Have you come to a dead end in a relationship

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Hello Ali gotta deliver a ghetto. So a beautiful beautiful day I came across in circle otter, verse 89. And he talks about the story of sadness ye Valley he Salam when he came to a dead end with his people, right the disbelievers they did not believe in what he was calling to that there is one God and it wasn't just that like we don't believe in you and you can have your way we'll have ours No They threatened to kick him out of the town right to just you can't be here we don't want to hear anything about you. It's over it's done. And signature Hi Bala he's Salam says what from benef? Lena Are they not call me now Bill Huck will end the 100 fair to him. Our Lord like judge justly between

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me and my people, and you are the best of judges. But also the word Fatah is to grant us an opening right, and opening of the hearts and opening of the minds and opening of maybe they will comprehend Maybe Allah subhanaw taala as light will enter their hearts. Of course, in the story of Sidney Shai, he was talking we're addressing the disbelievers and you know, Allah subhanaw taala punished them in the sense where he just destroyed the whole city. But when we are addressing those who are off, you know, from us, like you come to you feel like you've come to a dead end in your marriage. You've come to a dead end with your teenage child where you don't comprehend what they're doing, where

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they're coming from, what how are they thinking and they just don't get you either. You've come to a dead end with your you know, with your parents, you feel like they can comprehend you at work with your peers or with your boss. So many times we feel and we say like that's it, we're done. There is no way you're going to understand me. There's no way I'm going to understand you. It's over. That's the time when you raise your hands up and you say a benefit that the Nana while they now call me now, Bill Huck, we're in the hydroshare Dehaene, grant us an opening Europe, an opening of the globe opening of the hearts that we can feel towards one another, once again, an opening of the cool the

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minds that we can maybe comprehend one another comprehend where we're coming from right where the other person is coming from, what their point of view is, and then our hearts soften. And then last 100 Allah grants you know, the ability to understand one another, the ability to rekindle once again. So I ask Allah subhana wa Italia Rob for all of those you who are out there, who feel that they have come to that dead end that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala you're up you're up the grant you fat. You're up with who you feel you've come to a dead end with an opening Europe that Allah subhanaw taala rekindles your hearts and your minds and brings you closer again. Rob benef Diana, are they

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gonna call me I will hook the Hyrule Theatre in Europe. You're the best of openers you're the best of judges. And I mean, I mean, you're a blast. I mean, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh