Bad Company.. Why Can’t You Just Say No

Zahir Mahmood


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You know, there's so many youngsters who are enticed by other youngsters to do that which is wrong which ruins their lives will lie ruins their lives.

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111 Cigarette first spliff Why Why can't you say no?

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Why can't you say no? Somebody makes you do haram? first sip of alcohol. First time you're gambled? Why can't you say no?

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First time you woman I because the thing is that you're more scared of those people who are enticing you. You don't want to say no because they may look down upon you.

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You forget the fact

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that ultimately, Allah created you ultimately you will return to Allah ultimately a day will come that your step that you will step on this route. Ultimately that friend

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who has enticed you Hola Hola, yo, ma,

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ma homely abandon or do you have Allah says all your friends who enticed you all your friends will be your enemies on that test in Turkey, besides those whose friendship with the for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala when I'm beyond saying nothing enough, see, when your parents are saying nothing enough, see when your child will give you a myth Galarza Allah of hate.

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Why waste your time on other people?