Easy way of calculating the ‘Iddah of a Divrocee

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See if we say that it is what

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three cycles

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okay if it is three cycles okay catch your hand like this this is the sign of what

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any victory by for Raja insha Allah by okay

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the victory for people in Egypt and victory for people in Muslims in Qingdao

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okay hold your fingers like this Okay. Now, in order to calculate it each finger is the menses

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and between the fingers is what

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okay purity. So, if he divorces her we should we said that he should divorce her in the beginning of what

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the purity

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after amends is So, after the menses here

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okay. So, he is divorcing head here. So, he will have a purity

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okay and a period a purity yes and the period and purity

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Is it clear?

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Yeah, if we say that there it is three cycles, because we said the hammer and the hammer is believe that there is there is the cycle is that what

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the man says? So, if he divorces her here,

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so, the first cycle ends here

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by the end of the first cycle

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clear by the end of the first cycle

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not when she sees the cycle No, by the end of the first cycle, then purity then what

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the second cycle then a purity and then

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the third cycle when she finishes the third cycle that is what

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is finished

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Yeah, this is very dead if it is what the city says cycles three menses.

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Now, if the idea is three purities

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if that there is three purities Okay. So, he divorces her here

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he devotes his head here. So, this is a purity. So, this is what

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the first purity then she sees the cycle the first cycle then this is this is the second purity then she sees another cycle and this is what the third purity when she began this cycle that is what

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why because she has seen 123

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by many people don't understand this.

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Okay, and they might read it, but they don't understand it. Is it clear? So, which one is longer?

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Which one is longer?

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The hanafy buddy, which is what three cycles

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Okay, if it happened.

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So, in both opinions, the cycle is longer.

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We said if he divorced her here, and we consider the cycle our data by menses, we said what one two and three

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If the data is measured by or the length of that as measured by the purity period, we said 123 in the beginning

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of the cycle, clear?

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Yes. Okay. Now,

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if a person did not follow this sooner, and he divorced his wife, he divorced his wife,

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including the people period.

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This is the second case. He did not follow this up and divorce his wife

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During the what the period.

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So, this period will not be what will not be counted

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Yeah, will not be counted and 123

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if we say that he divorced his wife in the period and we calculate that

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according to the purity period, then again he divorced her here, this is one purity, this is another purity, this is the third purity there there will be over here

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clear okay. This is what

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what it what it means is a lacto Nisa, Papa una ley de na

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there are many other accounts. If a woman does not say see the PDS because of illness or she took certain medicine to prolong her period, etc, etc. We will not get into that pocket.

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optimum Nisha for nearly a decade.