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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The recent protests have caused a mixed message on society, including the lack of proper translation and the importance of sex in society. The Church of England used sex as a excuse to motivate men to desire, and LaENT and "back to the future" have been used to describe the future. A woman who attempted to seduce a young man is arrested for attempting to rape her, and the police use drugs to convince her to do so. The woman refuses to give any false testimony and is used by the police to convince her to do so.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hill carry about brothers. Elders Salam aleikum. wa Taala.

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I thought I speak about something today which

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an issue which impacts all societies.

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And it's something that which is a fundamental of the deen and that we need to as much as possible to safeguard us from falling into this sin.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, kulu molding, you do Allah fitara till Islam, that every child is born on the fifth Allah, the innate nature of Islam,

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meaning is born pure.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it is the parents who make it UNICEF, Iran, he, you have we done he, uma giussani, the it's the parents who change that child into a Christian, a Jew as a Rastafarian.

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So, it is the impact of the parents who take that child from the innate nature, which born on the pureness that is born on and then they give it something else.

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time, notice something very, very interesting. He said, today, people resemble their society more than they resemble their parents.

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Meaning that society has a greater bearing on the individuals than even the parents have. And this is not true, because we are social beings, and we are impacted by that which is around us.

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So today, I want to speak about something which is the consequence of living in a liberal society. now living in the West has many benefits. But then there are certain issues, especially the lack of higher

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shape, not a proper translation, but higher. And the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a narration is our father can hire first Lama shit.

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When you hire dies,

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when you shame finishes, then you will do whatever you want.

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And the thing I want to speak about today

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is the relationship

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with the opposite *.

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relationship, outside marriage.

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We live in a society

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where you know if you haven't left home by a particular period, if you haven't broken your virginity by a particular period,

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it's actually frowned upon by many.

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You still living with your parents? Or you don't have a girlfriend?

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The Deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us something totally different. As much as possible, if you can stay with your parents, do they

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remain chaste, remain pure to the day that you get married?

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And the amazing thing is that we live in a society which is predominantly Christian, are we what we say the predominant religion in where we live is Christianity.

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But the Church of England especially as capitulated to this degree, so amazing. You know, the texts regarding Xena and fornication and adultery in the Bible are actually even more explicit than they are in the Quran.

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Hebrew 34 says * within marriage is holy and pure.

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And then Corinthians six nine says, * outside marriage covenant is a sin.

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No doubt. But the Church of England have a big laugh on this issue.

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So Rowan Atkinson when he was the arch

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Bishop of Canterbury, he said I do not regard relationships outside marriage as a sin.

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Then came Justin Welby after him. And he said that he actually regarded it as a sin.

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So something so fundamental within the religion, they can't unite upon it.

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And this is why when Justin Welby said

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that I regard it as sin. They did a survey

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76% of people in the UK regarded what he said to be wrong.

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They're regarded not to be a sin out of them. 69% actually belong to the Church of England. So 69% of people who adhere to the Bible to the Church of England said, No, there's no problem he's wrong.

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And this is a thing.

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See, religion comes to change society.

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That's why Allah sends religion.

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society cannot change religion, religion changes society.

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And this is why things like this, the Muslims, those which are the fundamentals, those which have been 1400 years explicit, there is no change upon them.

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They were set by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they were trying to change society, not for society to change. And by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. We know generally, even now, they'll be like, even if a Muslim does wrong, he knows it's wrong. He knows it's the gates here. But the thing is, I have seen the first major L which permeates most religion to change them is this issue of *? Why? Because University people know it's wrong to steal, it's wrong to kill, it's wrong to old press, but this issue, man likes woman woman likes man.

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And therefore, this is the thing. This is the test for the Muslims.

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This is the most fundamental test. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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named the entire surah behind a individual

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who was seduced by his owner. She was the wife of his owner.

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The Aziz of Mr. Aziz of Egypt use of La salatu salam

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she came to use of La set up so much and

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she's no ordinary woman, she is the Aziz of Egypt disease, his wife of Egypt

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and and she closes all the doors. So no worries there to see what's happening. The doors are all closed. Imagine beautiful woman, woman of status. On the other hand, who do you have, you have a slave

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who's been thrown in the well by his family.

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And she called him and she said uses him.

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If he went with the flow, if we went with the seduction, he would have had whatever he wanted.

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But use of

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was saved by Allah.

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And with all the doors locked with the temptation in front of him, use of RAM the doors were padlocked. And the durations mentioned, the doors flung open, the LMR say, a person who runs from a sin sincerely, Allah subhanaw taala will make a way open for him.

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And he runs and he runs until he beats the Aziz. And then she turns the tables upon him, she says, He tried to seduce me.

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And then it spread amongst the women of Egypt. The leading women are the women of the governors, that this lady the wife of the disease, fell in love with a slave.

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And they began to chat gossip and slander. So what she did is she called a banquet to gather all these honorable women.

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And then she gave him an apple

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and she gave him a knife in the other hand as you begin to cut your apples, and they were cutting the apples and then she said use of come out, go past and use of comes out. He goes past

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All these women, they looking at Yusuf and they see the beauty of use of the province Allah Allah, Allah gave use of la salud slub, half the beauty of the entirety of humanity.

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And they see use of La Silla to slum walking past.

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And all of them they George drop, the cutting the apples, they cut through the apples. This was the anesthetic that they've never seen before. And they begin to cut their fingers and they don't even realize that they've cut their fingers.

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And now they've seen use of now all of them married women fall in love with yourself. And they say to use of use of Go for it.

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Now why are you running away from zelenka because they're hoping that they'll get a piece of the cake as well.

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And then use relay salatu salam turn to Allah. Allah be a situ abou la mingma yet una de la. He said, oh my lord,

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put me in prison

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for prison is easier for me than that which they are calling me towards. And he spent years in prison because he didn't want to transgress the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he didn't want to transgress the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah recalled the story in the Quran, a story for you and I, a story for all the believers. This was another year of our last panel, Allah named the entire surah after use of La salatu salam, this was a man who was thrown into the wealth, came out to the world became a slave. Then he was thrown into prison, but remain steadfast. Remain sincere to his creator. And then from prison, Allah put him on the throne.

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steadfastness for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is why brothers and sisters, you know, to rule to live in a society, which has liberal morals and values, it can be very difficult.

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The average the average male in this society,

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her slept with approximately nine women.

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The average woman over six men

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said, and then to remain chaste

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is one lie he

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and NEMA and the favor from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To remain chaste. With all these social media ties out of the window.

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You You watch something on YouTube, and you have something on the side. And you have lewd pictures on the side lewd adverts, and from a small age, our children are unfortunately exposed to this. May Allah safeguard them all.

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Because it's our difficult times. And there is temptations, let's not deny the fact the greatest temptation people have generally is MOLLE and the opposite * This is the main major test from Allah subhanaw taala. Even in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Look at this. The it was outlawed fornication, adultery, even then

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a young man comes to the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says a message of Allah. grant me the permission to foreigner Kate.

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Imagine this, the Sahaba enraged, they want to get up and beat him. And the woman said, Lola, listen, I'm told him sit down. And he says to this young man says, Oh, my son

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Come closer to me.

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This young man wants to commit most one of the most vile acts there is and the message of a lie saying Come close to me the most purest of being some of the larger labels. So it comes close to the product some of our labels on them, and then the message will last a little longer and they will send them says to him, said oh my son, let me ask you a question.

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Would you like somebody to fornicate with your mother? Is uh, may I be sacrificed for your messenger for love? Nobody would like that. So would you like somebody to fornicate with your sister, your daughter? Is that our message of Allah? Nobody would like that. The borrower is an ally. They were seldom said would you like somebody to phone a cake with your auntie, your maternal Auntie, you paternal auntie.

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He said nobody would like that or messenger of Allah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh my

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whoever you want a foreigner, Kate is gonna be somebodies mother, sister, daughter, Auntie, and then the brother is a Muslim said, brought him closer, and the province and the lives of places hand on his chest, said on law, forgive him and purify his heart. The young man left that company of the province alone while he was alone. And he said, there was nothing, nothing more despised in my eyes after that day than for Nikita.

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But you look at the mercy of Allah knew.

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He didn't say the Sahaba do remover, what was Allah sometimes knew that there was temptations out there. So the borrower is on the line, and some call them towards him. The message of Allah said, Whoever

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guarantees me two things, you guarantee me two things, and I will guarantee you

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two things you carry, guarantee me and I will guarantee you,

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you control that which is between your jaws.

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You control this, you control your tongue, and you control that which is between your thighs. And I will guarantee you Japan.

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But if you don't, the worry is a la la wasallam said, the greatest sin. Listen to this, the greatest sin

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of the ship

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is that a man places his seed in a place that he shouldn't

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have to shoot the greatest sin, that a man places his seed

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in a place that he shouldn't.

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And this is why you know we make dua that Allah Subhana Allah protect us all, but especially our youth, girls or boys that Allah keep them chaste, you know, in the time of

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Allah and who there was this young man and Omar used to amazed by this young man's worship, Omar would look out for the young man. So there was a woman who fell in love with this boy, she was infatuated by this boy, she made a move on in many times, and he always turned her down. So she went to somebody is you discussing? She said, How can I seduce this young man?

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So one of the women's that if we were old lady.

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So she says she sees a young man and she says to him, listen, young man, I have a goat. I need somebody to milk it for me. I can't do it myself. I'm too old. Can you please help. So the young man wanted to help. So he goes with the young with this old lady. And he enters a room. And she said, just Sweetie, I'm gonna bring the goat.

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And then all of a sudden, that same lady who was infatuated by enters the room,

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and she locks the door, and she makes a move on him, she advances towards him. And he moves away, and he moves away. And she realizes that there's no way she's gonna be able to seduce him.

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The no way they're going to be able to seduce him.

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So she begins to scream and cry, that he tried to * me.

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And the people came and they beat him. They beat him senseless.

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And Omar goes to the masjid for a few days. He doesn't see this young man.

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And his waist a young man. I haven't seen him for days. They said amirul momineen. You know what happened to him? He tried to * a woman. He's in prison. He's waiting for sentencing.

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So Omar said, over law, I make what you are law, make my perception of the young man to be right. For I very rarely seen young men like this before. See the title of the Sahaba

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time of the Sahaba.

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So I'm going to call this young man, and this young man held up amirul momineen. I was seduced. So then Omar called the ladies, the old lady and the young lady, and he takes out his whip and he says, Listen, tell me the truth.

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Don't give me any false testimony.

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And they tell him about the law. What actually happened?

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What happened? And Omar raised his hands to the skies. And he said Allah, All Praise be to Allah, who did not make my perception of this young man to be from.

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You know, there was a similar story to like this similar to this.

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And the chef begins to cry, it cries and he cries and he cries until the lady walks away. And then his friend came back and he sees

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This year, carrying on crying is one of the most great thing of the past. And he's crying. And he said, Why are you crying for? He said, this is what happened a lady tried to seduce me.

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And the other guy started crying. He was also famous muhaddith he began to cry. So why are you crying for nothing happened to you? So I'm crying. Because if I was in your place, I may not be able to control myself. You know what Omar name this boy.

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Omar named him the one who resembled use of Elisa to Sarah,

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the one who resemble Yusuf alayhi salatu salam. So brothers, you know, there are many temptations out there undoubtedly.

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May Allah make us amongst those who leave this dunya chaste and if we are not chased the May Allah give us the ability to Toba? May Allah safeguard our children. Because these are testing times. You all heard

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the story of the three people

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who went in the cave.

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Three people from the bunny saw he led traveling and it begins to rain.

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And they take shelter in a cave. And also taking shelter in a cave, a rock rolls over the mouth of the cave.

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And they push the rock they he they can't move the rock. Eventually, they lie down waiting for death. And then one of them stands up. And he knows that only Allah is the doula.

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And he stands up and he raises his hand to the heavens. And the robots will actually raise his hand to the heaven is our law. I had elderly parents panela the Allied elderly parents. And every night before I would go to sleep, I would give them milk. One day I took the livestock far away. And by the time I returned, my parents had gone to sleep.

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And the children and my wife wanted the milk but I didn't feel it be fitting I feed them before I feed my parents. So I put them to sleep hungry. He said oh lie to Allah. I stood by the head by of my parents bed with the bowl in my hand.

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And come morning when my parents woke up. I gave them the milk, is it Oh Allah, if you know I've done this action solely for your sake, remove the rock and the rock moves but not enough for them to come out.

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Then the next one stands up. And he said, Oh Allah, one day I hired a group of people.

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And by the end of the day, I gave everybody their wage besides one person he left without taking his wage.

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And I invested that one day wage, and mushrooms to the degree that he had a valley full of livestock.

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And a long time later, he came back to me and he said, You know I worked for you one day, I didn't take my wage, I'm in desperate need of that wage. Please give me that wage.

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So he said I took him to the valley. And I said you see all this belongs to you. He said oh slave of Allah, don't joke with me, I need my money, please give me my money

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is that I am not joking. All this shows. And he took everything. And he said, Oh Allah. If you know that I then this action solely for your sake, then remove the rock and the rock moves. But not enough for them to come out. And then the third one stood up. And he said Oh Allah, I had a cousin. There was nobody on the face of this earth who I loved more than my cousin.

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I was infatuated by her. I made many advances upon her. But every time I made an advance upon her, she turned me down. One day she came and she was in desperate need of money.

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And I said on one condition. You allow me to have a relationship with you.

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And because she was in desperate need, she allowed me and he says when I came close to her

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when I came close to her, she said to me, do not break the seal unless you are the rightful owner, the husband.

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He said federal law.

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He said when she said fear of law, the fear of Allah permeated my heart. And I moved back and I gave her the entire wealth that she needed.

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said Oh Allah

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if you know that I don't

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Actions solely for your sake, then remove the rock

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and the rock is removed and they all come out.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:13

You know what they say? actions can move a mountain.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:18

A detailed actions can move a mountain

00:25:19 --> 00:25:25

and therefore brothers and elders, we make that last panel with Allah keep us

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safe in these testing times. May Allah subhanaw taala preserve our chastity, the chastity of our children, may Allah Allah make us amongst those who change society but don't change our religion may last panel Allah keep us upright these things have been stipulated 1400 years ago they don't change

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unless you're a newbie you can change 1400 years the Muslims the scholars have been unanimous on these issues these and any peripheral from these issues. May Allah spawn tada keepers united Indonesia and reunited agenda for those barakallahu ecom. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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