Angels in Their Presence S2 #02 – Crucified While Sending Salawat

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The history of the Prophet's rule on killing companions is discussed, including the use of blood in execution and the history of the Prophet's rule on killing companions. The Islamist movement includes actions such as the harvest of grapes, the desire for a blade, and the use of the symbol of the beast. The COVID-19 pandemic also touches upon the Islamist movement, including a death sentence, a request for the death of a woman, and requests for the removal of a woman from a tree.

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Subhan Allah I'm always amazed by how much some of these companions love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even though they only spent two or three years with him like you think about those people in Medina in particular the unsought who met the prophets lie Selim and some of them died within one to three years of meeting and receiving the Prophet sallallahu it was suddenly

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this Sahabi Habib and it it'll be Allah Tada when you talk about the miracles of the companions with the angels, and otherwise, he really is in a league of his own. Now who Babel the Allah Han, who was a young man from the unsought from the tribe of oats when the Prophet slice on came to Medina, and he embraced Islam and became one of the veterans of brothers who are of course, the best of the companions of the Prophet slice of them. And just a short while after that, he's captured in this ambush by curation, of course Quraysh from Mecca was trying to avenge their losses from bed that immediately after about it, so they captured hope able to the low tide on hold and a group of the

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unsought and in fact in that ambush, many of his companions, eight of the 10 were actually killed the head of them was a man by the name of Allison had been stabbed with an onslaught he will the law and who was own miraculous story, but hold April the Allah Tada and who survived the attack and was taken as a prisoner back to Mecca. So spamela You have a man that embrace the Prophet slice and I'm coming from Mecca to Medina, and now is a prisoner in this land that is foreign to him, which is Mecca. Now, when he's taken back as a prisoner to Mecca, the tribe of and has been Ahmed ibn NOFA, and heard that whole Babel the Allahu Tada and who was taken as a prisoner. Now, Habib, killed and

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hateth even Ahmed in the Battle of bedroom, so his tribe realizes that the one who killed their father is now a prisoner in Mecca. Now, of course, the Battle of bed that is, you know, a situation where the Muslims themselves were not going out for battle. But battle was forced upon them and hold April the 11th annual bravely rose to the occasion. So you have the situation where the man who was killed by Hobe April, the Allahu anhu, his family in Mecca, hears about him being a prisoner in Mecca, they immediately go to those that captured him, they purchase hold April, the low tide on hold. And they say that we are going to take him as a slave take him as a prisoner. And when the

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time comes, we're going to execute him. So here hold April the a lot of time on who is in the strange land. And he's with the tribe of this man had had a bit of an amateur which are full of vengeance, and they are ready to execute him in the worst of ways. However, it was a time of the sacred months. So because it was the time of the sacred months and the people of Mecca in some strange way. They still weirdly observed some of these rituals, right? In a very strange way. They said, We're going to leave him until the sacred months pass, and then we'll kill him though. So basically, at this point, now hold April, the a lot of time on who is in his chamber in Mecca, and

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they're waiting for the sacred months to pass and then they're going to execute him in a very nasty way. So you have the children have inherited and they're taking turns watching him as a prisoner. And many of these people that are going to be involved in the story would become Muslim later, one of them either the daughter of an hateth, or she was a female servant from the the womenfolk of inhabit, so she tells the story, when she became Muslim. Later on, she says that we would take turns watching club ape, the boys, the girls, the sons, the daughters, we would take turns watching him. And she said that it was my shift. And I immediately realized that there was something very strange

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about this man. I would bring him food as we would with our prisoners. And when I would bring him food while he was in his chains, he already had grapes. And these were grapes from a strange place. And it wasn't even in season. So there's no way he got these grapes from Mecca. There is no way he was able to communicate with the outside world. So I'm wondering where is he getting these grapes from the special grapes from so I asked him one day I said, where are these grapes from? He said in the lobby, you'll put a money where you spent he said, My Lord feeds me. And he provides me drink as well as panela. So just like in the story of Madame it has set up when Zachary it has Salam would

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come to her mHUB and find that she already had food out of season fruits out of season. So this was one miracle for Kobe, or the Allahu Tada. And then she says that when it came closer to the time of his execution, he requests a blade so that he can remove from his body here what was from the fitrah and basically groom himself before his martyrdom. He wants to meet Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, in the best of ways, and so he wants to groom himself before his Shahada. He knows that the time of his execution is coming up. So he requests the blade, she said, I brought him the blade

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And while I left him, my baby boy crawled to him while I wasn't paying attention. So she said I rushed to the chamber realizing that my baby boy wasn't around. And look at the scene. She says, I found hold Abel the law and who's sitting. In one hand, he had the blade, and the other hands are on his lab. He had my baby. So I gasped out of fear, right? I mean, obviously he's a prisoner. He's got nothing to lose anyway, we're going to execute him. Either he could hold the baby ransom or he could execute the baby because he's going to be executed anyway sort of as a parting message to the tribe. But hold Abel the law outside I know basically says look, we're muscles we're not like that. So when

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she sees him in that state, and then he sees her gasp he says, Did you think I was gonna hurt him? So I swear by Allah I would never do that. So this is not who we are. We're not the people that do these types of things. So she said now a to se Iran pot to Hiram and Kobe she said, Well, I never saw a prisoner better than hold April the allows her to and then she says the time came for his execution. So the tribe took him out to tender aim to crucify him away from the cab to tender aim to crucify him. So they strung him up to a tree. And they said to him, Wallah, he were going to kill you. He said, In heartleaf Allah He luckily he said, look to be killed for Allah is no big deal. And

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he says, the very famous words while us to O'Malley Hina Octonal Muslim and other au gem been counterfeit Allah, he must have, he said, I don't care in any way, how I will be killed, as long as this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as long as I'm going to be killed for the sake of Allah kill me in any way that you're going to kill me, do to me, whatever you're going to do to me. I'm satisfied with that being my fate circulated in Hadith, who is the son of Hadith now, he has him ready to be crucified. He says to him to Montana, he said you have any wishes, Any last requests. So for Babel, the Allah Tada and who says, Let me pray tonight, guys. And so he's the first one to

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establish this practice, which we'll talk about as the series goes on. So he, he gives him that wish, he goes ahead and he prays to Doc guys, and he prays to rock as quickly. So it didn't take long and his tune up guys. And when he finished his two records, he said, had I not feared that you people would think that I was afraid I would have prolonged the prayer meaning, you know, I didn't want you all to think that I was scared of this fate. Otherwise, I would have enjoyed my prayer. And I would have not rushed it the way that I did. And then he said Allahumma actually him either work to Lambada while our two other men whom I had Oh ALLAH kill each and every single one of them do not

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spare a single person amongst them. Now Quraysh they just saw the miracle of better the angels and better. They've seen some of the miracles of the Prophet slice of them. They know what to do with the supplication of the believer is like, so when he said that Quraysh ducked, they hit the ground thinking that the dura of Kobe was going to hit them at that moment, right. They thought something was going to come down from the sky and kill them at that moment. One of them is Abu Sufyan who lives on to tell the story as a Muslim again, a lot of the people would move on from this and tell the story as Muslims. So repugnant hateth is watching Kobe and he says don't kill him yet he says

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beat him a bit while he strung to the tree, you know, torture him a bit. And then equipment had if wanted to play a mind game with him. So he came up to me he said let me ask you who obeyed. He says alpha to hippo and Mohamed and V mechanic Would you like that Mohamed slice and then be in your place went to God since the beta can you could sit at home? Would you like right now? That Mohamed Salah Salem is in your place? And you get to escape this? He said Well Allah He I would not even want a thorn to prick Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the god simfy bt while I'm at home? No, not at all. Subhanallah similar to the ending of Somalia, or the Allahu Taala and, and then

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there's one more thing he says. As he's about to die. He says Allahumma O Allah, laser ha when I had a new ballyhoura Sulochana salah. There is not anyone here to convey to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam, my salah, Ferber live who enter Andis Allah, so Allah delivered to him salam from me, you sent him Salam, O Allah from me. Now realize again, some of these people would become Muslim later on. But this is an interesting last request. And then he was crucified and he was martyred will be allowed on. Back in Medina. The prophets lie some is sitting with the companions. And suddenly the Prophet SAW Selim he he shakes as if something happens. And the prophets lie some says

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why Lika salami a Holic and upon us Salam O Habib, and the companions are shocked by what the prophet sighs I'm just did and the prophets lie Selim says how the Jibreel Jibreel rallies and I'm just came to me your crit only min. Habib Salam, and he's giving me salam from Hobi

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Hold he is about to be killed by Croatia SubhanAllah. At the very moment, you know, when we send Saddam on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's after he has passed from this dunya that we maintain that connection by sending Saddam and the angel sent salaam to him while we are still alive in this dunya and he has passed from this dunya. So the Lauricella in the case of hold April the alonside annual Habib is passing from this dunya to the next round, and still he is so truthful in his connection to Allah and his connection to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam that Allah does not just choose any angel to take his salaam to the messengers of Allah is Allah, Allah sends

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the best of the angels to breathe it his salam to convey Salam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from this great companion Kobe have an idea what all the Allahu Taala