Hussain Kamani – Jumuah Khutbah – 14th April

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Jesus's career in art and the importance of mentorship in society. Jesus had a dream of achieving something and lost his job due to a family crisis. His mother sent him off to work and his father caused his son to lose his job. The segment also touches on Jesus's spiritual transformation and the transformation of his son's spirituality.
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a lot

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, who are Kapha salmonella Abadi, Ladino Slava also Sanada so he did also the Bihar Tamil anbiya wa, ala Hill. Ischia was Harvey let's clear about

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our other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Well, Adina Jaya hadoo fina Lana de un home sabudana we're in hola hola mahal mercy Nene. Sadat Allahu La de

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when we read the stories of the great giants of our history and tradition,

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some of the greatest men and women to walk on the face of this earth,

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people who were able to

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make a distinction between the distractions in life and what actually matters.

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Those that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave farsightedness to and they had a wisdom,

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you see that they live a life that was purposeful, and one full of intellectual conscious decisions.

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The human being has to have that ability to be able to decide to take control of your life that this is what I will be doing. This is what I won't be doing. One of the greatest responsibilities of a parent is actually to enable their child to make decisions independently. And if you're not taught from a young age on how to decide and how to choose to do things, then when you grow up, it becomes difficult to be able to even know what your options are. So you just follow the herd and like childhood, you continue to do what you're told. Obedience isn't the ultimate goal of raising a child in reality, it's creating adults who have the ability to decide and select what's best for them. I

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think the greatest example of this is in the Quran. Say that Ibrahim alayhis salam sees a dream. And in his dream, he is sacrificing his son so rather than just going to his son and putting them on the butcher table, he actually says to his son in the autofill monogamy and the the Batak fumble mother Tara that I saw in a dream I was sacrificing you. What is your opinion? What do you think?

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And the son says yeah, but if alma mater Saturday Tony insha Allah Amina sobbing, that do as you are commanded, I will. You will find me patient and he's able his ability at this young

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aged somebody who if he was in his early teens, and some say even younger than that, at this early age for him to be able to make such a grand decision, full of emaan, to walk to work with your teens sober. This is something that many of us can do as adults and we wouldn't stand a chance of making the right decision, we would fail 100 out of 100 times. How this person was able to make this decision correctly was because he was trained from a young age by his father on how to choose the right thing. And it wasn't just a lecture, he had seen it in his father. He had seen that his father never failed when it came to reliance on Allah azza wa jal.

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So we go back to the lives of these great giants, and we see that they were presented with opportunities moments and they made the right decision. Imam Muhammad didn't add some chef, a chef at you when he was young. He was in my Kumbakonam and he had a liking he had a liking for poetry. He loved language, love poetry. For those of you that are familiar, there is a book of poetry dedicated to Imam Shafi. He was once sitting with a scholar, and they were going somewhere and he began to read some lines of poetry to the scholar. So the scholar took the whip in his head and hit him. He said it doesn't suit someone like you to be reading poetry, you're gonna waste your life go learn.

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Imam Shafi. That moment made a decision that I'm done with this, this whole language thing, this obsession that I have with art, it's done. Now it's time for me to dedicate my life to something else. And then Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah studies with the scholars of MCCA travels to Madina, Munawwara he wants to read Hadith in the gathering of Imam Malik. But that's not an easy task. Imam Malik is is great grand scholar. And there are 1000s of students that want to be there and that have already been there. So he has an uncle and he says to his uncle, put our word into Imam Malik that allowed me to read Hadith in his class, his his uncle puts the word and in my mind, it gives him a

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chance. What do you mean, I'm not Malik notice is the kids reading the Hadith from heart.

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He's not even looking in the book. He's reading the Hadith from heart. So then Imam Malik, Allah, he really sees the potential in him, and the nurtures that potential, and plays a role that he does to help him become a giant. It's all about making the right decisions at the right moments in life. If you're too late, you missed the train. Allah subhanho wa taala, that gives every person that decisive moment and not just one, but multiple moments like that. Now you could either to sit back and snooze, a person can go to Africa, and just goof around for 10 days, well, good for you. A person can go to, you know, go go to Tarawih prayer and not be focused and just make it into a big

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festival. Well, that was what you got out of it. A person can come to Sajida and just be there and just have the forehead on the ground and not utilize that moment. Well, that's that's you, unfortunately, you have to change that. And changing that means, remember Mohammed Al Ghazali. In the here, he points out that how you make that change is in that moment, you have to ask yourself, what is my priority right now? So when you're in the Arctic, if you ask yourself that question, why am I doing this? What's my priority? Because whatever I give priority to is what I will see in the following moments. This is what I will be thinking of. And for most people the reason why they can't

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focus in Salah is because subconsciously, there's Salam really isn't their priority. There's something else that's roaming around in the back of their mind, Houma, dunya, Houma, dunya, that are just floating there, and you actively need to overcome that and say, No, my priority is Allah and that's why we start our Salah with that statement of what our priority is Allahu Akbar, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is my priority. I'm going to put all of it aside and forget everything and be focused on one that one being my Hadik, my friend, my companion, the one who has mercy upon me, the one that are showing compassion to me long before I even knew who I was, or what compassion is,

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that's the Allah that I'm going to be committed to when I'm in such that it's all about making those right decisions. And those decisions are actually embedded within the person within the individual by someone else. This is why mentorship is such an important role in society, that you need people who can develop other people. There's raw potential sitting everywhere, and every gather in every community when you sit with people and talk to them. If I'm having dinner with someone and I'm in conversation, I can feel the potential overflowing. But I also know in that moment, that this person right here is untapped. They still need someone to come in and turn this raw element into something

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Seamus, there's a process that still needs to occur. And one of the greatest giants who I think of when it comes to the model of data BIA when it comes to, you know, enriching people and building them and bringing something great out of them is none other than Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah Tala Imam not amendment Sabbath, Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah, someone whose name we are very familiar with the amount Hanifa hula hula Ali was a master at developing people and helping them reach their potential. The great example of this would probably be his interaction with his own student of the Abu Yusuf, who later on becomes the supreme judge. But when he was young, his story was very

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different. And that's the second thing that I wanted to focus on today. The first thing is making those right decisions. And the second thing is realizing that not everyone is born in excellence, there is a change that occurs. Most of us start somewhere else in life. And that's just a part of the experience. I think, what allows an Imam, a teacher a diary that Yeah, to be relatable is that first part of their life, when they've been where people are, when they spend their time doing what people spend their time doing. And it's because they get a taste and flavor of what the challenges of life are. What are the struggles when a person goes through divorce might you know one of the

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things I always like to say to them eventually when the time is right, that now you have something you've opened up a door to life that no one else will be able to understand. Other than someone like you. The pain, the loneliness, the struggle, the challenges. Now I need you to take that experience, and frame it in an in a proper Islamic framework and help people channel those emotions to bring them to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is now your task. When someone says to me, I have severe back pain, same story, you now have an experience an opening to life. Hopefully in those moments, you navigated that challenge that maze with the guidance from Allah subhanho wa taala. Hopefully, when

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you were in pain, you were saying in a Sinatra, Mr. Team, when you were struggling in your marriage in a Serato study, oh Allah guide me to that straight path. So now you have this great scholar of the WCF will later on become these, one of the first supreme judges in Islamic history under Haruna Rashid.

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He's a great person supreme judge, you know, the mahadi tool would say that he was the most knowledgeable of Hadith, and most considerate of Hadith from the students of Abu Hanifa rahamallah data because of how delicate he was and how mindful he was to the detail. Where does his story start? His story starts with him being an orphan. His father wasn't around. So his mom was the one who took care of him.

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She would send them off to work because she needed help with paying the bills, immobile honey from Delilah, notice that the kid that was coming a few days ago no longer is in his gathering. So he

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asked his students where his will use and they said to him, that his mom has sent him off to the market. So these days, he's washing clothes, by the pond. There's a pond over there. A group of people they wash clothes, he's not with them. He washed his clothes. So Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah had a went to call the Abu Yusuf and he talked to him.

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In one narration, call they will use of after his work was done, he would rush to study with a mambo Hanifa

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after his work was done, instead of going home, he would come and his mom would be waiting for him. And when he didn't show up on time, his mom came to search for him and she came to the gathering of a bunny Ferrari moolah, and she saw her saw her son sitting there and she was enraged. And she said that this man right here, this old man has corrupted my son. You have corrupted my son. So remember honey from Tula Haley said to the mother, that what is it you need him to provide for you? Tell me how much money he needs to bring home. I will pay that money so he doesn't have to work and he comes in studies with me.

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He literally paid this child a full time salary to come and study the Dean because Abu Hanifa said I could see the potential in him. Allah is going to use him for the fifth month the dean.

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Later on, the man becomes a supreme judge. And he then said to the mother, that watch a day will come that your child will drink a dessert like drink.

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Follow the edge mandated food stock that a day will come that your child will drink a dessert like follow that drink with pistachio nut in there.

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So the

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Mother was poor, could barely pay the electricity bill

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didn't have enough food to put grain and rice on the plate and desserts were way out of the question. And then something like this with, you know, pistachio dry nuts are a sign of elegance and wealth. And you know, this is far from us. So she just scoffed and walked out.

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decades passed by Imam Abu Hanifa has passed away. Or the Abu Yusuf is now the supreme judge, and he's sitting with how to another sheet, the Khalifa of the time, and how to another sheet says to him that you've done such a good job today, I'd like to honor you. And he presents him with that exact same drink.

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And God that we use have broken into tears, he cried and cried.

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When she asked him what happened, he said, Oh, there was a man who trusted me and believed in me.

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I was washing clothes by a pond and he came and pulled me out of there. He saw the potential in me.

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Everyone needs someone to be there for them.

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Everyone needs someone to help them make those decisions in life. Because if we stay at status quo, unfortunately, we aren't going anywhere. We are drowning in our cell phones and social media and Netflix, Hulu, TV. This is where our lives are being wasted. And if what I'm saying to you, you're in denial of it, I challenge you go to your phone and check your statistics.

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Do it yourself.

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Before you say that he's just being judgmental and making our lives difficult. Go and see how much time you spend on your phone, and how much time is spent on each app. Now you can continue this, if that's where you are. But the greater accomplishment

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is for you to change it and say no and I'm having this conversation today in Ramadan because we are in the farewell Gemma of this Ramadan.

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And this may be the peak of our spirituality or we are about to approach it. The end of Ramadan is where all that fasting really does this internal work. All the tilava all the Quran is bringing that change. So your spiritual, strongest days of the year, either are here or they're just around the corner.

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And when you're in those nights with your hands raised in front of Allah making dua and want you to ask yourself what do i Are you making? are we continuing to make the same dua as we've made our lives which is good. You keep asking Allah for Rama for milk Farah, for Jana protection from the fire of *, or am I taking my dua to a new place today? Am I asking my Allah to allow me to be a new person to change my life? Those Crossroads will always be there, and you will need to decide if no Kodama humbling. In his famous githaba Tobin shares the story of Malik bindi, narrow mo Allahu taala, a man who spent the first part of his life as an officer for the services, the armed forces.

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And he was, he spent most of his life just intoxicated, by his own words that I spent most of my life just drinking, didn't have much purpose in life. Parents told him to get married, he got married, had a daughter fell in love with his daughter. Absolutely, she was like the charm of his life.

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And he, you know, he says that I, I experienced something when she was in my life that had never experienced before I finally found purpose.

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And while he would drink his alcohol, his daughter would be in his lap, and she would grab his beard and tug on it, and sometimes knock the bottle out of his hand and other times, literally just lean into his throat. Like if

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he said that I always saw these gestures of hers, as a sign from Allah subhanaw taala that she was telling me to stop this. Unfortunately, his baby daughter passed away.

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He was heartbroken. sad, so sad.

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He goes to sleep at night and he sees a dream. It's a day of judgment. And there's this massive snake chasing him. He begins to flee it. And he reaches this peak. And on the other side of the peak, there is fire. He's standing on a cliff. The snake is approaching him and he's terrified.

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And he, he inches closer to the edge. And he hears the sound from the fire saying this is not your abode. Go somewhere else. So in his dream, he felt comfort. He said, I felt happy knowing that this fire which seemed to be the fire of * was not where I was headed. This is what the sound told me. So he ran from there, and he saw this old man dressed in white garments.

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He said to him, but he helped me out. So the old man said I can't

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help you I'm too weak. Run ahead, there is a mountain there. And in the mountain, there are some people they could potentially help you. So he ran and ran and ran until he found this mountain. And there was this beautiful

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settlement. The place where they were living was just so ornament and gorgeous, beautiful precious stones and pearls. He heads inside and he finds a bunch of kids roaming around.

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And as he's looking at them, his eyes fall on the most beautiful face to him, the face of his daughter.

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So he pauses in his feet and he begins to cry, because he missed her so much.

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So she ran to him.

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And he embraced her. She saw the snake coming in his direction, so she made a gesture and dismiss that snake.

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And then he asked his daughter, what are you doing here? She said, Baba, we are the children that have left our parents at a young age. We're just waiting for them. On the Day of Judgment, we will escort them into Jenna.

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That snake

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Those were your sins.

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You fed them too much in the world. And now you couldn't even control that anymore.

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Honestly, tell me that we haven't done that.

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Be honest with me right now.

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That's not exactly what we've done today.

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If those sins of ours came in the form of a snake they would whip us out of this earth without us even standing a chance

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who would save us?

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And then she says that old man that you saw the weak frail man who was unable to help you. Those were your good deeds that you abandoned. They have the potential to save you but you didn't do anything.

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Baba wake up Baba wake up.

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The next morning, actually, she then recites the IRA to him.

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Let me Nina Lillian and Tasha Apollo Buddha decree Lahoma NASA liminal Hawk, has the time not come for those who believe that their hearts fear Allah. And Tushar. Could Oklahoma decree law that their hearts become humble to the remembrance of Allah. Well, my Anessa minute How can that which has been revealed from the Absolute Truth

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is not the time and he wakes up the next morning and he makes that change those decisions. Those decisions Enough is enough. I can't continue this anymore. If this is what I'm going to continue doing, how will the result be any different? Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And sorry, Brahim, towards the end, gives a very vivid description of the Hereafter.

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And one is the other day one of the her father was reading this in FGM. And when he read the I just tore me apart.

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Allah azza wa jal says, what are all Majidi Mina Yama, Eden macabre, Nina Phyllis Fahd

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that on that day, you will see the criminals mclubbe Iranian chained up tied up

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in what in chains Sarabi no human Khatron their garments made of tar. Well, Dr. Shah would you how human not and their face is covered in flames. The hedges the Allahu coolin of sigma cassava, so that every person will be compensated for what they did in the world. There's no doing and getting away with it. What you do, you should be confident to face the outcome if you'd like if you choose to miss Allah. If you're choosing to sit if you're gonna sit there and watch TV while someone is uncovering themselves or saying blasphemous statements, and then promote that movie with your friends and tell people go and watch the show. It was an absolutely amazing hero show. If that's

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what you've chosen, Leah to Z Allahu Kalinowski Marcus,

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then be ready to face the outcome as well. In the law has said he will hisab Allah is very quick and accounting, your moment will come.

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So in this time that we're in with these reflections in these thoughts,

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some of us may feel a little overwhelmed.

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Because when reality settles in and you stand in the mirror and actually take a look at yourself, the picture isn't always pretty.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:36

The beautiful thing about our dean is that you are not locked into your present you are your future could be very different. You're not locked into your past. You can change this. That's the beauty of Toba.

00:24:37 --> 00:25:00

You don't need anyone else to intercede here you don't need anyone else to intervene here. You don't need someone else to put their hand on you or sprinkle water on you. You just need to turn to Allah herself and say Allah, I'm sorry. I messed it up. I keep doing this. But this messed up version of me that keeps making these mistakes in a very weird, awkward way. is madly in love with you.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

I just haven't figured out how to say it and how to live it.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:33

So I need you to help me. I need you to hold my hand and guide me and take me by my four lock and bring my heart to your obedience and pin my forehead in such that so I never get up without being satisfied in your love. I want every Subhanallah Allah to crush against the throne. I want every dua of mine to be accepted. I want my name to be mentioned in the Paradise as I will mention your name in this world. Yola changed me. You change people before me that were unworthy. And today you can change me too.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:41

Because change has little to do with us, and much more to do with those who your mercy turns towards.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:45

It's a matter of your couldn't fire cooling.

00:25:47 --> 00:25:51

These flowers which one blooms and which one doesn't is actually all a matter of your command.

00:25:53 --> 00:26:04

Whether it rains today or sunny outside is in your hands. Whether our hearts stay committed to you or turn away, you are a local level loop.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:24

The one who controls these hearts will suddenly follow the one that allows the hearts to change. So we make dua to you in our moments of weakness as we stand in that mirror looking at ourselves wondering what the future will hold. yarmulke liberal Kulu submit alumina? Allah Denecke

00:26:25 --> 00:26:28

make his hearts firm cementum

00:26:29 --> 00:26:36

on your deen we almost suddenly fall Kulu serif Palutena erotic was that Allahu Taala

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00:26:51 --> 00:26:55

Al Hamdulillah Illa de la Eurodollar cash Vishuddha Illa who

00:26:56 --> 00:27:03

What Are you the leader for El Moussa EB Illa who are tolerable while seated in a felucca Nene in LA who

00:27:04 --> 00:27:35

are Ma Ma Radha Asha clean a fedora in Illa who and so called looking for cara vernia Illa who and so called Lumo Alpha wala Quwata illa who? The Holika Wallah Malika wala now surah Allah Who Hellman highly Finovate Allah here is overcoming Osama you will have La ilaha illa who want to shadow Allah ilaha illa who wanna shadow and say you don't know have you been our senator? No. Mullah Muhammad and Abdullah sudo

00:27:36 --> 00:27:54

apt my bad Are you a nurse? Why Allah for in that though here are lots of thought? What toquilla In a taco I mean Apple has a net while they can be sick, Finn sidhpur Yoongi will kW lick Valley Camila son in Allah hipbone Masini

00:27:55 --> 00:28:21

while I talk a lot to the Rahmatullah in who are Homra I mean, what the heck but dunya Fattah coolamon are hosting an hour in an epsilon time with the Hata stick malaria skaha Tapachula our edge Bido dollarbie What our Curlew ally for in Allah hibel Matoba kitty while the oh who for interrupt Baku Mooji with green stuff Pharaoh room who you did cumbia Malinois bunny

00:28:23 --> 00:28:39

on Allahu taala. We'll call our Abu Komodo Rooney a steady biller calm or call Abu Komodo Rooney a steady biller calm in Alladhina you're stuck Bureau Now, that said the homeowner Johanna Muda, Irene

00:28:40 --> 00:29:24

Akkad Allahu taala. In Allah Tala Amara Combi Amarin by the FE Hebron FC with a nebula you can see here with a little bit of me noon for father to Allah Macbeth. Amira in the LA Houma la Equateur who you saw Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you're already in Salalah he was sitting with Seema Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early season um Hamid Colima Dakka Dakka Dakka Rue and coulomb and Rafa and Hickory Hills Orpheum Robert attina Freedonia Hasina, often Alfredo de hacer una okay da da na, Robin, I have learned I mean, as well as you know, the reality in Colorado, where Jelena and McLean mm and yorubaland I mean, Allahumma attina Fuson at UCLA was a Kiha and Hiram and Zika and

00:29:24 --> 00:29:59

will you harm Allah, Allah haemophilia, you know, I'm a huge you know, Ushahidi you know, hottie Bina, but so here in our computer now whether or not we're on Thanhha law, I hate him. In fact, he understands aumento fate the human photographer wanted Eman Allahumma too often I'm steaming. Well, have you ever saw him? Why should it not mine never yield was to do it was Shuhada it was solid pineapple Artemi Allahumma Ines Iluka humpback whale hugger so they will hug them and your handbook where I'm at a lady you believe when you know how big Allahumma Habib in an email

00:30:00 --> 00:30:14

I was the one who fearful Rubina occur in a coup for a while for Zuko will Ossian wa Jalla Rashid in Allahumma Janda Amina Rashidi Allahu Allah Minerva is in Robben Allah to al Qaeda in Siena.

00:30:17 --> 00:31:02

Robin our Tamela Lena is Ron can camera Hamza who are already in Commelina Robina Allah to Hahnemann. Mala Takata la Nabi far for work filled on our Hamner, WA for one will fill on our Hamner wa for and will fill in our Hamner into Molana functional non uncommon caffeine Allahumma. Is that Islam on him screaming? Allahu Mizel Islam Allah. Allah who my father how Domina Shetty Fein was measured outside of anatomy Allahumma Morin Asana Allahu Allah to Morona shenana Allahu monsoon our Latin Surah Elena Allah Herman Khurana with Adam could Alena Allah who is sitting down and who they are behind me. Allahu Mansour misdemeanor if you call is a man and woman Karen Yara banal Amin Allah

00:31:02 --> 00:31:30

humma unsolder Alamosa Athena fee equaliser mama cannon Yarbrough Alameen Allah humaneness look at masa Anika mental object or whenever you consider I'm Hamas Allahu alayhi wa sallam when will it be coming shutting you mister I mean whenever you have you been abduct? Say that I'm homicide Allahu alayhi wa salam and then I'm Stein radical Bella. What are however the Accord the iLab Allah Allah Allah, you know, the sort of Allah who to Allah and I say that I mean your anatomy of the masala

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