Lessons From The Life Of Prophet Ibrahim

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The importance and outcomes of the life of delivering the message of Islam, including the use of the word Islam in English and the use of the word Islam in various context, are highlighted. The need for more lessons to be learned from the ridiculing of Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of showing the qualities of Islam in a non- insulting way. The history and importance of acceptance and preparedness for tests and risk are also discussed, along with the importance of learning from the story and bringing back the lessons learned from it. Finally, a study on the life of remindeders is advertised.

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a very popular one Now that

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mulana be about?

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Early he was happy Jemaine also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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rubbished rally sorry, we are certainly Omri Open the terminal ehsani. Yes, Cody, dear viewers as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu meaning me the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon all of you. Welcome once again to our program vi Hodge.

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We are discussing about the importance and the implication of Hajj upon us my brothers and sisters. We have mentioned in our last episode, the lessons that we get from the life of Beloved Prophet Ibrahim, peace and blessings be upon him. We would like to dedicate this episode as well, in order to learn the lessons from the life of this mighty messenger of Allah. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, because the life of Ibrahim Ali Salaam is full of lessons for us to learn, reflect and implement. These lessons are so vital, and so important, my brothers and sisters, that people especially involved in our

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people who are engaged in Dawa, they will take numerous lessons from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam.

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The life of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is absolutely clear. And he was a man of throat, a man who always

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believe in one Almighty Allah subhanaw taala, a man who always reasoned with the people who always used his intellect, a man who always stick to the truth.

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More lessons to talk about, about this beloved prophet of Allah subhanaw taala

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is number one.

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Ibrahim alayhi salam, he shared with the people, the qualities of Allah subhanaw taala, the qualities of God Almighty. You see, it is not advisable at all in Islam to insult other goals. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Surah number six is number 108 revealed not insult not those who worship other gods beside Allah subhanaw taala less they in their ignorance will insult Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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If you present the qualities of Allah subhanaw taala that itself will qualify that itself will present the truth.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran about the Tao of Ibrahim Ali Salah.

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He said to these people, he said, My Lord is such who gives me health, when I am sick, who knows everything? Who can hear? Who is all powerful? These are some of the qualities of Allah subhanaw taala. And in the context of the people that used to live in, they were worshipping idols, how will these idols respond to your call? How will they hear how will they listen? How will they respond to the call? How will they be powerful?

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They worship the poor and weak gods who claim to be gods or who they are. The people claim that they are gods. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran in surah, surah number 22. And number 73. You harness all mankind. Here it is here is an example. Listen to it very carefully, to whom you worship besides Allah, they can't create even a fly, even if they all come together for the purpose and think about it. If all the ideas we put together and we asked them, we ask these arguments made of stone

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Mud word is they ask if they are asked to create a fly. Can they create it? Of course not. Allah says they can't create it in the fly. Leave aside creating a fly if the fly snatches something from them, they have no power to release it back though fatale Walmart loop. So we are the who call them in week are they whom they call?

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Allah subhanaw taala has blessed Ibrahim Ali Salaam with this reasoning, of presenting the qualities of Allah subhanaw taala with them, and they failed miserably and got defeated. The second lesson that we get from the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam is that the condition when he was thrown into the fire, imagine if you have been thrown into the fire

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for speaking the truth,

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what will you do?

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You will be worried you will be scared. But Ibrahim alayhis salam because he knew he had the trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He was happy to get into that fire in Allah subhanaw taala was the creator of that fire as well mentioned and ordered commanded the fire to become Kuhn and save for Ibrahim arisa.

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And it is reported that Ibrahim Ali Salaam felt so nice.

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So easy so well that he never had that feeling in him. In comparison to that.

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The lesson that we need to take from this My dear brothers and sisters, my dear brothers and sisters, that lesson that we need to take from this incident is that he had the complete trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And he was determined to declare the troops.

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He never got back or got away from the truth. He was happy. And he believed in Allah subhanaw taala. And he knew that Allah subhanaw taala will help him because he believed in him, and only in him.

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The third lesson that we get from the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, when you study the Quran, related with the ayah of Ibrahim Ali Salam. He said to his people, the star is my goal.

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The sun is my goal, the moon is my goal. Do we think that Ibrahim alayhis salam really meant that way? Not at all.

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He never ever, ever associated anyone with ALLAH subhanaw taala. But this was a kind of an argument that he put forth. This was a kind of a way to do dialogue, to accept something in order to make them realize that this is wrong. And that's what Ibrahim alayhis salam did. When the star disappeared, he said this cannot be my God. And same happen with the sun and the moon.

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So Ibrahim alayhis salam used this technique of accepting the the argument and then refuting it, so that they will have no other way to accept the truth. Another lesson that we get from the life of Rahim Ali Salam is the hijra that he was commanded by Allah to perform

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the Hajj of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was to go and take Hydra.

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The lesson from this command to Ibrahim Ali Salaam to do Hendra for us is that we need to be ready. We need to be prepared in order to migrate figuratively, in order to migrate from sins. We need to do hijra every now and then from all the kinds of acts which are disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala

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another lesson that we get from the life of Rahim Allah Salaam is that when he left Haji Ali Salaam and a baby smartmarine alayhi salam.

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When he left them,

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he walked away. And Hydra. She asked Oh, Ibrahim, where are you leaving us? In this uncultivated Valley? This dead Valley? Where are you going to leave us? Ibrahim Alayhi Salam he never turned around. He never looked behind. Why? Why didn't you turn back? Because when you are commanded by a lot to do something good. And when you take a step forward to do a God never turn back. Never look at look behind. And at last. At last

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Hydra had to come in front of Ibrahim to ask what is the reason? And another lesson that we get my dear brothers and sisters regarding the life of Ibrahim Ali Salaam is that the

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response of Hydra panela she was a pious woman.

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She said, Oh, Ibrahim, did Allah command you to leave us here?

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Then Ibrahim said yes, he commanded me to do so. Hydra alehissalaam Look at her response. Look at her response. She said that he will never forsake us. He will never leave us. If he had told you to do so he will take care of us. And that's how the remount the fate of all the people should be. When Allah subhanaw taala commands something to do, they will be higher in it.

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At that moment, you might not understand that but there is surely a higher in it, believe in that. And that's the lesson that we get from the life of Brahim and a Salah.

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We also learn a lesson from Ibrahim Ali Salam that when he was commanded to do a sacrifice of his mind on Islam, it was a big test for Ibrahim Ali Salah was a big test, his mind la Salaam was so beloved Ibrahim Ali salam, but there is no beloved to Ibrahim alayhis salam, then Allah is command. He was prepared and ready to sacrifice his own son, when he saw a vision, a dream that he has to sacrifice his own son his mind and listen up. So what's the lesson for us that we must be prepared for any kind of test for any kind of sacrifice? For there is no price without sacrifice. And in the lesson that we get from the life of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, is that when Ibrahim alayhi salam, and he

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smiled alayhis salam, they both built garba they asked a lot to accept it. They asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept this act, and forgive their sins. And this is how we need to do my brothers and sisters. When you do something good. don't boast. Rather be sincere and ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept your act, so that you may actually gain the foods from that act. The last lesson that we get from the life of Rahim Allah Salaam, is that he gave the proclamation to the humanity. He raised that call. He raised that call to perform hajj, dear brothers and sisters. That's the command that Ibrahim alayhis salam had given to the people. And we see people respond to this call.

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Today, the largest annual gathering

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is in the Hutch. The impact of this call was incredible, my dear brothers and sisters. So the lesson for us is you raise your voice, you do your part, you play your own role. And Allah subhanaw taala will take it further.

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I would like to end

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this episode with a plea. An urge a request to all of you to please study the life of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and learn these lessons from his life so that you may reflect, understand and implement them in your lives. We're gonna need hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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101 Now, let

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show you a very tough loss.

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one down button. That

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said he can