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Sam Licata how to lay your Medicare to Good morning everybody. Beautiful, beautiful Sunday morning and it's snowing again outside. Mashallah. Anyway, so a lot of you have been asking me to share kind of like some wisdoms, you know, or reflections of, you know, going through being ill and not being able to really do much and you know, not knowing what's going on. And I thought of this beautiful two hearts of handle audits in Saudi Arabia and Iran that we see a lot sometimes and sometimes we use it in the wrong context. But the reason I wanted to share with you today is because I want you to tell you or I want to share with you what happens when you say that based on the Quran. So verse

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173, of swords Alia Emraan says what? Aladdin Akkad alumnus in the NASA Kojima Anglican faction home because they are the home Eman will call you husband along when our men were killed. This story or this idea is talking about hombre Al Asad, or basically the Battle of our heads. When you know the people who are throwing the arrows left their places there was confusion. 70 of the Sahaba were killed the prophesy Salem was hurt his uncle, it was just really bad. And then to top all of this, and this is what the the meaning of the SS and Latina kala hominess those were the people told them, I was Sophia and send someone right to put more fear in the hearts of the believers. And this guy

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was a hypocrite. And he came and he told what the believers beware Abu Sufian is, you know, is round collecting courage, and they're going to come and round you up. Right? But in the NASA Kajima lack of their gathering facts show home so fear them. And the response of the believers was beautiful. What was it as a down Eman will only increase them in faith, right? We all go through tests and trials. There are times in our lives where we fear we fear of something we fear of not getting married or getting married and then having you know, maybe I don't know, an abusive relationship or not being able to have kids or having kids but then they're disobedient or they're ill or god forbid

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losing them or, you know, losing a job or having so much money you're not known to do how to you know, deal with it. Subhanallah we're all tested each and every single one Do not be deceived by this fake world of social media where see pictures are perfect. And people's lives look perfect. No one and I'm telling you, no one has a perfect life. This is not gender. This is dunya. It's a place of tests and trials. We all get tested and trialed over and over and over. But the response is what physiother home Imana it increases you in faith. It makes you stronger because you know you're getting closer because the closer you get, the more tested you're going to be by Allah subhanho wa

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taala. And then they said what a beautiful dot husband Allahu Ananda located of LA is sufficient for us Allah's enough for us, and he's the best Disposer of affairs. He's the one who's handling our affairs and who could handle your affairs better than the one who controls the hearts of every creation on this universe. The things that you're afraid of his you know, or anything, whatever it is that you fear is in his hand subhanaw taala Imagine if he's the one who is handling your affairs and one of the you know, as Abraham Ali said him also as well actually said this when he was thrown into the into the fire, right hospital Allahu anamod Okay, now, Imam Malik used to have a ring that

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he used to wear and it had that part of the ionic or the dot husband Allahu anamod Joaquin, and the reason why I want to share this data with you is because of what comes what why did he you know, or why, why do we say husband law now Manoukian and when Imam Malik was asked why do you have these words engraved? He said because of the area that comes after it. What does the ISA functionable banana team you know law you will find the mem sis home zoo right? What about return Allah? Allahu Fabiana Hatim what does this mean? So they returned when you see hospital Allah What am I looking the fair here fun collabo is for speed and Arabic for Carnival they returned with bounties from

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Allah imagine when you see husband Allahu anomala cubed right will follow right and pleasure from Allah subhanho wa Taala lamium says from not no harm even touch the right and then they put the followed with the pleasure of Allah and he's the possessor of utmost Yanni bounties and what and so on. So imagine when you say or when you go through a test and trial in your life and we all do you know we all get tested and there are times of sadness there are times of fear, just like we are in right now. We're afraid what's going to happen this that whatever it is that you're going through, husband Allah when am I lucky, Allah is sufficient for me and he is the best Disposer of my affairs.

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And in sha Allah, we will all work none call it Benalmadena law we're going to return with bounties and favors not from anyone but from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the Creator repeated often Hassan Allah when admin Aki salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato