Yasir Qadhi – American Man Accepts Islam After Attending a Protest

Yasir Qadhi
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What's your next chance? Chance? Chance? Okay, here we go chance. So chance. Before I give you the shot, I'd like to ask you why now, what are you thinking about? What? What causes you to come at this stage? And what are you attracted about Islam?

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It's just the main thing is

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I tried other religions and like, I just couldn't find peace as possible. And that's all I want in my life, because I've been through too much chaos, and I just can't take it anymore. I just need to find peace. And then I'm SJ.

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And the funny thing is, it was just

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your take on

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it, it was just one of those things where, like, he just approached me was I came in, you come into the protests for Palestine. I was like, You know what? Yeah, sure. And then I kind of talked to us a little bit and kind of talked to some other people who were in the Islamic faith, and they just seemed at peace with everything. And that's all I wanted. So then the next day, I came up to SJ and I told him I was like, Hey, I think I want to convert to Islam. That and I did a little bit of research before and it just seems like I feel at peace every time I read about it, I feel at peace every time I think about it, and like humbling I don't even know how to pray but I was just copying

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as che was doing and he was like, How do you feel bro? And I was like, I feel pretty good. I feel at peace like I'm at home, feel calm. Islam is peace. It means peace, it will bring you peace and the names of Allah and the names of Allah is Peace. So you have found peace Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. So repeat after me a shadow.

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A shadow shadow. Hola. Hola. Hola. ilaha

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IL Allah below what a shadow while you shadow and now and now an Mohammed and Mohammed plus Rasul Allah rasool Allah Rasool, I testify, I testify that there is no God except Allah, that there is no God except Allah and that Muhammad

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is the Messenger of Allah is the messenger Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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hamdulillah chance Alhamdulillah You are now the holiest person in this entire audience right now because we believe when a person accepts Islam, all of his sins are forgiven. So you right now are absolutely sinless, and every one of us doesn't have what you have. So right now you are the best person here but I'm going to warn you you're going to get mobbed by people wanting to hug you and shake your hand and shallow you welcome to our community we're here for you and humbled it up and sisters and brothers in Africa Hana Dhaka Tamil Bina This is a victory that we have slowly but surely this was going to happen every one of us dojos Rob brother as Jays aka looking at you as

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well, this is what we need to do. Welcome to our committee let me be the first to congratulate you this welcome we're here for you Okay.

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Needy now one of

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the most lauded being on the bond

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me Ms. De hatin doll Seanie.

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Me what to feed

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to me,

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Janita Anza down to Isla.

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