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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I want to share with you a very, very beautiful meaning today. Now, as human beings when we experience fear in our lives, what happens? First of all, we could go through anxiety. It could hold us back from doing things. It's it's not a happy feeling. You feel like you're anxious some people might even get depressed because they're so afraid. Fear the outcome of it is never ever good. Right could hold you back from actually even going forth with your dreams because you're too afraid. Now listen to this beautiful area from Sarita ramen. When Allah subhanaw taala says Willimon half Amma calm or be Jana 10. As for the one who fears his lord

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or the position of his Lord, He's rewarded with two gardens. And I don't mean fear like oh my god, I'm scared. No, I mean fear. We are you are aware and conscious of Allah subhanaw taala its existence. When you were doing each and every action in your life. Before you talk, you're aware of his presence. subhanaw taala before you interact with people, whether they're there or they're not there, you have the awareness and the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. And basically, this awareness affects the way you react or the way you handle matters. That's fearing Allah subhanaw taala Taqwa loss partner with Allah.

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Now, usually we said the outcome fear is not really good. But here in sort of, man, it's telling you when you fear and you're aware of the position of your Lord subhanaw taala you get rewarded to gardens, and not gardens like gardens, as this that gardens in heaven. And Allah subhanaw taala goes on describing about the rivers that are running and about the fruits how there appears the beautiful you know, like I'll call them like she's Long's were basically laying down and the silk Subhana carob until he goes to such a beautiful ending of this part and he says what halogens they're all SN il SN. Isn't the reward of good, anything but good. If you feared me in this dunya and you did good.

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Do you think the reward could be anything but good Subhanak era, such a beautiful meaning. Be conscience and be aware of a las pantallas presence in your life in every thing that you do. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.