Musleh Khan – Life with Children #03 How to Introduce Islam to Children and Young Adults

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of introducing Islam to children and young adults is emphasized, along with the need for parents to teach them in a neutral and positive way. The "monster" concept is used to avoid being associated with certain age groups and to allow them to grow up in a positive way. Representatives and parents are encouraged to use the "monster" concept to introduce themselves and to be aware of their own values. The importance of fearing Islam and reminding parents to stay strong is emphasized, along with the use of YouTube channels and encourages parents to subscribe.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu mismaloya al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While a while early, he was happy he woman while married, said Mr. Roboto. Care to everyone once again, and welcome back to another, I guess you could say, another episode, another installment of life with children. So we're gonna get right into this. As you can probably see from the title, how we introduce Islam to children and young adults. That's what we want to talk about today. Lots of you have messaged me and asked me if I could continue with the whole advice of Lockman. Early sell them and just to reflect and analyze and share some of the wisdom and benefits

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of the advice of local man early who said I'm so let's do that today. But it's not just going to be sharing advice, or it's not just going to be sharing the benefits. I'm going to show you how look man alayhis salaam started talking about a lot and started talking about Islam started introducing the oneness of Allah to his son. And this is a perfect place in the entire program that you want to go to whenever you ask the question of how do I introduce this religion to my kids, and regardless what what age they may be, so they can be young children, but they could be young adults, they could be college and university students, it doesn't matter. the advice of luck, man, it he said is for

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all age groups. So let's begin with the first verse. Because today, I don't want to make this video too long, I'm going to try my very best to keep it within 10 minutes in sha Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, what is called a local man, liberty, he will Why are evil. So local man said to his son, the ebony. And now the ebony here. This is like his beloved son, his loving child. And it regardless if this was his own biological child, the point is, is that this young child is he looks at him, and he treats them like one of his own. And the reason why I say that is even means your son. But when did it means your biological son. So even on here is that it's referring to his son. But regardless

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whether it was his own buyout, biological son, it didn't matter. Look, man alehissalaam was going to give advice to this child in the most sincere way. And he was going to do so as though it was his own child. But the point is, is that scholars had differed who this child was, but the majority say it's his child anyway. So we're not even going to get into that. But the point is, is that it's interesting that the usage of this particular word is mentioned here. As we all know, look, man, and he was a dark skin, individual that was originally from Sudan. And he was blessed with wisdom, wisdom, to the extent that even the kings and queens and leaders were amazed and mesmerized by his

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wisdom. Now, here's the thing, because that's not our conversation. Look, man, arlena. Selim, this is a father. So the first way to introduce Islam to your children, regardless of their age, is it's has to be done from home. It has to be done with parents. That's the first college that's the first university that's the first anything and everything. It's everything that the children grow up in, they're surrounded with and they're influenced by. So the first lesson that the fact that Allah calls out the document, he said, I'm by his name, it tells you that this father, he is the one that's taking it upon himself to provide some advice to his child. So the first lesson of how to

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introduce Islam and how to introduce a law to your children, regardless of age is that you have to take matters into your own hands as a parent, then it continues, well Who are you are evil whom you are evil wire oven or mower Innova literally means the kind of reminder that is life changing. So look, man early, his system is not just going to sit there and lecture his child who's going to do it in a way that he sincerely wants the best for his kid. And one thing that I forgot to mention is the word is in the beginning of the A so for those of you who are following along sort of look, man, and we are at verse number 13. What is the pilot document is a term to describe a very specific

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time. So look, man, early his solemn knew that this was the right time to have this conversation with his son. It wasn't like he just pulled him out of you know, an activity or the sun was busy doing something. No, this was the right time. So it can be anywhere. Our version of that it could be anywhere it could be at the dinner table, and especially now that we're on lockdown. There's so many opportunities for all of us to have these kinds of conversations with us.

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Our children in our family. So man early, he said, What wisdom right from the very beginning of this verse? Well, we are in the home. So you wants to advice. He wants to advise and teach his child something that he wants it to be something that would last a lifetime. This is very important. Now, parents, this is for you. When you want to teach your children anything, let alone Islam, you have to do it in a way that you want something positive out of that teaching experience. You don't just always want to come off as a parent, that's bossy, that's rude, that insensitive, you always want to try your best to be somebody that's neutral. So yeah, some days you're going to have to be Stern,

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seven days, you're going to have to be strict about certain things. But for the most part, when you're trying to instill knowledge, knowledge about a lot or knowledge in life to your kids, those moments have a time and place. And this is how when children as they grow up, they remember these things for the rest of their life. Like they'll say things like, when I went fishing with my dad, this is when we had the best conversations. When I was in the when I was at home, or when I saw my mom coming home from work or when we would be driving in the car together, my mom had the best conversations. So you have to find the right time, choose the right moment to have these kinds of

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conversations. If you're angry, if you're upset if you're stressful, and you've had a bad day, wrong time, choose another day and time to have this conversation. Well, boy, you are eligible. So that's the that's the wisdom behind using the word melt river or wherever you're winning. We already talked about yet when I all my beloved son. So this is like calling your child by their name. Or you can simply say, son, you can see Sweetie, honey, whatever it is that you want, whatever kind of, you know, cute little nicknames that you have, please don't call them like Caleb, you know, yahama you know, dog or donkeys or something? I know some cultures do that. Again, just because it's culturally

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acceptable. It doesn't mean that your kid's gonna like it. Right? I know, some parents will even call their children shaitan. Right. And they do this sarcastically or they do this to kind of capture their attention, or the fact that they're not religiously inclined, oh, man, you're just you're you are shaitan You are a Belize's, right, like, you can't say that stuff to kids, especially when you're trying to introduce to them something sacred and something beautiful. Then Allah, Allah azza wa jal now and here's the first point of how we can introduce Islam to our kids. Here's how we prioritize. Look, man, Allah His lm tells his son led to Sheila Kabila don't commit shut up with

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Allah, just so we're all on the same page shaddock is to associate with Allah subhanho wa Taala. very specifically, it's to take the rights that belong to Allah and to give it to something else or to somebody else. That's called choke. So now, this kind of conversation is weird. Like, how do you sit and you tell your kid, hey, listen, I don't want you to prostrate to a tree, okay? I don't want you to worship a statue. Okay? Just make sure you don't do that. And I want you to only worship the one true God. Now go do your homework. Like it's just is not a natural type conversation. That's not the point of this advice, like the apparent meaning that's not what it's restricted to. In other

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words, the advice of Luqman alayhis salaam is not restricted to Hey, come here, let me talk to you only about choke. But it's actually introducing a concept that that is the number one fundamental concept when you're going to introduce Islam to any age group. And that is, there is a higher authority, other than me, your parent, and it's a lot, so don't associate with him. You can call me names, you can get upset with me, when I try to wake you up for fudger you can get all cranky, and you can say whatever you want. Or you can say mom, dad, it's too early. And now that we're fasting in Ramadan, is supposed to early, I can have breakfast at 4am in the morning, you can say what you

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want. But I'm sorry, that's a loves rule. That's how the conversation has to come across. That's the wisdom behind led to surely can be learned. It's not just restricted to the concept of shirk. But it's more or less about the higher wisdom. And that is there's a higher authority here that you have to obey. So if you don't want to listen to me as your parent, okay, that's fine. But just remember, I can't help you. When Allah steps in and accounts you and asks you and questions, you are pressures, I can't step into that territory. And this is what ulimate meant when he said in other parts of the poor, any sort of others and certain mujaddid that on that date, y'all may have federal

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model woman up here. What on me what Abby was Sahiba t he were Benny. So Allah, Allah azza wa jal

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says that on the Day of Judgment, everybody's going to be running away from each other. And even the parents will only hear what a B will Sahiba t with me. So the mother and the father is going to run away from each other and run away from their family, and even the Friends of your kids, everybody's going to be scattered. So the point is, is that nobody is going to be able to help this situation. So that times are the way they are praying five times a day, we can't make it four or three or two or change around the timings. I'm sorry, son, you know, I'm sorry, my daughter, my child, whatever, I can't help you in this. That's how you start off this conversation. And finally, in the shadow

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volume, or normal theme, or Look, man, or lady said, gives, you know some context in the sense that look, this is why I'm bringing this up. Because show is really serious, serious or Volume One nauseam. It's crossing borders in the most extreme way. It's crossing parameters in the most extreme way. So in other words, what is he saying? You can mess up in everything in your life just don't mess up when it comes to your relationship with Allah. Don't mess up. If you ever think that you don't need a lot like just don't get into that. Don't question Allah's existence. Don't question what he can and cannot do. When you ask questions. Ask them appropriately. Don't just be like, why a

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lesson to Coronavirus? Why is Allah creating all of this and do it in such a sarcastic way, you have to be respectful, because why all of those little itty bitty moments that you lose trust in Allah, these are all pockets towards schilke. Because then you end up you end up losing value in the Creator Himself. And so what is that that's called chick, because that value now is shifted towards someone or something else. And so this is how we introduce Islam to our kids, everyone. And again, and again, it doesn't matter how old they are. So particularly with young adults, college and university students, you may have to really get some support, because, you know, they're involved in

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a system in where they're encouraged to critically think for themselves, to come up with their own philosophies and their own theories about life. They're encouraged to stimulate those thoughts into action. And so it can be almost impossible for you as an average day to a parent that never went to school that never studied Islamic Studies intensively this way to be able to have these kinds of conversations. So it's important for you to just at least, take the leadership role in encouraging your child that they need to learn about a lot. That's the key. And the last thing I'm going to say, when it comes to Tobia when it comes to raising your children, last thing I'm going to say and I'm

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done, parents, don't give up. Whatever you do in your life, in teaching children, don't give up. Who cares if they're 50 years old, who cares if they get to a young age, how old or how young they are, it doesn't matter. If they're 50, or 60 years old, that you've got a bunch of grandkids and great grandkids, see that son, you make sure that you keep reminding him, make sure you fear Allah, make sure you worship Allah, ask him Did you pray, I know you, I know you're old enough to decide, but I'm your mother, I'm your father. You know, it's what we do. As long as I'm alive, I'm going to keep reminding him when I keep asking him. And that's what look man or the salon did didn't matter if he

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was the right person for the job. Didn't matter how much knowledge he had or didn't have. The point is, is that he took on this role because Allah blessed him to be the parent of this child. So he didn't allow anybody to interfere at least to start that conversation. Once he started it, then you'll start to see where all each each piece of advice is shifting towards what's the next layer to add? You can't. So to conclude all of this brothers and sisters, everything revolves around how important Allah is to you. And that's what the tone is of sort of look, man and the advice of Look, man, early his salon, this is how important it is. So with that being said, this is where I'm going

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to pause. I'm going to ask everybody to try something, if you don't mind. So you can do it in this video. You can do it in the other videos that we're going to go through. If you don't mind. What's the first advice that if you had a chance to give to your child, what would you say to them? And I want you to put it in the comments field and share that with us. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Now here's the rule though. Keep it within the context of the advice of Look, man it is. So we're talking about the higher authority, Allah subhana wa Tada. So keeping that in mind, what's the first thing that if you had a moment to really sit there with your son and daughter

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again, age is not a factor here. What's the first thing

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That you would want to say to them, to advise them and say here, this is how I'm going to get across this higher authority to you. What would you say? And how would you phrase that statement? It might require you to take a moment and think about it. But I would love to hear what you would say. I would learn from that the rest of us would learn from that, but then we can also talk about that as well in shuttle laterna Let me just take a quick look at some of the comments here guys. All of you that are sending your set on wyrley chromosome Mr. Roboto cartoon

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Ramadan Mubarak from Trinidad and Tobago I will never forget you guys and of course Ramadan Mubarak to all of you Rinaldo, not only to parents, us, the uncles and aunts as well, well, hey, if whoever your guardian is, by all means, right? This is relevant to them. Okay, so I believe only in Allah. So Sophia mentions here believe only in a lawn, and everything else comes after that. Very good. So at least you focus on the belief system with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't break your relationship with Allah Ronaldo mentions excellent. These are all good ways to begin.

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So with that being said, Guys, like I said, I'm gonna I don't want to keep this more than 10 minutes long, but some days if it does get longer, by all means, I'll inform you. I think this is already past 10 minutes. But nevertheless, it won't be like yesterday where it's 30 minutes. So I hope that that was beneficial. I hope that that could inspire and encourage us to be the best parents that we can be. I'm going to shala eventually talk about the struggles of how to teach children Islam like the the obstacles that you have to go through, we're going to get to all of that inshallah, not to worry just from a low Hydra. And once again, please please, if you have kids, regardless of their

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age, Please spend some time and allow them to come and watch this screen. Watch this video again with them if you have to. And if you the kids are watching, then at least get your parents to listen to this as well. Okay, and watch this together as a family inshallah, by all means, let me know what your thoughts are. Okay, guys, this will also be on my YouTube channel. I've never done this in my life here. I am going to start telling you about two YouTube channels. I feel like I don't I feel weird to say this to subscribe but because I'm home now I don't know how else to connect to you guys. So I have a YouTube channel. I've just redone the whole channel I've added you know more than

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a dozen videos in one day. So it's all there. Just go to YouTube type in my name Muslim icon, you'll see the channel Come come up and hit that button.

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This just doesn't feel right guys, but you guys know what to do. I just want to stay connected. Okay, so is that cool? Okay. Okay, guys. I'll take a look at some of the other responses later, but please keep them coming soon. I'm already Kumar

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