Sajid Ahmed Umar – Blast From The Past – Season 2 – Episode 09

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa

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sallahu wa sallim ala vitamin D Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira lamb Dini ama back. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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rubbish. Audrey recently, Emery melissani Yakubu Cole, I welcome you all to episode number

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nine in our series are Season Two of our series blast from the past Sierra in the 21st century today hamdulillah we completed the 10th day of Ramadan. So in terms of the days we've completed a third of the month, as well May Allah subhanho wa Taala except from us, I mean, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala inspire greatness. For what remains? I mean, my dear brothers and sisters, yesterday, we took lessons from the death of a boat pilot and the death of Khadija of the Allahu Allah. Or, in summary, we took lessons from a year known as the year of sorrow, which is the 10th year of the hedger from the lessons that we discussed, was that our job is to convey not to convert from the lessons that we

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Are those intricate formalities that exist when Allah subhanho wa Taala tests us and the fact that for every one difficulty there are two eases, in fact, this is a minimum, right? I think via our discussion, we came to understand that there are several eases, but as a minimum, there are two. And if Allah brings you to it, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will get you through it. Right. And we shared several examples to prove this. And we also learned that during our difficulties, there are eases as well. But because we're so busy focusing on the difficulty, we failed to see the ease that we are witnessing amidst the difficulty. So the ease is from Allah as we go through difficulty,

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And it's, it's for us to take a step back to analyze and not act in haste, but rather, act with patience, and ponder over things and give things due diligence for Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala is deserving of our diligence. We also discussed that sometimes we go through a difficulty. And in an abstract way, that difficulty is actually an ease. That very same difficulty is actually an ease because it prepares us for a harder difficulty that's on its way. Right. This is an abstract extrapolation or extraction that we understood from these last few years that we covered over the last few episodes. From the lessons continuing today.

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Is the lesson of having a good friend circle having a good friend circle. And we learned this My dear brothers and sisters from the bad people that were around Abu Talib, when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam visited him and told him to say that one line, that will be a means of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam defending Abu Talib on the day of Ghana. And by the way from the lessons yesterday was the lesson of the importance of the kalama the importance of the kenema. So we learned that a bad thing cycle doesn't really help us. And this this thing known as peer pressure, peer pressure, right? So there was some form of pressure around a booth. I live at that time, that even

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though his heart was with the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in terms of loving him, in terms of caring for him, in terms of getting angry for him at that moment in time. At that moment in time. He couldn't say that which would be the coolness of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ears and heart. He couldn't say right, because as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam invited him to one Allah

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the bad influence was saying, Are you going to leave the way of your forefathers Are you going to leave the way of your father right. So there was the bad influence present. And if you are weak in terms of your character, then influence can be an extremely dangerous thing for you as we see in the case of a book body. You know, we in the month of taqwa and, or should I say more appropriately we in the month of seeking tocom and from the ways of attaining taqwa is to have a good friend circle

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in his book yeah you are Latina, de la kulu Masada T. O you who believe become people of taqwa. And then Allah tells us a way of attaining taqwa by saying, We're kulu murasaki workqueue Masada game and make sure you have a righteous friend circle be from the righteous people be with the truthful people. So Allah is teaching us in this ayah. For those who ponder that those who have a good friend circle This is a means for them to attain taqwa. And as we established in the earlier episodes, the objective of life was to worship Allah. And the objective of worship was to attain taqwa. It's all about the acquirement of taqwa. And I told you to listen to

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a talk online, in which I spent almost an hour discussing the meaning of taqwa. For those who are present today, and were not present before the name of the talk is taco time. If you Google taco a time besides you listen to their talk, I go into the the meaning of taco and the intricacies of it in the time that was allocated to me.

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So a good friend circle helps us identify Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allahu Allah de, that a person is upon the way of his companion, you are upon the way of your companion.

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And the same Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who had the task of bringing tawheed

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to a nation that was fixated on idol worship.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was busy bringing the correct teachings, reading people of practicing Riba, and baring their daughters alive. And using the intellect, the intellect of so called intellect is more ignorance, right, but using the intellect in front of Revelation, the meaning that was made sense to them, they worshipped it more than revelation Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even though he was so busy coming to change these major major wrongs, he had time to teach us about having good friends

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and encouraging parents to make sure that their children have good friends. Why? Because it's important as well. You see Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with the macro. And he came with the micro you know in economics, you have macro economics, micro economics, you have the whole and you have the finer details. The sola sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with everything. sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that is why the Sahaba of Yamaha used to say there was nothing notice term nothing. There was nothing good, except

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that he taught this good to us. And there was nothing evil, except that he warned us against it. So what does Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about friends. He says the example of a person who has a good friend is like the example of a person who has a friend who sells perfume.

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perfume. Right? So a lot of us like old hear the old hindi Kambou the Cambodian route, Indian route, right? And then there's there's the mosque, and there's

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different other there's a plethora of different smells. You got the woody smells, we got the flowery smells, right. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to love it as well as perfume.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the example of having a good friend circle is like the example of a person who has a friend who sells perfume. When you go visit your friend, your friend who sells perfume, he might be a super generous friend Mashallah, you know, one of those friends who gives you perfume? You visit him? He gives you a whole bottle of eternal wow Subhana Allah a whole bottle of eternal Mashallah. Did you benefit? Yes. In a good way or a bad way, in a good way. A small benefit or a big benefit? A big benefit? I got a whole bottle of it.

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Okay, let's say you go visit your friend, your perfume selling friend. And he's not that generous. He's not that generous.

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He won't give you a bottle of perfume. But he might take out his own bottle of perfume and say try some brother.

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Why don't you try this?

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Have you benefited? Yes. in a big way like before? No. But there's benefit. Absolutely. You will still leave him smelling nice. Okay, let's say he is a bit stingy. First, he was very generous. Second, not so generous. Now. He's a stingy person. He doesn't give you a bottle of perfume and he doesn't offer you some of

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His own perfume.

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Well, when you visit this friend of yours, and you are in the you are in the environment of his shop, the nice fragrance fragrances in the shop will rub onto your clothes. So when you walk out of that shop people will know where you came from, say, Oh, you were in the shop, isn't it? Yes, I was there. Did you benefit? Yes. in a big way. Like scenario one? No. Like scenario two? No. But what's the benefit? Yes. So if you have a friend who's good, you will always win. Either a great win, or a medium win, or a small win. But the net result of having a good friend circle is you always in a win win situation. Always.

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All right, in retrospect, what else do we have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, teaches us the example of a person who has a bad friend circle. An evil friend circle, a peep a person who allows evil people into their home to be with them. And when they go out, they like to be with them. She Abbasali bad evil people around him when he was dying.

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What does Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that a person who has a bad friend circle is like a person who has a friend

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who smells iron. He works at the blast furnace. When you go visit this friend.

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If you're not careful, a spark will come out of the blast furnace and burn your clothes.

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Is that that will happen, isn't it? No. I'm telling you, that's what will happen. A young boy Mashallah, if you have a bad friend, and you're not careful, he will harm you in a big way.

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Right? A spark will come out and burn your clouds. Now, let's say you say no, no, no, I'm clever. I still want to have this bad company. But I'll be careful, I won't go close to the blast furnace. I'll stay a bit back. You know, my parents told me that this is these are bad people. These people have a bad influence over you. So I still want to hang out with them. But I am going to be kept cautious and careful.

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You might miss the sparks coming out of the blast furnace. But the black smoke in the room will touch your clothes and make your white clouds black. Or at least gray.

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Have you lost? Yes. You didn't lose all your clouds in the form of a spark burning it. But have you won or lost in the situation? You've lost? Okay, let's say you say my parents have told me that this is a very very bad friend circle. I should I shouldn't hang around with him. So but I want to I'm still going to visit them. But I'm going to be extra extra extra cautious you know when I visit the guy who's working at the blast furnace outstands right by the door. So I'm far from the smoke. And I'm far from the sparks

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what will happen because of the environment where the blast furnace is this carbon monoxide is in the air. Not so you have to breathe, can any? Can you just stay there without breathing? You have to breathe. So now what will happen is you're going to breathe monoxides Have you won or have you lost? You lost? The net result of having a bad friend cycle is you will always lose you put yourself in a lose lose situation may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and protect our children, Amina and Morocco Allah D. A person is upon the way of his companion. We learned this from a Buddha.

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And in another generation Abu Talib is actually saying Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You know, he's saying to him, that if it was not for what they would say,

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I would have said that which cools your eyes, I would have done that which pleases you Oh, Mohamed, you see, the bad friend circle has this has an evil influence. He's actually saying to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that if it was not for them, and what they would say to Panama, I would have said La ilaha illallah wa I would have said that which makes you happy. Understand My dear parents especially here, look after your children check who their friends are. And today in the world of social media and Facebook and and and WhatsApp and smartphones. You know the phones are very smart nowadays. They're getting smarter, isn't it? They do more things, but the people are

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getting smarter. They're going the other way. Allah knows best. You know, we give our child a smartphone, check on your child. You give you a child for a computer check on your child. You let your child open an email address check on your child and don't say that I trust my child. I'm not going to check on my child. No, my dear brothers and sisters, you know a parent who says that they trust their child. They are saying

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They just a thought. That's what you saying. It's not that you don't trust your child. You check on your child because you don't trust a time. And Allah has made you in charge of your child has made you a defender for your child has made us the wall in front of shavon to stop sharing fun affecting your child, why do you want to leave the gates open? Don't let shaytaan deceive you that no, I can't go in my child's room. I can't check their phone. I'm not saying spy. But I'm saying practice due diligence. It's your duty. Your child doesn't know better, you know better. Right? And you there's no one more desperate for the success of your child than you my dear mother and my dear father,

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let's be honest. You know, today we think the teacher is going to teach our child everything No, the teacher is going to teach your child what he or she can. That teacher has his or her own children at home that he or she is more desperate over. You are the most desperate over your child. today. I had a talk today in the morning to parents and one of the schools here in KL and this is also a message from the messages that I shared that you cannot outsource parenting. You can outsource catering. Yes.

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I'm outsourcing catering. I'm outsourcing marketing. I'm outsourcing advertising. I'm outsourcing, you know, HR human resources. You cannot outsource parenting. You just can't couldn't look

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at each and every one of you is a shepherd. And each and every one of you is responsible for his or her flock. Our children are from our flock. Allah says in his book, yeah, you are Lavina COO, coo coo coo coo Nara. Oh, you who believe protect yourselves and your families from the Hellfire, checking on your children, checking who their friends are checking who they speaking to, is from you trusting your children and loving them. And it's from you not trusting Sherpa, please take this message home, my dear brothers and sisters. Now sometimes parents say you know, my friend, my son, or my daughter has a friend. Yes, this friend has bad tendencies. They're not very practicing, or

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they believe you know, certain beliefs. But my son really benefits from this child. My daughter really benefits from this channel. So you say how how do they benefit? They say, Well, you know, this child is very good in mathematics. Very good in physics, very good in chemistry, so they help my child in class. That's why I allow my child to mix with this child. Does the Sherry I have something to say here? Yes, the theory is there's a principle in fact, and that principle says that

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is a fifth principle is from the theory and it states that the prevention of a harm takes precedence over the attainment of a benefit. The prefect the prevention of a harm takes precedence over the attainment of a benefit, which means if you have a situation where there's harm or benefit, and the harm outweighs the benefit, the cheriya doesn't care about the benefit presents. According to the Sharia. It says if the benefit is obsolete, the Sharia focuses on the harm and says Close your eyes to the benefit and prevent that harm. Which means what my dear brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter if this child can help your child in mathematics and physics and chemistry. That benefit is

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minor in comparison to the harm of of them, changing your child's character, changing the values that you have brought your child up upon. So let's take this lesson My dear brothers and sisters, this is Sierra in the 21st century. We want to make events from over 1400 years ago speak to us today. And we learn from the death of Abu Talib this all important lesson with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant is the understanding I mean, from the lessons is the lesson we took before and that is character versus personalities. Remember that lesson? We discussed in the earlier episodes that we should be people of character like Rama, moussaka,

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and the Sahaba of the Marine, we should not be people of personality. Where do we learn this from from the statement of Abu Talib, when he says to Rasulullah that if it wasn't for these people and what they would say about me what they would say about me, I would have said your message or Mohamed, I would have said this line that you want me to say this line that you you wish I said so you could defend me in front of Allah, which means what he was worried about the love of God. He was worried about what he would say what she would say what he would say. And this is wrong, my dear brothers and sisters, a person of character is a person who lives for Allah Subhana who attack not

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for the people. What matters is the happiness of Allah subhanho wa Taala not the happiness of the people.

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There is no obedience to the creation in the disobedience of the Creator.

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You know what I'm saying? You can't This is a hadith By the way, you cannot say I am. You know,

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I'm being obedient to the people. There's no obedience to the people in the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala if it's wrong with Allah subhanho wa Taala please Allah, don't worry about the people. You will never, ever be able to keep people happy. My dear brothers and sisters, they will be happy with you today. Tomorrow, they will be sad with you. This is the nature of human life. This is the sun and norm of this globe of this world that we live in. People praise us today. Tomorrow, they criticize us. Sometimes they praise us in front of our face behind our backs. They criticizing us. You want to keep people happy, you will die and you will never please everybody. And you will

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lose yourself trying to keep people happy. Be people of principle who keep Allah happy. And know that when you make Allah happy, then Allah loves you. And when Allah loves you, he summons gibreel Allahu salam, and then gibreel rises through the heavens, going to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as he does so, the angels are watching that this gibreel has been called by our Rob, what does Allah want to tell him, and they wait anxiously for jabril to come back. And then Allah says to jabril Oh, jabril I love this person, and I command you to love him. So gibreel starts loving this person, which person, this person who lives to make Allah happy. And then gibreel starts descending through

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the heavens, and all the angels are shouting out to jabril and calling out to gibreel algebra and what did Allah tell you? And jabril says, Allah has told me that he loves so and so. And he has commanded me to love him. So I have loved him. So the angels of each heaven say if that is the case, we love him also, until the creation of the skies loves this person until it gets to a stage where the love from the skies are so overwhelming that it settles in the hearts of the people on earth. And the people love this person as well. You want the people to love you. Please Allah subhanho wa Taala This is where you will get that love where Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the understanding.

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I mean, from the lessons My dear brothers and sisters is available, how it actions are judged by the endings. How do we know this? by the fact that Abu Talib lived his entire life, as it is believer and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is still telling him on his deathbed, say something that I can use to defend you in front of Allah, which means if he said it, he would have got gender. If the ending was perfect, he would have got gentlemen. So my dear brothers and sisters learn from this principle that actions are judged by the endings number one, never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. That's number one. You know, someone wrote to me the other day or yesterday saying, I've had a bad

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start to Ramadan. Does that mean I've lost my Ramadan? And I smiled and said Alhamdulillah, you are writing this this is a sign of Eman Firstly, and secondly from the mercy of Allah is that actions are judged by the enemies. And he's from the mercy of Allah that the last 10 nights and later to the Father is not in the first 10 nights of Ramadan.

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So mercy from Allah, that Allah gives us chance and right till the end, right through the end, and upon the narrations that speak about later to further being on the 27th. And that's also towards the end. So

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although we know that later to Travis's, between the last 10 nights with every

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Savannah law, so we learned number one, never lose hope in Allah. We learn from this principle number two, never become content with yourself. Never. Never, ever tell yourself I have reached No, my dear brothers and sisters, until you breathe your last you have not reached. It could be that you so good Now, can you guarantee tomorrow? Can you guarantee next week? Can you guarantee next month. So from this principle, and our team is you keep on striving till the end, till you breathe your last? You know, in the story of environment, there's a story that when he was dying, he kept saying Not yet Not yet. And he was going through the pangs of death. You know, when someone's dying, they

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go through the pangs. When the soul is being removed, they start existing between two realities. If any one of us have seen a person die, you might have noticed that sometimes they look at you but they can't see. They're looking at you. But it's like you're not there, because they think something else. So he's going from one state to the other. And he's saying not yet, not yet. So when his consciousness was regained, they asked him why are you saying this? And he says he believes shaper is in front and he's saying, You slip through my fingers.

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You slip through my fingers, and I was telling you not yet.

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Not yet. Not till it's over. Not till the soul leaves the hora hora Not till the death is complete not yet never ever feel you have reached. No matter how pious you are, there is always room for improvement. No matter what level of Islamic standing you have reached, there is always room for improvement. So from this principle that actions are based on the endings, we learned two important things, I will revise them with you, number one, never lose hope. If you've been so bad, thank Allah that you've realized you've been so bad. And don't worry about the past. ask Allah to forgive you and push on from today. Because actions are judged by the endings. If your ending is strong, Allah

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will make your beginning as if it was good when you live, and Allah is upon Allah. Allah doesn't need our worship of servants of Allah. Allah is complete from ever and his complete forever. Our sujood does not raise his majesty. And if we don't praise Allah, it won't decrease His Majesty. His Majesty is complete, whether we worship him whether we don't worship him subhanho wa Taala if we worship it for our own benefit, so you can give us even if we don't worship Him, indeed, he is upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second principle we learn is never ever relax. Never ever relax, never let shavon put this in your head, that you are better, you are better. And that's why Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us he taught us Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that when you look at matters of the dunya look at those who have less than you. he advises to

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look at those who have less than you so that you, you never ever belittle the gifts that Allah has given you. And when you look at matters of the Hereafter, look at those who do more than you. So you always strive. You always strive in your endeavors towards Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah May Allah grant us the understanding me from the lessons My dear brothers and sisters we learned is that Toba is accepted as long as the soul does not leave us in total abdomen and you heard him in the suit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the books of the sunon

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there's this Howdy, in Allaha Yakubu Toba man Have you heard of him, that Allah will accept the repentance of the servant of his slave? As long as the soul doesn't reach the heart of the hora hora is this part in your throat where you gargle from the scholars, they they approximated to be there, that area you know when you Gago that's the last point of exit for the soul. When the soul reaches there, the doors October are closed. And when the sun rises in the West, the doors October, close. Toba, my dear brothers and sisters is important. And it's different from the fall, because it's the forest for the minuses. Toba is for the major things. So we need to ask Allah to forgive us via the

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verb and ask Allah to forgive us via Toba. Toba is an act of worship, which means it has its conditions from them, that your Toba is for the sake of Allah alone, you're not asking Allah to forgive you so people can hear and they say Masha Allah What a nice person this person is. I think I'll get my daughter married to him. He asked Allah to forgive him. No, it should be for the sake of Allah Allah. Toba from the conditions of Toba is that you regret having disrespected Allah subhanho wa Taala. You feel real hurt about practicing the major self from the conditions of Toba is that you remove yourself from the sun. It's not that you practicing the major Heron you in Riba, you

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practicing interest, which is a major sin, and you're asking Allah to forgive you. No, you have to get out of it. My dear brothers and sisters, you can't be in malaria infested waters, may Allah protect us from all diseases, I mean, and you expect to take the cure for malaria. While you're sitting still in the water, you have to take yourself out. This is from the conditions of Toba being accepted from the conditions of Toba is having a strong resolve never ever to go back to that city. Never ever to go back to it. And if you go back to it, you tend to Allah again. It's very important My dear brothers and sisters, and from the conditions of Toba is what I told you that the Toba is

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done before the doors are shut before your soul reaches its exit point. And before the sun rises in the West, may Allah subhanho wa Taala shut our partners toga from the lessons very quickly, my dear brothers and sisters is maintaining family relations. And we learned this from the fact that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rushed to his dying uncle. He never left his dying uncle, he rushed to him. He rushed to him in his attempt to be good to him, in his attempt to look after our last commands to maintain family

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And also to reciprocate goodness we know a Buddha was like a father figure to him was just a sign in an exam. Can there be any other award for good except good Rasulullah went to him with the with the biggest goodness he could and that was to tell him to say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. My dear brothers and sisters several lessons perhaps we will touch on this point of maintaining family relations as we traverse through other sessions. Time always flies when we having fun, our time has come to an end. Tomorrow inshallah we will discuss another hardship just before you start to breathe in.

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Hold your breath. We have the story of life, we Allah grant us life. We Allah bless you all. And may Allah bless these words. I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Hama, vmdk eyeshadow Allah, Allah Allah and as the Furukawa to boo LA, Santa Monica Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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