When You Break To Allah, Allah Puts You Back Together

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One other thing I found really, really powerful recently was that shaytaan has a specific sort of tactic when we go through difficulty, alright, when we when when shaitan says that we are in distress shaitan will do on one of his tactics in order to paralyze us further is to remind us of the difficulty to sort of he wants to exaggerate those, the pain itself. So, sometimes shaitan will actually tried to bring us down through a lot of negative thoughts, right through a lot of negative West websites called so Wes was is just the whispering of shaitan. where, you know, he'll put ideas in our mind, we know in the corner, and we ask for protection from the west, West and hotness,

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right, the one who whispers and then highs are retreats. So he puts ideas in our mind, and then he retreats. And one of the ways he does this is that he reminds us of negativity reminds us of what we're afraid of, he reminds us of what we're upset about, he reminds us of what we're angry about, he uses anger a lot, you know, to try to control us and to try to paralyze us. So negativity is one of his one of his tactics. And by focusing and reminding us of the negative aspects of our experience, it enlarges it, right, what you focus on grows, so it enlarges it. Now when a difficulty, this is very deep, when a difficulty is enlarged, guess what happens,

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we are so focused, and this is the thing about human beings is that we can't be two places at once. Okay? Same thing with our focus, we can't focus two places at once, we can't look two places at once we're not owls, right? Like, like, if you're facing this way, you can see what's behind you, right, you have a little bit of peripheral vision, but generally, you will see only in the in the direction that you're facing. And so what happens if you're facing your hardships, and you're focusing on your hardships, and you're enlarging your fears and your and your and your pain and and you're you're basically your struggle is where you're faced where you're focused, then it does not allow you to

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focus on other than that. So that means you can't really see your blessings, because it might be in the periphery might be back here, but you're not really focused on it, because you're so focused on the difficult things, the challenges, the fears, the pain, but there's something else and this is very deep, there's something else that you can't focus on, because you're so focused on your challenges. And that is a loss of handle that. So that's very deep. So one of the tactics very, very, you know, sort of subtle tactics of chez THON is to distract you from Allah subhanaw taala and one of the ways to distract you from Allah subhanaw taala is to make you see your problems as bigger

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than they are. And to make you see your problems as all encompassing. And then that's all there is, is this problem is this loss is this is this failure and he will exaggerate that failure for you, oh You are such a failure and look at this and look at no one appreciates and no one understands and you're all on your own and you know this very

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self victimization He wants you to be paralyzed by that. And by doing that, he has also done one of the most harmful things which is that he has distracted you from Allah subhanaw taala. So by enlarging your difficulties, he has minimized the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala in your, in your in your cognition really in your in your in your view, and in your focus. He has made you focus instead on the negative things on the difficulties. Now and this brings me inshallah to kind of where I want to wrap up is that Allah Allah His prescription for pain is the exact opposite. And this is something that's that's so beautiful and so powerful. I touched upon it actually on the

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series on on last week's series. When you look at the at the end of sorts of hatred, I believe, where were the prophets I seldom is being addressed by Allah subhanho data, and Allah is acknowledging his pain. And Allah is saying that we know that what they're saying is is is is making your chest feel constricted. We know that you're that it's hurting you we know Allah is saying that he recognizes the pain that is being caused to the prophets. I send them by what the people are saying and what they're doing to him.

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So what does Allah do? Number one, Allah acknowledges that. And I think that, to me is so beautiful because, you know, even as I mentioned before, even when you look at effective counseling, you know, when they did research about effective counseling, they found that, that when you look at all the techniques of counseling, that the vast majority, something like 70% of it, of effective counseling is simply being heard. Feeling that another person understands is listening and cares, that that actually is the most, most important and effective part of counseling. This is what Allah does. Allah is the most effective counselor and Allah is high above any analogy. Allah says, we know what

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you're going through, we recognize your pain. And then Allah subhanaw taala gives the prescription the cure. And and that cure, it's so it's so deep because it goes, it's exactly the opposite of what shaitan does. It's exactly the opposite. So he's almost proud of that it says, first sub beer be handy Rob Baker were couldn't mean a surgeon. So his prescription for this pain is exalt the praises of your Lord. Look at that. It's exalt Allah subhanaw taala enlarge the place of Allah in your life. Focus on Allah and His blessings for setback behandlar optika that, that that when you exalt Allah subhanaw taala and the praises of Allah. So hemd here is not just to show thanks and gratitude but

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to praise Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's basically, the more you The more you make a lot bigger in your life, the smaller everything else is because like I said, we're human right? We can only focus on one thing at a time, essentially, especially when it's a hyper focus. So if you make that hyper focus, the exalting of Allah, the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala in your life, the gratitude the thinks the the praise of Allah subhanaw taala in your life, then what that does, naturally is it minimizes, it makes it less paralyzing. It makes it it makes it actually smaller. The challenge at work couldn't mean a said to Dean and be among those who prostrate themselves humility, humility to

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Allah subhanaw taala. When we break to Allah subhanaw taala then Allah, He puts us back together. And Allah elevates us when you humble yourself to Allah subhanaw taala Allah will elevate you when you break to Allah subhanaw taala is Allah who puts you back together? remember Allah is Allah Jabbar. Allah is the one who mens is one of the meanings of Al Jabbar.