How The Prophet (PBUH) And Companions Treated Women

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The speakers discuss the importance of "overview of Islam" in achieving tolerance and avoiding oppressed status. They also touch on hedge literature and hedge language, the concept of "has been" and the importance of finding a path for spirituality. The speakers emphasize the need for women to be at a base to achieve a balance and not abandon their values, protecting them in public and not just for the sake of protecting their bodies. They also touch on the impact of female support on society and the need for a paradigm shift to value women as a person and bring them the love and respect for each other.

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And because we, I very quickly, I begin reading a lot of Mexico the most beneficial, and I send people messages come in, at upon him. Okay, just because we have a few novels who's in the audience, I'm going to explain some terminology, just so I don't have to translate every time. So when I mentioned the name of,

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I will say, Army,

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which means peace be upon you. When I say the name of a lot, when I say the name of God, I will say,

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which means Glory be to Him, and any other terminology that I use, I will explain. So to begin thinking about how to properly select insulin treated women, I will give you a brief overview of Islam, and also a Western context. So we can understand that the

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goal and how we can provide a solution. And the idea is to be tolerant, because Islam is key. And I say that because I was traveling to the US two weeks ago. And as I'm on the plane, I need a, you know, we just was sitting there, and I have a normal thing to do next to me. And it's the first time you've met a Muslim, let alone a Muslim woman, as I've been sitting there, he turns around to me and ask you a question. And I'm like, okay, and it's like, I just want to ask, like, you know, stuff I hear on the news. Is it true? And I'm like, I have no idea what he's heard. So, does he die due to weather?

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And I'm like, Okay, I think asks a lot of questions. And it makes me think that there is a whole community outside of our community in the Muslim community that perceives women as oppressed, they perceive men as controlling. So we want to reach a level of tolerance, where we can do to each other and we can, we can think that, you know, that they're not necessarily oppressed, it's something that goes by by their their faith and the Muslim community, there are we live in a paradigm where women are seen very favorably favorably they, they are more at times treated very well. So we will focus on on that and also what the messenger of a lot of peace be upon him, what how he treated women and

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how his companions and the people of the past how they were treated, and women so we can appreciate. It's not history, we can appreciate the religion for what it stands for. So before we begin, I want to ask

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two to three people if they can share with me what they expect from today. Just so we can have it somewhat engaging. Does anybody want to share?

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Because if you don't share, I have to pay someone and that will be quite

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why what do you expect from me? What do you

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know? What do you hope to learn?

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Does anyone

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remember? Okay,

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we'll go over that quite a bit. And we'll go over that anything from from rather than?

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Anybody? It would help to know, just so I know I'm on.

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Okay, how to treatment women and how?

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Not necessarily.

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Okay. Can everyone hear me? Okay, brilliant. So when we look back at the life of the messenger, what

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we realize is, the message of ignorance is defined by one word, and that word is liberation, or some are used to represent the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, came to free humanity, from oppression, from suppression in belief and action, how we treat people I also want you to be so we, we don't do things for the sake of people we do. Whatever we do is defined by the question of our Creator. And so if somebody said at the center, from the very beginning when he came to America, when he came to the courage, he knew that they treated women in a pretty disgusting manner, meaning they buried the women alive.

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They wouldn't

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have countless wives, and they have no regard for them the way women were, I received it was very negative. So I assume it is the messenger of Allaah. From the very beginning, he knew there was a problem, he knew there was an issue. And I'm not going to speak briefly about how the messenger of Allaah peace be upon him. He, he solved the problem in the in their times. And even in hard times, by the way, I always find it quite amusing how the finger is always pointed at the Muslim community. Because we have problems on a universal level, when it comes to domestic violence. It's a universal issue, when it comes to control. It's a universal problem. It's everything. So it doesn't matter

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whether you're, you're a Muslim, or you're, you're a non Muslim. It's what you believe about the men that defines how you treat them. The thing here, which I'm proposing is that Islam has the solution. That's why By the way, I'm not beginning my talk how normal speakers do, whether they're male or female, and the winner of the talk is that the woman is a, she's protected, she's beautiful, she has such a high status. That's why you know, we value our women in in a certain way, because women start under the pretense of she's a pearl, she's, you know, she's protected. In reality, what we are seeing that a woman, she's such a pearl, that she needs to be protected in a manner which makes her

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invisible. And that's what happens. And that's why in all communities, and also someone in the Muslim community, piety, meaning morality is defined by the woman being at home. piety, and morality, from a female perspective, is defined by a woman being silent by a woman and not being outspoken, because we live in a community where we have not mastered relationships between those genders. And that's very worrying, by the way, because the relationship between a male and female is a very basic relationship. And if we don't solve that relationship, then we've got problems in all our relationships between the father and the daughter, you know, the Father and the Son, we are not

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giving each other, the way the messenger will more peace be upon him here again. So going back to how the Messenger of Allah be upon him, he wanted to remove the way we were teaching, he started off by the birth of a while ago, and the messenger of a lot of Eastern medicine, and he focused on point A, so he did get to point B, they work very the girls align, because they were seen as a burden, because they were seen as they may be raped in the future, they may get married in the future, they are a financial burden, I have a son that can look after me and I can take care of my you know, my family, you know, so even though there are many headaches, I want to say, Honey, there are many

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statements of the Prophet, peace be upon him, that changed everything. And let me give you an overview of hedgies literature. Islam is built upon prophetic dreams. Without these pathetic things, there would be no discipline at that point that the whole, you know, the whole chain of narration is gone. It's so rigorous, that you know, Mr. Hardy, who would collect collect the statements, they would not take Hadees from a male or a male or a, an individual being who was a liar, because they valued Hades in such a way. So I want you to understand that there are deep in some of the most authentic generations where

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you think that we'll ever has a female who ever has a daughter, and he looked after her, then she will be a shield for him, against health by them. And I want you to look at it with us, when we have more, we have gone guns, we drop drones. That's the way it works. In this day and age, they will find a shield when the need came to protect themselves. So when you analyze that analogy, that shields in that time, a shield is something that you polish on a daily basis. A shield is something former value to the male, it's something that he you know, he cherishes So, the messenger have a lot of peace be upon him. He's trying to focus on the father and the daughter relationship is trying to

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nurture love, and he's trying to nurture protection. And he's saying that if you look after her, if you treat her well, if you don't oppress her, and you don't allow her to be oppressed, on the day of judgment, she will be a shield for you, and who has to have that for the companions around the Prophet peace be upon him.

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totally blew their mind, he changed their perspective. So for the first time, they have seen that in a different way. So that's number one, there are various Hadees, where the messenger will likely to be upon him he was visualizing is like, whoever has two daughters, and he doesn't value, you know, he does a favor over them, they will be together with me in paradise, like this. So he's teaching them that when it comes to those funds, and when it comes to daughters, it's not about one over the other, they are both beloved to you, they both matter. So that's the process of change, beginning with the birth of the daughters, when you look at the messenger of peace be upon him, the way he

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treated his own daughter, you know, it recorded that when 14 hour long and had a lovely piece with her, when she would come in, in the room, the Messenger of a lot of peace be upon him, he will stand up, he would go to, and he would kiss on the forehead. I mean, he was very, you know, visual about his love letter to his daughter to his wives. You know, when it comes to Asia, you know,

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one of the companions, he's, you know, he wants to show that the message of philosophy to be upon him as a form of affection.

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But almost in Java law, you know, duty love the most. And, you know, the Messenger of love peace be upon him, he turns around. And it's like, if I was Asia, you know, he wasn't shy in that regard. And he's like, okay, no, no, I'm talking about the men, you know, who do you love? Who do you love the most? Because I love the Father of Asia, you know, when I'm loving Eastern, how he's changing the context, I bring that up from this, from this context, where we live in a community, where if we don't show, especially from the, from the males, and we it's not to show love towards your wife, it's not normal to speak favorably, for her in public. Why? Because we have, and this is what I was

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thinking about next, we've gone to an extreme when it comes to the religion. And why do I say that? You know, Islam is a religion based on moderation, everything in moderation. And not only is, you know, actions, the way we take hedgies, the way we take statements that we can take if the budget of the we're on should be taken in moderation. So what we've done is we've focused on one or two or three heavies that emphasize not emphasize that the how, at times, you know, women can be a temptation, you know, we've focused on one hedgies, and we've used it to tarnish the Horn of women, where there are other Hadees, by the way, and so the heavies have faded

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out a lovely piece of him, it's a time of hate, and at the time of the pilgrimage, and he's standing there next to the next to the messenger have a lot of peace be upon him, and attractive woman, you know,

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in front of him. And as she's walking by feather does walk, most guys will probably do, and let's go through do. Here's the thing, we've kind of focused on the guys so much that we forgotten that the girls have same problems, but it's just so hidden under under the carpet, we don't talk about it in the name of modesty, meaning those problems are not addressed. But back to the point he sees her and he stops.

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And because he's attracted to her, it's a very normal,

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it's an emotion, and he acts as the messenger of peace be upon him. He grabs his face very kindly, and he turns his face away from the woman and he walks keep teaching. Remember how this is very important. There is no mention that

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the slope of the message of love peace be upon him said excuse me, what's that woman doing here, she shouldn't have to be she should be in a home home to perform attraction, you know, she should be reading, she should be wearing the bees coloring. There's nothing recorded like that around the messenger on August 10, his face away, and he's reminding him the process and the concept of accountability when it comes to any action. In regardless of whether it's related to gender or or you know, something else. We are accountable for our own actions. The funny thing is, we never hear that Hadith where someone like that messenger of a lot of peace be upon him. He's teaching him about

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some accountability. So a week from that is a wonderful thing about the universal you know, from a universal perspective of how and and then we'll come back to various pointers, which I find very interesting. I want to speak about how we define define manhood and how we define a woman. And that's really important because when we realize how we have defined

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In the childhood of how we define womanhood, we realize that we go through a crisis. And I want to ask you guys the question, how do you define manhood in this age? Anything? Give me an example?

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How would you define that?

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What do you say another definition is to be very protective.

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It's quite, quite nice.

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But going back to the point is back from the 80s, and back into the 90s. behind, and this is how the West,

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we went up and down is where movies like Rocky, define manhood being a box, meaning tough, that's better option when results are coming out, where you have to be tough. And that's why the messenger of logic, you know, says that

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it's not your strength, which defines you as being strong. It's whether you can control your anger. So there's another

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another, what else do you find manhood is and I bring it up is the when,

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you know, things like playboy, and everything came out where the concept of the player was now defined as being a male, that, you know, I have, as many women, as you know, depending on how much women I have, that makes me a man, that makes me strong. And why do I bring this point up, because it's a universal problem, because it leads to the objectification of women. And that's why the Messenger of Allah is so that when he came with two concepts like that, he wasn't only teaching the women he was teaching the men on a consistent basis on war define, man and in the Quran. And I don't remember that. The surah This is story of a lot of data discusses the difference between a worker

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and intervention. And advocate is a male, a narrative is a man. And don't worry, we'll focus on the woman too, you know, but he says, a feminine is just a male. It's a biological thing. But a interview and the story begins, is of a man, a man made a man who was born in a rich family, but the rich family was quite impressive. And they would come into many injustices when he focused when you realize one family do like another part of this in it. Because of this, he stood up for the truth, and I was kind of mistake, he was unfair to even a lot.

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He differentiate, or he defines what his manhood is someone who stands up for justice. So now we focus on the women. And when we look, when we look back in the in the life of the messenger,

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we realize that there are examples immortalized for us, nothing is random. You know, in Islam, when it comes to the first three generations, they are the last generations. So when you have a theory of love, and she's a wealthy businesswoman, and she supports

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one revelation is given to him, he could go to anyone, but he could. He goes, he goes to his wife.

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And he seeks solace within her. So from the very beginning, the last kind of Allah, he's teaching us that the women and the men is supportive of each other, they are there to each other. They are supposed to provide scholarships for each other. It's not how we define manhood in our time, where you, you know, you have no emotions. I think we've done injustice, injustice to the brothers and to men in general, where movies like rocky has defined the whole paradigm that if you're tough, it means you don't cry. When you learn in the time.

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It was normal for the men to cry. They cry as a fear of not as a fear of the Creator. They cried due to their mistakes, that what differentiates us they had a high level of spirituality. You know, they were constantly worried about the hereafter. It's not something you know, I don't mind what happens in my day. It's okay.

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But they were wary of all the actions that were very accountable. So redefining that part and going back also leave me alone. And then she was provided a solid, you have a long way from her perspective. She not only did she did she provide service, but one week and everybody knows this, she was all famous, she was a scholar, Muslim in Hades, you know, that,

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from a deep perspective,

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she would challenge

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again, and again, if she disagreed with him. And I'm bringing up another concept that is where whenever we see women that are times when we see women that are open, that are outspoken, that want to be active, that is fine to be active, we see them as we are tiny, we can see them as, as intimidating. And also another part where we see brothers are quite soft. And, you know, you know, they they're very soft spoken. And as the brother said, they're not very heavily built at all, we can see them and it's been very weak, when we have focus purely on the external demeanor, and we've forgotten the internal demeanor, whereas the Prophet is he was constantly reminding them that what

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matters most is your connection with Allah. It was, you know, it's very spiritual, you're constantly focusing on the hereafter. But what we've done is, we've totally redefined how how we view each each agenda, that even building that spiritual connection from a woman's perspective is very difficult from the male's perspective is very difficult, because you can't be emotional. You know, you have to be tough, I can't cry when I when I leave. I can't go and you wouldn't do this anyway, I was strange, but

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brothers just crying in the corner. Like

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you know, we do stuff like that, because we don't mind you the way they thought you'd use

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a sort of male

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like brother crying in the corner.

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You know, it's completely different when we when we look at it from that perspective. But I wanted examples of to change your perspective on a few things.

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Everyone has anybody from the Muslim community had an intimacy

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they say that he was the companion with the skinny man. And the other men made fun of him.

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It's like he, you know, he's going to be an his legs and are going to be strong as well. Like he was once again, redefining how we see men from the external aspect. But when in fact, it

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was very cool. We weren't, we weren't wealthy inadequacy, someone was probably on benefits. You know, he didn't have much money. He was too focused on learning. Whereas his wife,

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she was very wealthy. And he, we know islamically, you're not allowed to give the obligatory charity is not allowed to give it to his wife, you know, he's supposed to provide for anyway, but a woman can give obligatory charity to her husband, but even early enough, he was shy, like he, he needed money. And his wife's like, I'm just giving you money as part of my setup as part of the obligatory charity. And he's like, I don't like that. And he and she thought, Okay, why don't you go to the Messenger of Allah? Islam? What are you asking? And he's like, no, can you do governance for me? And she's like, me, I do I have to go, like, no, please. Like, I want to go, you go. And you just do it

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for me. And they say that she goes outside and she knocks on the door. And

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he said him, he sounded like to visit, and she went insane. And then

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he goes,

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like, oh, he played the workshop.

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And I was

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like, Okay, cool. And she tells him, he's like, Oh, it's fine. He paid us and after him, changing the whole paradigm of, you know, he was older, and he had no problem with his wife going in all things coming on his behalf. But it's not something that happens all the time. But once again, you see how they treated their woman. It was a mutual relationship. It's okay for me sometimes to ask, it's okay for you to ask. They were real. We at times become so idealistic. It's like an identical one and you, like from a male perspective, define the roles for women, but if there are situations

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And there are times where they will open and they will read. And it was okay. And the other example I want to use is from

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a wave comes the message of peace be upon him when it came to the Pledge of Allegiance. And where it comes in, he was, you know, he, and the women would come and they pray to the men came, and the women came as well, he was just giving you a very nice example. Because to illustrate my point, the messenger will work with the economy never differentiated between the men and the women, they will activists and

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activists means and because I yesterday, there was a discussion taking place, and one of the sisters really hated on female activists. And I read that and usually I would ignore that kind of stuff. But this time, I was like, No, I'm not going to say something. Like, here's the thing. And what she mentioned is that sisters who are not active, meaning they expect to be a mother, you know, they feel very intimidated by active sisters. And here's the thing we defining from a female perspective, when it comes to being a field activist, it doesn't mean that you have to be outside the home, it doesn't mean you have to be now, it doesn't mean you need to have a name. Being a female activist,

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and being a male activist, is anything that means you're making an impact, we should be comfortable in our own skin. And like I mentioned to to the sister, and she's one of my friends, in the end. It's all love, you know, if we're doing this all at the same time, but like I mentioned, depending on what role what you want to do in life, you should be very comfortable, whether you're male or female, nobody should make you feel uncomfortable. You can feel inspired, that as women, if you decide that you want to be a mother, and that's your whole focus, and meeting, that's great if you decide that I want to have children. And I would like a part time career, as long as you're not

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neglecting your children. You know, that's fine. And I have friends who both of her parents are doctors, she's so resentful at times, to her parents, because she was in childcare all the time. And she never, she never had time to see her parents. So I've seen it from both perspectives. The things is as a female optimist is that choice and that balance and prioritizing at the right time. But going back to the age of religion, for somebody who didn't differ between gender, you want to be an activist, you want to do something for the sake of Allah, I'm here, but the message of peace be upon him. He had, he had guidelines where I don't touch a female that is not related to me. So meaning he

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showed behavioral flexibility, I have no I want to say Pledge of Allegiance. He encouraged me to be involved. But if I take the pledge of allegiance, unlike the men, where I grabbed them, with the women would do in a different way. Because

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I'm not related to you, and I do not have the right to touch you.

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And the third part is, okay.

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And this is a way of going back in history, I will say that when you go back in history, you should go back and you should look forward, and you should define your future Masonic Prophet Moses, when you look at his life, it's constantly full of women, and it's not full of mediocre. And you know, it's full of women who are, you know, you have the mother of an incident that had a revelation from Allah and Allah.

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Allah, Allah, He chose her and it was revealed to her in his own way, not necessarily the Quran, or you know, the Torah which has been written down, but Allah, Allah revealed to her that I want you to do this and that you have scrd sin and you know, where scmm lovely pieces, she makes it. And here's the misconception, ever heard of the concept of gold diggers?

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And it was

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okay, they say usually sometimes that, you know, the woman's a gold digger, you know, and I was thinking about it when it comes to

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sex and everything. You know, her husband was rich house, but it was wealthy. She had everything she could dream for. And when he when it came to be, you know, she stood for justice, she stood for morality. So she's like, I don't want that. And when she was being electricity thrown in prison for her beliefs, and because she's now defined as a terrorist, when they say that she made it, she made a prayer, like Obama, I want to be your neighbor all along when it comes to paradise. I want to be with you. I mean, she's not she doesn't care about wealth. She doesn't care about anything like that. What she focused on is spirituality. You have the truth is, you know, who you know, women who,

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who would, who use it. So then when he saw that he has

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them, but one of them later became one of his wives. And these were women, if they say, and in one generation that they wouldn't notice of it probably should shave, you know, where they, once again, they're women, that is supporters. So the life of Moses is full of women. Because once again, it's about making an impact. So even when it comes to God, when it comes to our last webinar, there's no differentiation, we made a, we made a differentiation, but that is somewhat of a role differentiation, which I will come into, as soon as I want to give these examples that I spent a lot of time trying to find them. Okay.

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Okay, so one thing I want to bring up is the issue of social face, when.

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So the issue is, when it comes to the messaging, there's this thing that women are not allowed to go to the mall. And I'll tell you, from my personal experience, I'm not allowed in my local malls. And I've been told I'm not allowed.

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Because women come to that mosque, you know, some of the men will be tempted

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to solve this eventually. But here's the thing, changing the paradigm, when you go back to the message of why these wonderful women went to the masjid to even though we have at this time, they didn't have a barrier. They didn't have a barrier message. And

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it's like, they will pop they will pass society. Also, there was a time when Ahmed been hooked up, and secondly, dolphin swim community that one of his sons came to him and he's like, I want to, I want to forbid my wife from going to the masjid. And I'm like, No, you can't forbade your wife from going to the masjid. Because the rest of job will not be upon him. He made it very clear. They do never, never, never stop the women from going to the restroom. And they will still defined. They don't know, we go into familiar women. And on the other hand, we are loving this with him. He said that I will never speak to you again. Because he was so angry. Because when it comes to the

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amendment of the last eight, it is justice. You know, it's moderation. When you try and mess with this. No, you are causing a rift within society. And that's exactly what happened. Even though it's better for a woman to pray at home. When it comes to Allah, it's better for her to pray, and I'm not sure about you, but I think that's great. But I don't have to go to the masjid. Like, it's not called upon me. It's a concession. It's great. I can focus on my other goal. I don't see it for oppression, focus on the men, even though it's better for her to pray in the masjid, you should never stop her. And now, as within the Muslim community, I'm involved in youth work. And we're

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trying to get the young girls and guys to, you know, to try and become a practicing. So you know, they don't want to have a bit of faith, you know, they don't go out and do stuff that is not necessarily right. That's not right for them, like alcohol and drugs and smoking. We're trying to keep them off that we have no have we have no messages. We have no one building in the community where artistic to the gills, let's go and we'll do a hell of a talk. You know, we'll do a youth club, because msgid will not allow us. So that's why that's like when it comes to public space. Or somebody servicemen who lead the women who teach in the women who are in the masjid. It was it was

00:33:58--> 00:34:08

they have and that's why the community was so strong, because the women they worked to get along. And the other example I want to bring up is

00:34:13--> 00:34:59

okay, before I move down, because I want to speak about female activists, I want to bring up the role of women and voice the role of men and women. When I I went to a course with them, and then we changed my whole perspective. That's why knowledge is power. And he said, when it comes to roles, naturally we have biologically we're very different. So from the very beginning, when it comes to very different roles and take up there is the role of a mother there's a robot, my wife and I have a father of a son as a daughter. So we've already been different on that regard. So islamically a woman takes a very

00:35:00--> 00:35:52

roles in her life, the role of a doctor, the role of a system, the role of a wife, the role of a Muslim, what Islam also does, it has a concept called the fifth on priorities. Fifth is, I use this concept because I've heard it before. And it explains it while expanding jurisprudence, but also understanding of Islam, for the understanding of priorities, there is a time for this, and maybe the time before that. So what is the role of a male is the father to be a husband, he is the within the, the framework of the home is the core one he is the leader, it does not mean he's superior, it means he has a form of a responsibility over the home that the woman doesn't have the burden of, she

00:35:52--> 00:36:41

doesn't have to worry about financially contributing to the home, even though if she wishes to do so she can do that. From a woman's perspective, her role is as a as a daughter, as a sister in the future, as a mother and as a wife. Going back to the concept of priorities, there is a time and place for this when it's the time to be a wife. And when it's the time to be a mom that can become that should become our focus, that's fine, as long as it doesn't, you know, it doesn't limit women in any way. It just teach you a concept of priorities that you can do anything you wish to do, as long as you don't neglect your role as a Muslim. And as long as you don't neglect the goal as a

00:36:41--> 00:37:08

wife. But now moving up the issue of perfection, and the issue of balance is the same, you will never balance, if that's the point of life, life isn't as I will be going up and down. But you do your best. So going back to the going back to your question, the role of a woman and the role of a male within the home. And that if she's married his

00:37:09--> 00:37:53

wife, if she chooses to do anything outside of that, brilliant, and I always advise sisters, from my personal opinion, that it's always good to do something else to do something. Because if you want to, we all should have women and men and women, because the father plays a huge role in the upbringing of the children, she should be back as much as the woman, you know, exam. And that figure is that. And if you want to raise amazing children, you need to be an amazing woman. And you need to be at a base to follow. Meaning you need to, you know, you need to be something, you know, you need to want to do something in life, if I'm not sure about you, but I just,

00:37:55--> 00:38:00

you know, be married, and then I need to be about what to do. You know, it just

00:38:01--> 00:38:43

so it's not only a constant support, we know, we're all learning, you're supposed to be constantly growing, you're supposed to be constantly learning. And within that framework, bring up your children. And then remember the system from even from a man's perspective, whilst I was in the US, I had dinner with an evening, and she was she was lovely. And one thing she mentioned is ruthlessness. Exactly. And she's like, when I you know, when I have kids, I'm just going to stop working for a while, I'm just going to stop working, or I'm going to go part time and just focus on the kids, when the kids go back to school, then I'm just going to go full time. That being said, I have friends who

00:38:43--> 00:39:22

are architects, and they have children. And I have friends that are you know, PhD students, and they're married and they have children, and the reason why they're successful in what they're doing his things, they have the full support of their house, you know, he's constantly supporting her is constantly telling her and, you know, reminding her to believe in herself. You know, you can do it, you can be strong. I know sometimes you feel like giving up. You know, sometimes when I come back from work, either after the children the rest of the week, they're totally yours. You know, I I don't want to focus on them. But here's the thing. It's not just one clear cut answer. It's

00:39:22--> 00:39:54

something that each individual has to make that choice, as long as we understand that not neglect shouldn't be taken. That's why when it comes to the Masons, by the way, we're doing an article series, and we're calling it neglect. Why are we calling it neglect because the whole point of the Muslim nation is a harmonious society. It's not for the women to like have a status of the men or women are better than men and men are better than women. I need my accent, you know, you know you need to give them to me. But when

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

we made our wives are neglecting their household when it comes to their careers. How

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

Do they balance, they don't do that maybe there are sons that are, you know, fathers. So the point is harmony. And that's what Islam does. And therefore Islam teaches that whatever role you decide to take in your life, there has to be a form of balance. And then, and that's for Max's. Okay, so I don't have that much time. But one thing I want to focus on two things, is one is female activism in the time after the time

00:40:32--> 00:40:39

that we've lost in our time. And that is female scholarship. And Dr. ecumenically, has written a book called

00:40:40--> 00:41:32

within his book, he has, he reports that there were over 8500 female scholars. And these women were very active in their society, they were active in teaching, and they were active in learning. They were active in teaching the women and they were active in teaching the men that they were part of society, that tradition has been lost. And one of the points he argues, the reason why it's been lost is due to the impact of Greek philosophy that had a negative impact on had a negative perception on the way on women in the first place. So when you look at, you know, the time of the Senate, you know, often the profit is collected, and you realize that there are over 1500 female

00:41:32--> 00:42:21

partners. But as time goes on, you learned that a lot of the men thought, and the reason why we don't actually refer them to your love, is out of these 800 500 1500 women, it reported who their fathers were. And you'll see that the fathers were the moms, they were the whole five, and they were the community leaders, meaning that the most quote unquote, conservative conservative individuals in that society, men and women were the most active and were the most supportive towards these women, because they understood that to have a women part of society to have a wholesome society, whereas, whereas in our day and age, and I was discussing it with my friend, we have various concepts of

00:42:21--> 00:42:36

knowledgeable sisters, and even the name is Adi mom, which my parents gave me, we have, you know, the concept of the arguments, you know, and you know, the audience. But the thing is, we had so many arguments been coming out again, and again, and again.

00:42:38--> 00:42:42

The sisters are not active in the community, they are great. A lot of our friends are.

00:42:44--> 00:43:01

Not a lot of my friends are arguments, but they're not active in society. They're not really teaching on a public basis. And the reason why that is, is what happened after, and these females call this is a lot of fun, man.

00:43:02--> 00:43:17

I don't like to miss out on some women as well, a lot of them, they didn't want the women in their household, they didn't want their needs in public, because they had their own protective germs. You know, I don't want

00:43:18--> 00:44:05

to know the name of my wife, I don't know, I don't want any of the other men to know that the name of my my sister, and islamically, we have a concept called, you know, where the Messenger of Allah say that he spoke at a youth meeting a man who has no protective jealousy, and he didn't speak very highly of him. But you know, every male is supposed to have a level of protective jealousy, you know, you need to look after your women. And I think that's great. But what they did is they took it to a level where all these women who were who were scholars and generating highly settings were no longer saved in Islamic history, due to jealousy. And that's when

00:44:07--> 00:44:21

I needed to dig deep to find these and find these names. I want to say that even this concept of that level of protective jealousy, that way of protecting jealousy is that he wasn't even there at the time of the Prophet

00:44:22--> 00:44:54

where he was very open and honest with either one way or the other. We say that the messenger of it so let's assume he is the pinnacle of creation. He is our role model. He is, you know, he is who we follow whenever we, you know, we want to we want to know what it means to be modeled. It's the mystery of life, is the most modest, has the most protective diversity, and he has no problem at all the names of his wives has been no unknown and have been arranged a

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

key question that what they did is huge

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

The influence of the philosophy and you know, the protection of women that we don't want them to see be seen in public, they started hiding their names, that in the long term had a negative impact once again on society. So now, you know, he said he, when he speaks about the solution is like one of the solutions is one, the whole paradigm shift of how we how we view women, and from the male perspective, and how women view themselves. And that's why you have examples. Like, let's say that, you know,

00:45:35--> 00:46:11

we know from an Islamic perspective, it is not legislated for a woman to be involved in the battle. It's not legislated. I'm so grateful for that. But I don't want to fight. And you know, it's tough, even now. And when it comes to, like the British Army, or even the US, or even the army, it's something that they get involved in. But you know, if they're writing stories at this scale, that terror, you know, they're terrified when the time comes, they don't want to shoot, because you know, when it comes to, you know, hurting another life, even though they may need for that amount of time, but you know, the time of

00:46:13--> 00:46:46

when it was time to battle, it was known that some of the men run away, out of fear. So one, I'm grateful, I don't have to do that. I'm so happy about that. conception. But then women like this table, that they had such passion, they had had such zeal that such as education for the steam, when it came to protecting it, and protecting the message, and a lot of that when it came to fight, they went out and they and you we incinerated the messenger of alarm, peace be upon him. He didn't say excuse me, what you do.

00:46:47--> 00:46:51

Know the men do it, they would accept exception, but the messenger.

00:46:53--> 00:47:07

He spoke very highly of her. And it's like, she protected me. And I will go along with it. And by the way, I've written articles, to find the references and everything, it saves me from mentioning them, I'll put it up with the message.

00:47:08--> 00:47:36

And he asked things like, okay, isn't a sailor, okay? Meaning they valued seal, they valued passion. So the first thing is changing the way you women, and also, just quickly are mentioned is the concept of feature, the concept of why a female covers is when it comes to the inner meaning the reasoning behind the Egypt and Egypt is, by the way, not only a gem has

00:47:37--> 00:48:21

its spiritual, intellectual and physical, you know, it's not only about the what a, what a person is wearing, it applies to the male and female, both have a teacher. So when it comes to the level for the woman, the inner teacher is identification. So I am identified as a Muslim woman, you know, if you see me, okay, and one of the manifestations is modesty, you know, a lot of times, he has standards over dress in public. And I always say I always give this example. Imagine now, if somebody walked out here, and they were wearing, I actually said this, and I was thinking what if I'm making them visualize it. But

00:48:22--> 00:49:05

But you know, you guys, you should wear like really tight clothes, the same applies like a brother walked in wearing really tight clothing, and she shouldn't be inappropriate. And we all have standards, we would think, okay, that's not really appropriate for this time, you know, maybe later, but not now, just like that almost kind of violence has done for the public. The problem, that the issue we have in in our time is we've purely made out that the the reasoning behind the covering is for the sake of protecting men. That's never, that was never the justification that was never that either. Because when we make it, and when we make it purely about the history of the brothers, one

00:49:05--> 00:49:51

was saying that the brothers can't control themselves. And they can, you know, they're very respectful, you know, it's normal, we can be here, and no one's thinking negatively. And if they do, then that is their problem. It's not something on the woman's and something that he or she needs to focus on their self accountability. But we have made the feature and the way a woman covers purely as a means of purification for men, not only in the Islamic Muslim community, but also in the University where I remember I was talking to my friend last night, like this really obscene statement of status where someone messaged that if a woman dresses in decently where she is, she's

00:49:51--> 00:50:00

indecent and she she deserves to be treated indecent. I'm not some Hanawon. Like how can you say that? Because when we make it only for the purification of

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Men, we indirectly justify that if a woman is not covered, if only to look, when that is not the case, because in the time of the Prophet are they, some of the women who are not covered very early on, but the men still lower their gaze, the men still treat them respectfully, because they understood when it came to the key job, it was for the protection of the women and not their own protection. And we need to solve that we need to discuss that because what happens is when a woman is not dressing properly, or whenever I've seen women that have been abused verbally, and because they're not dressed appropriately, by other by some men, 100, none of you guys would do that. But

00:50:44--> 00:50:46

because of the paradigm of how they view women as

00:50:47--> 00:50:53

it affects them. So number one, we need a paradigm shift, paradigm shift, we need a shift in how they view women how

00:50:55--> 00:51:13

to change that perception, when the woman when it comes to a child, she is valued, and she should be protected, and she should be respected. Secondly is that she is a human being just like us all. And regardless of what she is, and he should be.

00:51:15--> 00:51:16

Number two is

00:51:18--> 00:51:21

he mentioned that when it came to came to the message of law,

00:51:23--> 00:51:50

that they revised, they had a high level of female scholarship, and they had a high level of female activism, we need to define, we need to, you know, bring that alive again. And that can only be brought alive is if we're supporting each other. And that's the point of the Muslim operations campaign. It's not just a female led campaign, I was in Northridge, two days ago, I was with Dr. Hess. And

00:51:51--> 00:52:40

he did the first half, and I did the second half. And it was brilliant. Because Dr. Hudson address the same issues that I'm addressing now. And I felt so proud of him. And even though my senior law, it's so nice to have a brother and to have another individual who stands for the same age as Einstein. For me, it was beautiful. So to is reviving that sense of scholarship and our activism and our intelligence and our critical thinking, and family, and it comes with it together, it's learning to work together and to appreciate each other. And in that sense, and that is what will strengthen us. So even though I had other examples, so we can just have questions, because I may have said

00:52:40--> 00:52:56

something that one would completely disagree with, um, to me, he said something about I did not do justice to begin with. And certainly, you may want to add on something. And so if you want to add fractions, we can do that.