and our our depression. And if it's medical, let's get some medical treatment for it. So we're going to take all the ASVAB that Allah gave that are halal, and we're going to try all of them in short a long time.

03:45:22--> 03:46:05

With regard to regular citations sorts of Baqara for a female during menstruation, will the playing of the recording suffice? While I am I don't want to go against what some mache might have told you. Like in my position in this is there's nothing wrong with a woman reciting the Quran during her menses but what is prohibited for her is to touch the most half to touch the Arabic most half Wallah he is I understand it's the sister said my chef told me different okay, then maybe you can read you can listen to the rehabilitation. But Wallah, I don't see any single daily, not one single evidence to stop her reciting the Quran at that time, only that she shouldn't recite from the most Arabic

03:46:05--> 03:46:08

most half let her recite from the phone or letter recite from memory.

03:46:09--> 03:46:21

But if she can't do that, then maybe someone if she has a gene issue someone can recite over her. And if she doesn't feel comfortable with that, then maybe she can listen to the Quran. It's not Rokia, but you know at least it will be helpful for her.

03:46:22--> 03:46:35

Could anxiety be a sign of Sarah the evil eye? It could be but it doesn't have to be. So we're going to treat it again multiple ways. Can evil AI be a cause of a person who is ill to pass away? Eu Allah? Yes, for certain it can? Yes, for certain it can.

03:46:36--> 03:46:44

There is a weak Hadith, in which it is said that the reason that the camel will enter the pot.

03:46:45--> 03:47:11

And the reason the person will enter the grave is the evil eye. That hadith is weak. But with a lot of other Hadith with similar meanings, the meaning is true. What I mean by that is there are many, many Hadith that have similar meanings about the death of people in this ummah from the evil eye. The camel entering the plot from the evil eye, people going to the grave because of the evil eye. Generally, if you bring them all together, I believe the concept of it is correct.

03:47:13--> 03:47:52

Are girls allowed to play with dolls? Yeah, I don't see any problem with a girl having a doll as long as it has crude features. It should not have realistic not like the Barbie dolls, but like crude features like a rag doll. You know, like it's just made of like, some kind of wool or something like that. Because this helps her with her, you know, sort of maternal instincts and it gives her it helps her fitrah so yeah, there's, I believe that I shot the Allahu anha she said Hoonah burnetii. She said the Prophet size and said, What are these? She said Hoonah Bennati these are my girls, and it isn't adults. So Aisha Radi Allahu anha. She played with dolls, but they were

03:47:52--> 03:48:12

crude. They were they were so crude. The prophets I said, didn't know what they were. When he said, What are they? She said, Hoonah Bennati, they are my daughters, and they're my girls. And then she said, What is this? And she said, it's a horse with wings. And the Prophet Tyson says, Do horses have wings? She said, didn't you know so a man's horse had wings and the prophets eyes and laughed.

03:48:14--> 03:48:26

So the point is that I don't see a problem with a little girl to have crude dogs, but not realistic with facial features and body features and everything like that. But just, you know, accrued accrued dog show?

03:48:31--> 03:49:11

Well, that this is a very, very good question. And salah, I actually want to answer this question genuinely, is homosexuality, or could homosexuality be a sign of gene possession? Now, I don't believe that everyone who is homosexual has a gene problem. But I do believe that there are some people when they are possessed by Gene of the opposite gender, that might find this kind of issue happening, that I don't want to make it like, I don't want to say that the reason people are gay is because of gin. I'm not saying that. Because a lot of it is lifestyle. And a lot of it is like, you know, falling into sins and all these kinds of issues, and the people around you, but also I believe

03:49:11--> 03:49:31

there are people I've seen people who suddenly this person feels I feel so weird. I'm like, I've never felt like that at all. And I'm seeing like, men and I'm feeling like strange about it. Like, it can be yes, it can be from the gym because if the if that genie is a female, Lola, she probably she's attracted to the males me.

03:49:32--> 03:49:53

As far as the genie is male, and it's attracted to me. I don't know anything about that Allah Who knows that? But really, it can be I'm not kidding you. I've come across cases of people that are patients I've read upon, that this was a problem and when they were read upon it went away from them. And they said I would be lying in a shaytani R Rajim is the most weird thing and it's not me at all. Likewise, you know, acting

03:49:54--> 03:49:58

really out of habit. Like what people might call like

03:49:59--> 03:50:00


03:50:00--> 03:50:15

In a very immoral way that is not used. It's not you, like you're not normally like that. Like someone says, Look, I you know, I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I'm not normally the guy who stares at women and I'm not normally the guy who looks at haram on the internet and stuff like that camera again.

03:50:16--> 03:50:56

I'm not normally the person who does that. And suddenly the person finds themselves doing that uncontrollably. Yeah, I've seen that come from, from the jinn and from the shelter, and I have, so I'm not, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying these problems of immorality are problems that are caused by the jinn. But in some cases, yes, I have seen this happen from the gym is sleep paralysis, a sign of gym possession, it can be, but I mean, if I got sleep paralysis, I would definitely be looking at my car. And I would definitely be putting the oil on before sleep. And I would try to do some rokeya and see if it improves. But I'm not sure there's a clear evidence like guaranteed that

03:50:56--> 03:51:28

it's always from June possession. It might be connected to the rule. I've wondered about whether it's connected to the rule in the time of sleep, because we know that the rule separates from the body at the time of sleep the soul and it might be something to do with that as well. Allahu Allah, but I've seen gene possession like that, so it's worth doing Rukia for it. Okay, I've got a paper with so many questions, but I'm going to try to just very quickly if you're afflicted by General Magic as a possibility to know who did the say how and when. Don't concern yourself with it.

03:51:30--> 03:51:40

Don't concern yourself with it lie hustle. Don't concern yourself. If Allah shows you Allah shows you don't concern yourself with it well lie It's gonna lead you to accusing your relatives it's going to lead you to

03:51:42--> 03:51:47

the hell as a time interval Latham and tuxedo fell out of the water to talk to you about how

03:51:48--> 03:52:04

cutting off your relatives and you know, things like that it was my sister did it to me, my auntie did to me, Allah don't concern yourself with this lighthouse. Just don't concern yourself with it. If Allah azza wa jal shorts you with a beginner, which is clear and no doubt Alhamdulillah otherwise leave it.

03:52:07--> 03:52:26

Does magic expire? And does it continue when a person dies? So it generally doesn't expire per se. Like it doesn't just go away by itself. Bigger shape on never keeps agreements, even if Shavon told you that expires shaytan never keeps his promise what kind of Shantanu lemme call the Allegra in Allah who

03:52:28--> 03:52:39

were I to converse left to come one that candidly I had a comment so Pon Illa and TAO to confess the Jim Lee the iron sword Ibrahim, which the shape and says I promised you and my promise was was alive.

03:52:41--> 03:52:43

And Allah promised you and His promise was true.

03:52:45--> 03:53:04

So when a person dies, sometimes the sale just finishes and nobody has. But sometimes it does. It could be that the magician intended the whole family. And he I want to ruin everyone in that family. And so it goes from one and another person and they all kind of have something happen to them. But it depends on the person sometimes it does die with the person.

03:53:07--> 03:53:28

Do you have to have an item of a person or that so does the magician have to have an item of a person to do magic doesn't have to. But it's there it binds the shaytaan more strongly. And it has a stronger effect when they have something from that person. Likewise, the mother's name they don't have to have the mother's name, but it binds the shaytaan more strongly and powerfully when they have it.

03:53:30--> 03:53:56

Can magic from a non Muslim effect a Muslim? Yes, absolutely. I've seen many examples of it. For example, look at the example of the prophets that SLM libidinal out some Elia Who the devil out some was a Jew from the Jews of Medina. And he performed magic upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he wasn't he was only any only caused him some trouble in his worldly life like a sickness, but it didn't cause him in his religion or his prophethood anything.

03:53:57--> 03:53:59

The people who requested

03:54:00--> 03:54:18

to perform magic on another is this person also outside of the fold of Islam, or lie that's what it appears to be the case. Yes. If the person asked for magic knowing what that involves, they didn't go for istikhara or go for Nasi hat but they went for magic to be performed.

03:54:19--> 03:54:20

While I'm

03:54:21--> 03:54:40

like the prophesy Salim said Magneto Kehinde emphasized Dakka Dakka DAKKA farabi Mountain Zilla Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam whoever goes to the fortune teller and believes in them, they have disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam if you were given an amulet which contains magic, unknowingly, and then lost it,

03:54:41--> 03:55:00

what happens to the magic the magic remains, but you can break it through Rukia in sha Allah Tala can the magic manifest itself into physical ailments like miscarriages, cancer, bodily pains, yes, absolutely. I've seen it many, many times like that is magic and evil is the same thing. No, let me just give you a one minute brief on the

03:55:00--> 03:55:30

Eli, the evil eye is like an arrow that comes or a bullet that comes from the soul of the person who gives it against the one that they have jealousy or amazement for. So it's not Sahara, it's not gin. Take it like a bullet, but the bullets are coming from the gun, the bullets coming from the roof from the soul, the neffs of the person who gives it against the neffs of the person that they're hitting it for. And it comes from

03:55:31--> 03:55:36

jealousy and asset. And it can come from amazement as well.

03:55:37--> 03:56:19

As someone being like, look at that. The way to get away from it is to constantly ask Allah for baraka for the person Allahumma barik or Allah give baraka to that person. And if someone says about you, or mashallah, you know, someone says, you should mention Allah. For example, someone saw you in a nice car says nice cars, they actually say mashallah, I say Allahumma barik. Don't say to me, it's a nice car, say Allahumma barik. Oh, Allah bless him in it. And proper belief in Qatar also removes jealousy and the evil eye. As for if you are afflicted, you have two options. If you know who did it, you can ask them for their wudu water and you pour it over yourself. If you don't know who did

03:56:19--> 03:56:22

it. You can do Rokia in sha Allah and I mentioned this in detail in the course.

03:56:27--> 03:57:03

If a husband accompanies his wife to Iraqi, can the resuscitation affect the husband? Yes, it could of course. Yeah. So wala, one time I tell you one thing, I read on someone, and they came in they said like this person is afflicted, right? This person is afflicted, and you need to do Rukia on them and they've got very bad symptoms and everything. So I started reading on them nothing happened. I read again nothing happened again nothing happened one time this someone in the same house was sitting in the room when I read they just started going crazy gin and everything coming out and then I realized this problem was not with that patient it was with the person the other

03:57:03--> 03:57:18

person in the house but the effect of it was Trump was coming to that person like as a you know, as like an effect like the gene were poking them and troubling them and making them wake up at night and this kind of thing, but actually the core of the problem was done upon someone else. So yeah, it can be

03:57:20--> 03:57:59

mercerization be done every time you use the ingredients. I wouldn't say most but I mean I like to top it up you know like I like to keep Rukia water going and you know top it up but I it's not a must. I generally like for example, some people say I can't read Quran I don't feel confident. I say okay, find me someone who's occurred for you. Let them just read surah baqarah soulful Fatiha you know all the things we said and just give you the water if I trust the cardies you know good cardio and everything is not going to make any Sahara or anything. Just carry nothing else I don't want a rocky I don't want a che i just want someone to read into the water for me. Sometimes we asked the

03:57:59--> 03:58:09

little kids to do it. But then after that, do you want to top it up can do you can do from time to time, but don't make it hard. But my gyla Allah azza wa jal admitted it make

03:58:10--> 03:58:14

for this for you in this religion Hara gi Allah didn't make

03:58:16--> 03:58:20

in this religion how to Judy doula who become on yourself whether you need to become a US

03:58:22--> 03:58:25

Alhamdulillah Allah de venir Mati heeta Timo slighty hat

03:58:27--> 03:58:48

by the Grace of Allah we were able to finish this program today. We need still to pray salata Asia, that's for sure. I tried to answer as many questions as I could. My apologies to the YouTube live streamers I couldn't see your questions to even answer them. But I hope that you benefited from the from the live stream today.

03:58:49--> 03:59:27

I will put a link for my course in the live stream Inshallah, in the comments I'm going to put in the description I'm gonna put a link in sha Allah. And for all the people who registered and came in person today, we're going to send you a free link to the course Inshallah, so you can get more knowledge about it, ask more questions, the questions were fantastic. We ask Allah azza wa jal to teach us what benefits us the benefit was with what he teaches us to increases in knowledge to give us the ability to act upon it We ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure us from the sicknesses that have afflicted us We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us safe from the jinn and the shell team to keep us

03:59:27--> 03:59:53

safe from the magic and the evil eye. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us to the best of this world and the next we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make the Quran the light of our hearts we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make the Quran and means for our cure. That's what Allah made easy for me to mention. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad, what are the early he was so happy ah, marine