Youssra Kamel Kandil – Allah’s Love to His Servants Part 4 of 5

Youssra Kamel Kandil
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More proof of his love the last one without having himself for you. I have prepared for my righteous worshipers. What No, I have seen no what ear has heard no one could pass by any human mind. Do you see the love? Another proof is that he trials you in the hammock, oh, he's sometimes she wants you to raise your level in heaven. And that's because he loves you. And he sometimes draws you to prefer you from a sin that would have led you to *, because He loves you. And he trolls you sometimes remind you of his blessing on you, and what happened to you when he took that blessing from you. So you remember him and thank him. And that's out of his love for you. And he trolls you sometimes, so

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that you see the truth of this world and miss heaven and long to meet him. And that's out of his love for you. And he's sometimes transient so that he can teach you how to accept his doings and his wisdom. And that's also out of his love for you. And he charges some time so that he may achieve in you what would make you enter heaven without judgment. How's that? So to zoom in first, and it says, In NEMA you have for Sabrina drew a drone, the writer herself. Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure or without judgments from his love for you. He doesn't want you to expose to the long stand and wait on the day of judgment. He loves you and fears that you

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will get tired from waiting for the day of judgment. And though for the judgment and those who enter heaven without judgment or the patient points of Sabreen Pearson troubles in this life so that you may enter heaven without previous judgment. Why if that turns you out, but you bear and be patient and have mercy of her so that you may be from those who are patient and enter heaven without a previous judgment. Behind a facade or husband. It's difficult and hurts your feelings. Be patient, people and their troubles be patient. If you can give birth be patient so and so son died young B patients. Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a ward without major or judgment.

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And as if he is testing you to prove fruit to purify you, because He loves you.

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Because he wants you to go to heaven. He doesn't want you to add to hellfire Subhan Allah will love you believe me it's out of his love that he trials you and then turns this trial into a blessing. Look at the prophets for example, nor her no peace be upon him is made fun of beaten up till he finds out and it's not long time before he gets what he gets this everything gets destroyed and he's saved in an arc and his enemies perish. It will mean peace be upon him is thrown in the fire but after a while he's honored among the entire humanity and said it's nice to be sorted by his father lays down obedience to God's command and then save your Cooper Jacob is the upon and loses sight of

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sadness overused for Joseph, pouring juices partying, but it isn't long until the unite again and he gets his sight again, a lot. And Moses working as a shepherd for 10 years and then is honored by God to become Allah subhanaw taala is interlocutor, the one that loves Panama speaks with Kenny Malone, and Jesus peace be upon him and how his virgin mother was accused. And then he and his mother Mary or Mary become of Allah's greatest creation, Subhan Allah, and our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, how he was called an orphan, and how no one wanted to listen, and how we got expelled from his homeland. And then we see him in the trip to heaven, put in such a high place

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but las Panatela and then he returned to his homeland Mecca victorious telling his enemies go you're free it hobble into tilaka because he loves

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this he loves.

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How do I know if Allah subhanaw taala endless moments, from the signs that show that he loves you is that he protects you from this life. He doesn't let all like the worldly things control you all the time. From the signs of His love is that he makes you remember him all day. One of the followers said if you see God given someone lots and lots of despite his sinning, know that he's been all lured by Allah subhanaw taala. Right, from the signs of His love is the limits religious. So basically you find yourself trying to approach religion, even if you're far away, and just in the beginning of the rope, but you're trying to get closer daily. That's a sign of His love. So our

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sister who hasn't worn hijab yet, but is on the path and intends on advancing, then she's walking on the path to Alaska to his love. And what is the proof for that? It doesn't need to be any clearer if you find yourself going with him to practicing religion, knowing that this is evidence of Allah subhanaw taala is amongst Islam. This is a very this is very, very promising from his sides of his love is that he makes you become knowledgeable in your religion. And this also happens gradually just like becoming religious. So if you know very little religion, then you learn how to recycle properties read and then you memorize the Quran Chapter. And you had never memorize anything before.

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These are all signs of Allah subhanaw taala his love to you. So what have you memorize with the bucket? Or how much does he love you them from his signs of His love? And that he teaches you how to be human or time because kindness. Kindness makes you patient and forbearing a person who's always tense and quarrels over every little big and small thing is a sign of being far from Allah subhanaw taala why? Because the person who sent them says If Allah subhanaw taala loves a family or people of a house, He bestows them with kindness, or meet them become kind of doing it

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The law, you gotta have

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a color like human.

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And therefore you become human and kind with people and never harmed them from his sign of His love is that he felt facilitates obedience for you. He places things that will make you come closer to Him in your path when you wait. So there's a third certain thing that you don't want to do, right? So you pass in front of a mosque, and you find a huge crowd of people listening to a lecture. And then you hear what they're saying, you hear the talk, and you like it. So you come and attend another time, then you start praying. These are signs of his love. He opens for you the path to being him. So you find a friend who calls you up and reminds me of praying Asha, or what's your

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profession? Or doesn't this apply to all of us right now? A lot of signs of His love for us, is it not facilitated obedience that I'm here right now and the to listening to this lecture right now? Good to hear that the scimitar? Subhan Allah. Can you imagine brothers and sisters that Allah subhanaw taala can love and be pleased with 1000s of people, just by facilitating to them, what makes them closer to him from his signs of love to you, that makes it difficult for you to commit a sin. You try by all means to commit that sin. You'll try by all means a certain thing that you can't stop doing. You're used to committing a certain sin and you can't resist. You find that things get

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difficult and you and you're the way to it you just can't do it. You have an argument with your father so he shuts down the internet so you can watch something that's inappropriate, or chat with someone that you shouldn't be talking to. From his signs of His love is that he takes your soul while you're doing good deeds. You meet to come Allah Allahu Allah Masada. He makes you enjoy your life. We're doing good. And believe me. This is very, very important. People a lot of people live in obedience but die shimmy. The Prophet peace be upon him says in the Hadith. If Allah subhanaw taala loves his certain servant, he's sweet. And I celebrate coming from the word that has said or honey

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to the Companions as what is our sin a horse with insignia on the Zula. The person who sent him said he is led to doing good deeds before he dies, until his neighbors or those around him are pleased with him.

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We bought me a lovely piece with him says if one of my feet was inside heaven, and the other was still out, he still wouldn't feel safe. He was still feeling scared. So when you're selling fear that you might die on it, die while still committing? I bet you don't die. We'll see. Be careful. Because what you do You don't know when we're going to die. Now let's look at examples of people that lost parents who had left so that you may know one last hello to hello we do with you when he loves you. The first example that we must mention is the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam. And I don't know what to mention what not to mention, what are what are what there's so many things. But I'll

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say just one incident. When the revelation was stopped from coming down on him, his be upon him and

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the revelation stopped for a while from coming down. When the Prophet SAW Selim, it will set it heads up for six months. And it will sit in his office two years and lots of other things but it was most likely six months. So imagine six months Angel Jibreel no longer descended upon our beloved prophet Salah Salem. And without any prior notice what happened to the proximity suddenly, six months. Imagine if you want his face, what would have happened, a great feeling of inner pain and fear and feeling that almost $100 is not pleased with me. Because he loved me Have I done something wrong? And the person who sent him had been through hard times. And the word had spread out between

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courage that the revelation stopped coming down on him. And they started telling him your Lord has paid you for one Muhammad, Your Lord has left you with that gotta prepare Muhammad. But look to Allah subhanaw taala is love, mustard metallus Love to the prophets Allah revealed suited to what to one lady it is now a darker book on the corner by the glorious morning lights by the night when it's still the Guardian Lord has not forsaken me, nor is he displeased. He's telling him Is it possible for the Lord to proceed to the space with you?

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Wherever knows the surah will really love it. And whoever understands it will know Allah. God is love to the Prophet. It's one situation who Lord has not forsaken you. You're easy displeased with you. He's telling him how could you pick like that? And then the verses go on eliminated.

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Do you not find the an orphan Dippy shattering? This if you saw him helping you see that he proceeded to have you forgotten what he did with you when you were born? Weren't you an orphan and he took care of you. And look here the word error sheltered people go to their homes to be sheltered by that we love you. And who sheltered you Oh Prophet Muhammad want them and our dear rasool Allah was hundreds 100 shots and then we educate him and and also look at the beginning of the surah in the setting of the time of Dawn break, very gentle early time of the day, and then by the night when he pulls down the earth and everything is still there beautiful soft times the last Potala swore by

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you didn't swear by the whole night or its darkness, but even such a relief still and there's a lovely breeze. It's gentle and tender. Subhan Allah, he started the sewer by swearing with these tender beautiful times of the day that he created. Imagine that Allah subhanaw taala loves someone who tells them these words. Imagine these words of

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