Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 289B Tafsir Al-Haqqah 1-12

Taimiyyah Zubair
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sutra to help

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sudut will help is a murky surah and it was revealed even before the conversion of Roma Radi Allahu Anhu. There is a narration in which we learn this narration is found in Muslims that are moral dilemma and who said that before embracing Islam, one day he went out in order to cause some trouble to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam but when he found him, he found the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performing Salah in Masjid Al haram. So he stood close to him in order to hear what the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said them would recite. And at that time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting Surah, to help. And as a model on who was listening to the recitation of

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Surah, to help towards the end of the Surah, where Allah subhanaw taala says that we know that there are amongst you mukha the bean there are those amongst you who deny and that this is the word of a Noble Messenger, and it is not the word of a poet. Little it is that you believe this is not the word of a soothsayer. Little it is that you remember, so a lot of the loans are new every time he had a doubt or a question in his mind, it would be refuted, it would be answered in the next verse. So it was through this experience that really Eman it settled in his heart or it began making sense to him. But when he thought, what as he was listening to the recitation the sounds like poetry, the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited this is not the word of a poet. He thought in his heart the sounds like this man is a soothsayer. He knows matters of the unseen that he knows what I'm thinking. And the Prophet sallallahu already was said and recited woman who will be slowly care him this is not the word of a soothsayer. What is it? This is 10 Zeeland, Mirabella al Amin, this is revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. So this narration shows to us that suit will help it was revealed at a very early stage, and as we see al halka it refers to the day of judgment. In total Mulk we learned about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, his ultimate power and authority. And in

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the next Surah Surah through column we learned about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the perfection of his character that were in Nicola Allah, who look in our limb. And here and in the following solos, we will learn about belief in the Hereafter, because in order for our actions to reform in order for our behavior to improve, there's three things very, very necessary. The first thing is realisation that my Lord is there. He's watching me Eman below that has to be strong. Secondly, Eman bid Rasul belief in the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa salam and finally, Eman Bill Akira belief in the hereafter. When these beliefs are strengthened within a person, when they take

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root in the heart of an individual, it is then that true change comes within him. So sudo to help is about the Day of Judgment Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim and how

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Malhar warmer are the rock and metal how

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and how the inevitable reality what is that inevitable reality and what can make you know, what is that inevitable reality and how can from the word help? What does help mean? That which is true, that which is real, happen, when something is incumbent it is do it must necessarily occur? I will have on the structure of ILA meaning one that shall occur, one that is true, it is definite, it is a reality, and one that will become how it is wajib it is do, it will certainly materialize. It shall certainly occur. And how

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the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam in his da, he would say that the hour is true was sad to have the Day of Judgment is true. And one of the descriptive names of the Day of Judgment is that it is unhealthy call the inevitable reality, the true reality that will certainly occur and when it will occur, all realities will become manifest all secrets

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and hidden matters will become evidence. The Day of Judgment is unhelpful Whether people believe in it, or they remain in denial of it, whether they prepare for it, or they pretend as if it's never going to happen. The Day of Judgment, its reality is that it is ill health

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it is definitely going to occur, it is how it is real mental health, there is a question, what is the how? What is the inevitable reality? And this question is asked rhetorically, why to emphasize the enormity of this, how it's important, its magnitude. And the great things that will occur when this halka comes about. Al halka. Mel Harper, and you see the word Al halka. It's just one word, one is one word.

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And usually, a sentence has more than just a word. You mentioned something and then you talk about it, you describe it or you say something about it. So I'll Hakka is the Muqtada and the harbor, meaning what is to be mentioned after that is not mentioned. Why is it not mentioned? Because like this, the listener begins to wander, he begins to think he becomes curious, or he becomes afraid that what is this healthbar? And the question that's in his mind, is set out Mulhall.

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What is that helper? And then the listener is told what are the rock animal health? And what could make you know, what is a halka? Meaning, you can never know on your own what it is, you must listen, in order to know what that halka is. You cannot figure it out yourself. Wilma at Urraca. Adrar is from the word Delia, to come to know about something to be informed about something to learn about something, what can make you perceive what could notify you what could tell you about the halka nothing could accept Allah's word. So listen, attentively, warmer, adorar come and help. You see, there's a question and then another question. So this repeated interrogation. Again, it emphasizes

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the enormity of the state. It emphasizes the horrors of the Day of Judgment. It arouses curiosity and fear in the heart of the listener.

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So how Ka mal haka wanna adorar Kamal Ha, ha, get there, but some mood, some mood denied, where are done and also denied? What did they deny Bill Korea? Another name, another descriptive name of the Day of Judgment. So if you see, right after these questions, the haka is not explained.

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It's not explained it's not described, what's going to happen on that day is not described over here. Instead, what is mentioned is the consequence of those who denied this how, what happened to those who rejected this reality? Was the reality averted, just by their rejection? No, the reality did not change just because they deny it. Rather, it was their state, that was changed. They suffered, they lost out, cut the but some will do Ah don't some mood and are denied. Who are these people so mood to whom Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was sent to whom Prophet ood Alehissalaam was sent these people they denied Bill Aria, they denied Acharya Adira striking calamity, from the word

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out Ah, call for iron and Cara is to knock to hit one thing on another. And as you hit one thing on another, what is it that you hear a loud bang? This is Adira the clamor the knocking sound? This has Adira. So the Day of Judgment is called Audio. Why? Because things will not remain sound anymore. No, they will be struck. They will be struck by the Zell Zilla they will be broken down and they will be shattered and there will be a lot of noise and clamor and destruction. total devastation. This is an audio

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so odd and some who denied a party.

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It is as if what is being said is that do you deny the how do you deny the reality? It's nothing new, great and mighty nations before you did as well. Look at their fate for a mess and we will do so as for the some mood what happened to them for illegal they were destroyed bit Lea by the overpowering blast.

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They were destroyed by a foul Leah Bollea ba line yo Baja what the stock Amin to crossed limits.

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That which exceeds this is Bahia. So Talia is one that excessively transgress his bounds, because for everything is a limit maximum. So foglia is one that goes beyond that maximum limit. So what is this thought Leah that destroyed the people of the mood. We learned in the Quran that it was a slay ha it was a scream. It was a blast. It was a noise. And this noise was Thalia, meaning it was an over whelming roar. Such a noise that had not been witnessed by those people ever. Such a noise that was so loud that it actually killed them. Imagine somebody dying because of a sound. This is how severe and loud the scream was.

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And in other places in the Quran. This Creme de se is also described as an alleged foul and alleged also is an earthquake meaning that wood shakes because sound it also creates movement. It's described as slay ha It's described as sorry Petula dabble Hoon into to that yet it's described as Sarika so loud. And so frightening was the sound that it killed them. It destroyed them for a little bit Bollea. They couldn't survive that sound. Another interpretation of qualia is that they were destroyed because of the Thalia. Thalia as in the rebellious person. Their destruction came because of who because of the most rebellious person amongst them. And who was he, the man who got up and

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killed the camel, even Bertha, a Shah, her and the rest of the people of course, they did not stop him. It is said that his name was May that have been Salif.

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And Talia, see the data at the end, it's supposed to be for a feminine, correct but the that at the end time or Buddha It's also used for hyperbole emphasis or to magnify

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what is being mentioned. So Talia, as an extremely rebellious person, extremely rebellious. You see, like the word I love.

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Why is there a TA at the end? What's the purpose over there to emphasize that this person is very very knowledgeable, so a Bollea extremely rebellious man. How is he extremely rebellious because the command was clear the hotel was clear and the extraction was clear that you don't even touch the camel with evil. You don't intend any evil for the camel. But this man got up and killed the camel for unmask the mu for a little bit Talia what a ma don't and ask for the odd for illegal they were destroyed Biddy Hain with a wind one nation destroyed because of a sound of blast. And here another nation destroyed because of wind BT hen what kind of a wind was it? It was subtle, subtle. It was

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violent, noisy, cold,

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because the word salsa as we have learned earlier, gives all of these meanings, screaming, violent, noisy, and extremely cold. So it blew fiercely, very fast, violent, destructive, noisy, because of the fact that it moved so fast and cold also sort of subtle. And the sorcerer was also idea. It was violent idea from the root letters I empower you to build you fear or to win. We have done this word many times before. What does it mean or to is also to cost limits?

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So this wind was idea, meaning idea in its sound idea in its speed idea in its temperature idea in its effect, severe and overpowering, extremely loud, extremely noisy, extremely cold, extremely fast, intense, such that the entire nation was wiped out because of this wind.

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And this wind did not blow up on them for just a day or two for just an evening. No Sahara her or lay him he subjected it over them. He subjected this wind over these people Sahara I lay him see the word Sahara is to subject something to put into service to put it to a certain work, not give it a choice. Sahara Isla is to impose something on another.

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It's just stuck to them, not leaving them. So this wind was imposed on these people, meaning it was not going to stop blowing. It was not going to stop being cold. It was not going to stop being fierce and violent until these people were finished. So hahaha I lay him for how long Saba Allah Yellin seven nights Florida have the word lady for seven night this wind blew violently upon them. Did it stop during the day? No with a man Yetta yam in an eight days, seven nights with the days in the middle. So it was eight days. A young floral of young. And this wind it blew for this entire week. How her su MA in succession continuously. Her song from the root letters has seen meme.

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And it has said that the word RESUME is the plural of Hasim just as Shahid shoot. So Hasim Husum. And Hasim is actually used for a person who cauterizes a wound repeatedly. So basically, if there is a wound from which blood is flowing, so what would they do, they would use something extremely hot to kind of seal the wound. You see now we have stitches and whatnot before people didn't have that. So what would they do to seal a wound, they would have to use something extremely hot to seal the wound. So and it wasn't possible to do it just at once, they would have to do a little bit and then stop because it's unbearable for the person to take that heat for so long. So, apply some pressure

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with that hot object and then remove it and then apply pressure with that hot object and then remove it and then again and then again and then again until the blood would stop flowing, this is Hasim. So there is the meaning of repetition, there is the meaning of continuously doing something not stopping it until the objective is achieved. So who assume meaning the wind was blowing continuously, one gust of wind followed by another followed by another, followed by another and another and another and this went on for seven nights and eight days until what happened Fatah then you would see a coma the people fi her in it, meaning in their homes in their city sonra dead. So

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this wind blew until you found them dead. Sarah is the plural of the word solder or slit ear from the root letter Sodra ain, and it gives the meaning of Masroor meaning one who has fallen to the ground.

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Basically the word surah is to collapse and faint. This is the meaning of the words that are to collapse to faint. And if a person is sitting on a chair and they collapse, what would happen to them would they remain sitting no they will probably fall to the ground. The word is also used for someone who is insane. Someone who has lost their mind

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because they're falling around.

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So sauna means that they were all fallen. You wouldn't even find a single person standing.

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Meaning there was no survivor. No one who was left alive, not a single person. Federal coma fee how solid

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just imagine this entire population

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devastated, finished. The wind did not stop until it had completed its job. Sutra under whom as if they are now the dead are described as if they were our Jesu. nutlin Kalia or Jesu, Trunks plural of the word are Jews. And I Jeem Ze, it's used for the trunk of a tree. So as if there were trunks off what off nutlin of date palms. People were lined as if they were trunks off date palms, you see a date palm tree, the trunk of it. It doesn't even have any branches, isn't it? It's treat. And yes, right up the top there are branches. But the trunk really it doesn't have any branch nothing growing from the side of it just straight. And on top of that Hollier It was as if these trunks were how we

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are. How we are as an empty and hollow from inside from the letters ha well yep. CoA is when something is hollow. It's hollow. On the inside there is nothing. So for instance, the word is used for the for the button. However through who meaning his button his stomach is empty. He's hungry. The word is also used for extreme hunger. So unknown are Jazel nutlin Kalia as if they were hollow trunks of date palms. When does a trunk of a tree become hollow? When?

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When? When it was chopped off just yesterday? When? Over time, isn't it? So they were lying as if they had been dead since forever. They had no trace of life. No trace of life of unknown origin knuckling, Kalia,

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and date palms are tall. They're huge. And it is sad that this nation, the people of this nation, they were tall. They were mighty and strong in their bodies. These people would say about themselves men a shad Domina. Who, who is mightier than us in terms of strength? Who's stronger than us? Were the best were the strongest were the mightiest Allah subhanaw taala himself says about this nation. allottee lamb you locksmith Lou Hatfield Beloved. They were so strong that nobody like them had ever been created in any city.

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The likes of them did not exist. And what happened to them? They were lying as if they were our Jesu nutlin Kalia. This was the disgrace and humiliation they suffered in this world because of their denial of ill health.

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Of the reality insolate firstly, that is 16 Allah's parent artist says about this nation, that for all of a sudden now I lay him Rehan Sorsogon fie a yam and now he sat in, we sent upon them a violent, cold, chilly wind. In days that were not he said that were unlucky for them. Lino, the Oklahoma double is ye fill hire to duniya in order that we would make them taste the punishment of disgrace of humiliation in worldly life. This was their disgrace. Imagine somebody who's so proud of their physical body. Man, Asha Domina, Cova, who's stronger than me?

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And the same people are lying down as if they were hollow trunks of the bombs. Allah says for *, Tara. So do you see law home? For them? Meaning of them mean? Any back the

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remaining one? Do you see any amongst them? Who remains till today? No, you don't? In other words, did you find any survivor? For health Allah Who member archaea, bacteria has enough sun bacteria? Could any person survive? Could anyone remain? No, they were wiped out. They had no descendants. Because you see, for even nations. What do they say that we are descendants of who of those people who came from that land? Right. But these odd they went extinct they were finished. So mighty and strong and physically capable, completely extinct finished.

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Bacteria can also be understood as any remnant anything that they left behind. Do you see any remnant

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No, they were wiped out. wotja fit our own new and there came fit our own.

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Earlier who was mentioned at the beginning of the surah odd and some who they denied what happened to them, their fate is mentioned who was denied the our, Allah says wotja in our own and for our own also came with his denial with his sin, with his injustice with his crimes, woman Coppola who and he was not the only one who came after Aden some old there were also those before him as if to say that there were many nations between arts and mood and frown many woman of color who will move to Africa to and also the move that the cats the overturned cities north Africa as a plural of Africa, Africa from their letters Hamza calf, and if is used for a lie, but remember the literal meaning of the

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word what does it mean to turn something right from its original direction? So what Duffy cat are those who were overturned and this refers to the cities Off, off so Doom, the people to whom loot Alehissalaam was sent? And these people persisted on their crimes. So what happened they were turned upside down. As we learned that Gibreel picked them up and threw them back

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turned upside down. What Jaffa Ono so look at the three that are mentioned in this verse, frown came, woman Abla who and those before if in our own, while modifica two and the overturn cities also. These came all of these three they came with what Bill Hartley?

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They came with the hotly.

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What this hotly mean, sin, disobedience crime, meaning they all committed their crimes. They all had their fair share of denial, denial of unhealth

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hotly of their crimes which crimes which Fairleigh to Talia which crime did they commit? It was off disbelief. It was off denial, it was off oppression. It was off opposition to the messengers. So what happened then, they saw their fate also foul so so they disobeyed Rasul Allah be him the messenger of their Lord, which messenger did they deny the messenger that was sent to them? Allah sent a messenger to frown. Who was he? Musa alayhis salam and also, Harun early Sinha fall sola, sola have been they disobeyed the messenger of their Lord.

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Allah sent messenger, a messenger to the MacDuffie cat also who was that messenger, Luke Alehissalaam, foul solar solar have beat him. they disobeyed the messenger of their Lord. So what happened for Ohio home so he sees them who sees them. Allah sees them with what? That total Robbia with an owl

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meaning of seizing it's one act of seizing aka one act of grabbing. So that one is seizing meaning a punishment that was raw BIA that was ever increasing, that was ever exceeding that our labia Robbia is from the root letters Raba while the word rebar is also from the same root and rabu rabu same root. What does it mean to grow to increase the rebar interest is called rebar. Why? Because it's an increase on the original amount. Whether it is point 2% point zero 2% point 5% Whatever it is, it's an increase, whatever that increases a little or a lot. So Robbia fiery law, meaning one that is increasing, one that is ever growing.

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After that are Robbia what does it mean? Allah sees them with a punishment that was increasingly intensive. It was worse than anything else that these people had experienced, that these people could have imagined that they could ever have witnessed. It was raw BIA. It only grew, it only increased. It only became worse with time until they were finished for UCLA the home that of Robbia. And you see I mentioned earlier also that for everything is a limit. There is a maximum amount right

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So, for example, even for water, there is a limit meaning the waves will only come up to a certain limit and then they will go back correct, there is movement in the earth, but only within a certain limit. And if it goes beyond that limit, there will be devastation, when it comes to heat when it comes to coal, when it comes to rain, when it comes to when there is only a certain limit within which it is in moderation, if it goes beyond that moderation there will be destruction. So, the term Robbia meaning it was beyond what they could handle beyond what they could take. So, it destroyed them for a while the home that a Robbia in indeed we llama when Baba lmao Oh, when the water fell

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all notice how repeatedly through different words what is being mentioned that how things went beyond the limit, because whose milk is this? It is Allah's milk, he has set these limits and he can remove them if he wishes

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in that little knock on Mount Oh, when the water thaw when the water overflowed again for water is also a limit. So when it rolls very high, so high that it even went above the mountains and this is referring to which flood the flood of New Orleans salaam Loma Balma Oh, what happened? Hameln now come, we carried you oh people fill jatiya in the sailing ship

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homiletical fill geria geria from the root letters gene Roya jell o Yejide is to flow to proceed. And jatiya is a vessel that moves forward. What is this vessel that flows? It's a ship. Which ship is this the ship built by new hurling center. So Hamelech unfilled area, we carried you in the ship? Were you there while you're there in that ship? But Allah says Hameln now calm where the Arabs there when this Quran was revealed the Arabs who witnessed the revelation of the Quran were they there? Were they present? No, but Allah says hamdulillah calm. How Sol because it was our ancestors and had they not been saved? We would not be there today.

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When Allah saved them, He saved us. Hamanako we carried you meaning your ancestors, your forefathers. This is the reason why new Harley Sam is called Adam masani. The second Adam, the second father of all humanity, because after him, all of humanity came from all from his descendants. So homiletical Phil geria Allah's pound thought as mentioning his favor upon us over here, Lina gyla Ha, so that we would make it lecan For you make what for you, this incident, or this ship. We make it for you does kiloton, a reminder, the ship is a reminder or this incident is a reminder, what incident were some were saved, and many were punished. Were some survived. And those

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who survived became your ancestors. It is from their progeny that you have come. So this is a third Kira a reminder, meaning something that is not to be forgotten. This is an incident that you can never forget. This is a lesson that you must not forget. It's an unforgettable lesson. Which is why if you think about it, this is an incident that we believe in. This is an incident that majority of the people of this world believe in,

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isn't it? So the story of profit new hires Santa Noah's Ark is not just limited to Muslims. Right? Many other people also believe in it because it's an unforgettable lesson. You cannot ignore it. It's a tough killer. You wouldn't be here if Allah didn't save those people. Lena Jana Hala contact kiloton whatever Yah ha, and it would retain it, who would retain it, although known ears that are wary, that our receptive receptive ears would retain the story and the lesson to be learned from it. What does it mean by these words that are yeha and why are you both of these words are from their letters while I Enya worry and worry is to retain something in memory, to not forget it. The word we

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are is used for remember we are efe root user, right back baggage

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meaning luggage that has been tied that has been fact. Why is it that when you travel, you keep your stuff in a suitcase, and then you close it, and then you put a lock on it. Why do you do that? To ensure that your stuff makes it safely to the other side? Isn't it? Why don't you just take a carry bag or like a paper bag? Alright, and just put stuff in it and put that in the baggage deposit. Why don't you do that because it's not closed properly. And if it's not closed properly, what's going to happen things are going to fall out. So we are is used for baggage that is fully packed and closed, fully packed and closed closed as an aside from the top seal from the top there is a rope around it,

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or there's something around it to ensure that what's kept inside will stay inside. So Tara Yeah, ha it would retain it because you see many things we hear, right? And we hear those sounds, they make it to our brain like we perceive them, we understand them, we remember them but then what happens? What happens a few minutes later we forget. A few days later, we forget. Allah says there Yeah, it must retain it. Meaning not forget it. Who must not forget it older than waria the receptive ears meaning those who have truly grasped and taken in and contained within them and kept within them this lesson this blessing this mercy of Allah never forget this favor of Allah He saved you we think

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about the story of Noah Hollis and I'm and we're like well lucky people they survived but when Allah favored them he also favored us

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that are Yeah ha oh don't worry don't forget this lesson.

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Let's listen to the recitation of the verses up until this point

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this mill learn your Walkman you're happy

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man ha

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on one

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oblique OBD Hill

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flooding not

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so far on

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cooling for

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the $100

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to bill for

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Lunigiana 10 Kira.

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