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The Beautiful Dua of Anas (RA)

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Zahir Mahmood

Channel: Zahir Mahmood

Episode Notes

For The Travellers From Basra

Episode Transcript

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So this was only a child. He did a hit motherboards Allah set of approximately 10. Yet some ration he was eight years old. And some reason he was 10 years old when he started. He was 20 years old when he finished.

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So a group of people came to him from Barcelona.

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And they said Anis called him on the Messenger of Allah, please make a dua for us. So he said, Allah ma fildena wahama

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Robina Artina for dunya hacer una Woodfill karate has an organ as Obinna. He said, Allah, forgive us and have mercy upon us.

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And Allah give us good in this dunya in this dunya also give us good and give us good in the Arcana and save us from the punishment of the fire. They said no, we've heard these words Allah,

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Allah Muhammad, Allah mercy ALLAH forgive you and the robin Artina for dunya Hashanah with him we want something special we'll come all the way from Basara

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so he gave them exactly the same doggy they said no.

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You know we want something's unique, something special.

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Allah forgive you. When you walk by as pastor person you do so some things. Allah forgive you, Allah have mercy upon you. Allah give us a mole we ever have every salah is a robber, I

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will ask him to give us something more. He said what can you have more than the fact that Allah gives you good in this world and good in the hereafter? The What else do you want? If Allah has given you good in this world, and good in the era, and saved you from the fire, there is nothing better than this.