The Tussle Between Virtue And Vice

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim the greater be resolved motobu Dena Rahim Allah once said to his son, mommy Yeoman Tata Rafi shamsul illa yoke below Allah tala behind me, however, who were in Mo. Every morning as the sun rises, a fresh battle wrestle and tussle is fought on the chest of every believer between the forces of virtue and vice yet Allah Boniface reheater hollowell mata has a name for it available in mu. How can a yo yo Mohan manleigh who a virtue dominates vise, then that is surely a day of celebration, happiness and accomplishment? What is our Rolla bahawa ahuka Yamaha Yamaha serani in LA and Allah forbid a vise dominates Virgil, then that is indeed a sad and a tragic day.

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The battle continues my brother and my sister, you can cry You can scream, but you simply cannot give up hope. And that is precisely what the Urdu poet said. Nick chitkara second Neff. scaper helwa aku to your heart PowerBI. Deal Ana De la Ra is say push Tito Hare Rama Bercy cabbie word the ballet Kirby to the ballet. If you are unable to defeat your opponent in the form of the nerves or shape on then do not become lame, lethargic, inactive, passive and docile. Remember the battle with the devil and the forces of evil is lifelong. At times you dominate and die at times you are dominated. Well he was a reflection from the Quran, Jews 14 chapter 16 verse 99, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the

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hula Salah

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amanu the devil does not have any power or authority over the believers. In biannual Quran it is written this will only happen either around the

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neighborhood when the believer is determined to crush the devil for a belief so about four Min anomala de wamu Sha Hayden lemon, Allah the new showerhead, and then you will witness how feeble and how weak The devil is provided you are committed to destroy the devil. So what's the message my brother? The trouble with life is that it is so daily The battle is daily being challenged by the devil is inevitable, but being defeated is optional.