HAGIA SOPHIA – Conquest of Constantinople

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He later on in the day that he mentioned that he was totally attacked,

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doing a State Farm. It was asking for gentlemen for those who have been martyred in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In front of him, was his teacher Archbishop's hammer farther behind his teacher shamsudeen. And then he reaches the center of the city and humbled the Father. He gathers his companions 150,000 strong arm ministers is 23 years old at the time, and he gives a talk.

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Imagine this La ilaha illAllah you're giving a talk. You're the Fati.

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And you're saying the mercy of Allah said and he's now giving in Birmingham is giving in Constantinople the day the city felt.

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And he says, Man, remember the words of the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will surely conquer Constantinople.

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And you the army will be the most wonderful of armies.

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And then he walks towards the Sophia Hagia.

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And when he walked toward the Sophia Hagia some of the Christian they come out from the Christian Leadership, and they go on one knee and they sit in front of in one eat.

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a hamburger father said to Mr. Kim, stand up. I am nothing besides Obama, I

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don't know yourself for me.

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And then Mohammed Al Fatah, they go to the Hagia Sophia, and this was unparalleled. This never happens before. When you take a place you massacre the people in it, he waited for them to finish their prayers. And then when the patriarch came, he gave him all Amman.

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He gave him all Harmon. He said go to your home, you are all secure. And then that day, the whole Salah was in Sofia.

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Now some say Oh, but why did Mohammed Fatah convert the church into a machine?

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Mohammed Al Fatah is on record saying that I prefer

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that next to every church they be next to every machine is a church. So for the Christian, they go to the church and for the Muslim they go to the machines.

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But if you compare this what happened on the other side of the Mediterranean, which was paid, every single machine was turned into a challenge. No one machine was left. No one you know the core of our machine. The core of our machine, according to many historians, was the largest machine in the world once upon a time, it was larger than the harbor may

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be converted some churches but the vast majority he left them to be