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A representative discusses the importance of Islam in bringing forth the boundaries between Muslims and Western media. They emphasize the need for strong and comprehensive information sources to broaden the scope of Islam, and urge individuals to support Islam 21 C, a dedicated website that provides guidance and solutions to Muslims in the digital age. They also mention the need for a stronger future when a slump in the century is not achieved.

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We ask the following people, why does it exist?

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to present the holistic and comprehensive image of Islam, it's to help Muslims understand their role living in the West, because it is one of the biggest voices of Muslims in Britain to increase the glorification of the law, to inform Muslims about what's relevant to them, as well as connecting them to what's good for them to develop confident, holistic Muslims, to bring Quranic lessons into people's lives to empower and unite the oma on its design foundations to have intelligent discussions on religion, politics, and society, to connect Muslims in the west to the wider oma to bring about some kind of change in society to redefine what is the contributions Muslims making the

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society in the world around us to broaden the horizons and thinking of our set our narrative for Islam is placed in the world.

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Back in 2006, at a time when many Western Muslims went to precarious and unrepresentative position. We believe that there was an urgent need for strong informed intellectual Muslim voices in the digital world. It was obvious that the internet was the place to start. So Islam 21 C was born, and has sought tirelessly day in day out for the last decade to bring guidance and solutions to millions of believers throughout the English speaking world.

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Islam 21 c exists because it needs to exist, it has to exist, because of the work it is doing. It is absolutely important. This is something that is helped to enrich the Muslim community with the knowledge that disseminated from within it's people that are working for it and people that are helping to teach from it. With mainstream media, commenting on the opinions of Muslims, Islam 21 see provides a real voice for the Muslim community in the West, in the digital age, really, the most powerful medium is the digital medium. And so having a dedicated website that deals with the needs of the modern Muslim, in all of his different faces is essential, really, the work of Islam 21 C is

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absolutely vital. It needs to continue, I think if some 21 scene, in fact, is as represented a great progressive development in a Muslim information, access to information just for almost a decade now. And it's something that's invaluable for us as an information information source. I'm myself, I mean, I'm quite indebted to the information that they provide. So there are many websites that talk about Islam, some of them are focusing on political angles, some of them are focusing on spirituality, some of them are talking about some ilmi, jurisprudence stuff, and so on. But there is no single website that talks about all of them, that talks about all the subjects that Muslims need,

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in a very interconnected way. And I think it's an attempt to anyone see is very unique of this prospective. So what now, we have two choices ahead of us. Do we continue for the next 10 years keeping to the current scope and capacity? Or do we aim bigger, braver, higher, spanning across Europe and the entire English speaking world, bringing orthodox Islam truly into the mainstream? Allah subhanaw taala will always have chosen people to carry out work such as this. The question is their brothers and sisters, will we want to be part of that legacy? Now we call upon you to think big and be brave and be part of this legacy, and join us in making Islam 21 see stronger than ever

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before. We want to aim higher. We need to aim higher. We all need to support Islam 2020 together to make this happen. Visit Islam 2020 now and invest in building a stronger future when a slump in the 21st century.