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AI: Summary © The importance of preemptive attacks in warfare is emphasized, including the Mojto-ive Empire and the Islamist movement. Pranksters and language use are cautionary, with a focus on finding a clear vision for one's life and finding a strategy to achieve success. The rise of Islam in the Middle East and the loss of acceptance in the United States due to the lack of truthfulness have also been discussed. The speakers advise against giving money to someone who is not a good person and suggest focusing on one's own success.
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To the north of the Arabian Peninsula, right at the borders with a sham.

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Again, based on the some news that reached him, and maybe the Byzantines, along with some of the Christian Arabs are actually putting together an army to attack the Arabian Peninsula. So preemptively the prophets of salaam said, let's take the first step. And by the way, that's extremely important, generally speaking, as a strategy.

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So in warfare, you will find a lot of that preemptive attacks are actually done in order to avoid a bigger confrontation to take the enemy by surprise. And also, it's very helpful. By the way, on a personal level, it's very helpful on a personal level, generally speaking, generally speaking, if people can read you, okay, you'll find them a few steps ahead of you. But if you are generally someone who can read a little bit into the future, anticipate

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and be prepared, be ahead of the people around, you, actually, you will be in a better position, I'm not speaking in personal war, but even whatever you are, whether you're a manager or you're a parent, let's say for example, give an example of a parent, you have a child who's reaching, you know, teenage years.

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You observe your child, you see what the interests they have, what problems they have. And with a little bit of observation, thinking, and some research, you can actually somehow anticipate what your child will go through. So you might prepare some stuff for them, maybe you prepare some activities for them, maybe you prepare some sort of a journey for them that you take them on a trip for, or you give them a lesson somehow. Or you anticipate that your child for a few months from now, when they reach puberty, they're going to actually like the interests, you will you will notice a shift in the interest. So you're already prepared for that. That's again, a pre emptive measure. So

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it's extremely important in life, generally speaking, and we found the prompts are actually many times we mentioned that, that he preemptively would take steps and you will find this really outstanding, this outstanding aspect of the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, he was on top of his affairs.

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Every time he would, he would be keep himself informed about other people under the tribes, and he would know beforehand their plans. And he would try to, again, you know,

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be there before them, deal with a situation before them preemptively take some measures.

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So the Prophet SAW Salem reached, we said to walk and they camped there for a number of days. And there was no signs from the Christian Arabs or the Byzantines, that they were actually intending to engage in warfare. The prophesy Salam said that was enough. This was an act of psychological war. The message was sent the point registered, don't mess with the Muslims. Don't mess with the Muslims. And that's extremely important.

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When the Prophet Salem was there, being it's a book is close to a town called ALA, which is today known as

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Aqaba, it's to the south of Jordan, to the south of Jordan, his name, his name was ala ALA and

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so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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had a meeting

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with the leader of ALA of that city, which was considered to be like a small, it was on its own it has its own had its own autonomy, the prophecy of them had a meeting with the the the leader of ALA and there was an agreement that they would

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blend into the

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the rule of the Muslims. So they would be under the rule and the protection of the Muslims. So thus, the ruler or the king of ALA, his name was your Hannah ignore Oba. Probably he was a Christian.

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He would actually pay a tax which is the jizya to the prophets, Arsalan and the jizya. The Muslims take this tax from

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non Muslim populations, specifically Jews, Christians, and majority of the scholars actually extend this to other religions as well. The Muslims take that from them in exchange of

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So if any attack like now, ala imagine where the Muslim rain has reached, a healer is in a sham, if any attack the

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If they undergo any attack, and Muslims are meant to defend them, by means of this agreement, so thus they pay the Jizya to the prophets, Allah Allah when he was salam. And it was something that was helpful to them. And even though they were Christians, but don't forget, at the time again, we don't want to deal with, like, we don't want to establish our understanding of history on assumptions, because oftentimes, we can carry stuff from our times assumptions from our times and gone and apply them to those times where things were drastically different.

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So you will find a lot of the Byzantine Empire

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subjugated the population of that land, they took advantage of them. Again, there was the landlord system, people had huge pieces of land, or they would confiscate huge pieces of land, and the locals would become workers to those landlords, that's actually where the word landlord comes from. So you will find the Byzantines from Eastern Europe, they would come and they would take over the land. And the local population, the indigenous people would become workers and they would work day and night, burly earning a living. That's it. And they they live their life pretty much in slavery. It wasn't like technical slavery. But practically speaking, there were more or less slaves.

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So a lot of them were living under oppression. There was a lot of persecution taking place, there was a lot of injustice, and so on and so forth. So people were actually looking forward to any kind of relief. So when the Prophet SAW Selim came about in the disciplines, we find that this king of ALA himself, he was willingly hoping to become part of the Muslim reign. And thus he had this agreement with the Prophet SAW Salem, and they will, he would pay the Muslims 300 dinars every year. And we said, this is the jizya it's an exchange of them being under the reign of the Muslim government, they would have their autonomy, but politically, and with regards to work warfare, the

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Muslims would protect them. They don't have to engage in

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and then he gives, the Prophet SAW Selim a gift, which was a white mule, and the Prophet Salam gives him a gift in return, which was some sort of cloak and the Prophet and writes the agreement or gets the agreement written.

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there's actually we have a text from this, which is basically says Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim had the Emmet Amana to mean Allah He has xojo Mohammed Nabi Leo, Hannah Nero

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and the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, this is

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a promise for protection and safety from Allah.

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The Most High and from Muhammad the Prophet to your hand up naraba, the name of the king were actually ala telephony him Wally sejati, and to the citizens of ALA

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their ships, it was a coastal city ships and their caravans on the land, to their sea and to their,

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to their land. The metal law he was awarded the promise and the responsibility of Allah subhanaw taala with a motto Mohammed in Ibiza Salam and the promise and the responsibility of Muhammad, the prophet.

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And whoever passes by through ALA, any visitor, any stranger who spends the time in ala

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whether they come from a sham, or they travel by sea from Yemen, that actually Muslims are responsible for their protection, Thurman, Defra had nothing whatever does something problematic and that challenges this authority of the Muslims for in a Hula, hula Malou who do an NFC then there will be no protection for him, regardless of whatever wealth or money he has. We're in home for you but on demand a home in a nice Villa hill a numinous aroma and you're doing well. And you're doing a home in Berlin Alba, and basically people travelers are allowed to go through this land or this

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ala to go safely to walk into it to drink from its water. So public services there and they are allowed to use the roads that are made that and the and this and even the the the sea sea routes as well.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam another area that is actually close to Ala, scald Java whatever.

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They are more and more in the desert. They were inhabited by some Jewish tribes. They also agree to have the same kind of treaty with the Prophet SAW Salem. So they would

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put themselves under the wings of the Muslims in that sense, but they

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Have their autonomy and the Muslims are responsible for their protection.

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And the problem wrote a book for them a letter for them it says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, had our Kitab only Mohammed Nabi, the early Java. This is the book and the covenant from Muhammad the Prophet, to the people of Jehovah and a little an army known as the Emanuela who Amani Mohammed that they are safe, a protection given to them from Allah and from Mohammed. anally he met at a dinner in the Quran, the raja been wife here Tompa yerba Allahu, if you don't allow him, in exchange, they actually pay the Muslims 100 dinars every year, every Roger every month of Rajab and Allah subhanaw taala is in charge of this,

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Allah is a watchful over this agreement. So we can see this is a new change the Muslims now the Muslim Muslims are becoming a major force superpower where other nations are the smaller nations and dynasty and understand these dynasties, but some kind of cities or autonomous cities, they actually start connecting themselves and annexing themselves to the Muslim to this Muslim

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empire whatever you want to call it.

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Many people actually join come and see the Prophet Solomon he was there people from the north of the Arabian Peninsula like man called Malika, Mata Luffy and he was a leader on among his people.

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During this trip again the prophets of salaam gave

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told the Muslims which is here of a key aspect the prophets of salaam it was in this trip that he said manpower might be the stuffer Leticia fatawa

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from mahkamah for Salah, look at any of our Allahu Allahu Allahu Hazza. Who can come I will let the to move the prophecies ALLAH is talking about

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the prayer of Doha here he says, Whoever makes widow when the sun has risen, and he makes widow good widow and prays to rock as then his sins will be forgiven, just like the day he was born.

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And also the Proxxon give another Hadith about widow the amount of Mahatama rates problems salaam salaam says mentor both for us and a widow odo from Maratha and Nevada who in a summer fall shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa la sharika shadow unknown Mohammed Abdullah solo footie Hitler who the money to avoid Bill Jana yet whom in a year. Shep prosom says Whoever makes will do and he makes it properly. Then he looks upward. And he says a shadow en la ilaha illallah wa la sharika wa shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah swallow, then the eight gates of paradise will open up to this person, we can choose which anyone who wants to go through going to gender fluid

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that will be obviously on the Day of Judgment.

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So it gives us actually a glimpse on how the prompts that I'm used to teach the Companions, the prophet Selim hardly held like technical classes where it say to the Companions communist have a regular class or something like this. The companions had that later on. Like I would love to Mossad For example, He used to sit and teach every Thursday, I belong must be alone, and you find overall the ALARA hand also regular and regular routine as to how to teach. The Prophet SAW Salem on the other hand, his teaching style was very organic, was very organic. Through the company of the companions, an incident would take place, and the prophets of salaam would give them instructions as

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to how to deal with it. Look at the prior. We don't have a Hadith from the prophets of salaam where he describes the prayer in complete details except for one where the prophets of Islam was sitting with some of his companions. A man came into the masjid and he prayed his salon he prayed very quickly when he came back the problem said you know go back and pray because you haven't prayed it doesn't count. So the man goes and does the same and does the same the person sends him back it says Allah Salah that's all I know teach me prophecy Salam describes the prayer for him the basic acts of prayer that standing up then you will recite. Then you go down for Rocco. Then you stand up and you

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go down for sujood general description but not in details. How did the prophets of salaam teach the Companions how to pray? It was very organic. What did he say? He said, he said son, lo Kamara, Tonio Sunday prayers. You saw me pray. Simple teaching by example. Most of the Hadith are actually find them the the Companions Radi Allahu Anhu. describing something the prophets of salaam did was something he said or the way he handled the situation. A lot of Islam is actually like this. And that's the best way of teaching you teach by example.

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You teach by example you teach when the situation

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arises and then you give guidance, people are very receptive, very receptive. But when you start bombarding people with information, most people start developing this kind of defensive, cognitive defensive attitude, they don't want to take too much, and you don't want to be over flooded with information. So it's very wise, by the way, for the person for a teacher as well, for a parent

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to use moments, and situations when they happen to teach the child. So sometimes it might be wise to let you for example, like something I read about, and it was very interesting,

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a child was playing with their bicycle, and they were happy, they had this bicycle. And obviously, the parent told the child when they first bought the bicycle, you have to look after it, so you don't leave it out in the rain.

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Otherwise go rusty, but the child over excitement and so on and so forth. And you know, sometimes it's hard just to keep taking the, the bicycle to the garage, so they kept it outside, and they would park it outside. So a few weeks later, it was rain season, you know, the bike got really rusty.

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And the chain started you know, having issues and so the child wasn't wasn't under the father notice that the father wanted does most of us parents don't want to interfere, you know, is you're gonna break down your, you know, your bicycle is gonna break down, this is gonna happen, right? We like to lecture. But sometimes you might actually want your child to go through the experience. So they understand.

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Because you will find when you when you try to tell the child what to do, they will resist, they don't want to be told, sometimes they want, sometimes they don't. So you have to develop some kind of sensitivity, see when they are receptive, and not try to bombard them and lecture to them.

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yeah, so the bicycle broke down. And the child was really puzzled, started crying came to the den instead of the dad, as most of us would be tempted to do, I told you, right? I told you, you should put it in the garage and keep it outside. We'd be tempted to do this. But that would be one of the worst things to do.

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But the parent, this was a real story, by the way. So what the father said to the child, he said, Okay, how do you think it got rusty? You know, I was supposed to put the bicycle in the garage every day, but I didn't. So I think that's what happened. But so the father said, Okay, this happens. So you learn the lesson. What can we do now? Teaching the child now how to handle problems. Because if you just blame the child, by the way, they're gonna, they're not going to learn in our receptive, so they won't learn how to solve problems, just give them the opportunity, but help them let them feel that you are on their side, rather than you are their opponents. So how do you think we can deal

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with this? Now? I don't know. Okay, things break down, there's a way to fix them. Who do you think can fix the there must be a bike shop? Okay, let's go and check to go.

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To the go to the bike shop, the bike shop gives them a quote. So the father says, you know, he wants this money. The child obviously is motivated, says, Okay, I'm going to save from my pocket money for this, okay? I'll pay for you. And you save your pocket money, you pay me back.

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It's not necessarily bad, but you teach the child to take responsibility. And the father says, or mentions the story. He says, later on the child took care of the bike, never ever put it outside. But if you tell the child I told you, I guarantee that would happen again and again and again. Again, again, again. Again, so the Prophet SAW Selim actually that's how he told the companions that are we Allah who I know

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he would wait for a situation to happen. And then he would give guidance on that and thus the Companions would be very receptive. Why? Because the information is needed. The guidance is needed. Abdullah no master will allow unknown he said Canada sort of license let me tell her well, Luna minima wherever the half at Amity Elena, the prophets of salaam would seek opportunities to give us advice and admonition, because he didn't want us to feel bored.

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Again, so that's actually wise kind of teaching wise kind of teaching you teach people by example. You teach people when the moment arises, when there's a situation. That's when you teach them that's when knowledge is practical, and people are willing to absorb it.

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Yeah, so the prophets of Salaam, obviously, he taught these the Companions he told them about this will do and about salatu Doha because obviously they were traveling and they would see the prophets I saw them doing Salah to Doha.

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Right? So the Prophet, he saw the interest in the eyes of the companions, so he shared the background of that with them and thus, it's hard to forget something when you learn it. When you learn through a situation. Then the prophets Allah Salam says Haldimand will lead to do material agenda. And previously if you guys remember Dermatol agenda, they were actually putting it out

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AMITA fighting, the Prophet SAW Selim, maybe a year or two before this moment is to the north of the Arabian Peninsula do metal agenda and the Prophet Salam sent an army to them but they, they didn't find anything.

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But these people had intentions, the prophet Islam was very close to them now he sends highly dwindle worried with 75 companions to go to that land and the Prophet said and said, Go and search for their leader.

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Or sorry, process and husband lead with 420 420 companions. And the king his name was okay doc. Okay, Doc, no Abdon medic, and prophesy limbs, said 200, you will find them chasing deer is going for, for hunt.

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So the Prophet actually 100 catches the guy,

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catch the guy and his brother, and one of his brothers resists. So there was a fight, and the brother gets killed by the bring

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Qaeda to the Prophet SAW Salem, the problem speaks with him. And then they have an agreement, same agreement as ALA. And as the other advice to them and others.

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So the so this this trip, although it was primarily to send a message to the Byzantines and the Christian Arabs, and also maybe to preemptively, you know, deal with any military activity on their side, and also the Prophet Solomon used it for other things, I can see the Prophet of Islam was, was very good at managing,

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I would say maximizing his benefit from any situation. So we were on a trip, took a lot of resources, a lot of time, extreme hardship, the prophet Salam said, since we are there in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, then let's do some work. Let's get some things done. There's nothing on the front of the Byzantines and the Christian Arabs, this strike some deals, let's see what progress we can achieve. And this shows that the Prophet SAW Selim was a man of of purpose, he had a strategy, he knew he had clarity about where he was going. So there was no confusion. You know, when when you have a clearer vision of what you want to do, it's easier for you in every situation, to

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automatically configure the situation in relation to your goal, and figure out what's the best course of action. But if you don't have a clear vision, you're just doing things for the sake of doing things when something goes wrong, you're confused, not what to do. Why because you don't have a long term vision. So it's extremely important. And we have to do that, by the way, in our private lives as well, your personal life.

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You know, research and social sciences shows that people have a clear plan for their life, when they are in their 20s they actually end up being far more successful in every area of their life than people who are confused. People who don't know really what they want to do. It doesn't mean to just force yourself into any kind of vision, it means you have to develop the introspection, you have to maybe go through some exercises, maybe think about it and, and maybe journal and just know more about yourself. So you can you can find a strategy, you can find a vision that really inspires you, that makes your life meaningful. That is something you'll find to be a good investment of your life.

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And then from there, you you, you work your way out backwards from division, you start developing strategies, start developing strategies. So you want to achieve your vision, let's say over 30 years, right? So you say okay, now I want to build a bridge from here to there. 30 years. So in 20 years,

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where should I be so that 10 years later, I'm closer to my vision, and so on and so forth. So you weren't you you find out or you work it out backwards.

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But the clarity is extremely important, you know, your end goal, and that's what some of like, Stephen Covey calls this start with the end in mind. Start with the end in mind, when you know where you're trying to get. It's easier to figure out, you know, what to do as a bridge towards that towards that vision, or that goal. It is in this moment as well. The prophets of salaam sends another message to

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you say here Oculus, the king of Byzantine.

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Hercules. I went back to my older notion. Okay, Hercules. So the prophets of salaam sends another message to Hercules.

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Your Oculus was

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Hercules? So here Oculus. Her Oculus, right. Okay, good. Okay. I love

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her Oculus your Oculus.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim sends a message to her Oculus again another message and the problem since this year al Kilby, the prophets of salaam Sal since this year

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And Kelby and actually

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yeah the hill Kobe was someone who had a lot of resemblance to the prophets Allah Allah.

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physical resemblance, he that he had a lot of resemblance to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the point that when sometimes people saw him, he saw him they thought he was the prophet sighs. So he had this kind of close resemblance to the messenger Salam. So the prophecy is I'm sending him to her Oculus, offering him to enter into Islam.

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offering him and we said Islam here is not like, hey, a gunpoint or so point become a Muslim. It's basically it's your right, every human being has the right to connect to Allah subhanaw taala every human being, even if they are resistant, by the way, even if they are resistant, is just like imagine there's a child, and you know, the child is ill and they need to take the medication, but they are resisting. And then we said, okay, the child doesn't want the medication. We're not gonna give it to him. You don't do that. You see beyond that, right? You transcend that immediate response. Again, the more that's really in essence, that's what humans are searching for. That's

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their photo, that's the color of their fitrah. That's their birthright, they, they they deserve to know the truth. And Allah sent it throughout the ages to different prophets and messengers. Don't be trapped in in titles. The prophets of salaam sent it to know how they Salam, he sent it to Ibrahim alayhi salam, he sent it to his house. And it's mareel and Yaqoob and use of and Musa and Harun and he sent it to the wood and Salima and Teresa and the courier ISA and yeah, here and to the Prophet SAW, Selim isn't the same message. It's the same universal message, the province of Salem center because humans deserve to hear it. They deserve to know it, because that's the way out of the

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predicament of this life.

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And at the end of the day, it's their choice whether they want to accept it or not. So that's really what what's the mission of Islam is, that's what their work is. And that's what you know, when Muslims went out into the world, it was for them a responsibility to convey the message because people deserve to hear it is their right. It's not like I have a choice. It's a luxury like, I want to give it to people or not. No, you have to people have the right to hear it. If you withhold it.

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You're going to be held accountable by Allah Subhan Allah Tada. So the prophets of salaam cinta to them, it's not like hey, you will just become like us. That's not the point. That's a narrow minded approach to it. So the prophets of salaam said to the Hill kalbi, you give him three offers consecutive efforts offers,

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enter into Islam? If not, if not, then Okay, you go under our rule. And we will protect you.

00:27:54--> 00:28:02

And that means is well, that means that implies you open your borders to the Tao of Islam. So your people, the citizens in your,

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in your, under your reign, are free to choose their religion, they have access to Islam, and they are free to choose it. That's what it means.

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And if you refuse,

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okay, then we have to deal with you.

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We have to we are in a state of enmity with you if you refuse those. Now, if you accept those fine. If you don't accept those, then basically you are confiscating the rights of people to live under justice, because you are oppressing them, and you confiscate the right to know the truth. You are you're a barrier now, holding them back from the truth.

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And we're not going to let this happen.

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So the Prophet sallahu wa salam, the HCA goes there. And it seems still like he contemplates responding to that, but obviously he looks at the response of his assistants, he realizes is it's, it's negative. So he decides to turn down the offer of the prophets of salaam but he turned it down nicely. He gave a beautiful response. He sent someone an Arab from the, from the assassin of the Arab Christian Arab tribes. He sent him as a messenger to the prophets of salaam to sort of cool things down and avoid the confrontation.

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And he met the prophets of salaam that they have in their books about the final prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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so the man who was sent by miraculous to the Prophet SAW Salem, his name was at 10 o ke at 10 o he's from Tennessee is one of the Arab tribes

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and finally, he just okay in many he manages to neutralize the situation and

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obviously again the profitable and decides, Okay, we'll leave it at that. We'll leave it at that the Prophet SAW Salem after spending 20 days in to walk. He goes back to Medina on the way more Adam Lunchable asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we know the Pro, either Bucha probably Allahu Allah, you by the way my other manager but when he died he was 27 years old.

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Why the manager

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and the Prophet SAW Selim says, You shall nursery Oh multi Yama.

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People like will be gathered on the day of judgment and what other jobs will be ahead of them.

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He was extremely knowledgeable. He was the scholar among the companions, even though he was among the youngest. He was a very learned person, not the Allahu Anhu and he used to say, Cannon nurseries Aluna rasool Allah He SallAllahu and he will send them and he'll hire are going to Allahu Annie Cherie Mahathat anutric Any rather than Jubilee He said, People used to ask the Prophet Salam about good things. And I used to ask him about bad things out of fear in order to protect myself from these bad things. So usually

00:31:12--> 00:31:14

we'll find a lot of these like

00:31:15--> 00:31:52

the the warnings that came from the props generated by him rather than a devil because he specifically used to ask about them. So we have for example, this hadith modern German as they are on the way to personal Amazonia his maybe camel or horse and rather than just writing right next to him and he says, yeah rasool Allah Akbar Nabi Amelie new colonial Jana he says on Messenger of Allah tell me about something that will enter me into paradise something I do while you were doing even a knock on distances me from the Hellfire for Allah Rasulillah Salam Naka CELTA and away more in the Himalayas here on Allah minea Salah Allahu Allah He He said you have asked about a great affair, but

00:31:52--> 00:31:58

it's easy for the people that Allah makes it easy for tabooed Allah Allah to show you could be Hey che

00:32:00--> 00:32:03

your worship Allah alone you don't associate partners with Allah.

00:32:05--> 00:32:16

Wa T mo Salah established Salah regularly what to what to add this Zakah and you pay this account? What assume Ramadan for someone with a hood you'll wait

00:32:17--> 00:32:20

and you make pilgrimage to the house. That's it.

00:32:21--> 00:32:27

So he asked for something will bring him closer to paradise more distant from the alphabet. That's it. That's it.

00:32:29--> 00:32:58

From Matata Rasulullah Salam, Allah do look at a Bible higher shall not guide you to the gates of goodness will to agilely Rasul Allah said he is indeed on the center of Allah the Prophet says Carlos Allah or somos una fasting is a protection. Protection from the Hellfire was sada autopsy all hobby and the charity when you give out money for the sake of Allah, it is thing extinguishes the sin.

00:32:59--> 00:33:05

And this is a metaphor, but it's a figure of speech, the prophet seldom is likening the center of the fire.

00:33:06--> 00:33:07

So when you give sadaqa

00:33:09--> 00:33:15

it extinguishes this fire of the sun. So it's a very good way to expiate the sins and atone the sins

00:33:16--> 00:34:01

can make up your own mountain, not just like the water extinguishes the fire was ALLAH to gradually fee to fill lead and the prayer in the middle of the night in the depth of the night, these are the gates of goodness, fasting sadaqa and praying at night, from Makara to Jaffa Juno boom annual Madonna he had her own album joven Obama and women models of an old movie when they actually like when their sides depart. They're like blankets and their and their pillows are diverse. And they start calling upon Allah subhanaw taala out of love and fear and they spend from what Allah subhanaw taala has given them the problem says, Allah Akbar. Okay, well, let me show you where I'm going with

00:34:01--> 00:34:11

the here what what is an army shall I not tell you about the head of the matter, the head of Islam, and the main pillar in it,

00:34:12--> 00:34:42

and the peak the highest point in us. So why that's about one thing, the problem is giving him more. And it shows as well but it's good actually to choose a good moment to ask by the way, like a teacher or someone or a mentor is really good, too. Because sometimes you will find for example, the teacher is really open for questions. Ask. But sometimes you see someone like rushing and you start catching them, you're not going to get a good answer. So it's good actually to choose the best, the best time.

00:34:44--> 00:34:52

So the Prophet SAW over is the Mark says Indeed yes, agilely Rasul Allah. The messenger Salam says the last one is Salah, Amaryl Islam.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

The head of the whole affair basically, what this whole affair is about Al Islam, you submit

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:01--> 00:35:03

you submit to Allah.

00:35:04--> 00:35:18

So, again, it's an attitude in the heart and that you do the actions that you're meant to do. When a mood of Salah and the main pillar of this whole thing is Salah. That's why praying prayer is extremely important. You can't like mess with the prayer.

00:35:19--> 00:35:29

Without little what to do what to send me in Jihad officer Belinda. And the highest point in it is jihad in the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. Why

00:35:30--> 00:35:41

the scholars say you can't reach that highest point until you establish the foundations because it reaches a point where you, you're willing to

00:35:42--> 00:35:43

sacrifice your life.

00:35:44--> 00:35:57

Your life doesn't belong to you anymore. You see something more valuable than life. You see the truth so clearly to the point that you realize it's more valuable than your life here on Earth.

00:35:59--> 00:36:25

So this is why it's the highest point then the Prophet says Allah of Bureau can be Malarkey, then equally, shall not tell you about something that encapsulates all of this. They imagine is giving Dr. Murad the advice from different perspectives and you like offering it in different shapes. Murad says in details Allah the Prophet SAW Salem what does he do? He holds on to his own tongue.

00:36:26--> 00:36:32

Person gets his own sticks his own tongue tongue out and he holds he holds it in his two fingers.

00:36:34--> 00:36:40

When he says the Kufa Lekha you hold this back you watch this

00:36:41--> 00:37:15

so my dad says what are we gonna be Allah we're in Allah moussaka. Dona we managed to Kerala movie on Messenger of Allah we're going to be held accountable for what we see in provinces and I'm says the key let's go omocha Yamaha whoa to your mouth swung with you. While you're Cuban NASA. Allah will do him. Oh, Adam in a hurry him fanatee Illa Hassan, I don't see nothing. Is there anything that drags people are on their faces, or on their nose, dragged them on their faces, to be thrown to the hellfire, but the consequences of their tongues.

00:37:18--> 00:37:48

So the Prophet Sam is giving profound advice he's giving him and by the way, if you look at this advice, all of it, it's summarized, it summarizes the details of Islam into manageable points, manageable points. So the person is saying to him, tell you, I'll tell you of the head of the matter. And the pillar of the whole thing. And the highest point then he says, Shall I not tell you about one thing that encapsulates all of this? One thing? What is it

00:37:49--> 00:37:51

Be watchful of your time of what you say?

00:37:53--> 00:37:57

Valuable each one of them is, you know, is a gem in its own.

00:37:59--> 00:38:19

On the way, again, back to Medina, about 12 of the hypocrites were still in the Muslim army. And as if you guys remember we still said that the Muslims would make small groups and they would be dispersed on the way as they're traveling back to Medina. Now the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam was with two companions ahead of him

00:38:21--> 00:38:27

was Khalifa. And behind him was a model binary acid. And they came to a point

00:38:28--> 00:38:31

where they were right on the on a cliff.

00:38:32--> 00:39:13

They were on a cliff. So there was a ditch right to their site. And it's a small narrow passage to the point that they couldn't be three together like side by side, or they've had to be in the front the profits are somewhat second, and amount of money acid was behind him. As they are passing through this narrow paths. These 12 Hypocrites mask themselves on their horses, they, they rush into this pass, they come against the the direction of the Prophet SAW Salem, and they tried to our crowd, the prophets, Allah wa salam and the two companions and to push them off the ditch so that they fall in it.

00:39:14--> 00:39:15

It was an assassination attempt.

00:39:18--> 00:39:34

So Allah subhanaw taala the prophets of Summon, he saw them from a distance he said to her, they first speed up speed up, he could see what was happening, speed up, however, they managed to start moving faster, and they managed to pass this narrow point, what would have been a disaster?

00:39:37--> 00:39:49

Then, obviously, they couldn't recognize him but the prophets they couldn't recognize these 12 people. But the Prophet SAW Selim said that they wanted to kill the messenger of allah sallallahu and he was

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

away show us them halfway through the trip back to Medina, the province of Saddam says I'm going to say

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

Speed up. I want to arrive arrive in Medina earlier so whoever wants to speed up they can go with me. Whoever wants to wait let them be at their ease. Some of the companions you know decided to go with the prophets and salam faster to Medina. Upon reaching Medina the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:40:22--> 00:41:01

When he first comes to the north, like the north of Medina, there was a place called V AWHONN. And it is here that some of the hypocrites who stayed in Medina and remember just before traveling before leaving Medina, for the person who left Medina, these hypocrites built a masjid we called Mr. Gura the masjid of resistance. They saw the Prophet saw them coming in, they approached him and they said, We want you to pray in our masjid. And that's when Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verses about this masjid, that it's a masjid of resistance. And he told the problem, do not pray in it, do not pray in Atlanta on fee eBird. So then the prophets of salaam gives the

00:41:04--> 00:41:08

the command to one of the companions, his name, his name is Malika production.

00:41:10--> 00:41:14

He tells it doesn't go and demolish that mosque and burn it down.

00:41:15--> 00:41:26

And they go and they burn it down. And we mentioned last week that why did the Prophet them deal with this decisively and not give them a chance? Because if he were to, so sometimes you might allow some,

00:41:27--> 00:41:49

like, some transgressions, as long as they are manageable, but sometimes you might be too forgiving to the point where it's going to be your demise, it's going to destroy you. So you have to be careful. And you have to know which concessions you make, and which concessions you'll never make. So the Prophet SAW Salem, burned down

00:41:50--> 00:42:06

this masjid and obviously this has prevented a lot of conspiracies to take place against the Muslims. The problem is he was coming he came by Mount Hood, which was to the north of Medina, the prophet Islam says every time he travels by mountain province, and someone says, Hey, the Javelin

00:42:07--> 00:42:29

boo, boo, boo, this is a mountain that loves us, and we love it. And that shows that Islamically speaking as we are people who believe in the unseen, we're not we don't follow the philosophy of naturalism philosophy of naturalism says, Nothing exists, but what you can see, and what you can touch, and what you can measure.

00:42:30--> 00:42:32

They only believe in what is physical.

00:42:33--> 00:42:40

Right? They don't believe in something beyond that. So but we believe in the world of the unseen.

00:42:41--> 00:42:47

So we believe that inanimate objects like mountains, like trees, they have a life of their own.

00:42:49--> 00:43:00

We can't necessarily relate to that consciously, but they have a life of their own, as the Prophet said about the mountain that the mountain loves us and we, and we love it.

00:43:03--> 00:43:34

The prophets of salaam tells the Companions by the way, during this journey, he says about the Companions who were left in Medina, who were either physically unable or financially they couldn't make it they didn't have they couldn't afford a riding animal to join and it would be impossible just to go on foot, so they had to stay in Medina. The Prophet Islam says about them in Knebel Medina to acquire them and masa to Mercier on wala to moi de and INLA Kanuma comfy. So the President says indeed in Medina, there are people

00:43:36--> 00:43:48

there is no match or there's no like distance you managed to cross and there's no valley that you went through except that they were with you, meaning and reward that we're getting reward but they were in Medina

00:43:50--> 00:44:29

while we are Rasulullah were humbly Medina the command say how come? How can very Medina, the Prophet also salam o humble Medina habas, a homeowner over? Yes, well, they are in Medina, why? Because they were held back by a valid excuse. That shows that your intention could actually get you a lot of reward. Even if you're, if you're unable to do something and you something good and you want to do it sincerely, you really want to do it, but you don't have the means. And you will really have an intention that if the means are available, you will actually do it. You will get the reward, full reward for the reward and that's the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala there's another narration

00:44:29--> 00:44:30

that says,

00:44:32--> 00:44:43

SHA are cool, confident edges. They shared the reward with you process understanding his competitors who were with him on that trip, that the ones in Medina, they actually sharing the same reward with you.

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

That shows that really what really matters with a las pantallas is the heart when you are unable to do something. As long as your heart is willing to do it. You get the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala the people of Medina they receive the prize

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

So Allah Salam, he reaches Medina and Ramadan, it was a Ramadan.

00:45:05--> 00:45:09

So the Prophet Salam as soon as he comes to Medina, he comes in the daytime.

00:45:11--> 00:45:12

You know in the morning

00:45:14--> 00:45:17

when the Prophet Salam arrives in Medina, we said he had a sunnah. What was the Sunnah

00:45:19--> 00:45:38

would go to the masjid pray to AACAP he sat in the masjid. The hypocrites flooded to him who stayed in Medina. They said O Messenger of Allah, this is my excuse. My excuses was my family, my children, my whatever, like everyone is presented excuse the prophets of salaam accepted their excuses from them. I said, May Allah forgive you?

00:45:39--> 00:45:41

May Allah forgive you.

00:45:42--> 00:45:43


00:45:44--> 00:45:45

there were

00:45:49--> 00:46:25

10 of the companions who did not go with the person on this expedition. They were not hypocrites. They had no excuses, right? Well, we said procrastination was their problem. So every day is the person who set out for Medina. They said, Tomorrow we'll catch up with the Prophet tomorrow. I'll get myself ready. And I'll do this last thing. last preparations then I'll catch up with the Prophet SAW Salem. And this dragged a few days in Oh, you know, sometimes when you have an assignment, and you have to do it, right. And you just keep it there on the desk, and say, I'm gonna do it tomorrow, then tomorrow, you don't feel like it. You know, one more day doesn't it's not a big deal. The

00:46:26--> 00:46:43

following day, something comes up, distracts you, then oh, it's already five days and you haven't done anything. And then it's just you do it just last minute. And sometimes you just missed the whole deadline completely. Right? This happened with these companions that we just said, Okay, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, until it was just too late. They realized

00:46:44--> 00:47:10

there's no way we can catch up with the prophets of Allah. Well, you said, um, there was 10 of these companions, seven of them. And among them was Abu Baba, they did not present any excuses to the prophets. Also. His excuses were alive. There was no excuses. The hypocrites presented excuses, the Prophet and I'm accepted from them, and he said, Allah will deal with you, I'm not going to hold you accountable. So some of seven of those 10 companions.

00:47:11--> 00:47:14

Among them was Abu Baba, or the Allahu Anhu.

00:47:18--> 00:47:30

What did they do? They wanted to punish themselves. So they tied themselves up in the masjid. They tied themselves to the poles of the Masjid. They let like their family tie them up so they couldn't move.

00:47:32--> 00:47:46

The Prophet Solomon he saw them and he said, like, what's wrong with these guys? They said, these aren't messenger of Allah. These are the companions who stayed behind without an excuse. And they said we're going to tie ourselves up until the prophets of salaam forgives, forgives us. So the prophets of salaam said

00:47:47--> 00:47:55

okay, we're gonna have some OB la Hilah Oklahoma program says Allah He, I swear by Allah, I will not release them. They tie themselves up, let them stay.

00:47:57--> 00:48:10

When I go to Home, and I'm not going to give them excuses. I'm not going to make up excuses for them there have no by the way the person dealt with that seriously. He dealt with that seriously because the process the call went out before leaving.

00:48:12--> 00:48:21

Medina, the call went out this is called an official am the general call out people have to go people aren't capable, physically capable, they have to join.

00:48:22--> 00:48:29

So the President said I will not give them any excuses. Hetalia Hoonah Allahu Allah, the Oklahoma until Allah subhanaw taala lets them go.

00:48:31--> 00:48:59

Out of the blue and the, you know, they did not join me. They prefer to stay here. They were tempted to stay here with a colorful annual of us women Muslim in and they did not join the Muslims and the expedition to the province and have dealt with that seriously and decisively. And yes, although you are loving and caring, you have to be decisive. When the rules are broken. You have to be decisive as a teacher, as a parent

00:49:00--> 00:49:04

has to be people have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

00:49:06--> 00:49:12

Because if you're just too nice, okay, you're not helping people develop good self discipline.

00:49:14--> 00:49:30

So when they when they heard what the prophets of salaam said, they said okay, we're not going to untie ourselves until Allah subhana wa releases us and they kept being tied to the masjid for some time. Until Allah spittle revealed a verse and saw that

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

until towboat Allah says we are hot on our telephone bill Norby hello to Amazon Saudi handle accuracy and Isola who are yet to bury him in Allah for over him and others who have confessed and acknowledge their mistakes or their sins or their faults. They have mixed good deeds, that general good deeds with bad deeds which is not failing to join the Prophet SAW so then without an excuse, as Allah Who are you to belay him here I said

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

Indeed, Allah has accepted their Toba. Allah is Forgiving and forgiving and merciful.

00:50:08--> 00:50:15

However, three of the 10 we have kept Khabib nomadic and he Ralegh no Omiya and the third companion,

00:50:16--> 00:50:18

they did not tie themselves up.

00:50:23--> 00:51:00

cabopino Malik, he has the most like detailed story. So he basically I'm not gonna go into details because this story has been related so many times. It's beautiful. It's a very, very beautiful story. But as we said, like, we don't want to go into details, it will take us quite a long time it might need like a whole, like halacha by itself. But generally speaking, he just described why how, you know, he was he didn't he failed to join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then when the process of them came back across them did not give him Ceylon and the Prophet I'm told the companions that Allah gave me instructions. You don't you cut these guys off.

00:51:01--> 00:51:06

Don't speak to them. These three companions are no excuse. Don't speak with them.

00:51:08--> 00:51:10

So no one spoke to them or even give them salah.

00:51:12--> 00:51:37

And they would by luck, both two of them would actually cry in their homes and they would like they were traumatized. That was painful for them. But it was a lesson that they needed to learn and everyone else needed to learn. Kevin pneumonic was the youngest. And we know he's one of the early Muslims remember by Atul Gawande, the problem was in Maccha, when the people from Medina early Muslims from Medina came and he gave him by in secret during the Hajj season carob was one of them.

00:51:38--> 00:52:07

Can I was one of them. So he would go on it. So the two of the companions of those three would not even attend Gemma they would they were so drained emotionally and are tired. So they would not actually go to the masjid. God used to go to the Muslim prayer and he would actually seek a moment to get eye contact with the Prophet source and and he said, and that would give salaam to the prophesy send them but he would not respond. This was a special case, by the way, because Allah gave instructions not to cut them off.

00:52:10--> 00:52:22

The companies would not deal with them at all. And he would say he would say I would try to see the person respond to me or not. And he said so I would be praying my son and the masjid.

00:52:24--> 00:52:32

And during my salah I would look at the Prophet Solomon he would be watching me. As soon as my eyes catch his eyes, the problem will take his eyesight away.

00:52:35--> 00:52:50

So he describes he says like the Earth has contracted with me I felt life became unbearable was a difficult time. 40 days 40 days no one speaks with them. After 40 days, the prophet Salah Salem, since one of the companions to tell

00:52:52--> 00:52:56

tell each one of them that even the wife with a wife should leave them.

00:53:00--> 00:53:15

Except for the other two were too old and they couldn't, you know, they couldn't handle themselves. They needed assistance. So the props, I'm giving them excused, but kaboom, no, Malik, his wife left him, not like divorce. But again, don't stay with him for the time being.

00:53:16--> 00:53:35

And he said during this time, someone came from a Shem from the Christian Arabs, and the king of the assassin of the Christian Arabs sent him a letter specifically to him. And he said, We know that Your companion has let you down and he's boycott you come and join us. He threw it in the fire. He said that's a test from Allah.

00:53:36--> 00:53:44

And he remained loyal. And then one day he said he was preparing. After 50 days later he was praying

00:53:45--> 00:53:49

for jobs he prayed for at home, on top of his like,

00:53:50--> 00:54:31

on the roof of his house. And then he hears a cry coming from Medina because he was in the outskirts of Medina. And it says a Sharia cap. One of the companions Zeze glad tidings. He said, I put my forehead down me to do the shocker, thankfulness of Allah subhanaw taala and I realized Allah subhanaw taala has given us a way out. So he says as soon as the person came, I gave him my only film that I said I only had one thought when I gave it to him and I had nothing else to wear. So I take from my neighbor, I borrow from my neighbor some clothes to wear, and I go to the Prophet Solomon he says as soon people are greeting me on the way and congratulating me that Allah Samantha

00:54:31--> 00:54:53

has accepted our Toba is a go to the masjid the first one of them are hygiene to approach me while still huddle the ALLAH and he comes to me and he congratulates me and he says I look at the proximal his face is so beautiful and re radiant. And he's giving me this big smile he says ABSHER Jakob behavior, Yeoman. Mundo what are the

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

OCAP like glad tidings of the best day ever since your birth?

00:55:00--> 00:55:19

If Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verses that Allah subhanaw taala accepted their Toba because of their truthfulness because of their truthfulness. And so there's a lot of lessons to learn. But again, we don't have the really the luxury to go into that it would be more of a big digression, long digression. But it's the importance of telling the truth regardless.

00:55:20--> 00:55:58

Actually Academy pneumonic after this, he says to the preset of the professor miserable lie on Messenger of Allah, there's no one more eloquent than me. He's a poet. So he's someone who's very good with his tongue. He said, I could have made up any excuse, I could have convinced you. But I don't want to say something now please you and get Allah to be angry with me on the day of judgment on sad truth, that shows that if you are by the way, good in your speech, be careful. Because this is a very powerful weapon and you could easily manipulate people don't think, you know, don't take like a free play with that. Don't, don't manipulate people. If you're given the gift of speech. Use

00:55:58--> 00:56:04

it for the truth. If you think it's going to be a negative tool, hold back. Be careful.

00:56:06--> 00:56:40

And the Prophet says in the Hadith in the middle biani Let's say hello, some speeches like magic. It mesmerizes you cause you confusion, the person says another Hadith Yeti ahead dokkan fer Hakuna and Hannibal Jetty him and Effie for acqualina who have their faith in them I hear but I don't mean to not follow your promises to people come to me for arbitration, they have a dispute about is this for you are for me, right? They come to me, one of them is very good in their speech. So they make a very good case. So I give it to them. And that's the profit size on them.

00:56:41--> 00:56:58

Some people are very good, but some people turn falsehood into truth right? Some people are very they have the gift of speech. So the President said if I give you the right of your brother because of your eloquent speech, and you managed to convince me that don't take it because they will be for you like a fire

00:57:00--> 00:57:28

will be like a fire. So again, tongue is very powerful. There are people like I'm telling you, you're no they are guilty. And man, you can't get anywhere with them. I'm telling like they'll turn the tables against you, you'll end up you know the guilty person. So there are people just like this and these people should be careful because it might they might think it's a gift when it might end up a curse if you're actually you know, falsifying things

00:57:36--> 00:57:38

so it shows that ultimately the truth is gonna

00:57:39--> 00:57:45

set you free regardless even if lying seems to be an easy way out.

00:57:46--> 00:58:26

Now during the spirit again, there was a lot of we said delegates coming from the Arabian Peninsula, new delegates from different tribes, giving the prophets of salaam the BIA among them was from for beef. We know in a thought if the Pavan I wasn't I wasn't became Muslim after the battle, fatigue still held back. They refused, right? So we're gonna see in sha Allah, they will actually again accept Islam, but with so much hesitation, with so much hesitation, and we see how the problem will actually give them some concessions. But he has an appreciation to their situation are going on leave some space for some questions. And all some of you might have questions whether about CRR or

00:58:26--> 00:58:28

anything else questions

00:58:47--> 00:58:49

the Battle of the Trench?

00:58:59--> 00:59:17

Probably yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're right. Yes. Yes. Because he revealed the secret of the process. Yeah, yeah. So it seems he's done it a few times. So every one of his tactics Yes, a blue Baba. Again after the Battle of the Trench, when he actually disclosed the intention of the Prophet Salam, Tubingen. Binu Hola, yova.

00:59:19--> 00:59:32

The, and then he regretted giving them the sign that the problem was going to finish them off, right? So he went and he tied himself up until the prophets of salaam released Okay, any questions

00:59:41--> 00:59:45

from the Sunnah about how to give up procrastination.

00:59:50--> 00:59:57

I would say there might not be a direct instruction but look at the example of the Prophet SAW Selim. You can't see procrastination.

00:59:58--> 01:00:00

And by the way, oftentimes people

01:00:00--> 01:00:17

Say okay, procrastination, but it's just like, Okay, I have headache. Is that a medicine? You should not be trapped in symptoms. So prac procrastination is a reaction to something. If someone suffers from proximate procrastination, it's a defense mechanism.

01:00:18--> 01:00:49

It's a defense, you're afraid of something. That's why you don't act. It's not normal for humans not to act by the way. So if someone procrastinates and it's a general habit in their life, really, practically speaking, you should dig deeper and find out what you are scared of. Because you procrastinate for a reason. Human behavior is not random. There's always a reason. And it's very healthy, actually to dig deeper and find out why you have patterns of behavior like procrastination. So someone has procrastination, they should dig deeper.

01:00:50--> 01:01:04

Again, Islam is not a psychological theory, but it has generally speaking general guidance and maybe sometimes specific instructions and the prophets of salaam used to ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah Hi, my name is Luca

01:01:05--> 01:01:19

Eliza Matala rushed for example as EMA I'd have rushed is the good things give me strong will to fulfill them, which is the opposite of procrastination. So we just turn to Allah subhanaw taala and ask Allah Allah Zima to Allah rushed will cost the full amount

01:01:20--> 01:01:28

of cost and I'm like clear, clear goals. Of course. Like you have a clear thing where you are heading to

01:01:29--> 01:01:31

yeah that's us as far as I know.

01:01:40--> 01:02:17

hesitant has a crystal ball. Yeah, yeah. Well, Castle Yes. Yes, there's Jackalope area, the porcelain. There's a hadith where he do our he actually seeks the protection of Allah Subhana Allah from a miserliness from laziness. Laziness is a little bit different than procrastination although there is yeah there is there's a connection between them but yeah, that's a dua as well you can make but again the DUA many people think that euro is just like magic and it does its own thing. Yeah, do is basically you're supposed to put yourself in this mindset because when you say something you mean it right?

01:02:19--> 01:02:20

For them

01:02:24--> 01:02:25


01:02:45--> 01:02:46

Okay, if someone

01:02:47--> 01:03:01

like what happened in the masjid in Christchurch in New Zealand, and someone walks into this place with a gun the prophets of salaam says in the Hadith, either geology alone, you read the Moloch philanthropy.

01:03:02--> 01:03:05

If a person comes and they ask for your money, don't give them your money.

01:03:06--> 01:03:17

The man says for either aquatera and jasola If he fights me, like he wants to kill me, personally, this cartoon Well, I taught him how to fight him and don't give him your money.

01:03:19--> 01:03:45

It's not suicide, if you can actually reduce the you know the amount of casualties and you have, it takes a lot of guts. Most people won't do that. To someone actually goes and neutralizes this person. And I'm not sure I just heard some stuff that the same guy when he first went to the first masjid and when he's done with the first masjid, he went to the second masjid and the second Masjid someone actually managed to get hold of him and

01:03:47--> 01:03:57

you know, take the gun away from him and another guy chased him. This is I mean this has been said in some news reports but I don't know if it's true or not I'm not sure

01:04:07--> 01:04:10

I don't know the video that he posted. It was the first Masjid

01:04:12--> 01:04:16

the first video that he posted which is the live streaming was of the first message

01:04:21--> 01:04:22

yeah, there's another Masjid.

01:04:29--> 01:04:30

Okay, that's the first one that he went to, by the way.

01:04:32--> 01:04:59

That's the first Masjid. Yeah, that's the first Masjid. Then he went to the other Masjid. Which is the smaller message was the second one. So he went first to the first Masjid where he killed, I think 41 people. And then he went, he drove to the second one he was shooting on the street as well. And the other one who seems to be like a Muslim, because people would just like run away from the Masjid. When he drove together. Mr. Jewish was about five minutes drive. He went to it and that's when the cameras shut off. So So

01:05:00--> 01:05:29

Some reports say that anyway we don't know exactly what happened. But if someone is able to neutralize the situation this is heroism is not suicide is not suicide. Yes. And by the way in these situations like it's hard really to assess, it's very hard because you're in a survival mode fight or flight it's really hard to make a judgment it's a very snap judgment and it's very intuitive and you know, it's just hard to really think about it in technical technical terms but generally speaking look at

01:05:32--> 01:05:38

like the fact that people were passive ended up causing more casualties yeah

01:05:39--> 01:05:48

yeah, I think what happened in Quebec actually it was a little bit it seemed a little bit better because some of them are saline actually jumped the guy and they neutralized

01:05:50--> 01:05:50


01:06:03--> 01:06:04

stronger than

01:06:13--> 01:06:18

efficient mobiles phone if it's like $100 Not it's not worth it yeah give it to him

01:06:30--> 01:06:44

Oh yeah, absolutely. Oh the Prophet lemony he says that he Malik basically is going to take your life savings and maybe your house drive you out of your house something like so something major but if it's like your mobile phone, it's like your credit card.

01:06:46--> 01:06:57

Give it to them. Yeah, your life is more is more important than you know. And most of these are actually like credit cards you can quickly just call or even I think most of the

01:06:59--> 01:07:05

like most of the financial institutions will be able to reverse any issues like especially in these cases they'd be able to deal with it

01:07:10--> 01:07:10


01:07:15--> 01:07:18

what's in your RV is equity

01:07:20--> 01:07:22

so now I'd like you to save

01:07:25--> 01:07:25


01:07:33--> 01:07:38

generally speaking if someone like kills himself blows himself up this is suicide

01:07:39--> 01:07:40

This is suicide

01:07:45--> 01:07:49

like what's gonna happen when someone blows themselves up what's gonna happen things are just getting worse

01:07:55--> 01:08:11

Well, I again any situation has to be assessed but generally speaking, killing once is different when you kill one killed by someone else but if you kill yourself to kill other people, the the the standard ruling in Islam is harana suicide. Yeah.

01:08:13--> 01:08:25

Shall we start a short time because I'm gonna fail and see you next week. Isn't that either so again, our classes after maghrib so loss and I'm actually going to do it. You're so happy he was sent in. Please don't pray soon after the exam because we're going to make your karma straight away.