Yassir Fazaga – Learn From Others Mistakes

Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people have had a personal experience that harms them and is causing harm. They also talk about how people have difficulty understanding how serious it is and how they become harmed by it. The speaker emphasizes that people need to experience it personally to learn from it and that it is a DNA problem.
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So she was yesterday, remember this

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personal experience is the best way to learn, because people have gone through it. Well, unfortunately, there are certain things you don't need to personally experience in order in order to learn from it. And I think this is what's happening, we've got this illusion of you know, it's just, it is harming and everybody else is getting it. But you know, hamdulillah some, somehow, you know, we have this what we call wishful thinking that it won't happen to me. Okay. So what happens is because people have not personally experienced it, what you see happening is that people don't really, they don't comprehend how serious this is. And I remember you sent me the article from CNN

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yesterday, or the day before, about this bodybuilder that lost 70 pounds in a matter of two weeks, or two months, I think it was, this is the person that spoke how he benchpress 300 pounds, is a personal trainer, extremely fit gets COVID and now he's on a wheelchair. And he speaks about his own personal experience. And what has happened is this is the person that, you know, he was feeling very good. But then COVID hits him and and I know that we've spoken to community members, who again, you know, despite the fact that they were in good health, they were very hesitant about getting the vaccine, they did contract the virus unfortunately malice front Allah grant them speedy recovery.

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And what has happened is now that they have gone through this personally themselves, what are they saying? They're urging other people to please to be vaccinated? Yes, you know, it is it's not just also about that it's about people who will be driving and texting. No, I am very careful. You know, I know other people get into accidents, but not me. Other people get tickets but not meet what the minute something happens to them. And of course, we don't wish any ill on any body. But what happens is that no one they personally experience it. Now that attitude changed certain things, you know, they say, a say you do when the tolerability was to monitor other BNF see, indeed the wise person,

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man or woman are those who learned from the mistakes of others. Miserable are those who want to experience every single thing personally, in order to learn from it. So we would say you really don't need to personally experience this. There is enough evidence around us that this is very serious. So accordingly take that seriously. You speak about not harming people. You speak about this man I was you know, sharing some thoughts with the brothers Few days back about the Prophet peace be upon him said if somebody eats something that has an offensive odor, don't come to the message.

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You ate on yes fresh audience uncooked garlic. He said don't come to the masjid. What happens it just the smell is offensive to people. Why is that important? See, when when you are distracted in such a way there is no room for spiritual growth. Well, nowadays I come to the masjid. If somebody just coughs accidentally it's one thing, but if they're continuously coughing, I'm just getting thoughts like oh, yeah, I mean, what is happening? You know, the whole no one will be able to concentrate, oh, that's it's gone. It is a man won't be able to concentrate on his reading or whatever. Nobody, nobody because what happens is at that point, you've killed every potential for

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any kind of spiritual growth. Because now I am just too focused on either my safety or the garlic that my neighbor just heard or the audience that the person just ate. It is it is very, it is very serious. So that's just part of our DNA as well. And that is if you have the symptoms, if you are not feeling well COVID are no COVID I mean, that's something that we tell people wintertime people get cold please say at home, you know, this is not the type of love that we want you to share with us. This is something that you keep for yourself and inshallah you get this

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