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But this is the story of the sahabi Abby no better than

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a beluga.

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And I told her story so many times but every time I tell the stories Allah

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will lie. If you see something other than what you saw last time you heard something other than what you heard last time. I won't do that. Well, the above one was the man who denied your team.

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A tree

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Your team lost his parents, as over protected over his wealth wanted to build a wall between him and his neighbor. But there is a palm tree there's a date tree in between.

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And this boy cannot continue with the wall until that is either removed or is added to his farm and he went to his neighbor called a beluga that tree Give it to me so I can construct the wall

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No, it's fine.

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He's there we'll sell it to me that

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is a no

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so a lawyer I'm going to claim to this computer for myself Allah when he was

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a child. So he was also the

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is the one to show me the tree or give it to me I'm sort of mom

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So the call

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came in. They are also this is my

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signal to him. No jasola was mine. Subhan Allah.

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I'm sorry.

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When they learned about Lubao was being questioned by Rasul Allah. They knew that we live out his dinner doing everything the way you should think should be done.

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And I will get very offended It's my house my tree and I just kid is taking this case to our solar one.

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So what are the main scenarios so Alana getting 10

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Tears came from the eyes of

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your team. It's no fun to speak for him. Give him give my son this now. His father died on the summer. I cannot use his authority over this man. Because this is how

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give him

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a break from this. And you will have a treat and he's I don't want

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to change me. He was so mad. So I don't want it

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and he got

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a good

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one. And you'll always find those Muslim individual who opportunities

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in high. You know, don't waste time. They don't you know, wait on sha Allah mix Peter salah, no opportunities when

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they are very greedy when it comes to her Senate. They are building their mansion the houses in Jannah other than the hola Juan he say when the unsightly one then the Milliken Klein he came close to our solar Sayana sobre la if I purchased that tree back, can I get the same off and same deal it's never a boxing day kind of stuff for Christmas and when I want that middle chain Jana, you know how businessman Subhanallah Khurana

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are sold by some a lot of it was southern giving them yes

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do you know my heavy aka my garden? So he has 400 Treat others to say 600 trees. One of the best.

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His house is there.

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This is the thing that he has some how to look

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at that animal Mastani is a yes. All of the work. They take a shutter it is yours for that tree of life out of your mind. You know I hit intoxicated was touring with you for ham and cheese for one

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to own gala

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cottage. It asked the people to witness

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he went and that kid is still that little sort of lines on the lawn while he was telling them said Paula yatta yatta are important the cheese yours

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But the truth is yours

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about God Allah one when to hit his 30s palm

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and this is the most beautiful thing

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other than he gave 400 trees for a treat in general. And then he goes where his wife and his children and he calls her Cadell Madatha outside he didn't even go in he says yelman

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He said you

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ordered the bakery

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God lever why

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when you saw the to Allah and his messenger

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or the Allah wanna call it

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or the successfully what a successful DVR with that, that? Yeah.

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They lost everything.

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And then

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our dad

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took his kids out of the farm

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and the kids were killed. So the date

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and the way you would take the kids was she would grab the child's hand open, take that date, throw it back. And she was saying, He lay up on

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that is for Allah or my child. This is for Allah not for us.

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But not the Allah one was not satisfied with the thing that he gave

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in the bottle of bread.

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When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was injured.

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you walk us through work on the face of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam broke his tooth, cut his lip open on the right side.

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And then Abdullah you know me and a human Allah He might stack he came from behind Rasulullah India from that rock on his face. And he came from behind and he saw on shoulder but on hamdulillah did not cut his shoulder because he was willing to arm but he was complaining about that India for months. And then Abdullah

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if you have a zody he hid the face of loss or hit the head of Rasul Allah and his head was open, and the blood was gushing from, from the head of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and Aveda and don't have been

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was trying to be Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Subhan Allah

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and seven or five of the answer.

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Every time I saw the word could not get up and then stand up.

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And everybody time

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army approach or sword Allah was saying to them

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who is my neighbor in Jannah

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and stop this

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and unsolved. Unsolved he will go until all of them were killed

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Rasul Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam

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after this. He came

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after the battle was over.

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And he started turning on searching for the people will kill

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and who did he find?

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He found out that

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was sort of was a little odd he was he kneeled down.

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And he looked at him

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and he said

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come with me there and it

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is a now how many trees in Jana Barbuda.

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How many trees in Jana? For our dad. Why did he lose?

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How much did he give up on this? Now much? But now he's enjoying this