Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 20

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam's "fitness" and "fitness" are discussed, with emphasis on forgiveness and eraseability. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing mercy and apologizing for mistakes to avoid warfare and avoid future mistakes. The speaker also reminds listeners to be careful with their anger and to not forgive anyone. The upcoming title of the Sahaba is also mentioned, with a regular celebrate of the upcoming title.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to

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tarawih reminder day 20 Yes, last nights of Ramadan I saw the Allahu anhu also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophet of Allah Teach me

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that I should say when I'm seeking Laila to cuddle me Allah subhanaw taala extend our life to witness the latter.

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So the process and him said, Aisha, say, Allah hum inika iPhone, to Hebrew, Aleph wafaa. For Allah, you love Apple was iPhone.

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Apple is something more than go for on your for means to cover the sin. But yeah, four means to cover the sin and forgive the sin meaning you erase it from your heart, you don't bring it up again.

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So you're saying here Allah, you love to forgive and erase the sin

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or Allah. Allah homophone means meaning or Allah forgive us and erase our sins. So this is the idea that we should start inshallah, you know, seeking later, in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, especially the old nights, meaning it could be the 21st. It could be the 23rd. It could be the 25th. It could be the 27th. It could be the 29th. So Panama, most of Muslims, they target 27, but it could be 21st. So make sure that you seek it on those old nights. What is the benefit of Lolita? Maha Akbar Hiram Min elfi Sha. Allah said it's better than 1000 nights. Do you know how many years almost 83 to 84 years Allahu Akbar. So

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If I get a little cover as if I have on that night gave

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$1,000 multiplied as if you have given that for at three years, Allahu Akbar I can't even count the number and a lot of multiplies in donavon.

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So if you pray that night as if you have been praying for at three years, if you do the crop Allah if you recite the Quran if you, you name it, so let's invest in the last 10 nights. And that's why the Prophet psyllium gave us three chances. Mon sama, Ramadan

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lahoma Taka Allahu Akbar good news, whoever first Ramadan out of Eman meaning out of belief that it's a command by Allah. What he said my meaning seeking is that a word from Allah for fasting, fulfill.

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All his past sins will be forgiven. Listen, I don't want you to listen to me. I want you to feel what I'm saying. I want you to picture what I'm saying. Imagine by the end of Ramadan, you have a new slate you are new born with Allah, Lord but think about that. If you miss something during the day, the days of Ramadan or the nights of Ramadan, you have a second chance, Mankato Ramadan even and what is urban warfare Allah Homer

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whoever establishes the right during the nights of Ramadan again, he man and watch this urban believing that this is the Sunnah of the Prophet selam seeking the word only from Allah subhanho wa Taala all your past sins will be forgiven. What if you miss something? You have a third chance insha Allah which is

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a little

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Eman And what is urban warfare lahoma.

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Meaning if you stablish the night of elkader Then again, you will have the same privilege which is Allah Subhana Allah will forgive your past sins, Allahu Akbar. I just want you to think about how little the action is and how will the huge the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know what?

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I want to talk to you heart to heart. How many of you

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can forgive, but they can forget.

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I know if you're sitting all in front of me now and I say Raise your hands.

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70% of you 70% would raise their hands. They say I can forgive but it's not easy. If you don't know what he has done to me. You don't know what she has done to me. It's difficult. I've been through a lot. Listen carefully and understand what I'm going to say now. You don't forgive the person because they deserve to be forgiven.

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You do forgive them and erase it from your heart for the sake of Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when was the cousin of Ayesha slandered her.

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What did he do? He used to spend on him he used to give him a stipend every month, he stopped that because he was angry. How could you say this about it? So delana did Allah blamed him. So panela and sort of more. So number 24 and number 22, Allah subhanaw taala started by saying what I

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call masa. Let those whom Allah subhanaw taala has given him a lot out of his bounty, and they have like, you know, a life of ease and luxury

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to give, give whom Allah mentioned demo hygiene and the answer. Those who emigrated from Mecca to Medina and those who are the supporters in Medina, and then a lot ended by saying folia for warriors for Whoa, that's a command by Allah. Allah said, let them do Afro meaning, let them forgive and erase it from the heart.

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And then Allah give an offer at the end. You know, what did he say? This part made abubaker cry. And I hope you will find the tears now to understand what I'm saying. And you will think about not only forgiveness, but taking it out of your heart, ally to hip bone and a la hula comb.

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Don't you want a lot of forgive you?

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stops going he said, Bella, Bella, Bella era, I want you to forgive me. So if you want a lot of forgiven, erase your sins. He needs to learn how to forgive others and erase their sins too.

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Because in real life, what happens? You know, when a man does something wrong, he comes back home with a gift. And he would say to his wife, I'm sorry. She's gonna say, Okay, I forgive you. Because this face, I'm really forgiving.

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And then a month later, this man is so smart. He makes the same mistake again. He comes back home with a gift. I'm sorry. Would you forgive me this time? Yeah, like I forgive you the last time

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Why did you bring it up?

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Didn't you say you forgave him? That's not awful. So we need to understand our four means don't bring it up again. You take it from your heart

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because Allah subhanho wa Taala when he mentioned the quality of talking

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in so number three,

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starting with a 133 all the way to 136 Well, I said was hario race, this is the month of racing to the forgiveness of Allah, what do you want? This month, the beginning of which is Rama mercy will also Tahoma for the middle of which is forgiveness. We

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will go now to the last third which is to be saved from hellfire. So if you need the Rama, you need to go to Allah and show mercy to people. Or raha Moana, yahama Houma LA, those who show mercy to people, Allah will show mercy to them. You have to give it first and then mark Ferrara, you want a lot of forgive you forgive others. And then you want a lot of savior from Hellfire, which is the ultimate goal of every Muslim and Ramadan. Allah said. Jenna has is ready for who you are up for Mata Mata Cain and Nadine kupuna, for savara. Those who spent a times of ease or times of hardship, so was giving a golden chance. Now, you don't have so much but give, show Allah because I'm going to

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repeat this until you memorize it as Satomura

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Milligan is a charity, it's approved prime means it's approved that you trust Allah Who gave you and took the job away from you, He will give you a better job. But just show generosity so Allah will show you his bounty.

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Then Allah said welcome demeanor life. Those who swallow their anger, they don't even show it in the face. While I feel uneasiness, that's exactly what we're talking about tonight. And those who forgive and erase

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the mistakes out of their hearts against anyone. Not only that, do you want to know that a higher level will lower your head bullmore sinning and Allah loves those who do sn imagine somebody wrongs me, I swallow my anger. I didn't show anger. And I forgive them and I take it out of my heart and I do good to them. Who can do this now, I'll end up with this story.

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And Hasson

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the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He had a maid and he came to, you know, back in the days there were no taps like this. He brought like a jug and he was like pouring water for him to make will do. So while he was doing this, the job fell off and splashed the clothing of a person. So it hasn't got angry. The maid was a Muslim and he was very smart. He said, What do you mean alloy?

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What is he doing now? He's just reminding and hasn't buy an ayah from the Quran. The Quran is called the reminder advocate to remind you so did it has an act and react like you and me. Don't bring Allah in the equation. You made a mistake. Let me discipline you first. No, he didn't do that. Once they listen to the Quran, they submit right away. They act upon the Quran right away. So is it covanta highly, I'll swallow my anger. But the middle was very smart. He continued to die. He said, We're live in an inn.

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And also forgive and forget, he said, I felt as if you have done nothing. But the goal was very smart. He continued to follow your Hepburn mazzini and Allah loves those who do so and he said, What could I do to you? You know what? Go you're free for the sake of Allah.

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What a beautiful meaning that the Sahaba will listen to the Quran and act upon it right away. Can we learn this? Yes, we can and we can smile and give charity. So I would like to remind you inshallah, that tomorrow, we're going to have our regular Ramadan q&a at 5pm. Don't forgive your Masjid. And don't forgive my regular charity, which is

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a smile, genuine smile, not the smile. Okay.

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