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The Pursuit of Knowledge Lecture Series: Part 5/5 By Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Dec 20, 2011

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You're listening to polam Institute podcast, visit us on the web at Palm institute.org and join us on [email protected] slash Calum Institute. A little bit of a reminder this is some advice or knowledge provided to us by the alumni who are leaving addressing people who study

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who are pursuing knowledge. He says yeah, how

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old carriers of knowledge the people who carry it Aram Adobe for inner Malala mahna mahna mahna mahna mana Bhima alima man I'm Alabama Alabama. He says that Mr. looby he practice your knowledge. Put your knowledge to practice Why? For enamel Island, because the island this true scholar mana Allah Allah Bhima, Amina Bhima, Allah is the one who practices that which he knows who puts the practice that which he has learned and that which he has acquired in terms of knowledge. For alpha, I'm a new horse.

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And his knowledge is synchronized, his practice is synchronized with his knowledge. So alpha Allah who enema who has his action, his practice is in sync with his knowledge. There's no discrepancy there. There's no there's no gap there, that this is what he knows. But this is what he does know you find that to be synchronized. And then he says, say if Hulu aplomb on Yama, lunella ilma live live jvzoo taraki. He says because very soon say I'm going to upload very soon there will be people, they will carry knowledge. But that knowledge will literally not pass their throats. It'll be right here in the mouth. Everything is verbal, everything is verbal, it's just a it's just a tongue

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flapping. That's all it is. But it will not even cross their own throats. You Harley fu l Mu homearama their knowledge will be completely inconsistent, will be completely out of sync with their practice, there will be no consistency there. He says what to Holly foo, sorry, sorry, Roku home islanding at home, their private lives will be completely different than their public lives. It's something I've talked about a little bit recently in terms of what is the definition of tableau. And I want you to understand when when we say public and private, that doesn't mean in terms of like, you know, your your your personal interactions, meaning, it doesn't mean in terms of like the fifth

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of it will of course because at home, I will talk to my family like I'm not going to talk to a stranger that's different. But what it means is in terms of dukla, in terms of practicing knowledge, that their private life, I leave the alarm on the same these bad people that will come later on, there will be a blemish on the Neva Varian is that their private lives will be nothing like their public lives, their private behavior will be nothing like their public behavior. Because in public, I gotta put up a show.

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I got to make maintain appearances. But in private life when nobody else is around to watch to see to observe, then I can do as I please. Because nobody knows. Yesterday is going to happen happen for you by E Baba, Baba. They will sit in halaqa circles in circles and circles and circles. The helpers will be abundant. That's why he doesn't even use these were eloquent people. This is not a loved one. He didn't say halaqaat. He says holla can happen.

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All right, that's what he's saying. Like there will be tons and tons of holocausts, tons and tons of circle circles, there will be no shortage of opportunities to learn and people teaching and people learning. They'll be very abundant. When you buy e ba, ba, ba Ba, but what's going on?

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They're just competing, they're just showing off during direct competition with each other, and they're showing off to each other. That's all that they're doing. heptad so much so in the radula layup about where Elijah Lee is a jealous, he loves it.

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So much so that a man and now he's not even using the word. He's not using the word teacher. Because this man's not a nonnamous scholar or a teacher. This man will become angry at someone who sits in his circle when he goes and he sits with somebody else.

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You'll get mad at

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Why are you going over there to his holiday? Why are you going over there to him? Because it's a competition, right? It's like your customer.

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I mean, a lot of you are very very young. But imagine being a be owning the store being a businessman. And then you've got this really really regular customer and you're just walking by another shop that is your competition. You see him inside that shop.

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I mean you you're like oh my god what's going on?

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Right either you're offended or you're angry or you're worried

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But there's a problem there. These people will have that approach to intimate knowledge.

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And then he says, way,

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and then what will he do that he's not just, he wants to that's not enough for him that does not suffice. He will then abandon that person. I want I got nothing to do with you. If you come here you go there

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can go both places. La galatas Amala, houfy, majali, Sikkim, Ilaha Xhosa, Alina, the Allahu says that these are the people that their deeds, do not go up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. These people, their deeds do not go up to a line. He specifically mentions three modalities again, that these modalities that they're doing the sittings, that they're having this learning that they're doing or teaching that they're engaging, that does not go up to a law that has no significance, no value in the eyes in the sight of Allah.

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So it's very important to remember why we're here what we're doing. We're here to please Allah. And that has to be primary that has to be the very first thing. And the way we prove that we are doing this for a lot of we are seeking this knowledge for Allah

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is by focusing on making sure that we synchronize This is this has knowledge, but it's not knowledge for the purpose of spouting it out to someone else. There were a lot of different other things that I had compiled. Maybe I'll come talk to you about this some other time, because it's getting late now. But there are very specific, like met there's a specific mention of this by Sahaba by great great scholars of our past of what is the objective of learning? Why are we learning and how we can maintain sincerity in that learning. But this is definitely important that concern yourself with your concern yourself with your character. concern yourself with your taqwa with your relationship

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with Allah is extremely important. In fact, it's critical and that will determine the level of benefit that you walk away with. Once you're done with this program and as you continue to learn inshallah, that will always determine the level of benefit that is the demarcating line the definition the difference between a mafia and animal aid mafia. Now knowledge that is the benefits and knowledge that does not benefit. All right, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make knowledge beneficial for us and allow us to be sincere in our pursuit of knowledge.

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