A Life of Deception

Zahir Mahmood


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The speaker discusses the meaning of success and how it is defined by Allah Subhana. He explains that success is defined by the "egift of the wiser" and that individuals are the most affected by it. The speaker also discusses the importance of not being too dependent on one individual and how individuals can be affected by their actions.

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is your children.

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The NEA is your husband in the eyes Your wife

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dunya is your status dunya is your job.

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Oh, this is dunya

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no life. Allah Subhana Allah says about life. Manzo see and enough, we're good Hello Jennifer Pat fers

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whoever is removed from the fire, and entered into Jenna, so you're taken away from the fire, Fars he is successful. So Allah defines what success is. Allah defines what success is.

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That if you are removed from the fire and you are entered into Jannah, you are the opposite of a loser you are successful.

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And then straight after that, I lost a Walmart hire to do near ilimitado rule Allah.

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Allah say, but the life of this dunya

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is muda Allah who rule is a source of deception is goods of deception. Why is Allah Interesting, isn't it? Why does Allah straight after speaking about success, speak about the dunya

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because Allah knows that the vast majority of people are deceived due to the dunya

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are deceived. They live in this dunya deceived them and understand the Nia is not just wealth. You know, when we say you don't the people think oh dunya just well dunya is not just wealth. Dunya

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is your children.

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The Nia is your husband dunya is your wife

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dunya is your status dunya is your job.

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Oh, this is dunya sometimes the person has no wealth, no wealth.

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But they still deluded. Because you know why? Why?

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Because his forefathers were rajae cadres.

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So he's got a No, he doesn't have a penny to his name. But he's found something out there somewhere a long time ago, which makes him McGrew

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dunya status.

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Allah gives people status and that makes them deluded.

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And this is very interesting. Why see things in life make you diluted in natural things in life make you haughty, deceived, that's natural. But then, as a believer we should allow those things to delude us. Because we know altom Utley, they are from Allah.

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So if Allah gives us a nammo gives us wealth, we should know that netmeds from Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the irony of it. Look at this irony. The irony of it is this.

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generally not all the time, but generally, the more Allah gives a person, the more they removed from Allah,

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the most advanced societies in the world, who Allah you could say materialistically has given them the most are the most societies who do not believe in Allah, Western societies.

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So instead of like a believer should be, you should be more sure of Allah.

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You become more removed as a jeep.

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Because in life we know if somebody does something good to you, what do you do you Thank you.

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You thank Him and you thank him the more he does for you, the more you thank him

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because that's a sign of a good person. But when it comes to Allah, the more Allah gives a person, the more he's removed.

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And this this wealth, what Allah gives a person remember is a test

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is nothing more than a test. Why I tell you why. Because she Your life

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is no more than 100 years.

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And this is why if you go to the Cobra store and go to hands with wood Cobra, stop and drive in and look at the tombs

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Look at the dates on the tombstones.

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1830 1845 1910 1950

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these people have spent more time under the ground and they have above the ground.

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And this is why Allah say from the earth we created you. meaty. We can't create it from Torah.

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That's what we created you from

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and to the earth we will return you