A Perfect Childhood

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who has had a perfect child

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who has had a perfect child, we feel the victim, we feel that the world is against us. I have a right to be miserable, I have a right to be unhappy. I have a right to be miserable within myself, and miserable towards others, because you just don't understand. No one understands. No one knows or understands what I've been through.

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Who has had a perfect child?

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What's our idea of a perfect child?

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Children today are surrounded by TVs, games, consoles, Xboxes, Playstations. Nintendo Switch.

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TVs in every room in the bedroom, laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, all manner of toys have got everything. And even they think oh, I wish I had a better child.

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So whose child is his perfect spouse? Look at the childhood of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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He was born.

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When he came into this world, his father had already passed away.

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you and I came into this world,

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with our mother and father alive, just in that sense,

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we have had more than what I've sort of lost in the law. It wasn't

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just in that sense.

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When he was born, he had no brothers or sisters, just his mother. If we came into this world,

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and we had siblings before or after, just in that sense, we have had more than one lawsuit last Allama. Hardy was

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his mother passed away when he was only six years old.

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And he witnessed her death and burial. At six years of age, he was left alone in this world. No father, no mother, no brother, no sister.

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How many of us

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have been in that situation or know anyone personally who's been in that situation? In that sense, so many of us have had more than one or sold a lot some of the well it was

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two years later, after the age of sorry, at the age of six. He then went into the care and custody of his grandfather abdomen with blood, who looked after him for two years he died.

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And then from there, he went into the care and custody of his unkillable daddy.

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And somebody was noble but poor, so he couldn't really look after him financially. He did. He managed. We had a large family, and he wasn't rich or wealthy.

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So the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam began working as a shepherd at a young age. What age possibly 10, at least by 12 was a young teenager, a young teenager Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam worked as a shepherd labored and earned his own income and key. How many of us have been in that situation?

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A lot.

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And that's how he grew up into a

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having suffered bereavement, after bereavement loss after loss, and being quite alone.

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No brothers no sisters.

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So when we speak of having a perfect childhood or a better childhood, what did we want?

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No one's childhood is perfect. We always think that his childhood must have been perfect, her childhood must have been perfect. Nothing is what it seems nothing.

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When it spamela We have two worlds, our external world and our inner world.

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When it comes to the external world, we always think everyone else's external world is better than ours.

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And when it comes to the inner worlds, meaning the spirit, we always think that our inner world is better than anyone else's world.

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So who

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Was that a perfect child