Layatul Qadr 2020

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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The speakers emphasize the importance of praying for others and not rushing too late in a busy weekend. They emphasize the need to focus on giving and praying for others, rather than just doing things. The upcoming weekend is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to get out of one's comfort zone and stay focused on their goals. They also mention a woman who had a difficult time with her partner and eventually apologizes for it. The speakers encourage people to keep their minds open and not rush too late.

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I sit mid kumara moto Llahi over again. So, how are you guys doing? It's the last 10 days of Ramadan. Subhan Allah, it flew by like that. What are your plans? How are you preparing for later to codon? Do you have a game plan? Do you have something written down? I just put up my schedule yesterday premium gym and so then Qur'an reading how many times I'm going to say alarm at Nick I'm going to head with Apple for me how many staff hours a day at the car. I'm giving charity even if it's something really small, with true sincerity Allah subhanaw taala can make it the cause of so much Baraka in the huge amounts donated and make it go. places you wouldn't even imagine calling

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family members Celica Russian, you know, Quran memorization or reviewing Tahajjud prayer, name it all sorts of good. But why? Because Laylatul Qadr is in these 10 days. Your golden ticket to Jana is in these 10 days. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala promises His promise is Huck. Why do Hawk is the truth, there is no changing of mind. There is no going back on it. There is no betrayal. Like sometimes that happens with humans. Sometimes they follow through with their promises. Sometimes they don't with Allah subhanaw taala when he promises it's a done deal. Lay little card Hi, you Roman alopecia, it's better than 1000 months, ad for years. Imagine if you stick to your plan. In

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these 10 Nights, they're not even 20 More nein, nein Nein, that's it. And you do what I just listed, you know, or whatever list of things that you want to do every single day. One of these nights as Allah subhanaw taala promised is going to relate to that. And if you're doing these things, it's as if you've praying in July for any four years as if you've been giving charity every single day for 84 years, as if you have been reading Quran every single day for 84 years, giving sadaqa every single day for 84 years, asking about family members or helping or doing PM 84 years, which is something no human could achieve from the day they're born until their full you know, full live, you

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know, lived out life, that they're doing these things every single day. That's not possible. The only way it's possible is if you put your foot down and say it's either me or in our never I have to attend a little cut. It's only 10 days, have that enthusiasm and keep pushing him a little Josie says when a horse is about to reach the end of the race, it starts to exert effort, because it knows it's reaching the final line. How are you going to end your Ramadan? How are you going to end are you going to end it strong? come in as fast as you can as powerful as you can? Are you going to say oh Allah it is what it is. And this is something that a lot of us fall into we say well you know

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what, I didn't do too well with my fasting or you know my salah was in all this but Allah subhanaw taala is so carry me tells you ever tasks Ramadan, you know, out of sincere faith and hoping to attain a loss pinata Hannah's reward all his past sins are forgiven Ganya allah God not even like when we write with a pencil and we erase it we see a little trace nothing it's gone. It's not like humans where sometimes we remember somebody's evil doing collabs with Allah it's gone. You're going to tell me Well my first thing was man I you know ya know I didn't eat but my tongue was my hearing this that okay fine men comma Ramadan. Amen. And most December if you were up praying your treasured

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or you're totally out of you know, fear of Allah's coins out and hoping to it in his reward then all your past sins are forgiven. You're going to tell me Okay, well you know my total we were on and off I wasn't quite sure what I was happening. Okay, Min culminated just that night, that nights, you still have the chance, don't tell me it's too late. It is not too late. It is not about how strong you began. It's about how strong you end this race. You still have a chance and a great one. Put down everything that you're doing turn off that TV, get off that couch because it does look comfy but it's not the time for it right now. Don't do your age shopping right now because I know a lot of

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us get caught up in that and don't see well it's over. It's not over. It's just the beginning. Set up a plan for yourself right now. And just get to it and keep on asking Allah subhanho wa Taala and saying Allahu Allah in negative form into Hebrew land for fun for me, along the neck and for when to have will have for fun for Annie. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Yara Yara Bureau make us all from those who are altar call in this past month saved for once and for all. There is no going back Claus. So many of us had beloved ones with us before Ramadan And subhanAllah they're not with us anymore. You can't wait and say well, I'll wait till next year.

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What if there is no next year? What if this is your last chance? What if I were to tell you right now that if you come every day at two o'clock in these 10 days, just one of these days I'm telling you guaranteed at 2pm or whatever time it is, if you come one of these days, I'm giving you a way. You know, I don't know a Lamborghini or Ferrari whatever. I don't know whatever card there is out there. House in I don't know Bora or Hawaii or Bora Bora island somewhere like just so exotic. And you know, tickets for life to travel and this and that. Are you going to show up or no?

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You are going to show up? Allah subhanaw taala is promising you what is a bazillion times better than that. He is promising you Jana. He is promising you at Manila free from help fire forever be up when Allah subhanho wa Taala looks down in these last 10 days. And B from those whom he subhanho wa Taala is proud of Allah subhanho wa Taala literally is like proud of us. And he tells the angels look, look at my bad look at my servants. They are fasting for me right? There is nothing there is no gain for anybody else and US fasting right when you give sadaqa other people benefit from it or whatever it is that you do, but in fasting, it's solely from us. 100 to Hannah, and then Allah says

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via a bar I have forgiven them. May you be from those who are forgiven in these last days your oprf say I mean we will accept your fasting. We have lost hundreds I'll accept your Salah we are also permitted to accept your pm we lost planet Allah except the Quran and all the deeds that you do in sha Allah. Please please please keep me and my family and your job as you are all in line. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato ended strong