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AI: Summary © The deen show discusses the importance of not being a hermit or just living in a cave, and the use of the word "dandy" in hip hop music during the pandemic. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and avoid the "has been there" feeling. They also discuss the importance of praying and being a part of the church to avoid distraction from reality, and the use of signs to indicate political desire. The deen show emphasizes the importance of shaving for personal purposes and setting boundaries with men and women.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome back to another episode of the deen show. We're here every week, same time, same channel. And if you don't catch us on the TV, all of our shows are at the th e. Deen show D and show.com. All of our guests, they have their own section. And you can go there, view some of their shows, learn about this wonderful way of life. We also have the blog section there that you can get a lot of our podcasts, download an mp3 format and share it put on CD, share it with the world. Don't forget about the DVDs for Volume Two is out. Now today we're going to be discussing having a topic having some fun and being serious at the same

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time. And we're going to let everyone get involved dunya dunya, we're going to see where do we fit in this, we know that many of the distractions that are distracting us have to revolve around things in this dunya

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the man chasing the woman, the woman chasing the man outside of marriage, the people who rather go to the nightclubs rather than the masjid, the people that are letting all the material things and goods interfere with their obedience to the one who created them during your dunya. So now we're going to bring out our brother and your brother came out to help us with this topic, and to see where you fit in. And when you hear this, you can also come out and say the words dunya dunya. And then we have to ask ourselves, are we wanting to make the change so we can all benefit from this program and the non Muslims get to learn some new words. What are we saying when we say dunya dunya.

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And then if you see a Muslim who's doing some of these things that we're going to point out, you can go to them and say dunya dunya this is what we're gonna be discussing. When we come back here on the dean show. You don't want to go nowhere. He

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. salaam aleikum? How you doing? How is everything? family, children? Everything's all good in the hood. 100% All right, you're not in the hood, you hear the deen show? Absolutely hamdulillah all praises to the heavens and earth that he's united us. And we're here and you have your own section on the deen show calm that people can read about you and watch some of the previous shows that we've done. We're gonna get straight to it. I'm gonna, before we start the topic, because I'm going to read out some things, okay. And we're going to see if this is dunya dunya. Or it's something else, and we'll discuss it. But I want you to just

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to introduce this what is this word? What do we mean doing? Yeah. But by doing it, we mean this worldly life. And we specifically referring to, you know, being attached to materialism being attached to this, you know, things of this world too much, whether it's love of money, or its cars or its homes, but any basically were frankly, things where it may have something to do with your your desires and things that you crave your lust and love of materialism, love of money, what have you all those. But it's important to clarify that. In Islam, it's not that you're supposed to basically be a hermit or just live in a cave somewhere and totally shun the dunya. One of the best

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examples is the Prophet seldom, he gives us how we should be on this earth like a traveler. So this is not the final destination. We're passing through this earth. And we focus on the final destination. So basically the best analogy to that and basically said, Be like a traveler who sits under a tree, he rests under a tree a little bit. And then he moves on. He doesn't the tree is not a major part of this journey. Now he just rested under it for a little. And that's it. It's gone. He's focusing on the final destination. Same thing. Suppose you're driving your car across the country from New York all the way to California. So you're going through the Midwest, and you see this huge

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sale on furniture, chairs and sofas and desks and shelves, all kinds of things for like, you know, $1 each dollar 50 brand new, you know, if you drive by a place that has, you know, leather sofas that would normally cost you 15 $100 for $1.50. What are you going to do if you're a traveler? Can you buy it? Can you buy the sofas and all that put on top of your car? No, because your focus is your final destination. I'm only passing through this area. So when you pass through and you're journeying through, you only take what you need for the journey. So if I'm going to

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go from point A to point B, I take what I need for the journey I get enough gas for the journey, I get enough clothes and enough food for that journey. If I see tons and tons of electronics and things that are free or almost free, I don't have time for them because I need only what I need for the journey. So the advice then was for the Muslims to take from this journey of what they need to make it through the journey not to amass you know, tons and tons of mansions and hundreds and hundreds of cars and, and try to amass millions and millions of dollars because you don't need that for the journey. Just take what you need with you. So that's the whole point is to discourage us

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from being totally into the dunya. But at the same time, it's not saying go live in a cave and just stay away from everybody. Don't use technology, don't dress nice, don't look good. And we have actually clear a hadith that says what Allah loves when He bestows money on you. He loves to see the result of that. The result of that is you you know, ducked out looking

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What is it? What do they say fresh fly? What am I say these days like how you're looking?

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So now it's not to get hypnotized by the delights of this world which are only transitory, but to get hypnotized what Allah the Creator has waiting for us. Ah, nice. I couldn't have said it better. hypnotized by the delights of this world.

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Ready to get with it? Let's do it. So now the audience, they can get involved. non Muslims and Muslims. You just taught them this world now. And they say I know these Muslims, they're in dunya dunya. So they can say the non Muslim the Muslims can say it. And we'll see does it fit in this category? Doesn't it and then we'll discuss it with the first one. How about this guy interrupt you? So we'd love for your non Muslim audience to when they learn and as they hear the episode if they catch something happening now if you have a co worker who's a Muslim, okay, you're non Muslim. You have a co worker Yes, yes. And you catch him doing some of the things you go and tell them this is

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done. Yeah, exactly. Yes. So when you're called to prayer and success, hi Allah Salah halal fella, that person, rather make to off around the mall. And they rather go and get entertained by the baseball, football games. The Xbox, rather than answering the call is this dunya dunya. It seems like that.

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So you know when, and let's best example, the prophet SAW settlers. He was described he would sit with it with his family at home, they would laugh, they would joke they would tell stories. But then the description is fantastic. When he heard the account already heard the add on for the Salah, the call to prayer, he would get up as if he did not know us. So it's serious. We can joke we can laugh, we can talk about the dunya. But when we hear the event, we heard the call for prayer. That's it. No more jokes. It's time for prayer. You're at the mall. That's it, you stop. I know people who spend all day at the mall. But when they when it's time for prayer, they go and pray some of them pray in

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fitting rooms, but they pray, you know, but you can't just keep going around looking at things or, or wasting time, you know, going to these events that are extremely extended and long where you will lose one, two, maybe three prayers even and think well, this is okay, now that that's done. So you need to come and answer the call. What will truly give you success? Is that relationship with your Lord minimum five times a day and it's not that difficult. There's always a where a place or somewhere where you can pray it's not impossible you especially at a mall, it is better to answer it now before death. Once death reaches then you can ask them to call that's it. There was a man who I

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had watched the video and he was parent, he got paralyzed. And he was now saying I wish I can make situ that's all he wanted to be able to put it for it to the ground. But everyone has a chance to do it now before it's too late. Yeah, let's go on to another one. We're talking about dunya dunya. Do you fit into this? Do we fit into this? May Allah protect us that we'd be balanced? And we do things how the creator wants us to do things. Now when a person opens up their iTunes, and they find 100 pop rock hip hop songs and what's excluded?

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And your lectures, things that are nourishment for the soul? What is this? Is this a?

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Done? Yeah, for sure. Put it in the dunya dunya definitely talk about this. Now. This is the problem. You know, look, generally entertainment has become an issue where you know, if you look at it when you're supposed to be entertained, right? That means I'm busy. I do my thing. And then I come back and I get entertained for a little bit as a break as a breather. And then I go back to what I'm doing. But now life is entertainment. I mean people their life revolves around entertainment. So suppose and not that I advocate this but suppose Okay, I'm a very busy man, go to work and doing all kinds of things. I'm also studying and I have just no time for entertainment. So

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every now and then then I pause. This is just a hypothetical. And then you'd watch a movie or something. So this man entertainment is a small part of his life.

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Not that we're advocating that. But some people their whole life revolves entertainment. So they watch movies other all day. And then they're listening to music. Now on top of that, they're now also so immersed and following the lives of the musicians. Who divorced who was I mean, this is beyond entertainment now now you're making it a life and you're basing your life around people who are just supposed to be there to make you laugh and to entertain you. Yeah, I mean, it's funny that a comedian for example, His he's like adjuster realistically, he's supposed to stand up and make you laugh. So he's like, adjuster, you're supposed to just laugh at him and not take him seriously. But

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now these comedians, people take them seriously and start to revolve their life around them chasing after them. Who are they married to? Who did they divorce? What's happening with them following their story? This is just someone to entertain you. You're not supposed to be worshipping them now. Yeah. But this is what has happened. So you look at someone you find that there is and I can never forget one time I was on the airplane. This young girl, she probably she was 13 or so opened up her laptop. I said, Mashallah. She's gonna read, I'm sitting behind, I could see the laptop open. Then she opens up a movie. And she minimizes the screen. She's watching the movie. While she's watching

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the movie. She opens up another card game and she's doing both. I mean, while the movie card game card game trying to do as much entertainment as possible. I mean, relax a little bit. It's not. Isn't this the trick of the satanic forces that the day of judgment is coming. So keep you entertained, and not focus on depth about your responsibilities about what you should be doing your purpose in life. You know, and my mama grandma used to say something was amazing. He's to say, I always wonder at someone who laughs like really, really, really hard from the depth of his soul is laughing so hard, and he knows he's gonna die. And he knows there's gonna be judgment and grave and

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so on. So that these are just his contemplations. But what we're saying people know that they're gonna die. People know that there's heaven in the hellfire. And yet, you plug up your ears listening to this stuff all night and day. Yeah. And people now don't even socialize with each other. And you see them walking, they don't hear you. They don't greet you because they're so busy listening to things. Definitely. then you're done. Let's continue talking about dunya dunya. On the deen show, we'll be right back.

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When you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners

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this wrong?

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A single unambiguous statement

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says that I am God. I'm

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back to the deen show. And we are talking about dunya dunya. We were leaving off with the entertainment. But just spend another minute on this because I think this is really crucial hollywood, bollywood. I mean, you're lined up to watch the next movie. And we're not I mean, people who are just just we can't have some fun. I mean, we don't want people to think that there's not somehow entertainment some things that we do as Muslim is boring, restricted, you know? So let's balance this out. Right? I mean, the end the process, our lives are explained to us already that it would be impossible for us to constantly be in the state of thinking about the next life and the

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Hellfire and paradise. And he said this to handle one of the companions of the Ron Han, he said that if you were able to remain at that high state of a man, the angels would come down and shake your hand and walk with you in the streets. So it's not realistic to expect someone to be like that. And there is leeway in Islam for people to enjoy themselves and to laugh and to entertain. It's not serious the whole time. But it's also not a life of entertainment the entire time, to the point where you never listened to the Koran you never remember Allah azza wa jal, you miss your prayers, all of this because of entertainment. So it's neither this nor that, not one extreme or the other.

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It's always the middle now to fascinated with things of wasting time and that you have some fun, you give everyone their rights, but the first and most right is to be given to the one who created you 100% 100 in law, Okay, next one on the list. Does this qualify as dunya dunya or will put into something else, when a person goes to the house of worship the house of God, the house of Allah to make this a lot, but at the same time to conduct some business is this dunya dunya to get to meet up with someone for business or something like that, at the same time, he's going to make the congregational prayer in the house of worship the machine. Okay, this is actually not done yet. It's

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not done. You're done. Okay, we got our first No, do not do not do anything, okay. Because, you know, in Islam, you can have more than one intention, I can be going to the mosque, because I want to pray and it's a time for prayer. But I also agreed with brother so and so let's meet there and whatever it is, I have to hand you give you your book back or whatever it is, or to even talk about business. You can have more than one intention for doing something but initially, I did

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When I when I went and prayed and everything was for the sake of Allah, and there's another added bonus there, I meet up with a brother or something like that. So this isn't doing anything. Okay, so this makes sense now, okay, you go, you're offering your prayers, and you're going, and you have to take care of some worldly things. But your main intention is to go and worship your Creator. Yeah, as long as you're there, it goes back to the intention, right? Yeah, as long as you stand there and you raise your hands and bear you're praying for Allah and you came there to pray as well.

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Okay, now, next one on the list is going to qualify for dunya dunya. I don't know that we need you to get involved. Now. You guys be the judges? And can they be free to go? And let's say write these down. And then they can go to their mom scholars and say, You know what, I heard this on the deen show. And they said, this is dunya dunya. What do you have to say? Can they do that? Absolutely. And then they could also think of their own examples and mail them to the deen show. Yeah. And then, then we get the next episodes. And then we can have another one. Yes. All right. Keep doing that. You tell us if you like this, we can keep doing the dunya dunya on the deen show, okay, the sister.

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She is more concerned about chasing the latest fashion magazines and being hip on that. And accustom more to having and fitting in with the culture and society around. But when someone another system mentions to her about her obligation towards her Lord and the job, she shoves away, is this dunya

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talk to us okay. All right. You know,

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and and these are some of the pressures realistically, you got the fashion the hairstyle is the colors. And, you know, fashion part of it is very embarrassing, because like the psychologists always compare human beings to sheep. And one of the best examples is fashion. Today, the fashion is red. Now, is there a logical reason why it's red? No, but it's red. So everybody starts wearing red things, Red Hats, Red Sox, red shoes. And then tomorrow, the fashion becomes green. Nobody offers to humanity, a logical explanation why green is the fashion. But everybody just starts doing it. So what happens people get sucked into this and they start to be so focused on the fashion. And the

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designer this and the designer that to the point where those who can't even afford the designer item, they go get the knockoff just to fit in even the knockoff. Just say, Okay, I got the same one. Yeah. But actually, there is an exception that the scholars make where if, you know, buying a particular having a particular item, maybe it's a suit, or maybe the type of phone that will give you credibility, business wise, or people would not take you seriously until they see that you own this particular gadget. Or you have this type of camera, for example, then here acquiring that item, for the sake of you know it helping you improve your business, what have you, the scholars say, It's

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okay, but just chasing after fashion and running after it like that, especially when the place where it takes it replaces what your the real Islamic fashion or if you want to call it the fast and the hijab, right? The long skirt, the good modest clothing, when you're getting into it to the point where it replaces that, then definitely This is done in dunya. Yeah, so we're not talking about dress nice. I mean dress in a way that looks good. But do it according to how your Creator says is the fashion the fashion that's sent down from above the seven heavens? Absolutely. That's the ultimate fashion, isn't it? So as long as you're within those guidelines, then you're right. Okay,

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so nothing wrong with that. But obviously, you know, tight jeans and everything's like just bam and bam, and everything's out there. And you're just making it difficult on everybody. I mean, for what what are you seeking, right and then attention from who But the worst part is that here you get you get you collect a lot of sense for that. A woman is not dressed properly. You know, if if one man sees something haram for her, she gets a sin. Yeah. And if two men sees anything from she gets two cents for that if 1000 people see her she gets 1000. So think of how many 1000s of sins you're accumulating, walking around wearing tight clothing or revealing clothing. Everyone that sees you,

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you get a sin for them. And especially, and God forbid you get on TV looking like that. Yeah, millions of people will see you get millions and millions of sins, who does millions and millions of good deeds a day to offset millions and millions of sins. Nobody does that. Yeah. So it's best in its simple thing. Stay away from them. But what about if she gives an excuse? Well, at least I'm not dressing like her now. And you know what she's, according to her logic, this is modest. And the thing the way you do it is that when it comes to religious things, you don't look at those who are worse than you and say, Look, I'm alright. So like the guy basically, you know, he says, Well, my

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friends, old do heroin hamdulillah I just do crack.

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It doesn't go like that. So you don't look at people who are, you know, half naked and say, Well, I'm semi

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naked. Oh yeah. So I'm alright. You look at those who are better than you and say, Look, I'm naked compared to them, I should aspire and strive to be like that, when it comes to the dunya dunya. Here is where you want to like you, you look at people who have less than you. So if you have a decent car, you don't look at those who have like $100,000 Bentley, what have you, you look at those who have no cars sitting at the bus station, the cold, then you feel like I have more of, you know, I'm more thankful for what I have. So with again, with the dunya, you look at those who have less than you, you're thankful for what you have with the religion, you look at those who have more than you,

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you aspire to become better. You don't look at those who don't have any religion and say, Okay, well, I'm better than this guy. Yeah, that makes sense. Can it be just one more note, we'll go to the next one. Can it be a sign? If you just think a little bit that let's say you've heard this before the man or the woman have been cautioned about certain acts that they should or shouldn't be doing? And let's say something happened or like some tragic tragic they almost had a life threatening situation they almost died, right? And now someone's telling them again, the same thing are you know, some people expect a law to have some bizarre sign that's going to send him he's going

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to come in a dream or so can those be those signs that Allah is sending them warning them through these calamities and advices and I'm watching the show right now. Absolutely. You know most like you were saying most people want to direct direct contact with Alo say, do this and now it's the time put on your head Yeah, it's not gonna work like that. And unless says and sorta rod, the thunder in the Quran, that infidelity lay out in la comida Quran Verily, in these things are Signs for people who contemplate so you need to contemplate the signs of a love before you recognize that it's a sign from Allah, it's not going to be like a neon sign telling you specifically what to do is not a neon

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sign. Yeah, it's just something it could be subtle. Yeah. And if you think about it, you'll notice that it's a sign from Allah.

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Okay, we are almost at the conclusion, thank you for your patience, I hope you're having fun, but this is serious at the same time, we want for us and for you, for all of us, some change to occur in our very selves, so we can attain paradise so we can be in a better state when that Angel death comes. So the next one on the list is when Allah the Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and earth

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and His Messenger have said that Riba common interest is something that you should not indulge in leave it alone, and the consensus of the scholars have explained it. But now you continue to move along and you convinced by that, you know that it's, you're convinced permissible, and are you convinced and but you are looking for shake bender rules to give you some flimsy footwork, or I'm sorry, the thing that goes with your desires is this dunya dunya. That definitely sounds like it's doing Yeah, definitely talk to us talk to us. because like you said, the guy knows that it's wrong. He's convinced he knows all the evidences and and I've met many people like this. They know that

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it's Haram, they know that is not permissible. They know that the mortgage, the usury, the contract, all of it is wrong. And they're convinced, but because they want it, they look for someone who says it's okay. So basically, the idea is that Look, I know that it's hard on, but this guy, he's an Imam is reputable, you know, well known speaker in the area, he told me that it's okay. So that means on the Day of Judgment, if I'm asked, I'm just gonna point at him and say, Well, he said, It's okay, then it's his problem. It's still your problem, you know, and you convinced that it's not permissible. You just went to the person who would give you the answer you want. So that's

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definitely doing your dunya is this can we relate this to a lot of other things that now you want something to fit coincide with your desires. So now you start picking it choose your your own interpret of the Quran, you're not going to a qualified person, who is someone who like for a doctor, you go to this specialist, but now you will take the verses from here and here and come to your own conclusion and look for someone who's going to just agree with what you say, this is a big problem. This is all over the place, and you find people like and sometimes you can use this with people, where if you sit at a gathering, and everybody just starts talking about the religion with

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no knowledge and people making fatawa, left and right, you might tell one of them, you know that there's not a doctor in the house, you tell them look, I've got this weird lump right here. And when I move my arm this way, it hurts. But that way doesn't hurt. And sometimes it gets all red, we think I should do immediately. What are they going to tell you? I can't give you advice on that. I think you need to go see a doctor. Okay, so you had you were you were cautious enough to not give me advice on something that you didn't know. But speaking about a load with no knowledge, you had no problem with that whatsoever. You know, it's so rare now to meet people who are afraid to speak a

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lot without knowledge. Everyone will just will read the verse and just, you know, make it to satisfy whatever his desire is, you know, or then or otherwise, you'll know that the verse is saying, don't do it.

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You go look for some guy, just bend the rules, who's gonna say, Hey, dude, it's okay to like bend over. But you're convinced, yeah, that guy's famous is all over the place. And they know that it's wrong, but they go to him anyways. Yeah, let's leave it on that note with shake bender rules. And we'll be right back on the deen show.

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not.

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No problem. You can take my daughter to dinner, you and my daughter and me

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tell you something. It's natural.

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I created it. And He created us to have a good time. And we should have a good time.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And most of the converts are women, not men, they see that the rules of Islam instead of constraining the rule, set them free.

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Back on the deen show with my brother and your brother. Come on. Mikey. Mikey, how you doing? Brother? 100%? Then you're doing everybody's now saying and I bet you the whole family's around and they say Hold on, hold on. Let's see what's next. Dunya dunya? Do you qualify? Are you in this position? Are we we have to check ourselves. And none of us are perfect. But a lot is the most loving, the Most Merciful. But we can't just rely on this say, Oh, you know, Allah is the most loving, Most Merciful. And I'll just continue going to see shake bender rules. What about that? I mean, can we just rely on that? No, you can't, you gotta do something, and you gotta do what's

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right. And you gotta do what you know, is right. And you know, some of these examples might apply to someone you might be sitting with people now. And then one of them applies to you. Yeah, the next one we do. And you'll be like, okay, yeah, we need to fix that. We need to fix it. So now, the brother, Hassan, the brother, James, the brother, so and so I mean, this. And there's a lot of details, because this is a complete way of life. So the main thing is that we worship god alone, Allah, we establish the prayer we do, what alone wants you to do. And then all the other things that fall in place, we slowly try to commit to it. Yes. Now the brother realizes, okay, this is another

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detail of Islam. It's not something that is the main pillar, but it's an obligation. It's a fun on the male, to be able to distinguish himself from a female. One of the things is the beard. Absolutely. So he realizes this, but now his boss is pressuring him to shave, to take it off. Is this dunya? dunya?

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Absolutely not. It's not this is nothing hidden. Because basically, the man realizes that in Islam, you have to grow your beard. So he starts to grow his beard, his boss is pressuring him to remove it, it's not good for business, customers will be scared. So you have to remove it and the management system not to because it's his right to do so. And so basically, when this is not done, you're done. He's forming what he's commanded to do. You know, Eddie, the beard issue. Now whenever you say the word beard is like, Oh, he's one of those beard people again, No, I haven't we moved past the issue of the beard. Why are you bringing up the beard again? Yeah, it's a command of Allah.

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We have commanded the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how do we move past any of that? What he said, Sorry, what did he say? remind the people so many times people will tell you, you know, don't talk to us about beers. And this is the you know, we've got bigger issues. We've got bigger issues. We've got people dying all over the world, Muslims being killed, but things have went on what did what did? What are the profits? Oh, sorry, the process lm saying he commanded us he said, You know, he said grow the beard, or leave alone the beard mean do not take from it and trim your mustache. Yeah, so this is the command from the process of settling in and so the scholars say a lot I mean, a lot

00:29:07 --> 00:29:47

of things are wrong with shaving. So you change the creation of love because males have facial hair. You resemble women because they don't have facial hair, you disobey you go against the command of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this is something that all the prophets as well had they all had facial hair. So the person whom commanded leave it that's it, you know something? The what has become the the image of a good looking guy is the guy who is what they call clean shaven. I call it dirty shaven. Yeah, because if that means if that's clean shaven then we're just dirty over Yeah. So So now, the guy with no beard, that's the style that's clean. That's good. That's business like

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

that's presentable. Now, one chef was saying that if in the West the the the notion was to grow the beard, and in Islam said shave, people living in the West, we started growing their beard

00:30:00 --> 00:30:30

Let me describe it a little bit. But when allowed to deal with the president commands, it is just, you know, whatever, or people look at it as it is optional. If you want to do it or not, it's not about the facial hair. It's not about your appearances. It's what's about did all the 40. Mark did all the 40 marks, someone can say, Oh, this is a different method that you found that all the 40 mom's a great amount of that he agreed to this. This is no madhhab issue. There's nothing about my dad consensus. Yeah, everybody was there. It was a situation someone approached you anonymous and said, you know, why you Why do you grow this? Right? Yeah. And someone said, Why do you grow your

00:30:30 --> 00:31:04

beard? And basically, I, in another way, turned it around and said, Why do you shave? Because I told him, I don't grow it, it comes out by itself. And he understood and he said, You know what? You're right. I shouldn't have asked you that question. You should have asked me. Why the why shave? Because he's the one who wakes up every morning in insist to remove what will naturally come out. So, but it got him to think about it. But again, people don't want to hear about the beard. They don't want to hear about things that make them uncomfortable. Yeah. What about the child? You know, naturally if the child if you ask to paint a picture, I like this analogy. Yeah. When you tell the

00:31:04 --> 00:31:35

child draw the face of a man and a woman, they naturally will add facial hair to the man, they'll add a mustache or a beard, because they know this. This is something that naturally happens to male, the hair, facial hair starts to sprout. So it's a natural thing. So actually, you're going against what's natural. And you're getting all the cuts and nicks and everything and putting the Cologne on it. That's a lot. That's a lot of pain every morning. Is there a priority now that we should give let's say someone's new to the dean? And now he's not even establishing the prayer should how should this things these be balanced out? What is to be given priority? We just have a few more minutes,

00:31:35 --> 00:32:09

can you just clarify on great and someone who just comes into Islam, and no one's ever expecting that person to make a change overnight at all, but sometimes people will say things like don't shave your beard, take off your gold ring, remove your earring did it just First things first, first and most important thing is to establish the link with a low which is the prayer. So the first thing is the person gets to pray. And Allah tells us in the Quran that the prayer will prevent the sins and reprehensible acts and wicked deeds later on. So the first things first get people to pray and things like that. But we're talking about a specific situation where someone prays and everything

00:32:09 --> 00:32:48

and know that they were commanded to grow the beard, but you know, they shave it and it may have some of the dunya effect there as well. Okay, where they're signaling, we're almost out of time just to bring this fact home. I mean, a lot of times I mean, in any institution, any corporation or any alumni school, there are certain details certain rules that you have to follow, you have the main pillar of it, the main structure, but then certain things that you just have to do. So these are the details of Islam and how do we now we look at it just like you would join a company and they would have you do all these little procedures. A law is the most wise he has told us to do these things.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:31

So how do we look at it from a light where people can rationally understand some of these things so they can see and Is it wrong to ask sometimes Why is the wisdom Okay, no differently you can ask for the wisdoms but the reason is clear the reasons that Allah told us to do it, the wisdoms will become clear once you examine and contemplate inshallah, okay, so now we are out of time. I like to thank you for being with us here on the deen show. inshallah, we'll have you back. You're going to be back, right, anytime. My pleasure. Yeah. Okay. They heard it. It's a testimony now. All right. And thank you for being with us on another episode of the deen show. You have to pray as if everything

00:33:31 --> 00:33:34

depends on a lot and it does. But you must work.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:38

Everything depends on you. And

00:33:39 --> 00:33:57

that's my point. You see, I'm saying and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to Islam? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now. When they're gonna come? They're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hand the ability to do it now. Do your job.

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