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Wisam Sharieff
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As salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah welcome friend to our days of hudge, we're here in the third day and in my time space continuum. So I'm recording this a little bit earlier. I believe it's the day before Ottawa. So today, I want to do a rehearsal. I want our day planned out. That's the her ish to Maghrib time. I'd like to get some Ali Baba on, I want you to be prepared for the Day of Arafah. So let's figure this out together. Last 10 days of Ramadan, 10 days of hudge best days and nights of the year. What activities of worship Am I good at I may, all of us cleanliness of being positive, staying away from the negative our posture, our physiology, the personal excitement within us our

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light that we carry around with us and the playlist of our Ibadat worships acts of worship that we want to do together.

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Or individually. today. I'm excited I want to I worship workout routine. And that worship workout routine should have repetitions and sets should have a stretching phase. So can we today talk about var Tim McGraw what are we doing friends? I'm going to go ahead and list out a small playlist or a workout worship workout routine. And if it's fair, you can mix and match.

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I would start the moments out with a breath sitting in acts of silence. Oh Allah, I am preparing for you. Has to be a law saying a phrase Oh Allah I am here. Love bake. Sounds pretty appurtenant love bake Allahu Allah bake has to be Allah. Oh Allah, you are sufficient. How about Allahumma? Anta, Robbie, and you're not saying it as much as you're taking it into the silence? Oh, Allah, you are my God. Act Two. Can we go into now if you need to set a timer, if you can take this silence into solely acknowledging and glorifying God through His names and attributes? This is not just specified to a specific list. Now, after you've said a few names of God from the list, can you say in the Day

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of Arafah now you're doing the dress rehearsal? Can you talk to God in names you have attributed to him? Oh God, creator of the life that I'm in, oh God, the knower of my situation. And I'm sure if you're sit with it, you will come up with names of God for yourself between you and him. I know you like the way this is going. The silence takes us into the names of God where we express our relationship with God saying God you are the knower of this you are this and then let's take it to praising God through His names and then praising God's favorite person. Can you spend time sit there like you would think about someone you like a lot? An actor, someone who perform someone who

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delivered a Nobel Peace Prize, a great leader, a politician all those things together SallAllahu ala Muhammad in in Mustafa. It's not just about following a sunnah or solely one action. Oh Allah. You like him to sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and yes, that energy you have from childhood the ability to flex your imagination your fent see, to fruition muscle. Oh Allah. I think Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is amazing. Oh Allah, You created him and then begin even for the little things you know about him. Think about him. My breath took me to the names of my Lord, to understanding how I could acknowledge his favorite person. And from there, I'm doubling back number four, I would then

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start friends start with a list. Your mom probably has a 40 Rapana you'll find a playlist for me as well. Go through the Rabbana as that you know, ad lib God gave you the icebreakers, start reading those supplications. I'd moved then directly from the names of Allah to Salawat salutations and Muhammad peace be upon him. Then I would go to the words and supplications My Lord gave me rub bananas. You'll find them and then supplications and do AWS verses that Muhammad peace be upon him supplications he made.

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Now I'm warmed up, rinse and repeat.

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This again go back to the silence Names of God sent salutations Rob Banaz words that God taught us on how to ask and then words that his favorite person said that's the warmup. Now if you're ready, I'd like you to start getting a regimen 100 Bismillah he led Elijah buruma asked me hey che on fill out while AF is sama Eva who was semi rude Alim La ilaha IL Allah Hua vous la sharika lah who will mold Quwata who will have the Wahoo or Allah cliche in Kadir there are many things but then I want them regimented. Can you now make Allahumma Salli ala Mohammed? Can we make salawat 100 times can you take one name of God that resonates with you and repeat that 100 times give it a regimen give me

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sets? Give me reps, friends, you know this episode already got spilled over it's time. But friend, the day before are off. We may be fasting we may be worshiping. I have a set playlist. So when the coach says go, I'm ready to go. Friends. Days of hudge let's prepare. I'll see you throughout these next few days was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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