Amr Khaled – The Followers #2 Al Muthana Ibn Haretha

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The importance of accepting profit in Islam is discussed, including the loss of one's tribe and religion. The use of emotions and weight in power is emphasized, along with the need for people to learn to handle their behavior. The history of Islam is also discussed, including how people have been moved by emotions and not based on actions. A man named Andersen shares his experiences leading a fight against the Persians and eventually leading them to war, as well as the importance of not letting people know who they are and not letting people know who they are.

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realize your own within his personality is starting to really show you see that? And according to his calculations, yes, I can protect you from the Arabs, but from the Persians know, the power is with pleasure. I'm sorry, I can support you. He didn't take late were good. And what's right is although he told him I liked your words, which type are you? Are you liking within? Do you calculate? It's good if you do, but will you be too late? Like what happened to him within back again? What did the Prophet mean when he said, take the religion from all its sides, there is a very beautiful meaning here. Take Islam as one whole guys. Don't take for example, worshipping and

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appearance and forget about morals and its teachings of manners. That's the meaning of this sentence. It doesn't matter if Arabs and Persians take it personally. And don't pick and choose from the religion. Be careful that you'd be only focused on worshiping in Ramadan and totally forgetting about the Islamic morals. Is there someone you're not talking to and upset while you're fasting? Doesn't work that way. The Prophet didn't agree. The Prophet wouldn't accept you like that. Don't you long to see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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within within us with a profit like this, but why don't you accept a profit? You will fight the Persians now? Right? Just solve your problems with the Arabs for now. Just accept? Why did you refuse and within this offer to protect you from the Arabs or profit? It'd be ages before you even got to Persia? No. And within the psychology wouldn't be able to handle this agreement, not the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sillens. And as the Prophet was walking out, he turned and looked at him within and told him, if my Lord grants me victory, and puts Persia between my hands, would you glorify Allah and sanctify him? From how self confident the Prophet was, and with no shaken, he said

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I would, and within your was really shaken. The truth that the Prophet was talking about was much stronger in the eyes of Allah Mutanda than the Persians power. But still, he didn't embrace Islam, and he stayed for 10 years refusing Islam. When will he become a Muslim? After the prophets deaths with three months, can you imagine? And within them, the hadith is around the same age as the prophet. He was 50 years old when he met the Prophet sallahu wa salam, and the Prophet was around 53. And he refused Islam. And the days went by and he still insisted on his refusal. Do you know how he looked at things and weighed them? He thought to himself, Persia is a major financial power,

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while the Arabs, there's small tribes that were not even United Tribes, they killed each other over the most ridiculous things. In the scale of power, it wouldn't work out. Makes sense, right? But he missed one point, and the truth and what struck what's right is even more powerful. And he said, and he heard the message of truth from the Prophet sallahu WA, salam, bottom line, and within the continued in his refusal for many years, but he was following what was going on with the Muslims from afar, who was watching what was happening to them. So the Muslims had victory in the Battle of veg, and then in the Battle of Assad, and then on saw our support the Prophet sallahu Salam al

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Medina, do you realize that and within the was the main reason that his tribe could have been in place of the answer, but wasn't because he refused. They're embracing Islam? Can you imagine had he agreed, we would be going to banish a band now, instead of Medina to visit the prophesy salams grave? Do you see what he calls to his tribe to miss out on? And the prophets home and grave would be in Venice, amen. And vanish. A ban would have been the answer, not the people of Medina, can you imagine? Do you comprehend how one choice or decision based on a wrong calculation Causton Mithuna. He lost a lot of great things. Life is choices. What do you choose power? Or what's right? Who do

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you prefer be front power or what's right? How do you weigh your matters of life? That's today's lesson. The moral in today's episode is how do you weigh your matters in life, while you're affected by power, or by what's right and the truth? So when Withania stayed on his opinion, until something happened, that really shook him, and it started when the Prophet peace be upon him told him if my Lord grants me victory, Allah's philosophy, sorry, I'm sorry. And if he started when, when Allah when he said, If my Lord grants me victory and puts Persia between my hands, would you glorify Allah and sanctify him? Would you believe in Allah and His messenger, he was really shaken, and mind you

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would choke him. We're just some words, and then something stronger than words happened. Matco was conquered. Bilal climbed on top of the Kaaba and made the event. The call for prayer and the Arabs gathered and the verses of certain loss or the help was revealed. When comes the help of Allah and victory. And you see the people entering into the religion for law in multitudes, then celebrate the praises of thy Lord and pray for His forgiveness for his off forgiving and grace and mercy. Either jail or nostril law he will forget. What are eita nearside Hold on If you didn't let him Fraser for some the handle of because the federal in now Canada wherever the Arabs united. So now we scale is

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starting to weigh differently. Till now he's calculating it with the scale of power right? This one or this one, which has more power. He kept calculating and

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Calculating and weighing. And then he decided no, I believe in the prophets words Islam is what's right. And Islam started to weigh with him more. I'm going to embrace Islam, but it was too late. The Prophet sallahu wa salam had passed away. What a loss. He's no longer a companion. He's a follower and Benish A must the chance of their life and that's being an answer or the supporters of the Prophet peace be upon him. They're not the Medina. If I told you go to Benny che by now, you wouldn't even be able to go because you don't know where it is. Life is choices. Can you imagine? He cried hysterically when you heard of the Prophet step. So go to the medina now and the caliph is

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your friend Abu Bakr Siddiq. No, he refused to go, what did he say? He said, By Allah, I have to atone for my sin. First, I have to make up for my wrong choice. I lost and made my tribe lose with me. And not just that I let down the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and didn't support him. I wonder, are you like that? Do you think the Prophet peace be upon him is pleased with you? What do you do? Did you make up for your sins, your sins and wrong short choices? Did you do something great. He said, I can't live like this. And how old is he? He's in his early 60s. He became a Muslim go to have a book. No, I'm not going, I have to do something first. What is he going to do? He

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looked at the world map and asked himself What does Islam need? Can you do that? Instead of repeating someone tell me what to do. I wish I can do something for my religion. Stop and look around you see what your country or your community or your religion needs. You'll find the uncharted areas where poor people are living but can barely survive, go out there and help start teaching someone illiterate do something, look and do something don't wait for somebody to ask you do something. And within that, ask himself What does Islam need? What can I get to Islam enough life wasted? I have lost a lot. I have to make up for what I did. So you looked and saw that the renegade

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wars against Muslims started. They're being fought back and who was fighting them was a limit ally or strike was a limit Khattab and then the Imam Benny Hanifa are preparing to attack and are putting together a huge army to attack the Muslims. They're very close to him very close to vanish events area and who's supporting these people, the Persians the Persians are providing them with weaponry and money to fight the Muslims. A story that repeats itself in history. So when we send them to Haifa decided to gather Benny che ben, I bear witness that there's no God except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is his messenger. I shall do and La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad

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Rasul Allah, will you embrace with Islam with me at that time and Monica died, and so had Hannibal cabeza, his tribe said, Yes, we will embrace Islam with you. So And with that, Musa said, I will prevent the Persians from supplying with a limit the liar with weaponry and financial aid, I'm going to distract the Persians by attacking their boundaries so that they would focus on their war with me and leave the Muslims. Can you imagine this? This is the man who used to say, no one come near the Persians. He is the one who's going to attack them. Subhanallah how the mind changed after 60 years. And he started attacking the Persian boundaries, and fighting them chose rose Castro, the king of

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Persia started to wonder what turned Venetia van against us. They've been our allies for 60 years, and within that attack us, so we sent him a messenger asking him, Why are you attacking us to chose rose statue in any matter? He replied, No trousers hasn't done anything to upset me. But I have found the right the truth with the Muslims. So the messenger replied, but the power is with chose rose, he replied, but the right and the truth is it was a slam. And within that has changed. You see that? Do you see how this is starting? He's starting to calculate things differently now. Right? The right is with the Muslims, and we are united. You see, he's still calculating everything. What does

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it mean that we're united? It means we're no longer destroying the tribes. Don't misunderstand what I'm telling you and think that the meaning of truth is not to calculate your actions? No. Look, peoples are people or three times, people that are moved by emotion and effective words. So they enter faith because of emotion. And they're fine, that's good. And people that are moved by rights and all that good, superb, and people that are moved by using a pen and a paper calculated calculating. And that's why you find highly diviner Well, it was very late and embracing the sound, as well as the hunger of the loss and and within why, because they had strategic minds. Where is

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this going to lead me? But in Islam, which is the right one, emotion, or what's right and doing good? Or calculating with the paper and pen? Is there a theory that we should follow? Is there a rule? I don't know. But what I do know is that within there was from the third type who calculates everything. But now he's starting to combine between the second and the third type. You'd be lucky if you're moved by what's right and doing good. And in addition to that, you know how to evaluate and calculate and weigh your matters. Do you see what I'm trying to lead you to? Don't follow who says don't sit and calculate and evaluate just enter do what you need to do. And within it didn't do

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that? When he saw the Muslims united, he finally got moved and said, what's right and

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Good as well, and we'll send them to Harris had decided to live his life totally opposite to what he always believed in. He fought and fought until the backlash and wars were defeated and the Muslims became victorious. They said go to Medina, he replied, I still have to make up for my sins. He heard that the Persians were preparing great armies to fight the Muslims. So he said, By Allah, I will fight the Persians. So he took Benny che ben Alberni book and he went right into Persia. He was the first one to fight the Persians. And when he was asked, Why are you doing this? He replied, I let down the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the past, and I'll never let him down again. Ya

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Allah. I wonder, have you supported the Prophet sallahu wa salam? Or have you let him down? You and me? Yes, you? I wonder, Is He pleased with you. And we all want to go visit his grave and say opsb upon your prophet of Allah, and he, and within there he could go, but he didn't. Why? Because he was ashamed of himself. He couldn't stand in front of the grave, and he wanted to correct what he did, making up for letting him down Subhanallah

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he started conquering Persia, and off with the first battle, and he didn't even tell anything to the caliphate or anything. I want to do something something for my religion, I want to have a role and he started attacking the Persians because they were preparing armies to attack the Muslims. And he entered Persia. And in one of the battles he kept struggling and struggling, and the right wing of his army was Benny Bach. And every time he would be about to conquer the enemy, he wouldn't be able to because of any book, he seemed weak and scared. So he sent them a message from an authentic Niharika to Benny Bach, one word Wallahi that he said the turn the battle the round, from an

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authentic Niharika to Benny Bach, do not scandalize the Muslims, and know that Allah is with the truth. Learn of the whole Muslim moon. What Allahu Allah Hamal Huck, that's it.

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Subhanallah and within the changed, he's still calculating with the paper and a pen, but a different method of calculating Where's what is right and not just that, but he was also removed by emotions, and he was also able to move Benny Buckler with emotions as well. So now his character encompass all three, what's right, emotions and calculating. You'd be very blessed and lucky if you have all three honorable hotel was like that also. So back to Montana, he won the battle. And then he sent Abubaker asking him to send him eight. See, he's calculating sent me eight. He is enthusiastic and wants to please the Prophet peace be upon him. But he knows he's not as strong as the Persians. He's still

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calculating. So he asked for aid. Abu Bakr got his message and honorable hotel asked him, Who is this man? Who is this man who is conquering Persia? We hear his news yet we don't know who he is. So Buckaroo replied, Do you not know who he is? or hammer? He said, No. Abu Bakr said, This is the man that let down the Prophet peace be upon him. He said, that's the one who is conquering Persia now, do you see the change? Can someone change like that to make up for his sins by changing his life? 180 degrees like that? Well, Allah He I'm not telling you stories, please do something. So what was the result Homer told them about? Send him help them that Walidah support but make valid and invalid

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has his leader? But how and within his in his 60s and Highlander minority is in his 40s and just that he's the one who started these battles. How can I be his leader? I'm going to look at upset make Khaled the leader. I don't know who this Messiah is. I don't trust him yet. Right. So how did him then when it came with his message and then within the season approaching and with him 7000 Muslim warriors Can you imagine on within was the region Persia was conquered? And here's the reason why even when it came, so when the thunder took the message from headed and he started reading from Abu Bakr Al Muthanna, I sent you eight make highlight them that will lead the Commander in Chief, a

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new assistant. If you were in his shoes, what would you have done? You'd say I sent for you. So do you would command me? Right? That's what we would say nowadays. But listen to what I'm Athena said, by Alok erlaubt. My desire is not for leadership. Nor is it for ruling. My only desire is to make up for letting down the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and making my people lose the chance and repair to opportunity of their life. I beg you guys, be careful. Are you doing the same to your kids? Are you pulling them down with you like that? Just like them offended with his tribe? Are you doing the same with your company? Are you feeding your kids from ill gotten money? Please don't

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forget that the skin that has been fed from ill gotten money is to be burned by hellfire. Be careful and aware of your actions. Oh, hell it all I wish for is to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of judgment and tell him I let you down for 10 years. Then I supported you for 10 years by Allah Khaled I supplicate to Allah that He extends in my life. I don't want to die until I make up for what I did by conquering every corner of Persia. I told him once I won't support you and protect you from the Persians. I want to make up for what I did.