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hamdulillah humdinger. theodon will pay you by Mubarak and feet. Why should the one nine ilaha illallah wa to hula sharika

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Why should to another Mohammad Abdu rasuluh Salawat Allah He was cinema while he swimming kathira I'm about to come to the next Hadeeth 40 Hadeeth of the Dawa and the dwad the book that was written by the shake up of Hadith Eilean hedeby Rahmatullah he Thailand he was kind of lotano genetic who will for those

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a nice hurry Hadeeth is tremendous Hadeeth it is a hadith that depicts for us in very clear and certain terms without any doubt that Mohammed sallallahu Sallam was the Messenger of Allah. Because what he said in this Hadeeth exactly describes for us what's going on in 2021 1442 years after the Navy's samila Whiting was settling and today is 24th. Day of Roger. And it's an important day in Ellis lamb not because of his Sora with Mirage, because we don't know when that happened. So the fact that people celebrate in the month or rajib is part of what this Hadeeth is talking about. But it's an important day because we're coming out of the lockdown of Corona. We're coming out of the

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lockdown of Corona. Today was the first day that I will children here in the UK, went back to school and we're gradually in Shaolin lies. We're just trying to get things back to some sense of normalcy and normality. So as a relates to the issue today, this Hadeeth leaves no doubt in the mind of the one who has intellect and he has eyes to see is no way that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could have prophesized all of the things that he prophesied is from this Hadeeth or think it doesn't sell Buhari, a Muslim body also goes to show the level of intellect of the narrative of the Hadeeth and he's none other than hovi for eminently Amen. May Allah be pleased with him, who they thought

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was just a companion. He was from the key Bara Sahaba from the major companions. He was a person who was in the scale. He was someone and his father, as well as the man was a tremendous personality who got the Shahada, Alice Tish had feasibly left. So he along with his father, may Allah be pleased with both of them were companions and that's from his virtues that he along with his father, they embraced the deen of allowance of Hana with the Allah, in addition to that, from his virtues, is that he was the one who the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the secret names of all of the people who are disbelievers, the hypocrites, and then maybe if Islam, Allah in such

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Salaam was surrounded by a lot of hypocrites during his time, and they served as a serious threat internally to the Muslim community. And the nebby of Islam alayhi salatu salam told who they prefer the names of every single one of those people, which is assigning indication that he is the PSA He will send a signal and the side Amana, he took care of the secret and he took care of the trust of the Nabi sallallahu, I didn't send him any of us

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find it almost impossible to be left with some kind of canal speech, or information that is hot, hot off the press or hot in its nature. We were hard pressed to keep that to ourselves. Some of us even take people's conversations and we open up the telephone. So other people around us can hear without the one who the person is being spoken to on the other end, without me or hurt knowing that this is being done. So if that person today was given the names of all of them on that team, that is some hot information, I mean, in a burn a hole in a person's pocket for most people. In the case of who they are dwama lai la he, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in trusting him is a sign and a proof

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indication just like the more than below ever rubber, just like even on lactone May Allah be pleased with them. They were people who were worthy of being put in that position, because the Prophet knew what he was doing. sallallahu it he was, and he was saying and lastly, and a lot could be said about the verses of her Deva is that if you look at the Hadith that talks about the fitting that are going to affect and afflict this oma, who they are, you can say as soon be whether he is a specialist in this issue is narrated a number of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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Insulin in which the trials and tribulations have been spoken about, like this Hadeeth that we're dealing with today of the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them a tremendous headache. And there's no way in the world that we can possibly do it enough justice in 40 minutes, 45 minutes, there's a Hadith of the men who just said Effie, and this is a hadith that students need to study and see what a man even hudgell asparagine said about and see what a man and no we said about it and see what some of the other animals said about it. Like an Imam tabari and tuber Ronnie rock motto Rahmatullah heeta Allah Allah Hema will come to that in sha Allah, who they fight he said, and I'll read the

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whole high beef and then I'll come back and shout LA and just touch a make tiny have caught on a few points because it's a long Heidi and a lot can be mentioned.

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Or they for May Allah be pleased with him said that the people meaning the other companions, he said that the people they used to ask the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was sending them about the good.

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Whereas I used to ask him about the evil things out of fear that the evil things may overtake me, I may fall into them. He said once I said, O Messenger of Allah, we the companions, we were in j helia. We were in ignorance, and we were in evil before this Islam. And then Allah bestowed upon us the present good that we're in right now. So I want to know, will there be any evil after this good that we're in right now. We were in Jamia, which is evil, the first evil and then Allah brought us Ellis lamb Allah, He didn't say you gave us Ellis lamb. And this is really important that the companions did not have Hulu in the profits on the law. Why do you sell them at any time they would

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exercise and show an express any form of Hulu he was stopped them so Lola while he was selling them. So who they first said to the nebby Vijay and Allah who behind the higher Allah brought us this religion and we have the ayat of the Quran where Allah has established to the prophets Allah Salah in Nicoletta de la serata mustafi verily you guide to the right path. Yeah, Mohammed. So Allah has established in this idea that the Prophet guys to Al Islam, but the meaning of that is that the Prophet shows the way as next week's Hadeeth inshallah is going to talk about the signposts the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He showed the way he illuminated the terrain, but he cannot make

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someone become a Muslim and that's why his uncle, his grandfather, many of his tribesmen, Abu lahab, Abu Jamal, many of those people who may you know have they died on cover and allow Tyler told him and Nicola attacked him and act that what I couldn't allow her Yeah, the manga shot. You do not guide those who you love. Yeah, Mustafa. Allah is a Sarah. But Allah guys, those who allow wants to guide so as they say, in English in America, you can bring the horse to the water, but you can't make a drink. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam can guide the people to the water to Ellis lamb, but he can't force them to drink. So that statement of faith is another one of the many indications and

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proofs that the best way is the way of those companions and they didn't go overboard. Allah brought us Ellis lamb. Yeah, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I want to know,

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this good of Islam that we have, and will there be any evil after it? The prophets say yes, there is going to be evil activists good, who they've said so I said, Will there be good after that evil? The Prophet say yes, but that good that will come after that evil, it will be tainted and it is done. Some people describe it and transit as tainted. Some people describe as a little evil. I would like to call it the hen tainted evil is evil, but it's tainted. The Prophet said sallallahu Sallam

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said, I said to him, what will is done be what do you mean it is tainted? It has hidden evil what is that hidden evil? The Prophet says sallallahu wasallam there will be some people who will lead other people according to principles that are other than my tradition. They will guide them and other than my sooner and with other than my sooner Yeah, do not be re had the western noona be right soon at the end is going to be good. But it's gonna be mixed up the affairs will be mixed up. What do you mean mixed up? What is

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The evil the hidden evil, they are going to be a group of people who are going to be guiding people, by and with other than my traditions my authentic Sunnah. You will see their actions and you will disapprove of what they do. Who they for went on to say yada Sula, will there be any evil after that good, the good that has done the good that has the evil tainted the hidden evil? Will there be after that? Any good? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa, any evil after that good. The Prophet says Allah what he was saying, and yes, there will be some people who will invite others to the doors of the Hellfire, and whoever listens to them, and he accepts their invitation. He will be thrown into the

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Hellfire, who they first said upon hearing that I said, O Messenger of Allah. describe those people to us. The third evil and the worst situation.

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Will there be any evil after that good that's tainted? Yes, there will be evil. And what is that evil jasola you will see some people who will invite other people to the Hellfire in Arabic, he said, Do I tune up the word beija Anima. Men Ajay boom la ha katha foofy her there will be dat callers on the doors of the hellfire. Anyone who listens to the call and they are down. They're going to throw him subsequently into that particular Hellfire from that door that they're calling from. I say Allah so Allah describe for us those do art describe for us. He says some allow what he was sending them, they will belong to us. And they will speak our language home min Gil des Tina

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with the qalamoun ob LC Latina, they are like us saying color, same complexion, they're just like us. They are Muslims, they Arabs, they are from us. And they speak our language, that language can be Arabic In this case, or can be the language that the Muslims are speaking during that time.

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who they are the Allahu anhu he went on to say God also Allah, what did you command me to do? What do you order me to do? If such a thing should take place during my lifetime? If I wouldn't see these do art, and I was deceived is evil. What do you order me to do? What's your advice? The Prophet told him some the law what he was sending them, stick to the Jamaat of the Muslims, stick to the Jamaat and stick to the Emir of that Jamaat, who they prefer, who's been asking all of these questions in the same idea of wanting elaboration and clarification, and elucidation so that there will be no doubt for himself and subsequently, for us, people come now, to read and understand this hadith.

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You're also will Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, if this were to happen, and I'm alive, what do you command me to do encourage me to do advise me to do? He says, stick to the Jamaat of the Muslims, and stick to the amen the leader who they say yes to the law, but what if there is no Gemma, and there is no Muslim Muslim leader? There is a lead over there, over there over there over there or there are no Muslim leaders at all. And the Muslim Jamaat is all scattered. What What should I do in that case? He said some Allah What do you sell him to have a female I'll be pleased with him, then I advise you to keep away and to avoid all of the different sex at that time. Even if you have to bite

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on the root of a tree until allies with Jo brings death to you and you're in that state. Tremendous idea of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa Taala. It was sending them to Sleeman kathira first thing that we want to mention about this idea one is the statement of who they are and one life and he the people used to ask about the good and I used to ask about the evil out of fear that it would hit me it would overtake me. So I say out loud, we were in Jamie and we were in evil and Allah Allah brought us this good. So after this good that we end it will there be any evil. So the good that he's talking about in the beginning of the Hadith is talking about the fact that the companions

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rubbed the lion were taken from J via into Ellis Nan so that's the first good first Evo is what happened in Jamia we were in j Leah and evil. And then Allah brought us this good. So the first evil is when they were in a j vlj. Leah is the pre Islamic times those things that happened before the Prophet came from the law while he was selling them. So rasulillah came about 400 and something years after he said

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Maryam. So revelation had been cut off in the dunya there was no guidance. There was no Islam. There was no hive as it relates to divinely revealed knowledge. Then Allahu taala sent His Prophet sallallahu it was said to him, as he mentioned in the Quran, who will levy rossella Rasulo who bill Huda Dean and has to do with hero one a dean equally? Well Oh, Carrie Hello, Kathy rule. Hello, Carrie Helms, Shree cone and another ayat, Allah is the one who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, to proclaim it over all other religions Judaism, Christianity, where he's abroad and everything before that, although the disbelievers made to test it, the polytheists made

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the tested so Eliza Joe sent to the people of Ajay via Mecca, and there was jahai pre meeting across the whole globe jahai havia and the way they marry j Leah and the way they stay married j Leah and the way they got divorced jamea in their Rebbe J. Leah and all of them were Amina, they had some good but for the most part, it was j v on another level and another level and the worst manifestation of the Ajay via was Jamia in their IP though what they believed about Allah tala hora fat and ship qiat Allahu taala. He married the jinn. And after having a relationship with the jinn, the angels came out and they are the daughters of Allah. That's Jackie via. And then the Prophet

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came with Ellis lamb and Allahu taala proclaimed the religion of Islam over all other religions. So it's not permissible to describe the world as Jackie Leah today. There are aspects of Jamia in the world, but it's not okay because if a person says the whole world is just j v, and this is J via, then it's as if the prophets Allah select date and bring the truth. And this is not applicable that Allahu taala has made the if heart and given him dominion over all other religions. So it's important to understand from this beginning of the Hadith, that number one that the deen is clear, clear. And that's why who they for me, Allah be pleased with him said that people used to ask about

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the good. And I used to ask about the evil because those are the two things in our religion, hide and show the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was never an A B that was said before me, except that it was the hack on him to tell his people about all of the good that he knew, and to warn his people of all of the evil that he know of. So the profits come to tell the people all of the good that they need to know and all of the evil, so some of the companions and then the vast majority, according to this, Heidi, they're 99% of the companions, they used to ask about the good. And are they for represented 1% because we don't have any other Hadeeth saying, and there was

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another companion who came and he duplicated what probation? Well, Dave is the only one we heard this Hadeeth being in his example, which brings us to a very critical point. And that is today because we have a lot of FB life, one of the signs of yomo kiama we have a lot of infighting and especially as a relates to people on the sooner we have a lot of this stuff he's on a he's not on a he's not on it. This I believe is important. I believe that goes to show the decrypted understanding the wrong faulty understanding that some of our brothers and sisters have who believe I'm going to busy myself with just learning about all of the reputations who refuted who and why. And I'm going

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to gather up all of that information. And I'm going to have a folder for that so that I can talk about it in discussion and I can debate it. And the reason why I'm doing that is because prove Eva who they used to ask about the evil. So I want to know about the evil at the expense of learning my religion. So he doesn't learn about the Arcana of the Salah. He doesn't learn about how to make will do he doesn't learn about the only act in his religion as an individual, but he is over indulgent and reduced and refutations using the hadith of her VEDA. And that's a faulty understanding who they for May Allah be pleased with him said the vast majority of the companions were asking about the

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good. So our religion came and made things clear, toe heat is clear, Shrek is clear. bid is clear. And and soon is clear, innovation is clear. The heart is clear, false, it is clear and so forth and so on. The last thing that we would like to mention as relates to this issue is some of the people they will say, you know, let's just teach the people the good and that said, when you teach them about our kids and things like that, don't teach them about the positions that some of them

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People may that go against the religion when you teach them fifth, don't teach them about the positions as you go through the bags and the chapters of fick. Don't teach them about the conditions or the issues that have to be rejected. And fifth, just teach them the good. And that said, this hadith of Buddha goes to show that it is from the mishap of the self, that in order to learn and appreciate and understand the good, there's no problem with learning the opposite of that good. And that's why the companions used to say you used to say those people, everybody used to say it, those people were born in Ellis lamb. They don't have a great appreciate their appreciation for Ellis lamb

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is not like the appreciation for those companions who were born in Jackie via. And J. Leah, because when they were born in Jamia, they were a straight.

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But now if you want in Ellis lamb, you come up and there's a lot of internal insulated, protections for each and every individual. So with that, you shouldn't be that strange person who's trying to learn all of the reputations and things like that going overboard?

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who pay for went on to say, may Allah be pleased with him? That he said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we were in this evil, and then Allah brought us the good as I mentioned, it was a good of Ellis lamb. He said, Is there going to be any evil after this good? The Prophet say yes. The second evil, first evil Jay Haley. Yeah. And then they're on Ellis land? Will there be another evil a second one? Yes. And the second evil, the prophet said sallallahu wasallam was referring to the end of the time and the life and the era of the companions, may Allah be pleased with them when they started having disputes, when they started having internal strife that the Prophet alluded to in a

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number of ahaadeeth sallalahu. It was sanlam lateral geroux body confira, yet durable by the comb, recover bad, do not turn into non believers, disbelievers after me how, by striking the necks of each other and fighting this is something that the Prophet prophesized was going to happen, some love lightning will sell them, the Battle of the camel, the Battle of Safina these misunderstandings that the companions had, he had in May allies would be pleased with all of them. So that is the evil. That's the evil.

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He went on to mention, and he said God, also the love. And after that evil, will there be any good? He said, Yeah, after my companions, you have your fitna, there's going to come good. After that evil, there's going to come good. And then that good is going to be done. It's going to be hidden, evil, tainted, that good is going to be tainted. He said What is this time, and then he went on to explain people will be trying to be guided by other than my son. Now. This is a clear proof in an indication and whiny and this hadith is about the Dow and the doodad. This can be explained that it could be benefited, beneficial to every I'm a backer and save individual. But the book is about the

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Dow and the Dow. So people who are given dollar pay attention. People concerned about the dollar pay attention.

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This idea goes to show that regardless of how religious you are, and how close your arm the key tab, and the sooner with tenacity, you and the sooner you have good, I thought we're gonna dab still. You're not exempt from the fitna. And there's something that's tremendous about who they thought, who knew the names of them when I 15. And yet he was worried about the evil. And this is what Avi Nabi Malaika said about the companions, may Allah be pleased with all of them. Even abimelech is from the Tabby dream. He said, I met 30 of the companions of the nebby, some a lot he was sending them, all of them were afraid of hypocrisy on himself. All of them thought I could be a hypocrite.

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They concern themselves with that. And today we exist and we're not concerned. The companions are worried about what good What's the good, I want to do the good, who vapor was worried about the evil so that it didn't fall on him? They didn't exist as if they were no problems. And they were not worried. No, because they were on good and allies with gela brought them the evil from the cutter, which was the fighting the infighting. And then after that, is it going to be good? Yes. And then it is done. So the companions are the best of the people and they were tried, and that's what's going to happen to everybody after them allow terracotta as I mentioned in the Quran. Has he been asked

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angle to recording your pool. Amanda hula you've known one or two other fraternal levina men cuddling him the Alamin Allahu la Vina Sadako Leanna Munna Al khair the bone and carry been.

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Do the people think they're gonna just be left saying we believe and not be tried. We tried those people went before them so that allowed would know those who truly are telling the truth and those who were lying. So the companions, they were tried and we're going to constantly be trying. And that's why we have those irons and we have the life of the Prophet teaching us that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my Khan Allahu Allah, meaning that Allah ma into Allah he had died, you may be Femina.

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Allah will not leave the believers in the condition that they're in the way they are right now. until Allah makes it 10 years. And Allah separates the good from the bad who's the believer in who's not the believer? So today, those people given dwad dour, the government will step to you and ask you, what's the Islamic position? What's your opinion about this, this this and that is a chance of fitna and then the person falls as a result of the pressure for an example. So you're going to constantly be tried. You're going to constantly be trying, when not below come, fishery will hide fake net and we're going to read your own. We're going to try you people with good and with evil

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with evil and good. We're going to put fitna and good and evil and to me you're going to return so we have to understand that. So it's the job about dolla dolla and the doodad as people are giving Dawa. We have to stay the course. Don't become overwhelmed with negativity. Don't be of the people look at the community and you say look, if this is no good, that people are destroyed, there's no hire. The whole community has Jamia you can't talk like that. Because the fitna will never stay with Tim Keller, I am Onoda Willow have been a nurse. Those are the days we change them with the people. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose sometimes up sometimes down. So with the companions. We were in

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Jamia and evil Allah brought us to good. Will they be evil after that good? Yes, there'll be evil after that good. And after that, and after that evil will there be good they'll be good after that and then it is done. So the Muslim has to relax, take it easy. It's not going to stay evil is not going to say tough forever. It may be your whole lifetime is your job and my job as we mentioned before, just to get on the Serato monster came as the Allah mentioned in the Quran. As Allah mentioned in the Quran. First I'm sick below the oh here la naqada Salatin, Mr Payne, hold on to what has been revealed to you and you on the set out to Mr. King, just stay on the syrup and keep

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treading our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I was born in 1964 March 10 1964. That means that the Palestinians have been dealing with what they've been dealing with every since I've been born. But still, the Shaban Philistine, the Palestinian Muslims still have to be patient. Does that mean you sitting you twiddle your thumbs? No. But you don't become hysterical and start doing things based upon emotions. So as a person given dour as a person of this own man, take it easy don't become overwhelmed with negativity don't think that it's all over allow Tyler mentioned in the Quran to this community yeah are you living in an ominous Bureau was Sadhguru Robbie to Allah Allah Allah

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come to flee home. Oh you believe have patience, cause yourselves to be musavat of make yourselves patient and feel on the hopes that you will be successful. Prophet Muhammad told us inauthentic IDs and so many Hadith about sobor sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if a server RMX attack Rahu haiming kathira you have to know that being patient on what you dislike it is a lot of good in it. He says some a lot what is sudden and wylam and muscle mass server. We're an MA we're an

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Anima and nuthall a server one Amal Farage and curb you should know that victory comes with patience and relief comes with distress. He says I've Allahu It was sanlam as several br pm patient is a light illuminate for you in the dunya and in the hereafter. So the point is

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The Muslim should calm down and take it easy and know for ENDA Milo's reuse raw in tomorrow's reuse raw. No one will stay in fitna forever No one will stay down forever. No one will stay up forever. It doesn't happen.

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We have to move on because time is rolling. The Navy says something along water you either it was seldom you will see these people when they would try to guide be guided by other than my sooner. Thus the Duffin This is talking about the death and it's talking about the alterations to the religion. People are practicing the religion and they have some higher any there's good Islam is spreading knowledge is spreading. But in the spread of knowledge, things are being added on to the religion that are not from the religion that shuba had, like the 27th or rajuk where people are going to do this month inshallah the prophets birthday, the hatom the army, these things people

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believe in, and they have nothing to do with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said to the companions to who they prefer, you're going to see what they're doing these people. The good things you acknowledge the bad things you'll acknowledge tidy for men home with home care,

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you'll see what they're doing and you're going to make in car and another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you had dethrone or condemned lmts Maru and tamala Abba accom for er como el those people who will be guiding other people with other my center they'll say things and tell you about things. You never heard of them know that your father's ever hear of this stuff. So you'll be where and let them be where so people are coming and telling us that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is has a nozzle I will back in then never heard about that in the lobby pleased with them. People are coming they're telling us the most important thing another slam is

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establishing the key Rafa Abu Bakr and Omar they didn't say that they didn't understand that some people come and say the most important thing that we get busy with is making to clear our button. They didn't say that they didn't look like that. So when you hear people saying things, noun slogans and things like that the slogan may be true, Daddy for men whom.

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So matondkar the slogan may be true, but it's in his improper place is an improper time the wrong person is calling to it. And so forth and so on. Who they feel went on to say that I said yada Sula. After that evil, or after that good, will there be any evil the third evil the worst one? He said, Yes. There will be some people who will invite others to the door of their Hall of Fame. Do I have wabi jahannam callers on the doors of the Hellfire that goes to show that the Hellfire has different doors according to this Heidi, just as the agenda has different doors. There was a dawn as genetic code array young people were given to fasting will enter in that door. There is the door of agenda

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that the prophet will knock on some a lot. It was suddenly the first one to knock on it will be opening it will be the first one that go through that door. sallallahu alayhi wa Taala it was sell them so the agenda has doors, and the Hellfire has doors. The gender has Dara Jad levels going up. And the Hellfire has direct cat levels going down. He said in the Quran. supanova Allah, about the Menagerie, Keeneland moon if you clean if it is Philemon and now the hypocrites on the lowest level of the hellfire. So there are due at the door of the Hellfire, like the previous Hadeeth

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he said at Alexey coolessay bill and minha Shay fine get to eat ha ha at the head of every Seville every way. There was a shaped on call into that way. In last week's Heidi and this ID says they are given dour and they're at the doors of the hellfire. These ahaadeeth are intertwine. Whoever listens to them. They'll be thrown into the Hellfire, the one who says Just give me the Quran. That's a dour to the hellfire. Just give me the Quran and leave the Sunnah, the one who says all of these forms and ways of life that have been introduced to Benny Adam, other than what al Islam is saying, no matter how they dress it up no matter how they call it, no matter how many people get behind it, no

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matter how much the government No matter how much the media mass media tries to get us to become insensitive to the fact that these things go against the religion. They keep chiseling out our mental state and our Eman and to the point where the person starts to give that accommodating point of view. Whoa,

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It's okay. It's where we live. All of those schisms and isms are what these do aren't the calling to changing the religion, changing the normality and the normality of Ellis lamb. Hey, don't be like they used to be a long time ago on the set. If that's made evil, you have to be a person who's thinking now, I say Islam is not against modernity, as we said a million times. But as it relates to the RP devil, Islam and the bad data on this land, it has to stay the same. And in terms of navigating in our lives, we have to navigate with the same tools and signposts that those companions were upon may Allahu taala be pleased with them. So those people are called us to the Hellfire Allah

00:35:44--> 00:36:36

mentioned in the Quran. enema ye drew in nama Yeah, Drew is boho, meaning shaytan and nama. Yeah, Drew is boulia konu mynas harbor saiya shaytani gives Dawa to the people listen to him to his his so that they could be from the recipients of the hellfire. And another ayat concerning these callers on the doors of the Hellfire allow Tata mentioned in the Quran wotja Allah who home emitting doing that in a nod, we made them immens who were inviting people to the hell fire, the wrong IP the wrong beliefs, the things that they're saying the things that they're doing, who they felt loved the Align who and this idea he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he said over sola

00:36:36--> 00:37:15

chef whom many describe these people who are under a word, the doors of the Hellfire Prophet Muhammad said they're like us, they're going to be saying the things that we say they're going to look like us. They're gonna come dressed the way we dress. They'll be in the member, they'll be in the masjid, they give lessons, there'll be popular, some won't be popular, and they'll come with those things trying to change the religion. A big fit now, a man will wake up or go to sleep, go to sleep at night, as a believer wake up in the morning as a catcher. Things are going to be topsy turvy, goes to sleep as a movement wakes up in the morning as a catheter, because some of these

00:37:15--> 00:37:58

people who are teaching and giving Dawa, that people are fanboys. They are cheerleaders that choirboys so if the chef says go right, he goes right, jump off the ledge, he jumps off the ledge, don't believe in this. He won't believe in that. And that's how what happens with Dr. Raj from Mohamed Salah Turkey and Kamala Riccati he none of you should recline on his couch cheban and his full shaped arm comes to him and says to him who created this he says hello creative 37 low credit that Allah and then he says who created Allah with Tibet, Roach. a shakedown get some little by little in stages. He said, describe them to us. They talk like us, they look like us. They're from

00:37:58--> 00:38:47

us. This is similar to the Hadith that the Prophet said woe unto the Arabs from the evil that has gotten close woe unto the Muslims, the Arabs, the people of that time, the oma from the evil that has gotten close, who they even said jasola What do you command me to do? There's another hadith of this another narration that the prophets describe those do us have a lot he was selling he said about those callers say you're Paul Murphy, Henry john paul Lobo home, colobus Shea our team feature man ends, those callers will be a group of people will stand up, they will stand up, they will have have hearts like devils share pain. They're human beings, but they have hearts like share theme, but

00:38:47--> 00:39:25

they're in the bodies of human beings. And that's some of the people you can't understand. Why is this person so evil and mean? So disrupted, so toxic, so problematic? Why is this person like that? Because he's a shaytan. Using the religion to soul deceit of discord between people using the religion to stay on top of leading people lying on people misconstruing what they said what they didn't say. In order to control the people share team share of pain, they have hearts, hearts that are shaped tonic, but their hearts in the bodies of men,

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

who they felt was the Alon who said that the Prophet sallallahu was sending him say what do you automated due yet also law? He said, I order you to do what to stick to the Jamaat the Muslims in there, amen. This is an E Shara era Adam and horos Allah Amen. This is an E Shara the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is telling who they prefer not to make heroes during this time of the fitna. Don't be with the fitna people don't be with the dwad devil fitna calling to take fear call them to wherever they're calling to people going to

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Were born in Joshua tideal. All of that is fit not designed to separate the Muslims unnecessarily is just folder and drama. Stay away from all of that stay away from all of that. Then abuse some love why they will either it will send them we know from the other narration that her they've asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in another DVR also life that hits me. What do you want me to do? He told him something Allah while he was selling them test Meru with a theory, Lil Amir, were en

00:40:35--> 00:40:39

daraga varrick aka Malik.

00:40:40--> 00:41:24

phantasma we're to tear Yara sola, what should I do if I'm living at that time, and I see these dwad he said, listen and obey the Emir. Even if he strikes your back and he takes your money, listen to Him and OBEY Him. Don't mean horloge So when this narration of silent Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet told him something Allah what he Salaam tells him he said, Hold on to the Jamaat of the Muslims, and they are mere What if there is no Jamaat, like right now? The Muslims are divided all over the world. They have countries and things like that. There's no Jamaat one Jamaat, and there's no Amir there's my RA, Amir here a miracle Wait, Mira, Qatar, Amir, over here in Palestine, and an amine in

00:41:24--> 00:42:04

Pakistan and Amir in Nigeria, in the north and in the middle. What should I do then? He said, If I tell, tell Kelly Faruq Cola, avoid all of those groups. So we're going to teach the people about the hub. And we're going to focus on the hub when in teaching the people about the right arcada. We're going to teach the people the mistakes that the different groups may the past groups and the contemporary groups with edit with a heart with justice and just enough so that people can know. So we're going to teach about Jamia, we're going to teach about the Korea, we're going to teach them just enough what they need to know because and

00:42:05--> 00:42:43

all of that stuff is here right now. We're going to teach them where their one muslimeen went wrong. Where Jamaat public went wrong, where the Sophie's went, where where Broadway's went wrong, we're going to teach them with a club with edit with sincerity with gentleness, we're going to teach all of that the focus is going to be upon West correct. And if anyone disagree, we're going to give Darwin to see her in a nice way and civilized way. Nothing wrong. They disagree. We're going to give Dawa in a nice way not fighting, we're going to follow this hadith and stay with the jamala Muslims. How can someone now say I'm fighting all of the deviance, and people don't know their religion, and

00:42:43--> 00:42:49

I'm dealing with people the wrong way. This is about the Dow and the Dow, the Dow and the Dow.

00:42:50--> 00:43:35

So we're going to teach them the truth. And in teaching them the truth, we're going to explain the opposite of the truth and an add as needed basis not going overboard in that stuff not going overboard in that. So keep away from all of those sex and I can complete today's talk with that is not permissible for the Muslims to be with any of these Jamaat, this Hadith, another Hadith that are going to come as we were saying you gotta become Hadeeth number nine problem, I'm sending them a diff that's gonna come in Sharla they will not cease to be a group of people from my own my will be victorious. So when we see ourselves in a station and in a way we're weak, take it easy, no.

00:43:36--> 00:44:20

And I'll keep it to manage the pain. The end result allows with those who have Taqwa Allah promised the people of any man is going to take care of Be patient. There will always be a group that will be on the hub, be with that group, that's your job, stay on the path, stay on the path and avoid all of these groups that Muslims have created for themselves. This is one of the clearest Hadeeth in addition to those I get them the Quran they show these groups are not permissible. These groups they do nothing for the most part except divide our community and Islam came to unite the community and Islam came to unite the community

00:44:21--> 00:44:33

and allies Allah, an alum, Heather was sung Allahu wa sallam about a calendar Bina Ali was happy as mine was sent out. My name Kumara tulagi wabarakatuh