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The speakers discuss various topics including fear, preparing for events with pets, fundraising for good deeds, and preparing for events with pets. They stress the importance of fear and the need for people to be realistic in their actions. The speakers also emphasize the importance of preparing for events with pets, avoiding extreme activities, and following the Suness of the prophets. The aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath

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On today's episode of tarawih travels, I need you to do is say Sam where you're from and maybe share this. Maybe tell your friends that we're on and we start a watch party, maybe you know press a like button or something like that while we're waiting. We got four minutes until we start and then we will begin four minutes until we start.

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And when we start then we will begin seeing sedans and where we're from

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Welcome Welcome, welcome

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we got shamila Ligna. Sam, thank you for always tuning in Jamila.

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Somebody from Windsor. I can't see who it is. Go her handle on goods ironic in the sandbox and then robotic assembler in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alec Mercer. Basically these are from Canada. So when I do this, I can't see everybody's names. I think the people that are from inside a locked Facebook group. It doesn't actually tell me who you are. I think that's the case.

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Chromium girl bodycon was Sadam in New York in Roddick in the Sudan

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how notic Muslims in G Hassan

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in the center Millville in Toronto shares up or they can assemble good

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Lahore Pakistan Lebanon in the Sudan Wahid

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my salon chair family and your brother and all those good people Ramallah in Canada I think in the Sudan

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Lebanon Toronto Zara

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or you can miss out two more minutes left two minutes left The countdown begins we got me like Mr. Graham went from Frankfurt

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Pakistan Janina

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so we're gonna have to look at it down here and the cameras up here

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maybe I should

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about the beginning remember that's another

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symbiotic Instagram

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on our site like massage London

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Zara we've got

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physiologic Miss Anna Maria in Chicago it from Assam

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one more minute

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one more minute one more minute

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one more minute and then we start or minute

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No, I'm doing good thank you for Zia

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from Nigeria

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Xerocon ricotta running Mr. Rob

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cope all the kids are doing good.

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Yes, Nina and Ottawa

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says you never answered my question in the last visionary session, you mean the one in 300?

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Inshallah, I'll give a time at the end here. So 15 minutes inshallah and then I'll get started. I mean, I'll answer some questions. All right. It's the top of the hour. Time for us to begin.

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Time for us to begin. Take one. I said I want equal I'm going to live okay. The Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy my dad welcome to today's episode of Tato we truffles today's day is the 18th of Ramadan and we are talking with our we're going to be speaking about certain amino, which is a number 60 We're talking about a 6061 and 62 Allah subhanaw taala says in these verses our beloved shape on our gym, while levena You tune Mr.

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Medina to

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be more general

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in game setting.

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Before and one can leave whenever it was

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whenever they nakita for you

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You're helping well

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you know what I just had memories of being a Miss nemaline Hearing Oh, costing me recite these verses. He's my favorite recital by the way. Mr. Neville actually there's a couple of good reciters

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so let's prioritize speaks in these verses will lead you to the matter of those who give what they give you tuna not adult so they give what they give what kuruva Modula and their hearts are fearful the harsher YG Allah and Allah obey him Rajaram that they will be returning to their Lord, by letting you tune them out our curogan Waje, Latin and Amilla are being margerum that they will be returning to their Lord, these, they are those who give what they give, but their hearts are still fearful that they're going to be returning to Allah subhanaw taala because these are the people whom you said I want to feel Hyatts they race in the good deeds, they race in good deeds, one last

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Bitcoin and they outstrip others there and so they are running faster than other people in these good deeds like these people are fearful of the day that they're going to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala Allah says that they are racing for good deeds, and they are indeed winning in this race. Well, Allah can live with us and in LA CASA and indeed, we do not put a burden on a soul more than it can bear. One Edina keytab when young COVID Huck and with Us is a Book a record that speaks the truth will hula over the moon and they will not be wronged.

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So in these verses, the last panel data,

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it brought to mind these risks because I shall be Allah Han asked the prophets of Allah who said about about these verses. So here Allah subhana wa Tada says

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that these are people who do good, and they do good things. Now the good things that we're talking about here are it's not just sadaqa, but it's salah, they do their salah, they do their fasting, they do their Hajj, they do charity, they do there's a cat, they do all these good things they give what they give, but yet their situation, how do they react after they give or do good things? Their reaction isn't a reaction of pride or arrogance. They're actually fearful.

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So what is it about, you know, they give these good V, they do good deeds, but their situation is that they're fearful, because they're gonna stand in front of the left panel. So what is it that they're fearful about? They're fearful number one, that perhaps these good deeds won't be accepted by Alas, pannacotta, or perhaps they're afraid that it's not good enough, and that they should have done more. So this is the attitude of believers because Allah subhanaw taala says in the next verse actually glad tidings for them, that they are the ones who are winning the race. So the people who are winning winning the race are the ones that think that the ones who are afraid that they're not

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going to win the race. You know, it's interesting, I was once talking to this super, super intelligent person, you're talking about, like multiple PhDs, very intelligent. And I was doing this little I asked him on a scale of zero to 10. How educated how, you know, how far in your education career Do you think you've gone? And he told me something like four,

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if you're a four than all of us are a minus 60, or something like that. But I realized that the reason that he gave himself such a low mark is because he has such high standards, and people who are not that intelligent, will say that they're a 10 out of 10 in intelligence. So you'll see here is kind of like a similar concept, that we're the people who do good deeds and each other are doing for the sake of Allah and the people that Allah subhanaw taala is happy with. The actual situation that they're in is that they're fearful when they give these good deeds, that perhaps it's not good enough, perhaps they should have done more perhaps ALLAH SubhanA

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is fearful thing he is fearful forward seeking Allah about his mercy and seeking to race in good deeds.

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You know, in homage I noticed there's there's this recurring mental feeling that people have after they've done their It's a day of auto fun is the day up maybe the 10th 11. I always noticed and I try to pick up on this I see people sitting sad in the tents, and I'll go up to them and ask them why are you feeling sad? These are usually really good people in the group who tried really hard and their attitude is something along the lines of I

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I don't know if I've done enough. And

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how do I know if the less Pandavas accepted what I've done? And as you see here in this verse, that's exactly what Allah subhanaw taala said about the people who race for good deeds and then who will be successful? That's their attitude, is that they're always in this constant state of, did I do enough? Or will Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with me? And then they do more? Did I do enough? Is Allah Subhana Allah because he's with me and they keep doing more and more and more, they keep coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala they don't just stop and say, hey, you know what, I made this great donations at some place. And you know what, I'm good to go. That's not the attitude. And the

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next verse, Allah Subhana. Allah says, Allah, you said, Your Honor. And actually this is in comparison. I'm not bringing up the verses that come before this and after this, but Allah Coronavirus, comparing them to people from hellfire and to turn their backs on the last panel. So this is the characteristic of the good people. Allah subhanaw taala says, Hola, Erica, you said your own I feel hierarchy. These are people who raise for good deeds. So this hastening to good deeds. You see, it's another recurring theme that good deeds is something that you raise with other people about when other people are racing for materialistic type of things. I need my house better than

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that house and my car better than this person's car, or I need my clothes better than that other person's clothes. What you want to race score is good deeds. Did you feed more people than you know your friend? Did you read more honor or more quality Quran and your friend you're racing with other people to do good deeds. So even as you see people online, as your you know, rather than being jealous of somebody on an Instagram account of what they're wearing, you want to be a good jealousy. If you see somebody

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who memorize Quran is teaching Quran on Instagram or Facebook or something like that. Then you want to say Inshallah, to Allah, if I have, when I memorize the Quran, what I'm going to do, I'm going to do better than that person were raised for good deeds, and raised to to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala as

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reward and if you see somebody spending for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in a good jealousy, let's suppose here's you have somebody there, they're overseas and they're with poor people and they're encouraging others to give you'll see a lot of that in this month of Ramadan. It's like a good jealous you want to say to yourself, Inshallah, to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah blesses me with time and with wealth, I want to do with that person is doing that's how I want to spend my time. That's how I want to spend my wealth helping those people. Well, hula has said Bitcoin,

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you know, Allah Subhan, Allah in this verse, it says, The Big translate, it's translated as, and they outstrip others, they're in a sabya corn, I've, I've read them too soon, it's a little different from what the English translation is saying, Well, I'm gonna have a stab your point and they are for like, they're winning, or they're, they will be successful, like Allah subhanaw taala has already written that if this person is in the game, it's in the race, whether they are moving forward, or whether people are beating you or people falling behind whether you gave, you know, you fed 30 people and somebody else fit fed 60 people, this race for goodness Alhamdulillah everybody

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wins. Everybody wins. Whether you win a race against somebody or not, that person wins. And you, you win, because they are a subject. They are the racers they are the ones who, who earned Allah subhanaw taala spavor. And Allah subhana, Allah is praising them. The next verse, Allah subhanaw, Taala says, Well, no, California's son in law was our heart. And we never, and I will compare this to carrying a load.

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So imagine that here's a truck. And there's these big bags that need to be carried, let's suppose bags of charity, or something like that, right? Big bags that need to carry, and if there's a huge bag that needs to be carried, it's called, you know, carrying a load. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, and we'll never ask somebody or hold somebody accountable to carry a load, that is more than they can bear that's more weight than they can bear it. So it doesn't mean that you know, somebody might not come into a difficult position, they may be in a difficult position that's beyond what they can load, but they will not be held accountable for that. So for example, if somebody was being

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tortured, being tortured, and it's beyond what they can handle, then they're not going to be held accountable for what they say under such in such a dire situation. Well, no can live with Aston Villa was an Allah subhanaw taala would never put a burden or hold somebody accountable for a burden more than they can bear. So whatever tests you have so Hamdulillah you know that Allah subhanaw taala won't put a burden more than you can bear so even in these

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I in this race, that there were some people who had, you know, maybe they have more than they're able to give more, or maybe they have more money to give or they have more time or something like that. It doesn't matter because Allah subhanaw taala would not like, Don't worry, this paradise that Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about as it doesn't see it, this paradise that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about is attainable, because Allah subhanaw taala would never put a burden more than somebody can bear out of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. And then the verse finishes off at 62 Well, Edina, keytab one empty COVID house and with us is a key tab in which everything is written on top of it

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half that speaks, that speaks with the truth. And this is a glad tiding both the glad tidings and the warning, it actually this keytab combines between the verses that are speaking about believers and the good deeds that they're doing. And it's also speaking to disbelievers and, and when people do harm, because this book has everything accounted for, has everything accounted for. So if you've done a good deed, and it was long time ago,

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and you don't remember the good deed, whether it was small or large, or it was a good deed that was just an intention, or is a small thing or a big thing, and maybe you forgot about it, whether you remember or you forget, it doesn't matter, because it is documented in this Kitab with Allah subhanaw taala. When Dana Kitab on young COVID, we have with Allah subhanaw taala with us is a book that speaks the truth. Well, who now you're gonna move on and no one will be held or be

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no one will be wronged. And so if somebody did good, even if you forget about it all these years, and that's something really interesting is that people want to hold on to their wealth so much, they want to hold on to their wealth so much and I have some good news for you is that if you want to

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keep mentioning

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that you will never lose it that's giving you for the sake of Allah so that when somebody gets for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, that wealth will always be yours. If you made the wealth eternal, you've sent that wealth to the hereafter to take care of you in actually in the hair, but also in this dunya to take care of you here and in the Hereafter. And a special reminder here at the end of Ramadan. There's a lot of people who have fundraising budgets, they have fundraising budgets for the massage, they have bills to pay, and so on. And because the masajid are closed, that a lot of these fundraisers didn't happen. And there's a lot of people in difficulty in mostly these places, people

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are not fundraising for themselves. They're fundraising for you know, the houses of a law, the Islamic projects that are out there, the schools and all of these things. So just a special encouragement and reminder from these. From these verses. We should race for these good deeds and help out in sha Allah Allah in these final days. Allah subhanaw taala will give you more Cephalon.

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If somebody's got a question

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Do you have a question?

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I will now be taking some questions

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and before

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before I said like the DoD type of questions visionair type of questions because people didn't take it might be confusing borrow money fast now

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was not our question.

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Janina says Why does sort of Toba start without Bismillah so to Toba is, it was a declaration of like, against the machine came in and it was recited and in hardstyle and called out that after this year, no Mushrik no polytheists will be allowed to perform hajj and they will not be allowed into the Haram area. So as a declaration of love, basically war. So it doesn't start with Bismillah R Rahman R right. It says ba Allah has nothing to do like that.

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Any tips you can share for us share with us on the last 10 days and how to step up our efforts. So the main thing that I would recommend on the whole visionair class was about preparing your dogs for the last two nights of things that you really care about from the bottom of your heart. When you have dogs that you really care about inshallah Tada that will intensify your attention and focus during these last two nights of Ramadan. You have on

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I'd also recommend that you seek later for further on all of the last 10 nights because on the odd nights your odd nights might be different from somebody else's odd nights and so you want to make sure that you calculate those with others and don't just prey on the odd nights because domestic down the road or the country next door to your country has different online than yours you don't want to miss out on the Layla to the other you want to be praying to her we if you can, if you're praying and you've got your RE citation and pour on you've got your dog you've got your vicar and inshallah Tada

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make intention to benefit from all of the last 10 days

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This one's easy is allowed to give the gutter mal to a sister a sister like a female that Yes Can we talk about your own sister or a sister? If you're talking about your own sister

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then it depends if your parents have passed away or not. And if they have and you're responsible to take care of your sister then no you're not allowed to pays a cat for that but if you just talked about a female Of course you can

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how do I keep who show up in salon?

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So for sure it comes and goes prophets have a lot as Adam said that some prayers a person will pray and half of their prayer counts or a quarter of their prayer counts and because they're sure their their mind is slipping. How do you keep pushing up? You should follow the

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Sunnah of the Prophet said a lot ASAM such as using miswak making will do before Salah praying on time knowing what you're reciting in the Salah. Maybe try new sutras that like maybe suitors that you're memorizing and bring it into your salon try the new sutras don't go don't leave record don't leave subdued until you have calmed down and your body has settled and then move to the next prayer

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and like that and you'll find it and if you Google that how to have a shrine salah I think there's a nice little book that says like 33 ways to have shortened Salah just Google that and has lots of great tips from the

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what is to

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can to hedge it be prayed a few minutes before Phaedra yeah yeah you can

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you can

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was the fire I was actually wondering about your losses and what happened so I was thinking about that whatever happens a loss of luck if you didn't finish your dies or prepare them before last night's it on the mound last night so Ramadan start on

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Wednesday night they start Wednesday night so you still have

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today and tomorrow and even like thing so just get it done. So what should you do? You should do it

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too. What are you waiting for

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help dogs for self and others are hard for me any input will help fix I don't have any input just

00:23:32--> 00:23:35

I can't I don't know how to design dogs for people doesn't work for

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Zahara says Any tips for improving improving are a flat in these last 10 days che time is in there so what's the issue? I think maybe you're talking about like you're at home and you're maybe fighting with people or something or others are fighting with you and people are just treating each other badly and stuff

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and not only is it you know like kind of like this cabin fever of lockdown but you've also got Ramadan fasting and maybe your hormones are are flipping around and stuff like that from the fasting I hopefully by now it should have by Alicia passed by.

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And so one thing that actually comes to mind is eating healthy. If somebody

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bad bad with other people because the person is tired. And obviously that's another thing is get adequate rest. If you can inshallah Tada. Ask people if you need rest, like hey, can you help me out a little bit? Let me get a nap here and there and

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And of course having the intention. I think people say that they want to have good Adam, and they get opportunities to do it. But then it's like, Well, what happened that good intention that you wanted to have good Adam, if somebody you're interacting with is not acting that is not acting good. The prophets of Allah as Adam said that our response should be in the slot in InDesign, that if anybody swears at you or tries to harm like, tries to provoke you, your response is to say in the slot Anthony's like, I'm fasting, I'm fasting. And so that's a key lesson there is to avoid situations is to turn away from those situations

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ask us question Is there a Salah you suggest other than tunnel we're obviously the five daily prayers for sure. So the five daily prayers somebody's praying, there's the tunnel, we have prayers, the wizard prayer.

00:25:57--> 00:26:05

There's other similar prayers that happened like during the day but generally speaking, at night, the tidal wave prayers are

00:26:07--> 00:26:11

that's the main thing that the prophesy seven total we have prayers 200 prayers as you call.

00:26:15--> 00:26:16

Here we go. Yes.

00:26:21--> 00:26:50

Yesterday, during Visionaire, you said that you would have to turn to Allah subhanaw taala all the time, not during hardships only otherwise keeps testing us I'm not saying that he does. As I said, the best thing that could happen to you is that he keeps testing you because that's the only way you're gonna turn back to Allah. But actually, the worst case scenario is what if somebody only turns back to a lot during hardships, and then Allah doesn't send them hardships, so they don't turn back to Allah? So that's the full, full thing that I said, but let's continue with your question.

00:26:51--> 00:27:05

You said that you have to turn to Allah all the time, not during hardships only otherwise it keeps testing us. I've turned to Allah constantly and more since my marriage in October 2018. But I'm going through endless hardships. Does that mean I'm not doing the right thing, or not the person Allah wants me to be?

00:27:08--> 00:27:19

So I don't know the answer to but let's just take so you made it like very specific because it's your sister, let's step away from your situation. Let's ask it generally, if somebody says,

00:27:20--> 00:27:39

I have hardships, I have hardships. And, and in these hardships, I turned back to Allah subhanaw taala. And the hardships don't end. They don't end they keep coming. And immediately you know what different scenarios come up to my mind.

00:27:41--> 00:27:43

It may be that you have a

00:27:45--> 00:28:27

you have a expectation of how long the hardship should last? And and you're saying October 2018. So it's October 2018. You're talking about? Maybe it's been 1920. It hasn't been two years. You've been married for a year and a half. So what is the expectation of how long you should be tested before everything turns to happily ever after? What is the expectation that you're reminded of the situation which a man was tortured when the Companions was came from a torture session? And you went to the province that a lot is them? And he got angry at the Prophet civilize them and said, Why don't you make the offer us? Why do we keep getting punished and the prophets have a license got

00:28:27--> 00:29:08

angry back at him, he just came from a torture session and he's getting angry at the Prophet so allies and prophesy some said back to him in response that the people before us used to be you know, the torture, they would go through they would be buried to their in their neck and and and they would be sawed in half, sawed in half and fall into two pieces. And they used to be combed with cones of steel and and separating their scanner from their body. And he said, but that wouldn't turn them back from their fav Wallah Kinloch come to start, you know, but as for you, you are hasty. And so the province of a lot is that I'm there are times and I even calculated

00:29:09--> 00:29:10


00:29:12--> 00:29:19

job so he may die at the time that when the processing was doing Sajida and they threw intestines on the on the

00:29:20--> 00:29:23

back and another time that

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

one of the leaders of Mecca stepped on the profits of the license neck and was pushing his face into into the ground and he was almost going to like kill the profits that advised him and fought the Mother Daughter of the prophesies and came and she was crying and she was you know, cursing them and pushing them off her father, the prophets of Allah they sent him may die against them at the Kaaba and and they got really scared. And you know, Allah subhanaw taala answered that door and they were destroyed, but they were destroyed in the battle that and the Battle of better took place from the time that happened to the battle that better was 10 years.

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

It happened a decade later. And so even as you reflect on this is the messenger of Allah and His jaw less pannacotta answered it, but not now. Less Panadol now wasn't the time. And so they continued to be tested for 10 years when somebody who gets married and then I tell them, and they tell him, I'm facing some hardship. I don't know the hardship that you're in Millis.

00:30:24--> 00:30:32

But marriage is a test. And then I say this one brother, he told me, I said, How long have you been married? And then he said,

00:30:33--> 00:30:41

eight years, I go, Whoa, you still have problems eight years later? And then he goes, No, I didn't mean eight years. I said eight months.

00:30:43--> 00:31:01

Eight months, you've only been married for eight months, and you can't be patient. I will wait till you're eight years and then let's start talking about it. So all of this all said and done inshallah Tada it may be anyways, I hope you got something from that. I want to tell you what the conclusion is.

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A lot.

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Janine has question says, Can we recite from Quran from our phone when we're not fasting?

00:31:20--> 00:31:32

There's a difference of opinion about reciting Quran in the menses, if you're of the opinion that you can recite behind in menstrual cycle, then yes, you can read while holding a phone like that.

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Singer says how do you balance not holding on to wealth and saving for the future, which requires holding on to some wealth, your future needs and generations even? Which is a great question. Because when I'm saying about, you know, you want your wealth to go to the hereafter, there's also principles of giving that we don't give all our wealth. In fact, the first dollar that you have you keep it for yourself. The second dollar that you have is for your family, third dollar that you could have as, as the Hadith goes, that there are responsibilities that we have just like those companions, who said on their deathbed, I think was sighted and everyone costs on the lawn, who said

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that, you know, he felt he was going to die. And he said, I'm going to give all my wealth for the sake of Allah and the prophets and allies. And I said, No. And then he said, I'll give half and processing said no, he said, I'll give a third of my wealth for the sake of Allah and the prophesy. Sam said, No. And then the process I'm told him, he said, to leave your family wealthy, is better for you more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala, than to leave them in poverty, going around begging people for money. So what I said earlier about, you know, the encouragement to give in these last nights of Ramadan, especially in this race for good deeds, does not mean you're actually not allowed

00:32:52--> 00:33:28

to give such a huge percentage of your wealth, you have to take care of yourself. And as you've seen, the singer that we've been talking about in our classes, I said when you take care of yourself first, you have more to give. So when you are saving when you are investing, when you're building up your wealth and your assets and all of this stuff, that doesn't mean that you're being stingy, it means that you have the opportunity in the future to help people at a much larger scale when you have more wealth, but if you just kept giving everything everything everything you're going to zero every time you get money go to zero then in the future you have nothing to give anybody

00:33:29--> 00:33:30

will long.

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Assam ACHEMA as you

00:33:52--> 00:34:02

numerous share our acetic one of our people, the type of people always reach towards good deeds or anything. Also, can you tell us more about discover your kids I told my husband about it and super excited.

00:34:03--> 00:34:07

The time is up Nimrod, so we're gonna finish off

00:34:11--> 00:34:13

I don't know the first part of your question about

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who always raise towards good deeds or anything first, I don't know what that question means. Don't know what that question means. So let's skip it with regards to discover you kids. So inshallah Tada we are still launching it right now. And one of the key things that I'd like to learn about is from people actually work in children education and show them this and that and get their feedback and guidance on the direction of things that we can do and discover you kids so we have the material. We have classes million everyone's agenda about finances. We've got time management time traveler, we haven't got visionair designing dream guys like instead of goal setting, actually designing your

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

your dream boss. So we've got the content built for adults, and just the kids

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

It's like how do you present that in a way that younger kids younger Muslim boys and girls can consume that kind of information benefit from it. So inshallah Tada it is a project that's in the beginning.

00:35:14--> 00:35:15

Does that Allah Hi,

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everyone. Thank you very much for tuning in.

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We'll see you tomorrow on another episode up tomorrow. We truffle