A Gift From Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala

Hatem al-Haj


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So, the next thing is to know that this straightness, this treatise is all from Allah subhanaw taala.

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It is a gift from Allah, if you if you can be straight for some time, recognize that this is actually a gift from Allah can rely on him for more straightness because you cannot do it yourself.

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Fact development reported from so then probably 100 of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, is the PMO well on top so

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American salon what I have is right and we'll do a lemon is the theme when I'm talking to the counselors and themselves, is that even stay straight when I'm talking to learn pursue.

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Excellence comes from counting and counting.

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To keep out some here means and you will not income

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is 30 more history and you will not income

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you will not encompass will

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not encompass everything that I told him.

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And it hacker Fabiola Hagerman has reported this, that he went to the prophet SAW settlement, he found the Prophet sallallahu Sallam given a football and he said to the people

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waiting in line to see

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what the Father

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He wouldn't have been able to handle

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or commit

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to doing everything I command to what I can send it to a carnivore, absolutely. But said they do.

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mean means what a material target you're very target or party or come close to aim at your target, hit your target

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be straight as much as he can walk coreboot or come close? Well, absolutely. And have that titles, you know, have that item three toys, in the last promise, if you try your best to be close, because the profits on the last set to them, you can do

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likewise, and this heavyset will report in here from from so when the profits and losses themselves stuck even while on top students who stay straight volunteer so and you will not be able to encompass it, you will not be able to encompass all that I tell you

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that some of the scholars said is that even what I'm taught, so means studying stays free, but you're not going to be able to do.

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So laptops was like fantastic.

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But you're not going to be able to be strict.

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And if you if you accept that interpretation,

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there is you will have to have

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some conditional statements here. Or you have to have some addition to be accepted that

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it means the scholars said it means is that the modern study will be straight, but you're not going to be you're not you can't be straight, it means on your own. Without Aliceville,

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you're not going to be able to do

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while I'm in medical school, I know that the best of your needs is solid. What I have is a dilemma. And no one will be able to keep us we do accept commitment, a believer to keep it as good because it is

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his you know armamentarium It is his, you know, tools, the tools of the believer, you know like the carpet that presents tools that monitor will help the students keep his tools on hand. Everybody has tools. That believer this tool is the who is using it makes regardless, you know it is better for me to do it's better off, even if it's not obligatory it is it is about surfing. So that is the tool of the believer. He keeps he keeps holding it all the time.

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So it's the one on top. So

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stepping on what you're not going to be able to encompass there

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is actually a rock star for us. It's a concession for us. It is the profit sauce and I'm trying to confer this. If you fail, don't worry. You're not going to be able to do everything. You will have shortcomings.

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You will have to try? Certainly, absolutely. You have to try your best. And if you fail, don't just say no, I can't do this. No, you have to realize, you know once you fold your eyes, once you fail, you try to make up, you try to catch up and you try to make up an error.

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I ask for his forgiveness.

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A lot of our citizens when I presented him with a he was comfortable while avoiding dementia, the key is the team will add wisdom for you. So please take a straight pass to him.

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Pick a straight path to him for his 1311 take a straight path to Allah think a straight path was stamped through and seek His forgiveness, why relinquish the key and go on to the disbelievers first step through we're still talking about the same issue is that you're not going to be able to do it all the time. You're not going to be able to stay free as long as you weren't amended all the time. So why don't have your your your being straight as much as you can while you're keeping your eye? You know, on your target.

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He will be alone when he tried to explain us the farmer he said something very beautiful.

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He's a perfect man.

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But you cannot turn away from him.

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That's definitely not the fact and Salah you look, you know in Salah?

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Yeah, it.

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Yeah. So so it is really discouraged because I must My father is looking at you. So if you turn away your face or you look around or stuff in your salon, you're really compromising his writing, detracting from your reward.

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But I will say this, the trauma and

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the trauma is not to turn away from minute

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to turn away from him for a minute. So basically, or for anything

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for the slightest, you know, time period, because you keep your eye on a bus. And

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that's the stupid watchfulness in the state of wakefulness, your eye or not, your eye will always play with your heart because

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your heart is connected with a lot of data. It is beholding a lot all the time. And it does not blink like your eyeballs. So you're watchful with your eyes, your your the eyes of your heart are fixated on the pleasure of of them. That is what a workman said about the karma.

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For for anything, anytime you don't turn away from him, like meaning the eyes of your heart are fixated on his pleasure in the boom, turn away for a second for from the focus from the target.

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So step one is basically the process of Solomon's comforting contentedness if you can do it, I know that you will not be able to do it,

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but try to do your best. So that's why he said in the other report, some people were current Google Apps you immature target are trying to come close, but very glad tidings

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you know allows your apps to variegata tidings

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meaning reward if you stay close. If you think