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In Depth Study of Surah Yasin – the heart of the Qur’an – based on classical and modern sources.

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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR

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Sundar Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam wa Shafi nambia and masa de Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam aleikum, wa barakato mothers brothers and sisters.

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And welcome to the fourth lesson now have sort of seen the study of Satya seen last week. Unfortunately, the recording was corrupted. So we are going to summarize what we started discussing last week in Sharla. And then move on to the next few verses. Last week. We covered verse number five, what are logical fallacies? Denzil and Aziz Rahim. We said that there was a question that was created in the mind of the listener. When Allah said before this in occur, let me be more serene and truly you are from those that have been sent. The question was who has sent this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? That question is answered in this verse, by saying Tenzin, coming down.

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What he sent with is coming down from Allah Z's are Rahim, the ultimate authority and the incredibly Compassionate One, ie It is Allah who has sent him the next verse after his leetonia coma, is answering another question, which is what is the purpose of this man, Mohammed Allahu Allah said, What is his role and function? It is the tune zero, in order for you to warn a people, meaning the people of Makkah. And as we know all of mankind, yeah, ultimately all of mankind is well, so this verse, it is talking about the origin of the Quran. Where did it come down from? Where did it come from, rather, it came not from other people from the east, the Byzantine Empire on the East or the

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Persian Empire in the West, but rather it came from the skies. It came down from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we said about the word Tenzin, it has two nuances of first nuances. It doesn't just mean to come down. It means to remember what it means not just to come down, but it meant something else to come down. Gradually, yes, to come down gradually. And as we know that the Quran was revealed to the person over the period of 23 years, it didn't come down all in all in one go. And that was one of the unique things about the Quran as compared to previous scriptures, because some of the scholars they said that, the Injeel and the Torah, and the Sahaba, Rahim and so on and so forth,

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came down, all in one goal to the prophets. However, to our purposes, Adam and his nation, it came down piecemeal, slowly over the course of 23 years, and it was a very, there's wisdom behind that. We said one of the wisdoms behind that was explained to us by our mother, I showed her the lantern on her and she said, you know, authentic has a Muslim, that the first thing that was revealed in the Quran was what? What did you say was the first thing revealed she used the term to describe part of the Quran. And you remember what that was?

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It begins with the letter meme move.

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Mufasa Mufasa. And it had you said that refers to pseudo cough until the end of the Quran. And she said, the only thing that spoke about was paradise and Hellfire, Jenna and Johanna, that's the only

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subject matter of that part of the plant. That was the first thing that was came down. Then she said when the hearts of the believers became firm on Islam, meaning that became well grounded, the level of conviction increased and so on and so forth. Then came halal and haram, the do's and the don'ts. And then she said had the people been told, do not drink alcohol in the beginning, they would have said we will never

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Abandon Hummer. If they were told to not fall in a cage not engaged in Xena, in the beginning, they would have said, we will never give up dinner. This was the nature of those people this was this is part of the culture that they were, you know, many of them organizes and they were alcoholics as well. Yeah. So I shadow the law and she's teaching us the wisdom that the Quran came down in pieces in pismo and one of the reasons behind that was to nurture and educate the Muslim community to make them firm on Islam. And in that was a lesson for us in bringing up our children. And the lesson was, if we want our children to be great Muslims that pray that fast that we caught on, so on and so

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forth, they are up, you know, upstanding Muslims, then we need to make their hearts attached to the hereafter if our children really and truly are brought up to believe that there is something on Hellfire, and it is real, and people will be punished for disobeying Allah, and at the same time, there is reward called paradise. And it is the best thing that it could possibly imagine. And they firmly believe that and they are always thinking about that it's in the in their minds, then when it comes to practicing Islam will be a lot easier for them will come more naturally, and there won't be much as much resistance as they would be otherwise. So this is a tip for in parenting as well.

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Little zero, sorry, 10 Xena. So this was one new ones coming down graduate The other one was that is 10 z law and not 10 z Lu, there is the other recitals that are within Zulu with the Bama, but this one is the Zilla with the Fatah. And as I will sorrow then his Deaf seed he said that what that shows us is there is much there is if you like an exclamation mark after the word and zeal, to show that this is something mighty, something great you need to,

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you know, respect the fact that this came from the heavens, and not from anywhere else. And then the names the two names Allah chose to describe himself here was number one, Al Aziz and number two are writing. And they are two very different names, the first name and azeez What did we say was the main meetings from the word alliances, it came from neutralizer, or the kind of meanings that come across from this word

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overpowering very good. And is one of the meanings of the word whilst was their

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authority, ultimate authority and respect very good. And have power here of power. So when you hear an Aziz you think of Allah in that he's the ultimate power is overpowering. And I'm just afraid this is gonna follow us on

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talking about so much power this

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Yeah, so you hear that this is coming from Allah, the old powerful, the most the one with the ultimate authority, overpowering, it sends a message of a fail, that a person when he hears that this came from this Allah, Who is such and such, he feels scared. And a poverty said in explaining allows ease here, he said, it means that Allah will punish those that disbelief and reject the message of the processor, they will punish them and he is an azeez. But right next to that came the second name, which is a Rahim. What kind of meanings as expressed in the word Rahim? What do we say last time, Rahim? What does it mean? Usually translate says what?

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The old merciful right. What we said is more beautiful than that.

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It has the meaning of what?

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What else would we say?

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Okay, is is tied to the idea of the womb. Yeah, because it comes from the word Rama. And the word for womb. In Arabic is the Russian. The word for womb is Russian. So the Arabs are tied the idea of mercy and love to that of the the womb of the mother. Okay, which shows us that the word or Rahim Allah is a Rahim means more than Allah is the Most Merciful. It has the meaning of love, and the meaning of care and compassion. And that is what I loved him and also honey, he wrote a very he's one of the most famous dictionaries of the Quran, Quranic dictionaries, he said that R Rahman Al Rahim, they come from Russia, which ultimately comes from Russia. And it has the meaning of Dr. Sun

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ilmar home, that someone shows compassion to the object of mercy. Yeah, there's someone who shows compassion to the object of mercy. So he's talking about a loss, loving nature towards his creation. So when you put those both those names together, we find that they are contrasting. The first name is expressing Allah's power might

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punishment for those that disbelief. And the second image is expressing his love, care and compassion. So he said, if you put both those names together, what you find is that is expressing the perfection of a lot. Because what we know is that people don't have a lot of power. They don't have a lot of mercy. You know, kings and leaders of the world, when they become very powerful, they have no mercy for others. In fact, they do. They oppress people, right? Allah Allah, Allah, though he has the ultimate power. That doesn't detract from the fact that he's a Rahim as well. And the converse city, Allah Rahim. And sometimes a person shows mercy to others out a weakness.

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You know, someone like a country, for example, who is invaded by another, they could take revenge. But instead they say, okay, we're not going to do anything about it. Someone will say maybe they say that because they don't have the power to take revenge. And that's why they're showing mercy. Allah, Allah, Allah said, he is an azeez and of Rahim, to show that his mercy is not the start for Allah because of a lack of power. Yeah, so both of those names, they point towards perfection of Allah subhanaw taala. So all together. The verse Therefore, is teaching us something about the Quran, that Zilla it came down from an Aziz. So how would you With this in mind, how would you How would you

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know how would you approach to put on when you realize now that you know what it came from Allah

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and Allah Aziz is almighty, all powerful The one who could punish me if I rejected what he asked me to believe in how does that change your approach or look online? How would it make you feel when you read the Koran No.

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Fearful Okay, so when you read the Quran, you realize where it came from? It makes you more faithful, anything else? So

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just focusing on Aziz first. The fact that Allah is that is coming from Allah zS

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How would it change the way you view the Quran now that you know is coming from the ultimate authority, the ultimate, overpowering one?

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It would make you take the Quran more seriously. That's what it would do. It would make you pay more attention to allies saying they would make you scared of belittling what the Quran says or to think little of it or to make it insignificant or to trivialize what you're saying. It would make you rather approach it with more seriousness and concern and focus. And when you hear that it is coming from Rahim, that should also show you something different, that whatever the Quran is teaching us, it is coming from the one who loves us. Therefore whatever it is asking us to do, it is only asking us to do for our own benefit, because it's Rahim and Allah ish is telling us that He is the Most

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Merciful, caring, compassionate, but this is how this verse should affect our relationship with the Quran. It should really change our relationship with the Quran. You know, I found it the other day, we had the good fortune of meeting one of the senior scholars in the world of Quranic studies, his name insha Allah, Ashanti at his father, Mohammed Al Amina Schumpeter is a famous author of a book of the fearful of wild man. Has anyone heard this book before? This is one of the very famous books of the seeds written by his own father. Now him he's 70 years of age now we met him and we spent a few hours with him in his company. And he spoke to us about the Quran and soprano the way he spoke

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about the Koran will lie he, it was like a child given a new toy.

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He was he was like, and have you heard this massive no Quran? And it's so amazing. How am I said this and then he said this. And then Allah says this, he says, this is a treasure, the more you look, the more you find. This is 70 of our line of aim is like there was a child with a new toy. He was so excited about the Quran, and what it had to offer us he was giving us so many gems, so many gems. So he said to us how this this man, he's been raised in a house that has dedicated his life to the Quran. He's seen his father teaching Koran and writing about Quran and experience Koran his whole life and then he's gone on to become a scholar of Quran he teaches in the mysteries of the

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processor. For many years now, he has been teaching in the in the midst of the person doing the theater put on his become famous for it. And I thought was also Pamela You know, one of the things that you know, you get by studying for on and dedicated your life to studying it is you become a very happy person. You become a person who feels joy in his heart. This is one of the you know, side effects if you like of selling put on, that a person will lie he he finds happiness in his soul and you know, the person

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He said that in addition to imager, that Allah has a special group of people, for Allah, they are a special group of people and his companions. They said to him, Who are those people? Because they wanted to be those people. He said, Allah, the special people of Allah are the people of the Quran.

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They are his special people. And we're Hossa to those elite people. Yeah, those elite people we ask a lot to make us people over put on gentlemen. Okay, so

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we mentioned a number of other things. But because of time, I'm going to have to skip those. The video has been uploaded onto Facebook, and shallow if somebody wants to go into more details they can do the next verse, a larger law that says the tone There are

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mountains, there are the whom for whom walk alone. This verse is going to speak about the role of the process.

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Now you have to appreciate that this came down in what year we said it came down in year number 1010 years after the system has been given his prophecy. He's living in Mecca. And even our shoe said it came down around this time.

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So he's been doing that, what 234 10 years, three years, we're to those closest to him privately. And then after the third year, he went public with his message. So after 10 years, sort of the asking is coming. And he's telling us the role of the person now is what little under a coma in order for you to warn a people. Yeah, the Lamb in Latin there, Islam of Tallinn, it is the lamp of in order to Why have you been given this Koran in order to do this? What is it to warn a people man on the moon from a people whose forefathers were not warned, for home off and on? So they became they became heedless. They became heinous people. They are two interpretations to this verse. The

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first interpretation is that you were sent to warn these people, because they forefathers were not warned.

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the forefathers of the Arabs. They had no prophets that came to them. Who was the last prophet that came to the Arabs?

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is married in Islam? So this is going back many, many years. Yeah. So between that time and the present is low. These many generations have passed of Arabs and no prophet has been sent to them. The first interpretation therefore, is you need to warn them because no one has come to them to warn them. Yeah. And as a result, they have become heedless people.

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The second interpretation is lethal. They're appalled, man. Do

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you need to warn these people, just like their forefathers were what

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it is the opposite almost need to warn them. Just like the full puzzle, like when it's Mary came to them. And he gave them the power. And the message he gave that was given to them before he came in, he warned them you need to do the same thing now, because that was happened to their forefathers, and you need to do it for them now. However, even though both opinions I mentioned about poverty, ignorance, I mean, he said that the first interpreter is seems to be more correct. Why? Because unless it is similar to such that sort of such that you have been sent to these people

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who have not had a profit come to them before you is very clear. They're the allergy lawyer saying that you need to warn them because no profit has come before you to them. Yeah, and this makes more sense here to say this, and it's confirmed in this verse as well.

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So what happened to them because they forefathers were not warned, for whom half you don't, they became off you learn the word often. It doesn't just mean heedless. It means neglectful as well. The most powerful data to say is a simpleton. The gullible person, the one you can trick easily take advantage of that's the most powerful person. And the reason I say that you need to appreciate that it's not just heedless, is because somebody might may hear that look, the person was told to warn them because they weren't want before. So they became heedless of a lot. So it means like they didn't know any better, you know, no one came and told them so it's kind of like someone you know,

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he parks in the wrong place. It gets a ticket. And then he says the ticket inspector. There's no sign that told me that, you know, I'm allowed to park here. Why are you giving me a ticket for I don't deserve to be given a ticket. No one has told me that this is the wrong place to park. However, the word often doesn't mean this. It means that they are they are being condemned for being neglectful of not worshipping Allah.

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Yeah. And the fact that no one has come to warn them, does not excuse them of becoming polytheists. Do you know that before the coming of the press

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saddam, there were some people

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who the scholars of the of Sierra call them Shona.

00:20:08--> 00:20:12

Have you heard this before Shona? Anyone know the name of a Hanif?

00:20:15--> 00:20:16

Our Casa de

00:20:17--> 00:20:20

Baraka be nofal. Yep. Anyone else?

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They say the AMA has a number, no fail. He was another Hanif. What does that mean? It means that they refuse to worship idols, and instead wanted to worship Allah alone. These are the same people who is being discussed in this verse, that no one came to them. But despite no water coming to them, they didn't become either worshipers today.

00:20:49--> 00:20:54

What does that mean? It means that Allah has given every human being a filter on

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this natural dispensation. And that in itself is a form of guidance, that will stop a person from worshiping other than Allah. And it will always be pushing the person to want to worship Allah, they may not know how to, they may not know the details of that, because the Prophet hasn't come to them.

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So these Arabs, they decided to worship idols.

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The fact that no water came to them does not excuse them. And that is how we understand why even the parents or the person saddam, he himself said on the whole file, how, how is that the case? Because Allah, Allah, Allah has already given inside every human being the ability to distinguish between truth and false in a general sense, and to stop a person doing something as foolish as worshipping idols. So if a person did that, then they have committed a crime. Yeah, despite not having a profit come to them. And I must father knows best. Yeah, Allah knows best. So this is the first interpretation. And this is probably the strongest that the person has been told to go to, because

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the forefathers were not warned. So they became a lot of Elune. Now, the interesting link between this list and the previous one is as follows. The previous one told us the Quran came from Allah Aziz. And one of the meanings was the ultimate authority. This one is about the person of warning his people

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was there's a link between authority and mourning.

00:22:24--> 00:22:25

Yeah, there's a link.

00:22:27--> 00:22:29

When do people take a warning Seriously?

00:22:31--> 00:22:37

If a young boy came into this room right now, and said, brothers, someone's stealing your shoes outside?

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Yeah, those of us that, watch a please. They say fellas, no problem. Those that will need something expensive. They will start to think this young chap here. So take him seriously or not. The young boy is making up stuff. But if, for example, the Imam of the masjid came in here, he said brothers been stealing your shoes outside allows everyone to jump up and see what's going on. Right? So why is that?

00:23:07--> 00:23:17

The reason is because the mom has authority, isn't it? The boy doesn't have authority. And I was thinking as well. This is natural. Someone for example, he's obese.

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And he sees his friend who's also obese. He says geezer you need to lose weight, start eating healthy, cut down on the donors, and start exercising.

00:23:28--> 00:24:00

Keep telling me to lose weight, I look in the mirror. Yeah, I can't take your advice seriously, even though the advice is true. They can't take you seriously because of where it's coming from. You've got no authority, and we look at you, right? So Allah jollof, before telling us that the role of the person is to warn these people. He first told us that he has been given authority, because the Koran came down from Al Aziz. He has the mandate to go and warn people now, listen, there are common nouns.

00:24:01--> 00:24:07

If you don't, so this is the link between the previous verse and this was there's some lessons

00:24:08--> 00:24:46

you can take them away with you, inshallah, to reflect of what do we learn from this verse, we learn three things. The first thing we learn is that the side effect of not having put on in your life is that you become a more often on the hospital, a person who is hatless, Allah said that those people they never had a warner come to them for so many years, for whom Orpheum? So they became heedless people. And you know what's upon law? Isn't this the state of the world that we live in today? People are heedless about the purpose of their life. Isn't that true? More or less if you ask them, What is the purpose behind life? Why are we being created?

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

Mostly will be stopped to give you an answer. And those that do. Most probably they say in jest is to enjoy ourselves to live a good life and so on and so forth. What does that mean? It means everyone is laughing about the purpose in life.

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

It's like exactly the same times, as in the time of the process and FOMO often on people well, people are often on so what do we what are the those people need? They need a warning, just like the person was told to give them a warning. But the lesson rather here is that for us as Muslims, the further we offer, the more on the more he does will become. And there's a proof of this in the Quran as well. It's sort of an added a larger loss, I think is verse number. 16 valaria kulu Kela Dina O'Toole kita amin cabello, for Paula Ali Amadou was an express was an ex was sakasa kulu. Yeah, Allah says, and they shouldn't become like those that were given the Scripture meaning the Jews and

00:25:43--> 00:26:10

the Christians for bar de la Emmet. And then a long time passed from them receiving the revelation. And neglecting it a long time passed, no revelation or revelation, no revelation, what happened to them? facet kulu the hearts became hard, hard like stone. Yeah. Which is a message to us that if you don't read the Quran regularly, study it, take it seriously, you will become an orphan.

00:26:12--> 00:26:54

And when you become a half in your heart will become hard like stone. May Allah preserve us from that ever happening to us. And the more you read the Koran, and the closer you are to it, the more softer tender your heart becomes. Yeah, the second lesson we learn is we should be getting our own healthy dose of warning. The role of warning you know, even actually said in that literally means to strike fear into the heart of the person that you feel scared about, what about a loss, anger, a loss, punishment, the punishment of the grave, all of these things? You need to hear about these things regularly. This listen to lectures and talks about from people that are describing to you

00:26:54--> 00:27:27

what is jahannam what are the punishments that await people who disbelieve and who disobey, because those types of talks and lectures, they keep you alive. They keep your heart alive, they keep you in check. And this unfortunately, now time is on the decrease. You don't find many people talking about hell. Why? Because they say it's politically was the term politically incorrect, politically incorrect to talk about Hellfire, and these sort of things. Allah Allah said, one of the roles of the person is to warn people

00:27:28--> 00:27:31

on the roles of the person is to warn people about what

00:27:34--> 00:27:34

about the

00:27:36--> 00:27:57

about the hellfire. This is one of the lessons the other lesson we learn is that if the role of the president is to warn people, then by extension, our role towards others is also to be ruinous. Here is also to be Warner's and that my brothers and sisters, you have to ask yourself, the law. When is the last time you ever warned another person about anything?

00:27:59--> 00:28:35

What is the last time you ever warned? a non Muslim? Maybe you are discussing Islam with him? You have told him about the truth of Islam, but the Quran, you've shown him proofs and so on and so forth. And he's refused or she's refused? Have you gone to the next step of warning them? and saying, Listen, if you don't listen, then you know what they serious consequences. Yeah, I remember one of my teachers, he said he went to get his key cups from this shop. And the guy was a white guy, non Muslim. And he started talking to me about Islam. And he said, Now I don't want to become Muslim. You guys have to do so many things. Here. He said, Well, you know,

00:28:37--> 00:28:45

what is the truth? He said, Well, I'll find out after I die. Is that okay? But when you die is going to be too late.

00:28:46--> 00:28:49

If you die and you find out the truth, you go to the hellfire.

00:28:50--> 00:29:32

And you know, the way he said it? My teacher he didn't say out of bitterness, frustration, or as an insult, you know, as some people say, go to the hellfire. But like that said out of compassion, like, you're gonna go to the hellfire. Do you realize what's that what that means? And he said that the the non Muslim. He looked at him. He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to say he's like, confused, like, this person is sincere. He's actually looking out for me. He took it seriously. Yeah, so never underestimate the power of warning people. It has his time and its place. And language needs to be wise. But never shy away from giving warning to people you will find and do

00:29:32--> 00:29:35

this as a test yourself. Those people who accepted Islam or reverted

00:29:36--> 00:29:38

ask them what is it that brought you to Islam?

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

You know, even Ridley even really, you know, you weren't ready, right? She her story about becoming Muslim is interesting. She said that she was going back and forth after she came back from a lot of understand and see and polygon about become Muslim. And then she said what happened is someone found her and they said to her, listen, if you don't accept Islam,

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You know, you're going to go to the hellfire. As I said, You know, I realized I need to become Muslim and she became Muslim. So let us take heed of the lessons here and become like owners just like our prophets of Allah. Allah was at a lower center Milan Amina Mohammed while earlier Socrates reign Baraka mafia