Dawah of Shaykh Jalal Al-Din to Mongol Tughlugh

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Shift Illallah de Pon Allah says Allah Allah de

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de la Dean was a famous scholar. He was travelling through the Iraq area, and one of the Mongol took Luke, they move hard.

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He used to love to hunt. So he went out hunting with his men. And while he's hunting, he sees shift, jalala Dean and his people walking past and they're in the path of his hunting path. So he gets really upset. So he tells him man, he's a bring these people to the bounded boundary maps, they tie the hand and they tie their feet.

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And he said, How dare you come in my path is king. We didn't know Prince. We didn't know that this was your hunting path. We were just walking.

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So he tells him untie the Untied and now he wants to humiliate him. So he says to show

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you the chef, he said, Yes.

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He said, Yes. I have a question for you.

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And he said, You better get it right.

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He says, Are you better are my dogs better? This is what they regarded the Muslims as said, Are you better is my dog better?

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Allah de Rahmatullah Allah said.

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If Allah forgives me,

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then I am better than your dogs.

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And if Allah doesn't forgive me, then your dogs are better.

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The words permeated his heart. He got off his horse. He sat with shake jalala Dean.

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He was so impressed with Chef jalala Dean, he was ready to embrace Islam but he said I can't embrace Islam, because I am about to become the king. Come back to me after I become the king.

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And that benishek jalala Dean passes away. And he says he tells his son, Jeff Rashidi, make sure you go to Luke and give him power.

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So, Luke becomes the king, Rashida, Dean once assembly with a multicast code now he's the king.

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So what chirashi Deena does that he goes by his palace one day, may the window and gives a low desire. When to glue cases he gets very annoyed.

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He said, who is a person and they drag him in front of the glue to glue us? Who are you? And how do you make this noise outside my window when I'm resting?

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He said to Luke, I am the Son of God. And you probably Jamaluddin that you would embrace Islam. My father told me make sure you go to Luke and give him down.

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He said here I am. Luke says, he says I swear by Allah. Since the day I became king, I have been waiting for shake generality.

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They say that that morning, from the foot and the Palace of the glue that Don was given. Why Because Allah Masha Allah

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because Allah gave people the heart, but in the most difficult time they stay remain firm on the deen. Nothing could waver them.

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And this was the path of the message of Allah foolhardy. Sabine, isn't my path.

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And this is a path of the believers that we believe in Allah but we call others towards Allah.