Do Not Belittle Any Act Of Goodness

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because again she took a picture of this moment

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allahu Akbar Allah all

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along all

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either how long more or

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less had the

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inner hanging

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she had one Mohammad rasool long

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as had the one Mohammed

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highy slot

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hi yeah I'll slowly

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hi yeah and then fed

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all work all week

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long more.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shorefield Gambia, you will upload in more saline Shaffir and musubi in our Habib Erbil al Amin, Mohammed and Salawat Robbie wa sallahu alayhi wa ala early he was so happy to have you been up for hearing in that hamdulillah Muhammad who understand you who want to steal Pharaoh who want to study. We're not only we love Him, we should already on fusina I will say your RTR Molina mejor de la Hoefer la mobile La La Palma yodeling Fela de la wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Hedo luxury villa, Wanda Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who are also

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in us Dr. Al Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Hiral Howdy, howdy Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the most merciful, all praises due to Allah. We have a witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The best of speech is the book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who listen to the best of speech, the book of Allah and follow its commandments. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who come to know the best of ways,

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the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and make us amongst his followers Allahumma Amin Allahumma mean Allahu Allah I mean, you have our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who la mer Astra Maru again

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Bye bag it was born. I learned Ramadan

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Ramadan, Ramadan Murali had Ramadan Murali

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Believe it or not.

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The month of Ramadan is about to leave us

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and days are going by so fast Subhan Allah

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and I remember last Ramadan we will say this is the fastest Ramadan I have experienced.

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And this Ramadan we all say no this Ramadan is actually the fastest Ramadan that I have experienced.

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And that is why despite the fact that Ramadan is a month Maha Shah was

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a Yemen model that

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despite the fact that Ramadan is a month the Quran refers to it as enumerated days. Because that's how it feels.

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In other sharp language unlimited knuckleball

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now that the month is over or is about to be over. What we asked for and what we beg for is your Allah make us amongst those who have been accepted in this month of Ramadan Yara Pillai. I mean

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now that the month is about to expire,

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quick reminder when she will earn or sha Allah wishek Onion Ali, love with them in air man

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and Moonkin

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mumkin motion

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to kill our man. Now that the month is

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Leaving us, we have to remember part of the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you've got to love Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam you know, the Prophet of Allah taught us this, this very, very beautiful principle to live by

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law to Iran, the middle marble Fisher you.

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Do not belittle any act of goodness, do not belittle any act of goodness, while until a haka, be watching him fully, even if it be a genuine cheerful face, that you decide to meet your brother or your sister with their own nominal model.

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Do not be knitted any act of goodness and make this a lifestyle.

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Because see, sometimes, we are thinking of all the big things that we can accomplish. And we forget about the little things, despite the fact that bad things happen.

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When little things are done, right.

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We want the big things. But we don't like to commit to the little things.

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You didn't episode Allahu Allah will tell me good luck. Has he any body you've got in the cage, we are higher. Later on the middle, Margot Fisher, you live life with this principle. Do not belittle any act of goodness, even if it be that you meet somebody with a cheerful face.

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This British doctor tells a story.

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He said I was visiting Egypt or the Toby bagel in lucafriz era, Elon Musk said, you know he decided to take a month in Egypt just to see you know, experience a different culture. Said I came out of my hotel, said there was a young boy, a shoe shiner boy, the dark skinned young Egyptian boy shining shoes. And he said, all of the sudden he said this kid looked up at me. And he said, I have not seen any more genuine smile than the smile. He looked up at me and he said Estella Malaika.

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He said, This is the first time I'm there. Not really familiar with words, phrases here and, and he said there was something about that smile. And there was something about the way that he greeted me. He said for the rest of the month, I made sure that I pass by him every single day and said every single day, he gave me that same smile, always followed by a Salah Maliko

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this doctor tells a story as to how he became a Muslim. And he said it was that smile, and that a Salam aleikum that led me into Islam do not want any act of goodness. When in every sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your Whelan officer who had him in trouble versus

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Badly belly

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nestled in Erbil

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gonna be harsh. Sherry But Minal bear carjacked for either because Albanian has one of these stories the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that there was a prostitute

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during the Israelites times.

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And he said that he went down on a well, drunk water.

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On her way out of the well. She meets a panting dog. Right can Bernie yell as panting out of thirst? Alpha Male at hotfile she took her shoes. She filled up with shoes.

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she gave him a drink for her for Allahu Allah, Allah Subhana Allah forgive her. She'll be monta el Bashar Murthy a year.

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They in America, he then interrupted me in

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the inner circle.

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Using our own limited logic, there is absolutely no relationship. If you think about what this woman did, her profession was she was a prostitute.

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And how and what was the reason that Allah Subhana Allah forgave her. Our logic necessitates that man, if you're guilty of this, you need to do something big. You need to be doing something really, really humongous to make up for the mistakes that you have done.

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But that is not the case with Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah as the prophets Allah Allah wa sallam taught

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me in Alma Rufiji

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do not belittle any act of goodness.

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Even amongst us human beings, many times, it is little acts of goodness

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That goes a long way. Listen and act of goodness that we appreciate, brightens my day.

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This young man tells a story

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says that I was one day, teenage years said I was very, very upset. did not like life. I was very upset with life did not like my parents. And I decided that you know what? Life is not worth living.

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today after school, I am bringing everything to an end, I am bringing an end to my life.

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On his way to school, as he's walking, accidentally drops his books. This young kid behind him, helped him pick up the books and says, Hey, man, where you go to school? What classes are you in? Or we go to the same school? Why don't you come and play ball with us today? You'll be throwing baseball around today said yeah, we'll do it. He said, I came in. And I played with them. And I enjoyed it. And they said, We do this every day after school. Why don't you join us?

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He said, Not only did I not do anything to myself that day, but he said From that day on, I loved life.

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So not only that, but I started loving school. Not only that, he said I became the valedictorian of my high school. And he said in the speech that he delivered the school, he dedicated his years of high school, to that little act of kindness that

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do not belittle any act of goodness, a principle to live by law.

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Do not belittle any act of goodness.

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How is it that a woman guilty of such behavior? Allah subhanaw taala says in appreciation to you giving water to that thirsty dog, Allah subhanaw taala decides to overlook everything that you have done before.

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When Subhan Allah handled it well here it is. Maha many a time and

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Allah has a good a good yarn, unobtainium version of Talia Berman, whom the Combi her heard in Hatha Yoga lab, or like going into non

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wala he couldn't? No,

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no, sometimes if it were left up to us, what do you think this woman would have to do? In order to atone from what she's been doing? If it were left up to us human beings, this woman would never make it to Paradise, she would never be forgiven, because of all the obstacles and the difficulties that we would put in place. And that is why it is important that we know who it is that we are dealing with. The Amal Maleficarum interviews Allah Allah Allah which Allah it cannot not Jahannam la Harbin nano documentary Johanna it taco No.

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Bishop Pitampura

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prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teach, he says avoid the punishment of the Hellfire. The punishment of the whole the Hellfire can be averted, avoided the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, even if it be by half a date,

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half a date. Half a date

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hola hola. du jour.

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Wallahi should the tombola should do

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says avoid the hellfire, even if it will be that you give that you donate half a date. If somebody's hungry, half a date won't make much difference to them. Man, half a date would go between my teeth.

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It wouldn't even make it down there. That's where he would go. Yet the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam says, this act, this small act that can make such a big huge difference

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amongst us

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these little acts make a huge difference.

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Young, you know, community member, meaning in the Muslim community members. She was telling me she said I am so longing to be touched by my father.

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My father is not the touchy guy she said. And I'm just I really want my father to hug me. I really want my father to embrace me. I want my father to hold my

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cheeks, I want my father to hold my hands. But my father is not this type of a man.

00:20:07--> 00:20:11

She said, One day my father is teaching me how to drive

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that as I am driving, holding to the steering wheel, I made a mistake. And then my father, he grabbed my hands.

00:20:21--> 00:20:26

She said, I enjoyed it so much, that I started making a mistake every time.

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Why? Because sometimes people are literally dying for these small acts of goodness,

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small acts of kindness. So remember this, many times we are under the assumption that we want big things to happen. Even though we forget that big things happen, when little things are done, right?

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do not belittle any act of goodness. Do not belittle any act of goodness.

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Now that the month of Ramadan is leaving, you know, we have a tendency to look back and say, Man, I lost so much, didn't read enough Quran, didn't pray long enough, didn't give enough charity. And we are so consumed by what we could have heard, what what we could have done, what we should have done, what we would have done if we were given and we are so consumed by this and we forget that when dealing with ALLAH, do not belittle any act of goodness.

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If you have not done well,

00:21:53--> 00:22:16

in the past 23 days of Ramadan, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us let that happen on the middle. Now we'll fish a do not belittle any act of goodness. Because if Allah subhanaw taala accepts it, then man, no Act is a small at that point. May Allah Subhana Allah increases in understanding.

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Apolo Hollyhock structure Allah Allah confessed

00:22:35--> 00:22:41

hamdu Lillahi wa wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Mustafa what Allah and be

00:22:43--> 00:22:52

active of goodness, small acts of goodness, and abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam equally affect the quality began imitating

00:22:53--> 00:22:58

the Prophet of Allah who would say, give in charity, give in charity,

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even if it be even if it be he said, a good word, a coined word. These little acts of kindness, they say so much about us. And they make such a big huge impact on those who are around us. This woman works at McDonald's. She said it was a long line when this kid came and he had some change, you know, ice cream shops or not make the ice cream shop. And and he asked how much would a cone be? And how much would a cup V shirts in the price? The prices are up there. You can see it on the menu. But he's asking so how much is it? If I if I buy a cone? How much is it if I buy a cup? And the young girls are frustrated because there is a line? And what does this young kid start doing? He starts

00:23:55--> 00:24:17

counting his change again. I looked at her and goes, so how much is it again for the cone? Or how much is it for the cup? And she tells him and then he counts his money. Again it goes, I'm sorry, but can you tell me so how much is it? And she tells him and she is very frustrated at this point. And then he buys the cup.

00:24:18--> 00:24:20

She gives him the cup and she's rushing him.

00:24:21--> 00:24:36

And then what he does is that he takes the rest of the change and he puts it in the tips jar. So you all of this time he was trying to calculate which one is cheaper so that I can really put some tips on this on this cover

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Do not belittle any act of goodness within our families, with our children, with our spouses, wives, husbands parents. Do not belittle any act of goodness. You ask our family members, what do you want?

00:25:00--> 00:25:21

Most of the time, people will not ask for big things. People will ask for small things. Be kind. Tell me something nice. Compliment me every now and then. appreciate me. I don't want things. Because the best things in life are not things.

00:25:22--> 00:26:02

Let's insha Allah make this a principle that we commit to that from now on, I am going to live life. And I'm going to live life saying, let that run nominal mouth. Do not belittle any act of goodness, you're walking around, then I love some of our community members, people who come to the prayers early and they park all the way for why do you do this? Brother, sister? Why do you do this? See I Hamdulillah. I came in early because I didn't have to work. So I'm just making sure that I can walk for the people who are late, they can come to the masjid straight. People who will be sitting at domestic when everybody else is rushing Brother, what's going on? And Hamdulillah I don't need to

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rush so I'm just giving room for the people who need to get back towards like don't busy them with this. People who will be walking around the mission, every time they see something, they pick it up and they put it away. So why do you do that? Learn

00:26:17--> 00:27:04

to fish I do not belittle any act of goodness. When we do this. Believe me what law here we become pleasant people. We become happy people. We become people who are always looking for an opportunity to do something good, whether it be big, whether it be small, because we have been taught by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that that there are no middlemen who fish. Do not belittle any act of kindness. In sha Allah Who of course we will let you know when the day of read is. And in the meantime, please do keep all of us here at MIT your families, our community of brothers and sisters, near and far, in your in your prayers and in sha Allah right after the hotbar we're going to be

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making a quick appeal to use of police in sha Allah. Bear with us. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who have been accepted in the month of Ramadan. May Allah Subhana Allah accept our fasting and our prayers and our charity or Bill Alameen May Allah Subhana Allah bless our deeds that we have done so far. And may Allah subhanaw taala help us and aid us to do even better than whatever remains of the month of Ramadan. If any of us or our family members or our loved ones are not feeling well may Allah Subhana Allah grant us a speedy recovery. If any of us or our loved ones are going through difficulties may Allah Subhana Allah ease our pain. If any of our loved ones have

00:27:40--> 00:28:06

passed away May Allah Subhana Allah bless their souls. Rob Burnett, herbal Mina in the Countess Samuel Aleem or to Allah in I am Alana in the country the wobble Rahim Robina attina for dunya Hassan Hassan Athena mattina Agha not about Allah in the La Jolla mobile Advil external Eater is a portable when an infection it will make it available you're looking to the Coronavirus Corolla has come with kuruva commodity Kulai Akbar Allahu Allah.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar eyeshadow.

00:28:17--> 00:28:38

Isla Hallo more ahead one Mohammad Rasool Allah. Hi yalla Salviati Hayyan AlFalah Mati Salah format is Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar the in LA more la stone store stalking more.

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

Allahu Akbar

00:28:46--> 00:29:14

Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or Walkman Ilahi Maliki a wound meet Dean er Can I go to work he can study dinner sit off hello mr. Payments Rapala Xena and I'm Danny him or you will Malibu we are allowing him all more orderly Lee

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00:29:19--> 00:29:36

are a little dizzy you can see Bobby Dean Metallica Lizzy earlier team what are your hook Bala miskeen providing a little more solidly in Allah the you know human Salatin himself Hoon Alladhina Homura guna I am not Runa

00:29:38--> 00:29:39

Allahu Akbar

00:29:43--> 00:29:45

so me I'm law who live in Amida.

00:29:47--> 00:29:49

Allah Who?

00:29:56--> 00:29:57

Allahu Akbar.

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00:30:06--> 00:30:08

Allah Akbar

00:30:10--> 00:30:29

Al Hamdulillah Mirabella al Amin Rockman Rahimi Malik al Deen er Kana Abu canister in a dental Scirocco. Amo Sirata Lavina and I'm tardy him while you didn't mark Bowlby alley him all the

00:30:33--> 00:30:42

while also in Santa Fe, in the Latino and white middle swallow hat, whatever else or will help them at all so this is

00:30:43--> 00:30:44

Allahu Akbar.

00:30:48--> 00:30:50

So may Allah Holloman Amida

00:30:53--> 00:30:54

Allahu Akbar

00:30:55--> 00:30:55


00:31:00--> 00:31:01

Allah hu Akbar

00:31:06--> 00:31:07

Allah Allahu

00:31:13--> 00:31:14

Allah love

00:31:16--> 00:31:16


00:31:19--> 00:31:20

sit down

00:31:40--> 00:31:45

Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

00:31:46--> 00:31:48

stuff, stuff. Stuff

00:31:58--> 00:32:48

Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Please, please May Allah reward you please give us a few minutes just circle Ohio. May Allah Buddha blessing and Baraka in your time for this plus Friday of Ramadan. Rabbil Alameen when we came to you tonight, today to to talk to you about our center, Memphis Islamic center our message this what we are talking to you today it's affects each and every one of us. It affects our children. It's affects our great grandchildren in sha Allah Binda Rahman Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Allah subhanho wa Taala use us as this community to create a beautiful facility, a spacious, luxurious facility, indoor, outdoor Infi

00:32:48--> 00:33:38

to the community Alhamdulillah Allah use us to facilitate that that's 100 reliable Asante we are proud of, and hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. Now that we have the facility and the skeleton, insha Allah, we are working hard to put meat in the board on the bones. We want this to be a spiritual life center of our community where our youth learn the enriching, Faith enriching principles like we talked about today. And in an internalizing, we want to become a regional Islamic center source of life and is the inspiration of carrying the message of Maha Misawa to lie Osama in this region, as far as North to Chicago, us down to Florida to Florida, as well to Virginia, and Texas cannon was

00:33:38--> 00:33:40

everything out of Western Texas kinda we will.

00:33:41--> 00:34:21

And Dallas deal with it. This is our dream. This is what we want to do. This is gonna take a commitment. This is going to take a sacrifice, this is going to take a struggling but to struggle the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we are here are Muslims and we want to carry and basta torch. So I want each and every one of you. Each and every one of you, especially the young professionals who are starting their profession, I want you to understand this and make sure the family understands we are sacrificing for the sake of Allah. This is what it takes to create something beautiful, something magnificent. So we come to you. And what we're asking today is to

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

raise Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Show me the slide with a bit of breakdown of their expenses inshallah Bhima. Rahman. If you can see our payroll is about 350. Our operations about 250 100,000 of that is electricity on these two facility we're paying about almost $10,000 a month for you to close to that for utility, we have robust our outreach and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen. We also have the good brothers and sisters who continuously to give every month and that total is about 230,000. So what we are deficit and what to raise is about $400,000 So please Alhamdulillah

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

This is your Masjid this is your center what we do today will affect the future of a me you your children your grandchildren

00:35:16--> 00:35:27

okay this brother took the wrong jacket similar to jacket and he has some so if you took the wrong jacket inshallah good so we're asking you Charlotte don't leave inshallah I'll handle this so

00:35:29--> 00:35:42

So, so please, we want to raise funds and I want to start raising funds for this so inshallah Ben Rama Let's each of you just be patient with me inshallah and give us a few minutes in sha Allah Rabbil aalameen. So we're going to start your

00:35:47--> 00:35:49

solo on a call to Allah Who want to cut

00:35:53--> 00:36:33

so that he can everyone. This is the what I call the mother of all appeals, right? Because tonight today and tonight in sha Allah, Allah azza wa jal, what we want to raise funds for is really the very facility the very place and activities and the programs that are facilitating everything else that you have been supporting you've been very passionate about. So this is what it boils down to, right being able to maintain this place and help us continue to function insha Allah azza wa jal, an operation like this, it comes with a cost and by the way, this is a very reasonable humble budget, to be honest with you, I must show you this site. This is a mega mess. It's not only a mega mess, it

00:36:33--> 00:37:10

is America's largest in terms of area, America's largest Islamic center, hands down, right? So so this is what it boils down to being able to inshallah to Allah keep this Masjid functioning and to continue to, to ensure what Allah be the Life Center, the vibrant lions Life Center, and it has great potentials ahead of us. So in sha Allah azza wa jal, you saw the numbers who would like to be the first person in sha Allah azza wa jal to give us maybe that whole amount 100,000 Now hold on, maybe a quarter of that amount 100,000 Insha Allah azza wa jal to help this place,

00:37:11--> 00:37:51

you know, function and help this place continue to be the center. It has been, who would like to be that first person in sha Allah azza wa jal with $100,000. Right? claim all the great things that are happening and for those who asked, you know, just saw the majority this potentially there are a lot of aspects of this giving that will make it so that progeria, and I'll share a couple of things with you. May I share an excerpt 100,000 You will fail a coma and from lots of llamo to help this person or this place are to help this person that is actually looking for this place and looking for the guidance this place is providing remember that every word that is being recited, right,

00:37:52--> 00:38:28

in this place, you will get the reward of it. Right the light that you are actually paying for the electricity that you're paying for every good deeds that happens whether you look good, your will be rewarded for the bad and the shortcomings in the mistakes, you're not responsible for them the person is responsible, right? Who would like to take that inshallah in that spot? The first spot with $100,000 for Allah Subhana 1000 house for America's largest Islamic sent down to two by Let's see, can we have two individuals 50,000 h two individuals, right? You are in a coma Antrim Allah to Allah mode

00:38:30--> 00:38:45

50,000 I need to I need anyone here with 50,000 with with a donation or a pledge of $50,000 for us to help us between now and next Ramadan May Allah subhana wa Taala accept your deeds and forgive your sins.

00:38:47--> 00:39:25

Just for you just to get an idea Subhan Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to say you didn't even have your positive light. Yeah, the Allahu Bica Raja and highroller come in promoting Nam. If Allah Subhana Allah was to guide one person through you to Islam, right? It's better for you than all the most precious commodities and the most precious gifts that you could get in this world. And one person coming to Islam Hi, Ramona. Dunya Murphy has been better than the entire world. Right? So how Allah last night because this Masjid was open 24/7 Because we have dealt with materials because we've been very active on hamdulillah and we have time and we're giving

00:39:25--> 00:39:39

people attention. A young man walks into this Masjid last night right after Salah telawi after our conversation of one hour with this young man at 3am This young man by the name of Jesus decided to accept Islam

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

keep Allahu Akbar keep now keep in mind that you know the person or the individuals that may be facilitating this thing may get rewarded, but in reality only Allah subhanaw taala knows what your share is because we have been generously supporting this place and paying for the for the bills here. Only a loss of how

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

without the nose and think of this as sort of Algeria because you don't know who this person might become tomorrow, this person might be America's greatest diary that will call so many people to Islam and then on the day of judgment, you come and Allah will say that that your contribution that you made is what facilitated this. You get the reward though yourself, you are not the person that directly call that people that person.

00:40:22--> 00:40:58

You may be the person that is providing the you know, the opportunity for students who are learning Quran here and you don't know, maybe the next greatest Imam will be one of these students. Right? You don't know how far your saga might go help maintain this place that is involved in so many activities and programs, you will get that award can we have for people in sha Allah azza wa jal was 25,000 Each, right? That's less than 200. You know, that's less than 220 $500 a month to 25,000 for an annual budget who would like to be that person in sha Allah $25,000 for the maintenance

00:40:59--> 00:41:24

to help MRC continue its activities and progress as a matter of fact, insha Allah Who Tiana who would like to be that person? Okay, can we have 10 people with 10,000 each? Can I have 10 has 10,000 Each less than 1000 a month? I know people will make car payments that are much more than that a month. Shala who would like to be the first person in sha Allah with 10,001st person with 10,000?

00:41:27--> 00:42:14

Anyone here any of the sisters up there $10,000 For MRC for its activities and programs, that we're all right. Do we have a second man shall add a second person who would like to match that? Inshallah? 10,000 That could be Allahu Akbar, do we have a third person? Inshallah? I need seven, seven more hands inshallah. 10,000. You know, 10,000 for this entire year is is is nothing again, remember my dear brothers and sisters, right? That sometimes you're not yourself able to directly get involved, right and get down and do the actions but you facilitated what dialer Alan ferry Caffarelli The reason I'm very excited to invite you to do this is because of this particular heavy

00:42:14--> 00:42:57

hat dialer and I'm faking it the person that actually directs people towards good is as good as that person who does it. Right, will get the reward. So can I have seven more hands? Insha Allah azza wa jal seven more hands. Seven anyone else? Okay, can we see how many people shallots Allah can do 5000 We can have 20 people 5000 That's less than 500 a month inshallah Donna, you will very late Come on to learn to overcome on Allah Subhana Allah will reward you, right, this, this is a good call that this is not this is the cause of all causes. Right? This is the place that that has been facilitating all kinds of activities and programs, everything you will be rewarded for, if it has

00:42:57--> 00:43:37

not been for this place, right being open, we would have not been able to raise as much as much as we raise here for the disaster relief, we would have not been able to host and welcome every, you know, cause and every organization that comes to us and open our doors for them, so you'll be rewarded for all of that for every single good thing that is happening here. So do I have insha? Allah Azza who's the first person to give us 5000 And sha Allah azza wa jal for the upcoming year between now and next Ramadan, make the intention, do it. Even if something happens Allah Subhana Allah will reward you for the orientation who would like to be that person in sha Allah who will

00:43:37--> 00:43:58

pledge or give 5000 Inshallah, that could be at one I need 19 In sha Allah to Allah, raise your hands, raise your hands, I need 19 more people to three. I need 17 more. I got you 17 In sha Allah azza wa jal less than 500 a month for the MRC for America's largest center

00:44:00--> 00:44:24

All right, can we shout out to Anna you know, we'll wrap it up. I'll take 10 More Inshallah, by the way, any amount counts, give and give and continue to give don't give up. Right because Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't give up on blessing us. So in sha Allah, if we can have 10 individuals with 2500 2500 That's 2500 In sha Allah azza wa jal for the upcoming year. Do I have 10 One

00:44:26--> 00:44:59

second person I need 10 I'm not gonna let you go now. You're not going anywhere? All right sisters yeah I am I'm so so as you're included in this by the way every Hadith every you know, everything that is happening, it would have not been possible without your support your your involvement. May Allah Subhana Allah bless all of our sisters who come and volunteer and do so much behind the scene. All right. Do I have a second second hand second person 2525 2,502nd Two

00:45:00--> 00:45:50

Two second, okay, let's have 10 people close it with 1000 he Shahla 10 people, one I need nine more 991 1000s That's less than 100 a month two, I need eight eight hands. Allahu Akbar May Allah accept from you may have lost some how to how to avoid you seven seven the career okay I need six more six more has inshallah five May Allah Subhana Allah bless you and reward you five sisters any let me know if there's anything from the sister side five on inshallah to Allah may Allah subhana wa Bucha accept from you and we will continue you're not we're not going to let go inshallah. Right, let's close Ramadan with sincerity with as much enthusiasm as we had when we started the month in sha

00:45:50--> 00:45:58

Allah azza wa jal do I have five five more five more has the career is that all five? All right said I want to go out to LA