Yusuf Chambers – How I came to Islam 3

Yusuf Chambers
AI: Summary © The speaker describes how they turned down invitations and started dancing and dancing again after being invited to a lecture in Thursday night. They also mention a family member's reaction to the situation and how they became emotional and unstudied. The speaker believes that media is a bridge to change people's perception of Islam and mentions how their sister was interviewed on a radio show.
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And thirdly, I started to turn down invitations, which were about alcohol and partying and dancing and stuff like that. So like, I don't have any interest in those things, I don't need those things. When he got to that stage, they became a little bit suspicious.

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Then one day, I was invited to give a lecture in Trafalgar Square.

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Now, I didn't know this at the time, but the BBC were there filming it all.

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And when I gave my talk, I just became emotional unstudied, putting my fist in the air and saying a lot of

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crazy stuff. You don't do really in front of the BBC.

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As it happened, the BBC filmed me and showed me on the on the six o'clock and the Nine O'Clock News.

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So then, when I got home, I had to go this mad rush of phone calls from my family saying,

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Tim, what's wrong? What's happened to you?

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So in actual fact,

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an actual fact.

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You know, they found out about my Islam via the mass media machine, who made it look like I was a complete Nutter.

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Ever since then, generally speaking, they really haven't trusted me.

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There is a message here, you know, it's about you know, you know, the media and the way we use the media.

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And I believe that

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they know that it's changed my life for the best. For instance, I'm the only member of my extended family, as far as I know, now stable. I don't go around beating my kids and beating my wife or running off with other women or my wife doesn't run off with other men. And it's normal, and it's healthy. And they've seen it, and even my sister, we interviewed her the other day for another channel. And because we were doing the same sort of thing, we found that, you know, she was saying is brilliant. What's happened to him is absolutely brilliant. And after the interview, she even said to me, you know, you know, she said to me, one of the researchers, you know, I really love my

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brother and I, I think, but I'm worried about what he's upon, you know, he's upon the, this terrorism thing. So this just tells you what the media system does, in way of brainwashing the people against the huck huck of our last panel.

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