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The problem with you and I is that we only miss what we don't have.

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We don't do Sucre what Allah has given us

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Alhamdulillah Hello Bill alameen wa salatu salam ala CD mursaleen mowlana Muhammad. While early he was hoping he was going to be a humble son, Elijah Medina but a respected brothers

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elders. Sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Finishing off last week with

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a brief history of Uzbekistan.

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I thought I'd speak about a personality today, which is related to that area.

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See, our last panel, Darla, throughout the Quran, speaks about personalities. So Allah speaks about Moosa

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Isa and other personalities in the arm.

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Now, one may think, why did Allah need to speak about personalities, like peace and moves, while there are billions of others who speak about them and who actually believe in them?

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Because Allah Subhana Allah one wants to inspire the believers, but also Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to put the record straight,

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that you may believe in Pisa, but that we saw that you believe in is not necessarily the correct reason.

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You may believe in Moosa,

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but the moves are that you believe in is not necessarily the right moves or that you believe in the moves or that Allah wants you to believe in is the Quranic historical Moosa la him salat wa salam.

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So today, I want to speak about a personality, who the oma

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is very proud about this, oma is very proud about

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this personality is known by

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every individual here.

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They will be somewhere in the world, currently currently.

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People remembering him,

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people quoting him in the 1000s, if not 400 1000s. And this has been the case really now for 1200 years. And this will carry on So just imagine

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that you do an action where you are getting the reward because hundreds of 1000s of people have been benefiting from the work that you've done for 1200 years.

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All over the world. And this is no other than Mr. Bahari. ameerul momineen Phil haddish Rahmatullah LA. So let me briefly go through

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the history and the genealogy of Mr. Bahari Rahmatullah LA, Mr. Bahari Rama toma la his real name was Muhammad. This good Nia was Abu Abdullah. So in Bihar, you have to appoint and others quote, they say, Allah Abdullah, they refer to Mr. Bahari Rama tomar la. He's known and he's not the only one with this title. He's known as ameerul momineen. Phil had the the Emir of the believers in Hades Rahmatullah early

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history his father was smart, he, so who was smart, he is smart, he was himself and muhaddith. He studied by Mr. Mallika, Mata la la.

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He was a student and mmamoloko Rama de la la the amount of hegira.

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Many scholars say the ratio with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was related by month and Medina jammy where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people will beat the backs of their camels to seek knowledge from a man of Medina is no other than Mr. Ma mom, Mara kurama de la la Sophia, he will take a custom they will take an oath. He said, This man can be nobody other than Mr. Mallika, Mata la la. So he studied by Mr. Malik. He studied and met according to some he studied according to others, he met Abdullah Nemo bark Rahmatullah la dilemna. Mubarak was from Turkmenistan very close to where he lived. So he met Abdullah Mubarak in a bed

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has mentioned his father in a cowboy ticket, the book of the authentic narrators, so his father is regarded as an authentic narrator Mr. mojari also mentioned his father in equal cubbies. The book betallic the the book that the Mojave Rahmatullah la wrote on Thursday, but Moly on the Samira Jolo people on the lives the biographies of individuals. So Mr. Bahari, Rama de la la mentioned his father

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is narrated that when his father his father was quite wealthy, that when his father was passing away, he said by Allah, there is not one bit hum in my wealth I've ever been through how haram sources never earned one there half my wealth is not one that I earned through haram sources.

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So this was the father mumble howdy Rahmatullah it. Now you have hammered in as my grandfather, Ibrahim, great grandfather, mozila, great, great, great grandfather. Is, was there and is different different in narration regarding. So there are some that say, but because they're za and some say their job.

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This was one of his forefathers. Now from the main you could possibly ascertain that he was not a Muslim. He was actually a Zoroastrian. So he, he embraced Islam. He was a Zoroastrian. And then he embraced Islam. And this is why, if you look at the end of the title, they have a name called geography, and according to some other geography, geography and geography, and what this was, when you embraced a slum,

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on the hands of a particular person, then you would take that person's tribe on board, there's one type of wilaya you will take his tribe and board. So this individual, one of the forefathers of Mahabharata largely embraced Islam on the hands of a man called Yeoman. l jiofi. Are geography.

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So he embraced Islam on his hands, and therefore, he took that title, who were your man and jiofi. You man jiofi was the governor of Polka. So this is Mr. Buhari lineage, briefly say mamajuana de la la came from the Persians

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from the virtues of the Persians, is that the Messenger of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, he was alum was sitting one day next to Solomon Alphonse, Euro Viola and who and he said, If knowledge

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was by the stars,

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with knowledge was by the stars, these people meaning the Persians, would seek knowledge by the star of Thuringia.

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Many wherever they there is knowledge, these people have a deep desire to seek that knowledge. And as I mentioned before, Subhan Allah, all of the collators of the Sahaj sidhpur were from that region.

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Mr. leafa was a Persian descent, many of the greatest scholars and this is a testimony to the word of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam that many of the great scholars in a very short period of time bahara and these places were taken around about 90 hegira.

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And approximately 100 years time, less than 100 years time, these places became the center of howdy in the world

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for 5000

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miles away from Mecca Medina

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that the people here became they became the center people in mumble Hari Rama Kalani, so his mother

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there is no mention about his mother that her name was his father passed away when Mr. Bahari he was very young.

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While the Mambo Hari Rama de la la is young,

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he becomes blind. So imagine the mother is now lost her husband and the her child that she has Muhammad with a smile as become blind. So the mother would make profuse to offer a

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constant Diwan for her child. tahajjud Salah

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After every single Salah she would make duar for her child that Allah restore the eyesight of Mr. Bahari. So initially he could see that his vision was taken back. One night she goes to sleep, and she sees the dream. She sees Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam in a dream.

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And Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam says to her, go for Allah has returned the eyesight of your child, be kathiawar

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due to your profusely perfused making draw for your child, because you made so much duar for your child allows hameau abala returned the eyesight of your child. So she wakes up she goes and she sees that mom buhari, buhari had child a lot of resource stored the eyesight. Now this is the power

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of the War of the parents.

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This is the power of

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the province of Omar and it was sometimes said between the Diwan of the parents and Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no hijab.

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No he just goes straight up to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and you know the unfortunate thing in many cultures is that you hate mu curses for the child that you actually make was

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really, those from the Indian subcontinent will know this.

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The you have more curses for that child from the parents whose Diwan is accepted by Allah. Allah without any will go straight up.

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And they will brothers, sisters, one ly get into a habit of making dua for your children.

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Make them make dua for your children.

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Abdullah Abbas was a young child he was only 10 years old when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam passed away so bokhara generation he came and he bought some water for the purpose of law something to do with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said who bought this water?

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They said abass A Bula nivas the province of Nova Scotia said Aloma *ing with de Alon give him a deep understanding of the DEA.

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The door of the province Allah Salaam was accepted to such a degree he was only 10 years old, but they say he was right he so mufa serene Hebrew dilemma, nobody knew the field better than Abdullah boss or the Allah because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may dwell for him. So let's get into this habit.

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Make dua for your child.

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When they put something for you said zakum Allah Hayden, may Allah put Baraka in your life May Allah keep you happy.

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These doors could the kind of doors that you and me will normally give to other people. Let's give them to our children attorney Why? Because between your door for your child, even if it's Lock Haven, may Allah reward you abundantly there is no veil between you and Allah when you make that

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no veil

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get into a habit of ever after every single Salah if you are a parent and you when you will be a parent make the dua robina hublin Amina is wodgina was the we are in a unit

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Akina mama

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Ramana habla Rahman as wodgina How long does it take? Rabbana habla namanas wodgina was to react in a kurata unit Sakina mama How long does it take?

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Five seconds, five to 10 seconds.

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What a strong da the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when you make dua is accepted at the end of Salah whatever you make dua after Salah is accepted also that dua you know what you read after the Drude Sharif?

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That door we generally people generally only read one door that's it, the one which is on

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whatever is what do you read?

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What do you read?

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Oh, well, yeah. So he reads this somebody else will read this somebody else will read this somebody else will be the change those wars, but you know this one for your children. Roberta habla de la give us from our spouses from our wife's from our husbands.

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From our, from our progeny, that which is the coolness of our eyes

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that which is the coolness of our eyes.

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Imagine you look at your child, and you know in order to this a kind of project

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and I say exact translation of that, that you become cool.

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Imagine you look at your wife, your husband and Allah is the change of the hearts remember this, you make this law. And every time you look at your husband, you look at your wife

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and you feel happy.

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Imagine you look at your children. And and you see what a obedient child he is, or she is, and you become happy the coolness of your eyes, takes you 10 seconds. If you're a parent, there is no veil between you and Allah. Your parent, there is no veil between you and Allah go straight up. If you really at the end of summer, no veil between you and Allah and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the law is accepted at the end of Salah.

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If you make it if you make it in at the end of summer you're making a Diwan in the end of Salah

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when you go into sajida according to the Hanafi this should be out of for Salah but nothing Salah sooner Salah

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go into such the and make these drawers to our last Panama

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Oklahoma your cooler out massage it the closest that you will ever be to Allah ever be to Allah is when you are in this state of such

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get into the habit of making the twoth don't do your three P's in such a five step and for the last 20 years that's only been doing

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Yeah, we will make do after Salah 10 seconds, one minute two minutes. Other than that, what blood do you make?

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ask yourself a question When was the last time you may draw and such now imagine that the pleasure that you get in the when you make a dwarf in such that

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you're Institute to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you're making dua to Allah subhanaw taala and that is the closest that you will ever be to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so brothers get into this habit sisters get into this habit

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of making duar for your children

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now this every moment putting the children down yeah, your waste of time. You know your your resume your rubbish, do you get there with a gold a stars?

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You are meant to get eight a stars Arthur's laughing like he got a stars

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you know so Pamela,

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let me tell you something. I know they're talking about it. But let me let me diversify slightly. Listen.

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One llahi. As believers, you should be people who aspire for high things through education wise islamically, you should aspire, that's fine.

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But don't attach your happiness to benchmarks.

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don't attach your happiness to benchmarks. Yeah, in education aspire to attain wealth, but look, you said Oh, if only I you know as a parent, if only my child got into grammar school, so good if you get into grammar school, she gets to hamdulillah

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and then the child gets into Grammar School, then your next benchmark is how many a stars or how many you know

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GCSEs can they attain, so the person attains what they need to attain? Then they go to the college they want to then they go to you know, all your life, your entire life. You attach your success and happiness to benchmarks.

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But what about the years in between? Where was the happiness then? What about the now what about the next hour What about the next day

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and then then you reach the university that you want it all your life. So you've got into university, you've got the thing, and then you benchmark your degree. So then you get your degree, then your next benchmark is your job.

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So you get the ideal job, but still not enough. You want promotion on your life.

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You attach your life your happiness to benchmarks, which is a delusion.

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I tell you when to be happy.

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Be happy now work hard, whatever Allah declivity Alhamdulillah good one lie, there's no guarantee. And if you're an 80,000 pounds a year that you're going to be happy.

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There's no guarantee that you find your ideal job, that you're going to be happy. There's no guarantee that you then your next benchmark, you want to get married, you find your ideal woman, no guarantee you're going to be happy, then you want children. You get the children, no guarantee you're going to be happy.

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How many parents won't lie you know now who cries especially in the West.

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Though children who should have been the coolness of their eyes, they can't get to sleep. I had a guy two days ago knock my house at 10 o'clock at night because what was happening with his child.

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And so all your life you have attached your happiness, no time for Allah. No time for the family. Just with the deluded happy benchmark there is no guaranteed proverbs enjoy the now

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connect with Allah now be happy with what you have you on 20,000 be happy with what Allah has granted you because you only see that a parent what is happening behind that Range Rover? And that Rolls Royce or that house in Somalia Hello Selly Oak, you don't know what happened in the four door four walls of that house? What kind of happiness you may be far happier in your house in a new town.

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So a touch also be happy what Allah has granted you

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have benchmark for your children, but don't have these stupid benchmarks when you destroy their life.

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The every moment Oh, you got to have a stars or a star. You got to get into this use University. You got to get into medicine. Why do you want your child to get medicine?

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Why? Because you know, Mira, Mira, beta, doctor, a

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Firstly, five years of doing medicine is a killer. And then what do you start off on 25,000 pounds a year.

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And the hours and I say these I don't say these are ingredients, I have plenty of students who are here, doctors, they all tell you, nobody would become a doctor for the money in the UK.

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So don't

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if Look, if you can guarantee me that by having a certificate of doctor you will be happy for the rest of your life that type.

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If you can tell me by by earning 60,000. And that's what you stood for all your life, you're going to be happy.

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If you will tell me that you're you by you by your Range Rover, you will be happy for the rest of us. Are you fine? But it's not it's not reality. So brothers be content with what Allah has given you have aspirations, but those aspiration should never take away from your connection with Allah, your connection with your family, that you are discontent with what you have today.

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This content

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Look what Allah has given us. Look at Subhana Allah, the problem is you and I is that we only miss what we don't have.

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We don't do Sucre, what Allah has given us.

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We've our children have enough enough to eat tonight Alhamdulillah they have a roof over their heads. Billions of people don't know, don't have this, and don't know what the child is going to have next moment in the next moment. But you have problems.

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And look, we all have problems. But why are you making the problem? Sometimes they're not even a problem. But you want to make a problem. Let me tell you. The only reason you and I today have problems is because you and I are alive today.

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There are many people who never woke up this morning.

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They would have loved to have your problems.

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They children, their wife, their parents, their brothers and sisters would have loved that that person had job problems and was still alive with them today. You and I got problems.

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Because we don't understand. We don't know Shuker of what we have. And Allah says in Chicago, he did not come.

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You know, they have this theory, which is called the missing tile theory. The missing tile theory is this. Like for instance, you're sitting in an office and you see a ceiling and you see all the tiles who's a large room

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There's 200 tiles in the room. But there's one missing.

00:25:06--> 00:25:25

Which What do you notice? When you look at the ceiling? What do you notice? The missing one? That's how you and I live our lives. We can't see all the net is Allah has given us we can do Sucre for all the net was a last month Allah has given us but the one that's racing we see

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that one net mother's missing we see.

00:25:33--> 00:25:35

And therefore brothers, sisters,

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thank Allah for what Allah has given you to sugar upon what Allah has given you the content of what Allah has given you. The one line one law he has given us immense amount

00:25:49--> 00:25:52

has given us an immense amount.

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And compare that with other people in the world.

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Make your life make your life something which is a benefit for other people.

00:26:06--> 00:26:32

Make your life right Mr. mojari where I started from there after he passed away imagine here we stand up here. Today we speak to my mom Buhari somebody else is reading it somewhere in the world somebody learning Buhari for 1200 years, constantly, Mr. Bahari who revived the son of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, somebody is quoting him and mentioning it somewhere in the world.

00:26:34--> 00:26:35

Somewhere in the world.

00:26:37--> 00:26:56

So make your life make your life that once you leave this dunya you have done something, that once you are in the depths of your grave, others are still benefiting the least that you and I can do the least is that instill these good qualities in our children.

00:26:58--> 00:27:26

raise our children so make duar after every Salah for your children, egg white and such stuff for your children. May Allah subhanaw taala Grant has pious children. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us united in this dunya May Allah Allah make our spouses the coolness of our eyes, our children, the coolness of our eyes, Allah subhanaw taala make the next generation a generation which is an asset to us and not a liability may have lost $1 keep us enlightened in this dunya and reunited in general