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I Keep Mixing Similar Verses, How Can I Fix This

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

A lot of us when memorizing Qur’an tend to mix up certain verses that sound similar. What advice can be given to avoid this?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

Episode Transcript

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I keep mixing up the verses that sounds similar. I'll memorize a few and then I'll end that one and then jump to the other. How can I fix this?

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The Quran is made up of a rhythm, there's a clear pattern. And if you solely looked into the sky and said well, firewall fudger, Allah, Allah national Allah, Allah Nash, and you just repeated the words, you'd get lost in a maze of never endings, moons, moons, moons every is dama loon, you'll be lost in a maze. The reason you're finding this is because you're memorizing the sound as opposed to memorizing the shape of the word. So my recommendation to you, if you have put and again, this is all coming down to memorization, right? If you're memorizing and it's not sticking, you haven't put the right systems in, and that's why the waters leaking out of your cup. So the best way is what you

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have memorized, revisit it on my attesa aluna on another Elohim. Now, instead of reading them separately, read the end of the ayah and then go into the end on my attesa on Inaba. Elohim yet us

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on Inaba, Elohim creating a pattern so that when your brain hears yet us

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on in about you lovely, I'll leave a levy whom fee macdaddy food and I think you get the process, bring the IRS closer together repeat the end of the verse and the beginning of the next but that is something you would have known if the systems were in place. Be wary before you start memorizing without the right safety equipment. Don't get stuck on top of the mountain saying where's my latch?