Mufti Menk – Who is to blame for Jinn and Black Magic

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum. People complain about Jin affecting them people complain about magic affecting them. People complain about someone doing something against them. I've spoken in the past about how we should not be thinking in these superstitious lines but but mostly you are to blame. You who are complaining, hold a portion of the blame. Why? Have you read what is known as your Mojave? That do you bother reading the verses of the Koran that have within them the protection of Allah? Because that's the word of Allah. Have you read every morning and every evening? what is known as ayatul? kursi? Do you know what it is? Do you know what are the altcar of the morning in the evening? the

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remembrance of Allah in the words of praise of Allah and the seeking of protection in Allah from Shaytan. And from that which is harmful? Have you read that after every prayer? Do you pray? Do you dress appropriately? Do you have a relationship with Allah, the protector? You don't have a relationship with the owner of protection and you want protection? Subhana Allah, no relationship? When last did you pick up the Koran? When last did you obey the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala Anyway, let's get to them while we that you read Atul corsi thrice every morning every evening, you read the last three sutras of the Quran, if not, at least the last two sutras of the

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Quran called the more are we that those sewers within which we're seeking the protection of Allah, from shavon from mankind from the evil of mankind and jinn kind we're seeking from the whispers of the devil and so on. When last Have you read the few prayers, or B r o Ruby coming? hamasaki shayateen what are called Ruby cannot be any balloon, oh my lord, I seek your protection from the whispers of the devil and I seek your protection from the devil even coming into my presence. When last Have you repeated that prayer? at all will be Kelly Mattila. He Mati mentioned Sherry mahalik. I seek the protection in all the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. From the evil that he has

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created, the harm of that evil Bismillah he led Elijah Roma asked me he shot on film, probably one of his summer he has semi olallie

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In the name of Allah, with whose name nothing can harm on Earth, nor in the skies, and he is indeed or hearing or knowing. When last Have you said these, you're supposed to be saying them morning and evening. And even after every prayer, it's recommended to read ayatul kursi Subhanallah we don't do this and then we complain Oh, I was affected, I'm seeing things I'm hearing things. I am here I'm there Subhanallah at times it might just be a bit of stress and anxiety and so on. But

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in order to protect yourself from shape ban from the unseen that we believe exists, and from Jin kind and so on, and from people tampering with you through superstitious items. Remember to read you're more aware that read your car, morning and evening. absolutely important if you haven't, you are foolish Subhan Allah and some people say well you know I was on my monthly cycle so I couldn't read the women Subhanallah no excuse all schools of thought permit the recital of these monwy that even during your menstrual cycle, so how Allah so remember, my brothers my sisters, not a day should ever go by without you having read those model with that morning and evening. Seek the protection of

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Allah Oh Allah protect me. Do you know there is a hadith which says men SLM and Zeeland fucken are all to be Kalamata nahi Tamati Misha Rima, Philip, let me do who she had to help me man z Derrick. The prophet SAW Selim says, Whoever is entering a home or a place and says the following supplication are all to be Kalamata la hit mattamy. Sheree mahalik and I've translated that already. Nothing will harm that person until he leaves that home or that place. So as you're entering read the door Are you entering someone's home, you don't know them, read the draft, you're entering your whatever any place anywhere, you're out, maybe driving your stop somewhere to rest, room or wherever

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it may be. SubhanAllah another thing when you're entering and exiting the bathroom in order to relieve yourself, do you know that there is a door to be read, there is protection that you need to seek out to be let him in and he will haba if you know you're seeking protection in Allah from certain shouting and gin kite so Panama. So we don't do that and then we complain. But Allah says I taught you in advance how to save yourself how to protect yourself.

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Brothers and sisters, put on the armor, put on that armor, nothing will harm you. Everything that comes in your direction will deflect, go away, nothing will touch you.

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That is the strength that Allah has asked us to actually strengthen ourselves with and he's given us that as a gift. May Allah protect all of us from sheltering and grant cure to those who are struggling with something of this nature.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala, strengthen those who are already affected and sometimes if we are affected, be strong, continue in your supplication and slowly but surely, these forces will become weaker and weaker and they will depart. They will leave at times it takes a bit of a while, but be determined, have that conviction, fight it and Allah will grant you the strength of kuroko Lee hava was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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