Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #29 – And treat your parents with excellence

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of acknowledging betrayal validation and showing respect towards parents. They also touch on the lack of support from other people and the importance of being a person who is willing to ask for. Moosa is approached by Ali, who is eating and drinking some of her. Moosa expresses her desire to serve her mother and talks about a woman who is unable to say her last name. The speakers emphasize the importance of power and family in shaping one's life.
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loving your parents respecting them. Be rule validating. That's usually how I like to translate betrayal validation, you know, being dutiful to your parents Forget all that. I like to say it loving your parents showing them the love in the respect that they are due, showing them the care and the comfort that they deserve. Being a person who is under their feet in acceptance of their direction and their teaching. All of that is congruent and in spirit of the deen of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Did you know that whenever Allah orders us to worship nobody other than Him, that the very next statement were below led near Santa and treat your parents with good ethics and

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manners? Did you know that Allah Subhana Allah invites us to having bitter, which is to be opposite to what most other people do for their parents. Most other people are not kind most other people do not give time. Most other people are not generous with their wealth and their energy and their effort. Most of the people do not call their parents each and every day. Most other people are those who if you were to ask their parents, and if they were to be honest, they would say my heart is darkened towards them. I'm not happy with them. They haven't respected me as I deserve. They haven't appreciated the sacrifices that I've made. I've been a single mother trying to help my child and

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they haven't appreciated it. I've been a father who works all day slaves all night to put Hello income on the table. I drive a taxi or I'm standing in an operating theatre as as a doctor, I'm doing the best I can for my children. But I come home and ask for something as simple as Have you prayed? Have you done the simple obligations of life? And the answer is disappointing. Moses musala your solemn ask the last ones. This is recorded by Lima the hubby? He asked he said Oh Allah menu Joe will only fill Jenner who will be my neighbor in paradise. And Allah said to him in the house, Allah it will be a butcher, butcher was surprised or you know how rune and Ibrahim and you know

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butcher who says butcher he's not even a prophet or a messenger of Allah. Oh Allah.

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Oh Allah let me meet this man. Is he alive to Allah says yes, take this path, go down to this area travel to this land, and you will find a man who is preparing

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me that he has just slaughtered that will be your neighbor agenda. So Moosa finds this man and is observing them from a distance trying to find out the reason. What is this man do that will make him at the level of the one who speaks to Allah, the One who combated Pharaoh, what has he done to deserve such a high place in gender and after hours, he doesn't see anything significant. And as the sun is beginning to set, the butcher has packed up his shop and he's taken a little bit of meat with him. And Moosa comes to him and he says, he doesn't know who Moosa is Ali Salaam. He says to him. I'm traveling through this land, can I spend time in your home? Would you be generous to the men

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said yes, but I'm going to be busy for the first little while. So keep yourself occupied. Don't take it as a sign of disrespect. And when I'm free, I will tend to you and we will eat together. And as Moosa comes to this man's very modest small home that's near a river, he sees that the man enters the home and has lit a fire outside it and gotten a pot of water heated up and goes into the home. And from a top shelving area, he brings down this large basket, and in this basket folded up in nice, you know, linen is this old frail woman,

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and the man carries the basket down to the river and removes this old frail woman from it, and bathes her in the river washes her clothes after changes are closed, sits her near the fire, combs out her hair, all the while the meat that he had brought with him from the market is being cooked and he's combed out her hair dresser, washed your clothing hung it up. And Moosa is watching from a distance intent on Wow, what is happening here. And finally the man takes some of the meat and begins to chew it up and begins to feed this woman and every time from a distance Moosa sees that this woman is eating and enjoying the meal. He sees that she's saying something but Moosa is too far

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IE SLM to hear it. So afterwards, the man wraps her up, bundles are up, recite some prayers with her kisses are in loves her and entertains her. And then darkness has fallen. He puts her up in the in the shelving again, and she falls asleep. And then he turns to Moosa, and he says, This is the remainder of the meet. Let's enjoy our meal together. What's your name? Where have you come from? Moo says no, no, no. Before all that. Who are you and Who is this woman? He says in her own me. This is my mother.

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And musala salaam says your mother. He says. Yes, he said, can mean

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Send us in how many years? Have you been serving her in this way? He says Lee, I should have seen him. It's been 10 years that I've been entertaining her in this way, cleaning her looking after her, you know, bathing her, feeding her, nurturing her. And I've still I haven't gotten married yet because I wanted to be the one who serves or I didn't want, you know, anybody else who comes in would distract me from her. So I've given my full attention to her until Allah makes it easy. And he said, You know, I wanted to give her all this love. So Moosa said, I saw that when you feed her, you've chewed the meat and then she goes, she doesn't have teeth anymore. So I feed her. He said,

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Well, what does she say when you feed her? I saw every time you feed her, she says something. And the man said every time I feed her, she makes dry for me. Mo says, What's the Doha that she makes? He said my mom every time I feed her, she says, a lahoma john Humana bean, or LA poo put him in the rank and in the height of the prophets of God. So musala salaam wept, and he said for in the holiday like it is because of this, that you will be my neighbor in Jenna. And Moosa lets him know that he is the Prophet of Allah Moosa and Subhana. Allah, it's such a beautiful, beautiful statement from the CEO of Musa alayhis. Salaam. I want you to consider the power and the beauty of the draw of your

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parents, the power and the beauty of doing what other people don't do. This has been really validating, doing what other people would not do, caring in a way that other people would not create care. There's another story that Alabama there have been a cover in the book titled the manger scenes, describes a man who was a Sahabi of the prophets I sell him that he was ill and the Sahaba next to him, sat with him and said, Hola Hola. Hola lots your final moment you're about to die. C'est la la la la, but he was unable to say it. And then came to the prophets. I send them the lol comes and says O Messenger of Allah. He's unable to say it. We keep telling them but it's as if it's

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on the tip of his tongue but he's unable to say la ilaha illa la were fearful from the prophets I send him said Bring me his mother if she's alive. The mother comes to the prophets. I said, Man, he says, Kay, had you been okay how is your son she says Cathedral Salah was cm. He prays a lot. He fasts Allah. He says no, I don't ask you about how he is with a law. I asked you how he is with you. And she said in the Sahaba of messenger of Allah, I was upset with him on messenger of Allah. So the Prophet says, Yeah, Bella Malhotra Bella gathered lots of firewood and burn the house down with him in it for it's better for him to die in punishment in this dunya than in the asset Ah, and the

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mother she hurt this she says oh no messenger of Allah Wa La Hey, I swear to you by a lie I have forgiven him for what he has done and how he wronged me, O Messenger of Allah I forgive him and I love him all messenger of Allah I want for him a high place in gender. And the Prophet said to be let go check on him. And by the time Bilal came near his home, they could hear him from outside the house saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul de la. Your life the light of your life is your connection with your parents, honor them love them. Earn your reward through them. Abdullah habanero, Manas is narrated by a Muslim he saw a man carrying his mother in hajj. Imagine this man

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came from Medina on foot all the way to Mecca three weeks journey on foot, carrying his mother performed all of the head genital wife and the side he did all the things and he turns out the line he says, Can you believe I've carried her all this way has this repaid or for some of the kindness she showed me and I've lived here I'm going to said when Abby told Katyn wahida will lie. The pain of her delivering you in your birth has not yet been equalized by all of this service that you have done. May Allah honor us with the honoring of our parents, May Allah give us beautiful validation and make us from those who will receive it from our own children. If you are young or old. Nobody is

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more significant in your connection to Allah than your father and your mother and your mother is more important in this regard than your father. Even though it pains me as a father. Well suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. It's your brother Ibrahim.

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