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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of Ab interim's daughter, who had married her father before becoming a Muslim and had a history of being a woman of color. She later lost her job and lost everything, but eventually returned to her current position. The importance of the fight against Islam's evil behavior is emphasized, along with the role of the Prophet sallua in shaping spiritual connections between the father and his son. The act of pacifying a woman with a man in a situation of financial need is also discussed.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ellen was silent Omar haven't become Welcome to Sahaba profiles. Today we take a look at the profile of asthma Binti abubaker acidic rhodiola. Well, the name itself indicates to us that she was the daughter of the great and the greatest companion Abubakar did rhodiola and she was elder than the famous daughter of boubakeur of the 11 eyeshadow. The Lavenham asthma was elder. She was born 27 years before Hitler, and her mother was different to the mother of eyeshadow, the Lavenham, but her father was obviously the same, her mother's name was katella and her mother and father married before they'd be still alive. It was sent and received in

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Nevada, and a smile was born when abubaker de la Juan was only 21 years old. So she was born before abubaker rhodiola and became a Muslim. But after abubaker de la one became a Muslim, her mother refused to accept Islam, and that led to tension and Abubakar de la Juana and who divorced her mother patera. And much later in Madina, munawwara her mother came to visit her one day, and she was very skeptical as to whether she could socialize with her mother, she sought permission from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who gave her permission, even though her mother was a nun Muslim, and later on, a smarter the loved one who managed to convince a mother and katella also became a Muslim,

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a smarter the Allahu Anna herself, became a Muslim due to the influence and the teachings of her father abubaker acidic rhodiola one, she played a big part when it came to the heat job of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam chose her father abubaker to be his companion for this very dangerous but this very important and epic journey. At the same time, she was the one who used to on a daily basis, carry the food very secretly, in the very clean design manner. Imagine how intelligent and how wise she needed to be in order to smuggle food to the cave of thought. We have father Abubakar, the lavon and the Prophet of

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Allah sallallahu Sallam were hiding. Whilst the entire maka was looking for them. There was a bounty on the head, she would deliver to them daily fresh food, and she knew that they were about to set off on this journey. She knew the secret and she was able to keep the secret. Actually, on one occasion, abou JAL, he came to the house he was looking for Abubakar Dylan and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and he tried to force the information out of her he actually gave her a very hard smack. But as young as she was, at that time, she did not succumb then did she not she did not allow the pressure to get to him. She received the the name or the title, if you like from the sort of loss of

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alcohol he was sent him that need to attain. A new talk is a girdle. It's a belt that's worn or was worn by women in those days around the waist. And when the visa lohani was sent them in abubaker. The law had stayed now in the cave for a few days, and they decided it was time to move on. And they had to undertake the journey. She brought for them the part costs if we can call it that. She bought for them the food. And when she brought the food. She had it in kind of a leather bag, but she didn't have anything with which to tie the mouth of the leather bag. So she took her her waist belt. And she she wrapped it into two and then she tied the knot on the mouth of the leather bag. And

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that's when the sort of loss of the love it was sent and gave her the title. Not only did he give you the title, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her that in place of one belt she was going to get to engender meaning that because of the sacrifice of hers, and because of her playing such a critical role. It's such a vital time. It's such a sensitive time, a lot of other people with Allah would reward her with with gentlemen, after her father and a pseudo la sala la vida, he was seldom had left. And after they they went to Medina to munawwara. They went on the journey, Abu hanifa, who was the father of aboubaker, who was blind, he was very worried that his son has gone

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and and who's going to look after the family and Abubakar the law and by that time it spent everything that he possessed in the course of Islam, whatever little he left now at the end, that was what he spent on the on the journey of his era. And then on the purchasing of the land, we must remember we said the law he was situated in position today, when Abu hanifa came to the house. And he started to question us mom out of alarm that you know, I've heard that your father has left absolutely nothing. How are we going to survive? This was a very astute young lady. What she did is because she knew he was blind, she put into the container that would normally you know,

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carry the wealth of the gold coins, or the D RAMs, or the dnrc took pebbles that do the same size of the deals and she put it down to spread a cloth over it. And since he put his hand over the cloth to leave no CEO, there's enough money he left enough money for us. And in this particular way, she was able to pacify her grandfather about half of where the time was very old where the time was worried that he sent a worker the other one had left and that his son was perhaps leaving them in a situation where they didn't have enough finance

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The reality was abubaker the law and there was a need at that time. And the need was that they needed to go for Hitler. And he was not going to leave the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the lurch. So a smarter the law played a very prominent role in Islamic history, even before the hatorah. As you can see, taking the food to the soul of lasala Hari, he was a father Baccarat and playing a part in as far as the actual journey of Hitler was concerned. And then she also played a big part in as far as her arrival in Medina. When she came to Cuba when she herself now made history when she came to Cuba. She gave birth to a son, and that son became a very famous

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personality in the annals of Islamic history. His name was Abdullah bin Zubair with the 11 she was married a small was married to the great Sahabi one of the Ashura mobile Shara Zubair, rhodiola, and suburban awam rhodiola Juan and her son Abdullah was born in Cuba, and there was a great degree of excitement at the time when Abdullah was born. The reason for the excitement inshallah, we will discuss in our next episode of Sahaba, profiles from myself slim and rabbit until next time, fear Marilla Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh