My Iman is Weak Now What Can I Do?

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In 111

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study when I stopped when I was relying solely on fusino Minh siata Melina Maria de la hora de La Hoya, Ubud Farah hodja wash Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kara, wash Madonna Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahumma Sleeman kathira about all praise to Allah and His praise of blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters last week a talk about

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our Eman And in fact an important fact about our demand that our demand fluctuate goes up and down. And it doesn't stay in the same level. And our faith and our belief in the last panel Tada. Yes, it is an article of belief that you believe in. But it is also our Eman is made of actions, statements, and an actions of the heart, the actions of the limbs, and the actions of the heart. And the statements that we make the decline of the drought, the snowfall that we make also part of an email. And as much as you do from the good deeds as much as your demand goes up. And as much as you mess from the obligations as much as you commit sins, that demand goes down. And the reality is that our

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demand always going up and going down, doesn't stay in the same level. So if it's not increasing, it's decreasing. And I want to make sure that we understand that it is unnatural things for this amount to fluctuate. But what's so important for us to ensure that our demand will not continuously dip or is not continuously going down. We make sure that we always no turn that tide, and we go up with our demand and increase unemployment power our iMac because the heart can be sick. But it's so dangerous when it became too sick because that can lead to that heart, your heart or your soul to be dead messala Salama

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and we talked about some manifestations last week but today I would like to cite to talk to you about okay if it is my Eman is weak. And I feel like my Eman And my heart is not filled with a man as it should be. What should I do? How can I change? Number one one other thing that you have to look at it out of the reasons behind the weakness of your email, what are the reasons what are the causes for your Eman to go down.

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Okay, so that is an important thing to look at and to examine. And people by the way, I'm going to mention general points. But people are different some people that there is a very particular thing that causing further Eman to goes down. And sometimes these things are the good thing if these things are temporary. Like for example, I'm going through a depression I'm going through, you know, some psychological problem or some financial issues that making me unstable. And you can focus on my bad, my deep. I can understand that. You know, it's a temporary thing. But it is so dangerous when your Eman is, is something that you continuous that these reasons are not temporary. These reasons

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are something that you will continue to have. And you will continue to deal with. Because that means the long term it doesn't look like you will be up to pick it up. You pick your amount up.

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So one of the thing that I noticed the reason for all of humanity goes down are committed to a bad actor goes down. Number one that so many times we don't think about the edges when we do that a bet that that is the edge on what Allah subhanaw taala. The reward that Allah tala for us is not something that we think about often. And I love when I read the stories of the early Muslim generations, when they want to stand up in the night to pray and it is hard to leave the bed in the middle of the night or in the you know, before fetcher on you're tired or it's cold or it is whatever you went to bed late. He used to look at the business it is so soft is so nice, but the

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beds of dead knows better. You know what is waiting for me on the Day of Judgment is better. Yeah, it was hard for some of the Sahaba to walk in this heat. You can tell here in Texas, how hard it is these days, you know, can you imagine in Medina and the old days people will walk for a long distances to come to the mosque

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and in this era, so like can we have a mustard next to us? It's kind of far okay. So

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The prophets of Salaam told them what called Benny Solomon the outcome took a thorough but he said a mistake where you add a lot he already for each and every step you take that's why we missed when he used to go to the master deeds to take baby steps to increase the number of steps which increase the number of reward if you a lot of people the reason they do not commit and the kind of miss opportunities because they don't think of the edge of that is waiting for them. If they do this is

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another reason for the man to goals and to dip down when the motivation for a man and as a male Hamas is a Jew of an empty fake excitement that Jesus was so excited and like, you know, for the deen sometimes not for the right reasons. Even if it's not the right reason, but you should transfer that to the right reason like for example, there is people who will go to a mountain to fill faith and full fledge and start praying because his father died or he almost got an accident that's a good thing that it's a good reminder but if that's what the only thing making you to pray, you're gonna dip very soon. That's the only thing this like you know, I attend the scary talk and like I was

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dreaming had a bad dream about me being in Japan and I started praying and after a while the reality will take over your dream and you will go back but what do you need to do if this has happened to an incident or an accident or something like that motivated you and directed you to the right direction. Take advantage and make there is a right good reasons behind you behind your commitment to the dean.

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That's why these you know not enough to have these strong reminders and stories and stuff that's not enough. You need to end you need knowledge you need unit commitment. You need a bow you need act of worship, just not words. And you know and feelings it's good as a starting point but cannot keep you going. Another reason for the man to dip is when a person did not have a good company around him or her when you surround yourself with people who don't care about Salah don't care about a bada don't care about religion.

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Your Eman will goes down you know, I so I was talking to a young man yesterday and he told me that he missed salatu wa salam salatu salam Ala Wai he hung out with people that never reminded him of Salah because it just distracted so your Eman dept because you missed three Salam

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you make them up shala your demand goes up high but you have to be careful very conscious of who you surround yourself with. And the worst part if you surround yourself with family members who don't care for the dean who don't care about Salah who don't care about what is right and what is wrong and B and parent and family members who don't encourage you to give sada encourage you to do what is the right and it's been reported for

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themselves Kahlil wala Duma Xena Maj. Banner, maj hella Madhava that sometimes family members can be the reason for you to be stingy not to get ignorant because you didn't have time to learn you all your time going to just running after a while. Much better make you scared or coward or can do take bold actions. Stand up for what is right because you worry who will take care of my family. If something happened to me. Massena also make you sad. If they don't do the right thing or they get sick or they die cause sadness.

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One other reason for people for three man two goes down to the nuts A lot of you

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have already come to the MLS MLS when you expect to live very very long live and you don't care about the after. So all your focus about the dunya not the aka because you have this long life. you procrastinate everything when it comes to the deen Toba Sharla later on, you know this good detail later on. I still have time I still have time I will make it up next year. in Charlotte next Ramadan, I'll do better. And basically this how to live very long and you can make up or you can do good later shall after 40 I'll think about it. After marriage, I will do this. That's one of the reason for the man to be weak. Also, another thing is not the company also the place that you're in.

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That the surrounding the the thing that's around you. And it could be your job. It could be your home, it could be your neighborhood. It could be you know

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People yeah and you're living with the environment has an impact on how it pushed you towards to do what is right or discourage you from doing that. And then the next one is very relevant to us today. He needed to add an edge while he mania that the person will be away from the gathering or the

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the gathering that increase your Eman instead of if you don't come to the message very often I 100% I can tell all of us impacted by this. That's why we have to work so hard from other areas to bring that Eman back just walk into the master this being in the master you feel how your Eman boost see when you go to Mecca if you ever been to my camera enhance your images goes up good Tara we are in the masjid filled with him to people your email goes into dramatically up you know a place where you know that his volunteer group helping that people and there is like a good deeds done here a charity work or volunteering work to do something good to people your Eman immediately your faith in your

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you go goes up when you stay away class attending class listening to lectures, but when you stay away from these a gathering for reading or an or re citation when you don't have that anymore your Eman start dipping down. So because of the you know, we can't we don't have Islamic schools and your kids might not be able to attend you know, even in the fall, hopefully well, inshallah, but if you can go to some schools, make sure that you're still connected with them online, make sure that you connect with your community online, so you don't lose that 100%

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and these are you know, ignorance obviously one of the reasons for people also their email to dip down because they don't know what's the subnet to do when you wake up when you go to sleep when you you know when you enter the house what's has what people don't know these things so they don't do it. So obviously the demand will be low. The more you learn from submitting the visa salad The more you will be able to practice it and the more your demand will goes up. You know as simple as so pana la, la la la la la la la talk about how rewarding this as I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to increase our Eman and to strengthen our man I put him up with messimer Tomas de la de welcome stuff you

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have to rely on salatu salam Ala Moana Viva hoback

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Obviously, these causes that we mentioned, if you flip them that will be that cause for your Eman to goes up. So if you look at the reason the causes, why your Eman going down, you just flip. So one of the thing will ignorant or be knowledge will help you to increase your mind thinking about the world will increase you do have you met surround yourself with good people will increase your amount and so forth. So you just these points that I mentioned earlier, you go to the other side of it. And one other thing is also important to be mentioned here refers to the neffs. One of the things that will help you to be consistent in your Eman going up is to take things step by step. Don't rush

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in now the dean Mateen. For older people in Arizona, this religion is so massive. So go in it and gentle, you know, study steps don't just shoot like, you know, you can do extra things occasionally, that's fine. But you have to have a base a consistent base that you go up in your rebounder, you should up high when there is opportunity that is Ramadan, you know, going camping with group of people, that is a week of intensive, no course. But, you know, I learned a lot but you have to have a consistent base of learning, you have to have a consistent base of freedom or on a consistent base of Salah to the base of donations on set up on so far that have to be exist. Beside that you're not

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and you have to be, you know, taking graduate graduate under certain occasions opportunity like the 10 days of the hedger coming, you put so much focus you double your effort, because it's such a short period of time like Ramadan, the last one needs Ramadan. And so for one of the things also important that you always think and know and realize how soon death is how can just comes in no time. And please make sure that you listen to my talk and the night. Last week and the week before when we talked about the book of a zoo and we talked specifically about this issue. Live in this dunya as if you are you know traveler

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If you have been around what do you say in the nights don't expect the morning any and that cutting that long hope in the dunya that you will be able to change it no go now do now act right now.

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Also make a lot of that tell us how to keep your mind fresh keep your mind strong. All was asked I was planning to add the one thing that you should ask a lot the most about is your heart.

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You're always cared for you ask hospitality out as much as you can yada protect my heart protect my email, Yara protect my email

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said if there is many statements of the earliest generation this is to say men Lem Yaakov Allah Allah Allah holy man many statements those who have no fear about the man a man they lose their email at one point in their life

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it's important to because if you fear about it there is fear means you care you protect it. Also one of the things that is important out in Arizona man folk care for what is beneficial to you. I don't know pm Rahim Allah Allah jameelah didn't didn't know he mentioned something very beautifully said care for what benefits you young fat cattle calf which is you He didn't say salsa lamb care for what is beneficial.

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He said care for what benefits you that's a big difference between the two because we are different. There is some of us when they start attending a class this is will boost their demand very high and some of us will be sleeping

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some of us to tell them read a book is not the thing that read Quran that's okay. But you know, that's not my thing that but tell me For example, how people I will feel my Eman goes so high. You told me pray I love praying I would pray to three hours no problem. Other person prayer is not as strength.

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Other people know cm is their strength. They love fasting, either. So in some sense, see what is beneficial to you? What's the thing that have the most impact in your heart and you care for it? You have to care for all the rules is not picking on you pick what you know you have to fulfill the obligations but when it comes to the recommendation to provide a man to the extra care for the thing that has the most impact in your heart.

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And that's so important so beautiful. To explore what the thing that will excite you the most in the DNA of Allah soprano. Without make sure there is nothing It called I will later on procrastination is something that you need to stop to sweep in June debriefs, one of the best weapons at least used against us. Make sure that you balance your life between religion Deen and dunya between the dunya this life and the next and the balance your life and make sure balance your life It doesn't mean 5050 No, it means the majority of our life is dedicated for the alpha one a 10 cent RC becoming a dounia it's not that it's not 5050 it is the majority of my focus on the alpha and the dunya take

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less way less than the alpha because an alpha was remains but the dunya will not and check is this well how you look how is your daily live activity is make sure that you visit you know graveyards hospitals now hospitals, I don't advise you to do that. Hopefully you don't go to the hospital. But just think about a look at a lion and see how people can get sick so after that soften the heart, you know, make sure that you care for Salah a Salah, boost your Eman in an amazing way. And maybe some odd man out of

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Appleby one of the beautiful narrations that I love so much. Pardon me some

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tomato sauce alone have

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burned your burn. And when you've praised your purified and you're burned, burned by what what's burning you the sins and the love and the headlines there when you pray. You get fresh, like a fresh skin. And that's a Salah would that make you that fresh Eman strong Eman Salah doctor make sure you always care to pray on the beginning of time. Stay away from sins, care for your heart, not to be filled with any negative feelings hatred, envy, and these negative feelings. keep it away from you. Make sure that you connect your heart with your tongue that you will be always engaged in the catalyst Hana without llama and Nana the critical shoe critico Hosni balletic, Allah help us to

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always remember you, to mention you, to to love you, to fear you, to trust you to depend on you. Yeah Allah, we ask you to for

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Give our sins and to bless our demand to forgive our parents and to forgive the believing men and woman. We asked you to help them to support them protect those who are on the front line. Fighting this pandemic, we asked you to bring a quick relief to our city to our state or country to the world from this pandemic and to turn the outcome of it for the best of us. You allow we asked you to lead to those who rules us the best among us. You allow we ask you to guide us to be a merciful blast.

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Society. We ask you a lie on hammered I mean to protect us and our family and our community from all type of evilness alum. I mean, Allah bless us with a man with faith with the heat with sin. And let us hold into your deen until we die Allah muffling mininno Minato Muslim you know me not Muslim at a minimum What? Allah morpholino everybody Dena Allah morpholino Diwali, Dina.

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Dina carrapateena Amina

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la Alhambra me Yeah, I'll be out of the other general economic Domino as an alphabet and Maury kuliah Allah my father me been a genome and jalapeno on a man you know, and Shama You know, I'm INVOKANA when I will be allomantic I know that I'm interacting I know that we can emetic I mean clearly shaytan in Wareham in Korea in in La MaMa Cooley, Sharon and Tata luminosity. You have the Gerardo Allah who may have an accurate andrina photo more equally her in a higher order and Miss Juana Janata name yahama yamawaki mean subphylum is on and now is seven oh you mean keytab in our article genetti Dada Jana alumina was in Atlanta biddick Rico shoukry Koba Tikka you a la mina

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silicon houda towpower la Vina Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barakaatuh and Amina Mohammed Radha It was like The Omen is Satya hemco mala