Yasmin Mogahed – Why Am I Empty?

Yasmin Mogahed
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Salam Alaikum This is me Mujahid and you're listening to serenity streaming live on one legacy Radio

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He Mousavi, admin Alhamdulillah hamdulillah my voices fully pretty much fully recovered. So I know that we we don't really fully appreciate something until it's taken away from us or at least for a while and from then I'm, I am grateful to have my voice back. It's it's something we take for granted Subhanallah the the the topic for today is something which I am really, it is something very, very special to me, and very important. I actually just recently the reason that I was gone last week, because I just recently came back from a retreat. And there were a lot of things that that I kind of gained

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from the street retreat, what it led him. And one of the I think the main

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aha moments kind of epiphany that I that I got, I'm actually going to inshallah, share it today on the show, and until I hope that it benefits other people as well as benefiting myself, inshallah. And that is, basically, I have for a long time asked this question, and this is the question that I titled in this, this today's show, and that's the question of why am I empty? Basically. And this is something personal for me. I personally, for a long time, I struggled with this issue, I struggled with this question, where a person, you know, I always, you know, you were always told that, you know, as believers as Muslims, you know, if you're, if you know, Allah subhanaw taala, and you're

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close to Allah subhanaw taala, you shouldn't have to feel sadness, or you shouldn't have to feel this emptiness. And, and so I, I had, on the one hand, this, this, sort of this, this principle, this teaching that I had grown up with, that I know, you know, that, that in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala is his piece, and that's where you find that, that that only true happiness. And so then on the other hand, I could not reconcile why I myself felt, for a large portion of the time I felt this, this sort of this lack this emptiness. And so I always, you know, always wondered, like, what is it, you know, even though I considered myself somebody who, you know, who knows Allah

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subhanaw taala and, and I, I, you know, hoped that I was someone who worships Allah subhanaw taala so then I couldn't understand why am I still empty? And why do I have this, this still this, this almost like this hole that isn't fully fully filled inside of me and, and subpanel a lot of people go through this, a lot of people go through this on different levels, where they feel, you know, in every human being, I mean, we could put it this way, and every human being is a hole of some sort. And this is a hole which, because we have been separated from our origin, you know, our originator, we have been separated from our home, we we are not with Allah subhanaw taala in the physical sense,

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we're not with God and, and so every human being is, is, is born with this, you know, this hole in them and, and Subhanallah people go throughout their life, and they seek different ways to fill this hole. And this is where a lot of people spend their life. And a lot of people stumble in this quest to fill this hole. And people use different different things to try to fill this hole. Some people try to fill the hole with their careers. And so they, you know, they'll throw their holes out there their whole self into their career, and, and it's in this, it's this, there's this attempt to fill this, this this sort of emptiness with their career, other people try to fill it with other people,

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with with people that people in their lives, you know, sometimes it's their friends, sometimes it's their significant others. Sometimes it's, you know, their family members, but they're always trying to get something to fill this hole and other people will fill it with other things status, sometimes sometimes money sometimes a wealth sometimes,

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you know, sometimes through

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you know, even even some people will go to drugs and alcohol and well what ultimately, they're what ultimately is that person trying to do, who's getting high or who's who's who's drinking, ultimately, what they're trying to do is fill this hole is trying to fill this emptiness, this place inside them, that just it you know, it's there and they don't know what to do about it, and they don't know how to fill it. And so the idea is that we all really have the same desire to fill this this hole in us and different people fill it in different ways. And, and so my my issue was, you know, why is it that even somebody who can say

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That there are Muslim meat, you know, we hope in their movement, you know, we hope, and someone who has made a loss of panel data, you know, important in their life, why do they, you know, why does this person still feel this emptiness? And this is? This is kind of a question I've been dealing with for a long time. And I think that upon Allah, you know, I feel like the answer to this question, it has a lot to do with what I realized, you know, at this retreat, and after coming back from the retreat, and that is this, a lot of the things that we normally try to fill the hole with, or what I personally tried to fill the hole with, was usually attachments to people. And so

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everybody has their thing, right. And, and for me, personally, and this is something that I've written about, you know, in quite a bit, quite a bit. And one of the first articles where I really talk about this issue is the article, why do people have to leave each other. And in this article, I describe how, for me personally, my, my attachments, and the and the way in which I was seeking to fill my inner sort of emptiness was through my, my relationships with people. And so what ended up happening is, I would have very, very high expectations of people. And when people would very easily let ident, I'd be very easily get let down. And that's because I had very high expectations, and I,

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and it was the reason I had such high expectations is I needed those relationships to fill me. And so what happened is, and part of my own personal development in my own personal realization, by the by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala, is he showed me that, in my attachments to people I was seeking from them something that they cannot give me, I was seeking from somebody, something that they don't have to give, and that is this fill, because this fill for this hole cannot come from anywhere else other than our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, it can't, that that hole that Allah subhanaw taala has put in US can only be filled by him. And so I, I was seeking it in the

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wrong place, I was trying to depend on things that cannot hold my weight. And and that was in my case, it was people. So what ended up happening is, you know, and I think this is part of the process, I started to break a lot of those attachments. And when I say attachments, I mean those unhealthy attachments, those dependencies on people, I started to break out of that, and hamdulillah. And unless panel data, you know, there's different means of how this happens. And I think for me, and for a lot of people, it comes in the form of disappointment. And sometimes you know, that, that when you expect something from someone you expect so much from that person, that

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person will end up letting you down or hurting you. And over time that sort of eats away at the attachment. And sometimes that's the means that Allah subhanaw taala uses to free us of, of our attachments to other than him. So basically, here's the the part that the the missing ingredient that I wasn't really getting. And that is if you think of the of the heart as a vessel or a cup. And if it's so full of dunya, it's so full of love of dunya and love of everything in the dunya and all these other attachments, and all these other focuses, there's no space in that heart for Allah subhanaw taala. So what you have to do sometimes, and there's different ways of filling the heart

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with a love but one of the ways to fill the heart with Allah subhanaw taala is to first empty it is to first empty out of everything else. And the thing with this way of doing it or this way of it happening is it can be very painful, it can be very,

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in the sense of while the heart is empty. Because you're you're basically breaking away from the other attachments, you're seeing the dunya for what it is, you know, it's no longer something that can fill you. And so, if you think of a cup, and you're just emptying out that cup, but you're not properly filling it, what and what you end up having is an empty cup. And so this is kind of like this is the heart so the heart becomes empty. And so yes, you've broken your attachments and now you don't have these attachments and you don't have you basically lost you don't put your hope in dunya anymore. But now you have an empty cup. And that's that's a painful thing. If that cup is not

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filled, then you're going to be empty and you're going to feel empty and you're going to feel that that lurking feeling that I was you know I was trying to understand what causes this and what I didn't understand as I thought I was filling it I thought I was filling it with Allah subhanaw taala I thought I was because I'm you know, I pray you know, I worship less pinata I lie. I you know, I do Dawa and I do these things and so my my understanding was that I am filling it. But here's what I didn't get

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panel I learned this lesson through the story of Musa alayhis salam with Allah subhanaw taala. And and in this is this is a story that Allah subhanaw taala tells us in sort of Taha inshallah I'm going to go into that, when we return after a short break

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Assalamu alaikum. This is ismene majah hidden, you're listening to serenity streaming live on one legacy radio. So we are talking today about this question. It's actually a very personal question for me. And a big question, which I think a lot of people who may be some people who do focus and pay attention to the condition of, you know, the inner, the inner state, basically, sometimes they get to a point where they feel like they're empty, they feel sort of a sense of emptiness or less, there's something missing and they're wondering why that is. And so what i'm trying what we're doing today is talking about that and I'm sharing, you know, sort of what my aha moment was about this

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question. And, and it has to do with actually a story that Allah subhanaw taala tells us, in sort of Taha when Allah subhanaw taala first calls on to masala Sanam, and masala Salaam sees the fire in an wedded Moncada see tala and he, he goes to that valley and he goes to he follows where he's where the fire is. And when he goes there, Allah subhanaw taala speaks to him. And when Allah subhanaw taala speaks to him, you know, Allah tells him he calls him by his name, yeah Musa and then he tells him to take off his shoes and panela You know, when you get into some of the toughest, you know, some of the

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toughest about the you know, what a loss opponent that is doing here with masa, it's really deep and really amazing. But I want to focus on a different aspect of this conversation actually. And that is that when Allah subhanaw taala introduces himself to Moosa, he says, I would have let him initiate on on a gene in nanny and Allahu La Ilaha Illa. Ana falguni was acclaimed as salam. O Allah decree. So here Allah subhanaw taala says, he's introducing himself to Masada to them and he says, indeed, I am a law I am God, La ilaha illa Allah there is no nothing worthy of worship, but me. So right away, he introduces he says who he is, and then he gives him to hate it gives him you know, that this

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concept that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala his oneness, and then he says, fab would need so therefore, though he because of this toe hate because of this, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one worthy of worship therefore, worship Me savigny So, so fulfill a Buddha to me, and then what Akeem is salata Lee decree. And then right after that Allah Spano Tata says, and establish Salah established prayer, for my remembrance for my Vicar, those kind of like in this first commandment, this first statement that Allah subhanaw taala. I mean, this is, this is gonna be important because a lot of that is telling Moosa, he's introducing himself here. And so

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whatever he says, first at this point is obviously extremely important. And here what Allah says, first, is, there's nothing worthy of worship at him. And so therefore we need to establish, establish to, to worship Him, and then establish prayer for his remembrance. So the point that Allah subhanaw taala is pointing to here is the kid is remembering his Salah is the fact that we need to be not just praying, and here, that it doesn't just say that we need to pray or we need to remember him, but that we need to establish the prayer. And so this is something much deeper than just praying. I mean, it's like roots, right? You when you when you do something, and it's constant, and

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it's it's in, it's established within your self within your society, within your community and even, you know, on a larger scale, and, and so here, the point that I really what I really want to point to here is the fact that he's telling him of how he's supposed to be involved in Allah subhanaw taala as remembrance, okay, so that's basically kind of at the very beginning of this conversation that a lot has supanova with musala and then many, many at later, so this is a 14 have sort of thought

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And then Allah subhanaw taala talks with Moosa and Musa, Alice and he tells them to throw his staff which is also extremely deep. And, and then he tells him, and then musala has sent them asks for his brother to join in with him huddling and so there's this long conversation happening. And then at the end of basically at the end of this conversation, Allah subhanaw taala gives musalla his solemn, a mission. Well, first he, you know, he gave him the mission to go to sit down, and then he asks for the help with with huddle of his brother. And then after he agrees to allow huddle to go with him, Allah Salim now Allah subhanaw taala This is towards the very end of the conversation, he sends him

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a way to go with to fit around and here's what he says to masala he said and he says, If hub out lamina shaytaan regime, if hub enter with a hookah, ba t y la tenia Fie victory. So, in this area, Allah subhanaw taala is saying, Go you and your brother, with my signs. Well at any Effie victory. So in this last part of the ayah is basically the answer to my question. And that is Moosa Allison M is told he has this mission, right, he has to go to sit down, this is a big mission. And he's Allah subhanaw taala is telling him the prescription of what he must do. He doesn't just tell him remember me. He doesn't just tell him remember me. He said, Well, a 10 year fee victory, which means do not

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slacking do not become weak in it, do not slack and even in my remembrance, Allah subhanaw taala like that, that I mean, it's something so profound, and that's so simple, that when we talked at the beginning about the cup, right, we talked about emptying the cup, if that cup in you really, really break your attachments. Okay? And this is an you have seen that Allah subhanaw taala, is it right in terms of attachments in terms of the more you get closer to the towhead of Allah subhanaw taala, the more that that's going to empty of any other false attachment. But now imagine you have an empty cup, and you're only filling it a third or a half or an eight, you know, or three fours. What's

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going to happen? Is there still that empty spot, there's still that emptiness? And the reason for that is we slack in in his remembrance. And that's the reason because we, we may say we will, we're praying, right? I mean, if we're praying five times a day, we're good, right? We're at least we're praying. Or we might, you know, where the fact that we're even even the fact that we're, we might be doing Islamic work, right, we're doing work for the sake of Allah. So we think that, that that's sufficient, we think that's sufficient for his IQ. We think that's sufficient for his remembrance. And what's so interesting here is it is that you realize, experientially, it isn't that, that that

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heart is so neat, it's so needs the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. That if you notice in the Quran, whenever Allah subhanaw taala talks about wicked, it's with a modifier, and that's kesihatan. It's always the two are always together, that when when Allah Spano Dada talks about remembering him, along with it is always a lot, catch eaten a lot, abundantly, not just remembering him. So the idea here is that and what I, I think I did not fully understand is it's not just enough to remember Allah subhanaw taala, it needs to be a lot. And the more that that is lacking, the more you're going to feel that emptiness, and the more that there isn't, and the more that that is.

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Basically, the more that you do remember Allah subhanaw taala. And if you don't slack in, in that remembrance, then you're going to be you know, like, that's basically I think, what what what I realized and from the, the advice that was given to Mussolini's for them, is, that's really the only way you're going to be okay. Especially if you really, if you really see this dunya for what it is, and you really want to purify the heart of all other attachments. You need to you need to fill it a lot, you need to fill it because the hearts upon Allah, like, you know, it, it needs, it needs that that remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala in the same way that we need air. And so it's like, it's, I

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guess, I mean, for me, what, what I realized is that, you know, I'm, it's kind of like a person who's just taking a couple breaths, you know, and they're like, skipping, I don't know, maybe maybe they're like taking a breath and then they're skipping like 20 and then they're taking another one and then skipping and then they're kind of wondering like, why am I Why am I feeling suffocated? You know, that's, that's really the, the condition that that that I'm speaking about, is that you're you're wondering why you're being stuffed, you're feeling suffocated, because you're not taking enough breaths. And that really is what the good is, is its air its breaths. And when I say because,

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you know, I mean remember when I say remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala

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There's there's a lot of different forms of remembrance of Allah. But, you know, the idea here is that whenever we feel if we're in a situation where we're like, you know, we're pretty good, you know, we're praying, we're doing this or doing that. And then we're just wondering, like, there's still something wrong, there's still something missing. And we don't understand what it is. And and really what it is, is that, yeah, you're breathing, but you're just not breathing enough. You know, and that's the reason why you're feeling that suffocation and Subhanallah it just, it needs to be a lot and remembrance of Allah Spano Tata. And you know, the first and foremost the best way to

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remember Allah Spano. Tata is through though those ways which he has made an obligation, and that first and foremost is the salaah, the five daily prayers. So of course, that's, you know, that's where you, you always begin with what Allah subhanaw taala has made, you know, has made obligatory, and then on top of that, there's other ways to remember a lesser penalty either, like, you know, through the quote on these are the words of Allah subhanaw taala if we're going, you know, days without reading code on and then we wonder why, why do I Why do I have this, you know, this, this strange emptiness inside me? Well, the answer is that you, you went days without taking proper

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breaths, you know, you were not feeding your you are not giving yourself that, that proper amount of air and that's why you are feeling that that emptiness, you know, so staying connected to the Quran, it's absolutely necessary, if you want to be okay, you know, again, we're talking now not about Holloman halen, you know, right now we're talking about, you know, like, how, how is it that I'm going to be okay, how is it that I'm going to be complete, I'm going to be able to feel full, I'm going to be able to feel like, not have this empty place in me or some, again, it's, it's some proportion, you know, sometimes it's, it's partly filled, we have some VIP kid in our life, and

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sometimes, but we just may not have enough and, and so again, this isn't this isn't to say that, you know, it's, these are not like, it's how to not, you know, read code on everyday. That's not what we're saying. We're talking right now about how it is that you're going to fill that place. And the more that you the more the care that you have, the more that you remember Allah subhanaw taala. And also even, even when you're when you're not, you know, even if you're walking or you're driving or remembering Allah subhanaw taala doesn't have to only be while you're praying or when you're at home alone, but you can be remembering Allah subhanaw taala with with the tongue with the heart, you

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know, all the time, if even if you're not

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even while you're, you're going to class or you're walking or you're driving. But this is really what we have to think about is food, we have to think about it as air, you know, if we're, if we're having trouble, and we're wondering, why am I feeling like I'm not getting enough food, I'm not, you know, I'm feeling hungry all the time. We're gonna say, okay, maybe I'm not eating enough, maybe I need to increase my calorie, you know, intake. And it's the same thing with the heart, you know, the heart feels hungry. And it's like, you know, what, there's something like it can it keeps, and when you find yourself, like, sort of,

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you know, like, latching on to things really desperately and trying to get those things to fill you, you know, and you're just you go from one attachment to another, right, you're, you're attached to this person and then you're like really, really obsessed with that person and you and you need that person to fill you and then and then that doesn't work and then you go to the next person or then you go to this you know, your career or, or whatever it is, and you find yourself sort of really needing these things very, very desperately, that is a sign that we're not filling our hearts properly, we're not filling that hole in that emptiness with the right thing and that's why we're

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we're feeling that starvation in the sense so what I want to do now is take a short break and I'm going to ask you to write your comments and your questions in the chat box inshallah.

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Send me a message and then you're listening to serenity streaming live on one legacy radio. So we have a lot of questions coming in on the chat box and him that in that and a lot of them are actually asking similar questions. So I am going to address inshallah those questions to the best I can inshallah. And one of the questions that a lot of people are asking is, how do I like for example, I'm feeling my Eman is weakening day by day, what can I do to prevent it? And another question, how do I keep from slacking in the in the ticket and how do I keep that up? So

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The first question about a man weakening day by day, how do we prevent it? Well, the reason why he men weakens and one thing we need to know about a man is it is something that is, it goes up and down. And this is this is natural that it's never going to stay, stay completely constant. There's nothing completely constant, except for Allah subhanaw taala everything else changes. You know nothing, no state is stable and unchanging, but we want that our amen be going in the upward direction inshallah, yes, we are going to have dips. But what we have to do if we feel like our amen is going down, it's usually a consequence of slackening and decay. Exactly. That's the reason. And

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so what you'll have to look at is, where exactly in your routine Are you slacking in Vica. So remember, this was the advice that Allah subhanaw taala gave to musala SNM. So we know that it's good advice. We know that there's very deep meaning in it when he says, Well, at any fee victory, he's telling him and warning him not to slack and even not just don't remember, we don't even slack in in it. Because he won't be okay. He has, you know, he knows Allah subhanaw taala knows that musala has sent them is has this job right? Has this mission, we all have a job. And and we are not going to be okay. Unless we refrain from slacking in the kid. So we have to look at in our life,

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where are we slacking in the

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first place you need to look is in your salon, absolute first places in your salon, the five daily obligatory prayers, and someone else made this point and it's a very good point that it is that Allah subhanaw taala noticed that when Allah gave us the commandment for Salah, he gave us the commandment to pray throughout the day, we are not when we were told to pray five times a day, it was at specified times. And those specified times are not all right before we sleep, or right when we wake up, but rather all throughout the day. What's the purpose of that? Well, one of the reasons is that that makes us continuously be remembering a lot throughout the day, that we never have a

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period of time that's too long, where we are not remembering a lot because it's kind of like, you know, you don't take like, you know, 500 breaths really, really quick and then go, you know, three minutes with no breaths, because then you wouldn't get enough oxygen, right. And so the idea here is that the the air needs to be equally divided throughout the day, the breaths right, when we're breathing, we need to have a steady amount of air coming into our lungs in order to to live, we can't all just take them all at one time and then go a while without it otherwise we suffocate and die, right. And that's the same thing that happens to the heart exactly, that it has to be

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continuous. And it has to be all the time spaced out constant in order for the heart to stay alive. So So I would say that if you feel your Eman going down, you need to look at where is your Vicar slacking. And that's the reason because that's the reason that that your demand is going down. That's the reason for your problem. So if it's if you look at your salon, your salon is in order, you're praying, you're praying and and you're praying on time. And that's extremely important that it has to be on time as well the five daily prayers. If that isn't happening, then you know right away where your problem starts. That's that's where you have to start to solve the problem. If you

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have that, then you look at Okay, well where else am I maybe slacking in my in my thinking? perhaps maybe you're not reading quote on regularly, or perhaps you're not, you know, remembering Allah subhanho data throughout the day and other times either through the you know, US caught and Allah subhanaw taala. And in the example of his prophets lie Selim, you know, if you pick up a Diet book, like, like fortress of a Muslim, Western Muslim, or, or, or a muscled author, any of these compilations, you'll find there's a dot for almost every movement that you make. There's a reason for that, right? I mean, this isn't just for no reason that prophets lie, Selim was remembering a

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law at every moment. I mean, really coming down to like, everything, I mean, even intimacy, even eating, even drinking, even walking out of the house, coming into the house, wearing new clothes, you know, getting into your car, starting to drive, everything, every moment, every motion.

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When you're ever even motions of the of the heart, even even movements of of the Interstate, like when you're afraid, or when you're sad, or when you're, you know, you're pleased or when you're not sure, and you praise to clot. I mean, there's always a dot for everything. I mean, we have to reflect about this. The reason for this is because this is really how we're supposed to be living in it. And this is it's like, it's kind of like you know, you buy a brand new car, and you and you just like really, really want to take care of it. Right? You could be one of those people like like myself,

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He doesn't really like pay attention to when you're supposed to do an oil change and all that kind of stuff, right? Or you can do that or when you're supposed Okay, one time, I was driving, and I'm on the highway, and all of a sudden the car just like, won't the acceleration, it won't accelerate anymore. And it just like it's decelerating, if that's allowed to say, if that's a word, I think my physics teacher didn't let us use that word. But basically, it was just like stopping. I mean, it wouldn't, it wouldn't accelerate anymore. And what ended up happening, the reason this happened to my car is because of the timing belt broke, and apparently, you're supposed to change the timing

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belt at a certain number of miles. And I didn't know this. So the timing belt broke, and it destroyed the engine. So the idea here is that there is a certain way to take care of the car, if you want it to run properly, and you have to keep up with it right. Or you can be one of those people who slackens in taking care of the car. But then there's consequences. I mean, that's the point. And again, sometimes these things might be optional, but at the same time, if you want to take care of that car, you don't want the car to break down, you need to be doing that. And the more that you're up with the maintenance of that car, the more you take care of that car, the better it's

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going to run, and the less likely it is to break down when you really need it. Right. So this is the same thing with art with our interstate with our hearts is that, you know, if you really I mean, we have these doors, we have these supplications applications for the morning for the evening, for after Salah for like every motion that you do when you you know when you get married when you you know everything. And so if you really want your heart and your soul to be in like top condition working, you need to use these things, you need to do these things you need to have use these upcloud they're there for a reason. So

00:31:46 --> 00:32:27

the other question that the person was asking is, how do we keep from slacking in it. And it really has to do with first realizing the necessity for it. I think that I personally can speak for myself and saying, I don't think I fully understood the necessity not just for the kid, but an incredible amount of thicker, an incredible amount. It's not just the ticket, but it's quantity and quality of the ticket. extremely important. It needs to not only be you know a lot, but it also the quality is also necessary that when you are making you are remembering Allah, you can be like the panelists panelists upon us upon that, but you're not your heart isn't present, you're not you're not even

00:32:27 --> 00:33:06

realizing what you're saying. So it's very important that we understand that victory is ultimately me, yes, it's an action of the tongue. But ultimately, it's an action of the heart, that the heart needs to be present for it to really work properly, you know, for it for it to be. And yeah, we get inshallah rewarded. But the idea here is that this is supposed to be a movement of the heart. And so the heart needs to be present. So the way to keep from, you know, from from slacking is that, you know, it's important to have a routine, and to have and to incorporate the code as much as possible. And I think if there's any, obviously of any take home message for you, for me and for you. It's

00:33:06 --> 00:33:21

it's that just realizing how much it needs to be. And that, you know, sometimes we just think, oh, we're all right, because we pray, you know, we pray and so, but again, it's like, it's kind of like that person. Well. I mean, that's how kind of how I take care of cars. I'm sorry, but, you know,

00:33:23 --> 00:33:58

a long time. I don't know, I don't I don't even know, when I did the oil change last but you know, the idea is, you know, it's like, oh, at least I'm filling it with gas, right. You know, it's like, yeah, it's gonna, it's kind of like that, right? You think as long as you know, you're filling it with gas, at least the car will be okay. Yeah, maybe the car will keep running, but you're messing up that car and you're not taking care of it and, and eventually, it does break down. And that's what happens. And so, you know, we can't take care of, just don't take care of your heart, like I take care of cars. That's it. That's the take home message. You know, just inshallah, like we want

00:33:59 --> 00:34:35

that our hearts, you know, and support Allah, Allah from his mercy. He puts these like indicators, you know, like the fact that we feel the pain, the fact that we feel that emptiness that's actually a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. If you think about the manufacturer of the car, why did the manufacturer put you know, like a little indicator, an indicator light when you need an oil change? Well, for people like me, right, for people who don't keep track of it, okay, I've gone this many miles. And so there's indicators so that you'll take care of that car. And the last panel Dinah has his indicators and Allah is is high above any analogy, but Allah subhanaw taala as part of his

00:34:35 --> 00:34:51

indicators is this pain that we feel this, this, this lack this emptiness that we feel is an indicator that, okay, there's something that we're not doing enough of, perhaps, you know, we're not taking enough breaths, you know, we're not eating enough food, and we need to increase it inshallah. So,

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

I'm going to ask you ask you guys again, if you want to ask more questions, I'll take one more break and Chola return with looking at the chat box.

00:35:26 --> 00:36:07

Assalamu alaikum This is Jasmine Mujahid and you're listening to serenity streaming live on one legacy radio. And we are talking today about the importance and the necessity of Vicodin. Not just that we remember Allah subhanaw taala, which is, you know, kind of the way I used to think and not really understood, I never, I don't think I understood before the importance of and the emphasis on the amount of Vicodin that is necessary for us to be alright. You know, and, and the quality of the VIP kid as well, in so just to address a couple more of the questions before we close from the chat box, one of them asks for clarification of the of the meaning of attachments. And, and i think that

00:36:07 --> 00:36:45

i think that i have to, like coin a new word than attachments. Because a lot of times the word attachments is used in a, we we've come to see it as a positive thing, right, you have attachments, and that means love, and we equate attachment with love. And that's not the way that that I'm using the word. But but basically here, we're not talking about any kind of relationship that you have, or any kind of love that you have for something. But when I'm talking here, when I say attachments, it's kind of like attachment capital A is like a dependency that you have on something or someone other than Allah subhanaw taala that you should only have on Allah subhanaw taala. So it's, it's

00:36:45 --> 00:37:25

this, it's this need, it's this ultimate dependency, it's basically the focus of your life and of your heart, which should only be Allah subhanaw taala. And so what happens is that we, we focus our hearts on things of the dunya rather than focusing our hearts on Allah, and that causes a lot of problems, it causes a lot of a lot of pain actually in our life and a lot of problems. And that's because the heart was, was created to focus only on Allah subhanaw taala that's, that's the last * is the creator, and he created the heart with that purpose. And so when we use the heart for a purpose, other than what it was created for, it doesn't work well. And it breaks in it, and it

00:37:25 --> 00:38:10

causes a lot of problems. So the question somebody had asked, is one of the reasons why and this is a very good point. Very good question. One of the reasons why people slacking in their zip code in the remembrance is because they are to, quote unquote, busy. So the reason that we don't have as much time or we don't believe that we have as much time to remember a lot, or, you know, as much as we could, is because we see what we have all these other responsibilities, we have all these other things that we're busy with. And it's interesting, because when you and this is actually to address this question, I want to I want to bring up a Hadith of the prophets, I send them because I think it

00:38:10 --> 00:38:50

really addresses this issue really beautifully. And that is when the prophets I send them said that whoever he explained that whoever makes their primary concern and makes the dunya their primary concern, Allah subhanaw taala there's their matters become scattered. And, and poverty is put between their eyes. So this person who actually makes whatever they're doing in dunya as their primary concern, I gotta do this, I gotta go to my job, then I got to pay this bill. And, and, and their whole focus. And this is now I'm talking about focus, I'm not talking about what we're doing. Obviously, we got to go to work, we got to do these things, we got to pay bills, I'm just talking

00:38:50 --> 00:39:29

about where the heart is focused, when the hardest focus on these things, what actually happens is those very things of dunya start to become scattered, things become more difficult for us, and more difficult to deal with and more heavy and they become heavy on our heart and poverty is put between the eyes upon Allah, when you have poverty when you know when when when the prophets I send them says poverty is put between the eyes. A person who has poverty between their eyes, is always going to see it is always going to feel in like, like when you feel like you're always seen poverty, you always feel like you don't have enough, you always feel like there's something missing and you

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

always feel like you know you're running but you're not getting anywhere. And this is a consequence of actually making these dunya preoccupations, your focus. And on the other hand, the head it says that the one who makes acid beyond this life, Allah subhanaw taala right, the hereafter his primary focus, Gemma Allah that Allah will will join his affairs and will put contentment in his heart. And its Pamela This is an amazing thing about dunya and the dunya will come to him

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Him, even young even hating to come to him that dunya will come to him. And this is the thing about dunya that we have to, you know, understand at some point is, the more you run after dunya, the more it runs away from you. And the when you turn your back on dunya that's when it runs after you. So Subhanallah when you if you were to make your VIP kid your primary concern, Allah subhanaw taala will help you with those other things that you have to do. Allah subhanaw taala will actually take care of those other things, your job and your family and your other responsibilities, all of a sudden start to become easier. And this is what the prophets I sent him is talking about Mr. Gemma

00:40:38 --> 00:41:13

Allah hombre, that his matters will become joined. And you'll no longer feel that sense of you know, being scattered, because this is the thing, you know, when we feel really, really busy. And we just feel scattered, we feel like all over the place, we feel like, you know, you know, when you feel you're pulled in, you know, this is like an expression we use that were pulled in a million directions, right. And this is what happens when we're focusing too much on the task. The dunia task itself is that we feel that way and we're not really able to be fully effective in all the things we need to do. But Subhanallah if we shift our focus onto Allah subhanaw taala instead and onto the

00:41:13 --> 00:41:49

vicar itself, and onto really just focusing the heart on him, those other things actually become easier and those other things get taken care of. So we asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to focus our hearts on the remembrance of Allah Spano Dada, and to follow the advice that Allah subhanaw taala gave to masala Salim while attending a few victory while cooling Kohli Heather was stopped for a lolly welcome in Nova funan Rahim subhanak lava hammock and shadow and ilaha illa and Mr. Federico Anna tubu lake was Santa Maria Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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